Shewee Review: Making Backpacking and Camping that Much Easier for Women

As a woman, camping and backpacking can have its challenges. If you’re a man, camping or backpacking is usually a breeze. If a man has to go to urinate, they can do it within a matter of seconds. However, for women, it’s not as easy.

They are traveling moments where women may not have the opportunity to urinate in public whereas men don’t have that challenge. While some women don’t feel comfortable urinating outside a washroom which is understandable.

In addition, women have to carry other hygiene products which can make urinating a task within itself. So, this is where the Shewee Extreme comes in.

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Product Specifications

  • The SHEWEE is the ORIGINAL female urination device
  • Allows women to stand to urinate without removing any clothing
  • Reusable and lightweight at just 100g – Material: Polypropylene (recyclable)
  • SHEWEE Extreme includes original unit, extension tube, and storage case
  • Perfect for traffic jams, camping, dirty toilets, festivals, women in the military (NATO approved) and much more

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The Shewee Extreme was designed for women and allows them the opportunity to urinate without having to remove their clothing or squat. So, whether you’re backpacking, traveling, at a festival or camping, you’ll be able to whip the Shewee Extreme out and relieve yourself.

Why do men only get to have the easy way out? The Shewee is reusable, lightweight and comes in a clean and sleek storage case. When you’re on the road, the Shewee will become your best friend.

You don’t have to worry about someone seeing you with your pants down or squatting behind bushes. With the Shewee, you don’t have to hide.


When you’re backpacking or camping, urinating can be a nightmare. Sometimes you’ll be backpacking through busy areas without any public facilities, so, your only option is urinate outside. However, this can be challenging, as you have to find a spot and make sure you’re not seen.

This is where the Shewee comes in. It’s the original female urination device that allows women to stand up while urinating. So, you won’t have to take off your pants nor will you have to squat. You can freely stand while urinating, essentially the same as how a man urinates.

It’s reusable and lightweight, so having this in your backpack will take up almost no space. In addition, if you’re worried about the environmental impact of the Shewee, it’s made of recyclable Polypropylene, so if you no longer need it (which we doubt), you can recycle it.

When it come to cleaning, since it’s made of Polypropylene, before storing it, you can simply wash it with soap and hot water.

You may be wondering where you can use the Shewee, but that’s the thing, you can use it literally anywhere. Camping, backpacking, festivals, cycling, skiing – any place, anytime, the Shewee is at your disposal. 

Let’s go into more detail about the Shewee, so you have a better understanding of how it works.


When people think of a portable urination device, they usually think of porta potties. Now, you’re not going to have to carry a portable toilet with you in order to go to the bathroom.

Instead, the Shewee is packaged in a discreet and sleek way, so you won’t have to advertise to everyone that you’re carrying a urination device.

Though there’s nothing wrong with having one, some people would prefer to keep their personal hygiene to themselves. So, what Shewee did was keep the packing simple. It looks like an eyeglass holder. It’s packaging and lightweight design allows you to easily carry it in your purse or backpack without any hassle.

The case is also made with Polypropylene, so it’s extremely easy to clean in case of any accidental dripping. What can we say? It was made with everything in mind.

Design and durability

The design of the Shewee isn’t supposed to be complex. While you’re travelling, there will be some moments where urinating in public won’t be appropriate. Or if you’re at a music festival, you know the hygiene levels of porta potties – exactly. With that in mind, the designers wanted the product to be easy to use and even easier to clean.

You can think of the design similar to a funnel. What happens when you go to use it, you place it over the vagina and simply pee. It funnels the urine down the tube and it comes out in a streamline without any misdirection or spritzing.

The design is simple yet very functional as you don’t have to worry about accidentally peeing on your shoe or having it run down your leg. By standing, you’re literally urinating in the same way as a man.

What’s great about the design is that you don’t have to remove your clothing in order to urinate. In fact, you would do the same action as you would if you were a man. You just have to unzip your zipper and place the Shewee underneath your underwear. Once that’s done, you can urinate freely without any hassle or stress.

When it comes to durability, this is another characteristic that the designers really focused on. Who wants to invest in a portable urination device that you can only use once or twice? You want a device that’ll be able to withstand multiple usage in whatever circumstances.

