Western Mountaineering Sequoia MicroFiber Sleeping Bag: Comfort and Protection from the Elements

Western Mountaineering Sequoia
Daniel Carraway
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One of the reasons why backpackers and campers like the outdoors is because it is restful. Studies show that spending time in nature is a good way to relieve stress and tension. This is why many workers take their lunch outside or relieve stress by taking a walk in the park.

The greenery lowers stress levels while the vitamin D from sunshine helps the body to function more effectively. However, relaxing at camp can be very difficult without sleep. This is one of the reasons why the Western Mountaineering Sequoia MicroFiber Sleeping Bag is an essential camping and backpacking companion.

Product Specifications

  • Product is built to last
  • MicroLite XP microfiber fabric – one of the toughest material for sleeping bag; save weight by around 15-20%
  • Lightweight and highly breathable
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant – keeps moisture off
  • Continuous down temperature control – shift down fibers towards the top or bottom for better warmth
  • 4-season camping and has 850-fill down power

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Sleeping bags are perhaps the most underrated camping gear. Most people buy the most affordable sleeping bag they can afford with no thought of its features or comfort rating. This is perfectly understandable since all sleeping bags basically look the same.

However, a good sleeping bag can add degrees of warmth and comfort in your sleep so that you can relax and recharge while camping. This is because sleeping bags provide insulation from low temperatures. They also provide cushioning so that you don’t have to sleep on cold solid ground. Taking the time to choose a comfortable sleeping bag can mean the difference between a relaxing night and a sleepless one.


Serious campers and backpackers need a sleeping bag that can protect them from the elements while providing bed-like comfort for a restful sleep. If you are one of these people, the Western Mountaineering Sequoia MicroFiber Sleeping Bag offers serious protection from the weather and roomy comfort.

It has the best down available with 850-fill power. The shell material is MicroLite XP, watertight and very strong for its weight. Weighing in at 3 lbs. 4 oz, it is respectably lightweight with good warmth to weight ratio with a lot of loft.

Despite the 850-fill power, the Sequoia is surprisingly breathable, making it the perfect sleeping bag for 4-season camping. This sleeping bag is semi-rectangular in shape so that users have lots of room to move around or change position. It is comfortable for different kinds of sleepers including those who like to sleep on their back.

The Sequoia also has good temperature control features like the continuous baffle that allows users to control the down-fill to adjust the warmth according to your needs.

This product is a versatile sleeping bag. Although it is rectangular in shape, it features 2 zippers so that you can transform from rectangular to mummy shape for better insulation. You can also unzip the bottom zipper so that the bag opens fully and you can use it as a blanket or lie on top of it.


The semi-rectangle shape of the product makes it look like a traditional sleeping bag. It comes with its own stuff sack and is around 9 x 18 inches when stuffed. The stuff sack is waterproofed with urethane coating so your bag won’t get wet inside. The Sequoia has everything you need in a sleeping bag so that you’re ready for your next camping or backpacking trip. A storage sack is also included in the package.

Design and Durability

Western Mountaineering priced the Sequoia at approximately $770, making it a big investment for campers and backpackers. However, it is a good investment because this product is built to last.

Western Mountaineering spared no expense in constructing this sleeping bag with MicroLite XP microfiber fabric that drastically reduces the total weight of the bags by 20%. This fabric has a high thread count making it one of the toughest materials used for a sleeping bag.

But this product is not only tough; it is also lightweight and highly breathable. There are very few sleeping bags that can boast good fill power while remaining lightweight and breathable. This is very important when you’re backpacking multiple days and location and in different kinds of weather.

Being able to stay warm without swimming in your sweat is an important feature that backpackers and campers need in order to stay comfortable while sleeping.

The microfiber design of the product is essential for keeping wind and water out of the sleeping bag. The Sequoia is constructed without laminate or coating on the fabric so it remains breathable. The microfiber design however makes it waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the coating washing off or delaminating after years of use. The Sequoia is a good choice if you are looking for a weather-resistant bag that keeps moisture off.

For better temperature control, the Sequoia also features a continuous down. This allows users to shift down fibers towards the top or bottom for better warmth. It also has a hook, draft tube and draft collar that you can adjust depending on how warm you want to be.


Most 4-season sleeping bags are mummy shaped for better heat retention. The problem with the mummy-shape is the space restriction which many night-tossers find limiting and constricting. Without room to move or wriggle around, many of them find it hard to relax and find a comfortable position to drop off.