The Shewee is made with Polypropylene which is a highly durable and recyclable plastic. Meaning, that with this material, you don’t want to worry about it breaking or deteriorating over time.  This Shewee is here to stay.


When it comes to hygiene products, people usually worry about the cleanliness of the product itself. This is completely understandable. With the Shewee, you can easily clean it with warm water and soap. After you’re done using it, you can just shake off the excess liquid and you’re good to go.

We recommend that you do wash it at the end of the day after you’re done using it. Though if you’re not able to wash it after daily use, don’t worry, nothing will happen to the Shewee.

You should know that the carrying case is also washable as well, so after you’re done using it, if you can wash it right away, no problem, just put it in its case until you’re able to clean it.


If you haven’t tried the Shewee out, this is probably one of the first questions that come to your mind: is it comfortable? Like anything new, in the beginning, it’s going to feel a little foreign which makes sense since you have never peed standing before.

The Shewee works like a funnel, so you simply place the cup over top of the vagina and direct the funnel’s tube in the proper direction. Nothing is inserted into the vagina, so you won’t be feeling any discomfort.

The funnels top is shaped especially for the vagina so it fits securely and smoothly, so you won’t have any irritation.

For a portable urination device, the Shewee is very comfortable to use. If you’re feeling discomfort, read the instructions because prolonged discomfort shouldn’t occur. First-time discomfort will occur but only because it’s something new.

Of course, in the beginning, it’ll take a couple tries to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a breeze.


The Shewee is all about versatility. It’s designed so that you can easily use this anywhere. It can fit into a purse or a backpack and can be easily stored in its carrying case.

You’ll be able to use this for other activities other than camping and backpacking, so don’t think you’re limited to it. If you’re at a festival, cycling, hitchhiking, or even just out for a walk with your dog, you can use the Shewee.

What makes it most versatile is that you don’t need to squat in order to go to the washroom. Instead, while standing you simply place the funnel underneath your underwear and you’re good to go. Many users take their Shewee to restaurants and public bathrooms, so you don’t have to use this device solely for outdoor activities.

Its versatility is the main reason why women love to use the Shewee, it doesn’t restrict you going to the washroom anywhere, anytime.

Unique Features

The Shewee itself is entirely unique design. The funnel shape is a completely new and unique feature which works amazingly for women. Though companies have designed porta potties, none have focused on the needs of women, unlike the Shewee. This is what makes it unique as it responds to the simple issues that many women struggle with.

Value for money and guarantee

For what you get, we believe that the Shewee is a great product and invest. For a decent price, you’re able to urinate without having to take your clothes off, plus, you’ll be able to use the Shewee anywhere.

You can use this for backpacking, camping or even if you don’t like using public bathrooms, it’s really up to you how you choose to use it.

Shewee puts the power back into the hands of women which is what so many users love about it. In addition, it’s highly durable and is made of long-lasting material, so, for what you pay, it’ll last you for years to come.

Now that you know about the Shewee, it’s time we showed you other competing products that you may be interested in.

Close Competitors: Other products you might like

We don’t want to give you a biased review, as we believe that you should never look at one product when deciding on outdoor equipment. Therefore, we did the research for you and found some other amazing products that are similar in nature to the Shewee. Have a look at these close competitors and see if which one is right for you.

Freshette by Freshette

The Freshette by Freshette is very similar to the Shewee. It is a feminine urinary director that you can use for camping, traveling and medical needs. Like the Shewee, you’ll be able to urinate in a standing position. It’s anatomically designed to contour the female body, making sure it fits snuggly to the vagina.

It’s compact in size, making it lightweight and easy to transport. What’s great about the Freshette is that it comes with a convenient travel pouch that you can easily fit into your backpack or even your pocket.

The Shewee has two components of the device whereas the Freshette only has one which makes it easier to transport. So, if you’re looking for something even smaller than the Shewee, then you should try Freshette.

DHCare Female Urination Device

The DHCare Female Urination Device is another urination device that’s a great option. This is made of silicone which makes it soft and flexible.

It’s specifically designed for the female body so you don’t have to worry about it causing spillage or discomfort. It’s very easy to clean since it’s made of silicone, in addition, it’s also reusable.

It comes in a plastic carrying case, so you won’t have to worry about any excess liquid dripping into your bag or backpack.You can easily take this urination device anywhere with you. With the DHCare it comes with the urination device and 5pcs Disposable gloves for extra hygiene.

Though this is made with silicone, the difference between plastic and silicone is solely based on personal preference as both do an amazing job of creating a spill-proof tool.

ZHIHU Travel Urinal For Women

The ZHIHU Travel Urinal For Women is our last close competitor to the Shewee. The ZHIHU is another great urination device that is easy-to-use for women. With the ZHIHU you have the option of either reusing or disposing of the device.

Though we recommend you keep it around with you for as long as you can, you never know when you may need it. It comes with a small storage tube that can easily fit into your purse or backpack. We do think that if you’re looking for a urination device that’s discreet, this one has the best carrying case.

This one is also made of silicone and is anatomically designed to fit the female body, so you won’t have to worry about any spillage or slippage occurring. For a decent price, you’ll be able to use this device for as long as you’d like. In addition, it’s also very easy to maintain, as you can easily wash this with soap and water after using it.


The Shewee is a great option for women who are looking for a urination device that’ll help them out while they’re camping, backpacking, or travelling. For women, urinating in public can be a challenge, especially if the facilities are clean or are non-existent. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to urinate in public, that’s completely understandable as well.

Not all of us want to take off our pants out in the open. With the Shewee, you’ll be able to urinate without having to touch a toilet seat or squat, plus, you’ll be able to urinate while standing with your pants on. Female urination devices allow you to urinate without having to feel uncomfortable or subject yourself to unhygienic facilities, by this, it helps place the power back in your hands.

For what you’re receiving, it’s an amazing product that comes with a minimal investment. It’s simple in design which is what you want in a urination device and is usable for all occasions, regardless of location and setting.

First-time users do say that it’s an odd feeling at first, which we understand, women don’t usually stand to urination. However, once you’re over that psychology hurdle, you’ll grow attached to using the Shewee.

When you’re using a urination device, you want to make sure you clean it after using it. Now, we understand that in some situations you won’t be able to clean your device right away. That’s okay. As long as you clean it with soap and water after a couple uses, you’ll be fine.

Though, we should let you know that nothing will happen if you don’t wash it, but, it’ll have a nicer smell if you do. If you can’t wash it right away, make sure it’s secured in it’s carrying case to prevent as liquid from leaking into your bag or backpack.

Now, we know that no product is perfect, so let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Shewee.


  • Urinate while standing
  • Made of strong and durable Polypropylene
  • No squatting or removal of pants necessary
  • Easy-to-use
  • Compactable
  • You can use it anytime, anywhere
  • Inexpensive
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable


  • May be uncomfortable to use the first couple times
  • If you use it incorrectly, spillage may occur
Shewee Review
  • Packaging
  • Design and durability
  • Hygiene
  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  • Unique Features
  • Value for money and guarantee


The Shewee is a great female urination device which anatomically fits the female body. You’ll be able to use this device anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re camping, backpacking or not impressed with the hygiene of public facilities, you simply take out your Shewee without even having to squat or remove your pants. The Shewee allows you to urinate in a standing position avoiding having to go through the hassle of the traditional way of female urination. Easy-to-use, easy to clean, and highly durable, the Shewee puts the power back into your hands.

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The Shewee is a great addition to your toiletry bag. What more can we say? It’s easy-to-use, you can throw it in your bag or backpack and you don’t have to go through the process of finding a spot and taking off your pants to urinate. It doesn’t have to be a struggle to go to the washroom.

This is why the Shewee was created, they wanted to make it easy for women to go to the washroom. Though it’ll take some time to get used to, once you do, you’ll never go to the bathroom again without your Shewee.


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  1. The DHCare Female Urination Device is a good competitor, but the Shewee is more effective. The Shewee is rigid and it rarely leaks if used properly.

  2. The Zhihu Travel Urinal is a reliable urination device for travel and camping. The Shewee is equally resourceful, but a little bit expensive.


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