The Sequoia is a semi-rectangle shaped sleeping bag with room to wriggle and move. It looks like a traditional sleeping bag so that you can sleep in any position you want. It also has enough room so that you can change position easily.

If it gets too cold, you can simply zip up the top portion of the bag so it looks like a mummy shape to help retain heat better. However, it will still remain roomy on the middle and bottom part so you can easily adjust from one position to another.

This product is rated for 4-season camping and has 850-fill down power. It is rated for 5°F temperature but its microfiber fabric is cool enough for spring camping. It also comes with a draft tube for better warmth retention.

Weight and Packed Size

The Sequoia is not the lightest sleeping bag in its class. However, considering that it is a 850 down fill-power bag rated for 4-season camping, its weight of 3 lbs. 4 oz is pretty respectable. The weight savings is due to Western Mountaineering’s use of microfiber fabric which is not only breathable but also lightweight.

The MicroLite XP shell fabric is not only water-resistant and durable; it also helps save weight by around 15-20%. It also helps retain loft in the down material so that the sleeping bag stays warm even in cold and moist environment.

The storage sack has good volume so that your sleeping bag retains loft even when it is stored over time.

Water Resistance

Sleeping bag manufacturers usually rely on DWR finishing or GoreTex to make their products water repellent. These are good features however, they can wash off or delaminate over time. DWR can be re-applied but the process can be time-consuming and complex.

Western Mountaineering’s solution to this problem is using microfiber fabric. It is water-resistant because the material is composed of high thread count and dense yarns woven tightly together so has more filaments than nylon or polyester.

Microfiber does not only keep water out but wind as well. It is a good choice for fabric if you have a chance of coming into contact with water while camping. This is the most technologically advanced non-laminated weather-resistant fabric available in the market today.

Unique Features

The full down collar of the product is a great feature that prevents heat from escaping around the neck. Cinch the collar down to make it tighter and retain more heat. The collar also serves as a protective seal around the user so that cold cannot enter the sleeping bag.

Western Mountaineering Sequoia unique features

Other features include the continuous baffle that is adjustable to suit different temperatures and 2 zippers that can convert the sleeping bag into a mummy-shaped bag or make it lie flat so that you can use it as a blanket or for sleeping on top of it.

Value for Money and Guarantee

The Sequoia is constructed using the most lightweight and advanced materials available for campers and backpackers. The price point of approximately $770 can represent a big investment for many outdoorsmen however, it is lightweight and is rated for 4-season camping and temperatures approximately 5°F.

If you are the kind of person that is looking for a 4-season sleeping bag that is durable, comfortable and roomy; this bag is a good choice for you.

Best Used For

The product is not the most lightweight sleeping bag in the market, but it is light for 850 fill-power. It is best used for backpacking and camping for late autumn and early winter season. People who feel constricted in a mummy-shaped bag will feel comfortable in the Sequoia because it is roomy enough for those who like to wriggle and move around. It also has the option of becoming a mummy-shaped bag so that it can retain heat better in low-temperature environment.

The Sequoia is a good choice for a sleeping bag. However, it is always better to research other sleeping bags and make comparisons so that you can make an informed decision. Here are other sleeping bags similar to the Sequoia.

Western Mountaineering Sequoia Sleeping Bag Competitors

Some of the product competitors are more affordable and are made with different materials. Learning about them will help you find out which sleeping bag is best suited for your needs.

Western Mountaineering Kodiak GWS Sleeping BagWestern Mountaineering Kodiak GWS Sleeping Bag

Manufactured by the same company, the Western Mountaineering Kodiak GWS Sleeping Bag is a full sized mummy shaped sleeping bag. It is similar to the Sequoia in features but instead of microfiber fabric, it uses Gore Windstopper fabric by GoreTex for weather resistance. Priced at approximately $794.95 – $849.95, it offers protection against frozen gusts of wind and low temperatures.

The Kodiak Gore WindStopper is a good choice for big campers. The sleeping bag also comes in different sizes, ranging from a max height of 6 feet to 7 feet. Its large size ensures continued adventures in different weather conditions. But don’t let the big size or 850 down power-fill fool you because this sleeping bag weights only 30 ounces, making it the perfect choice for multiple day backpacking trips.

Aside from the Gore Windstopper fabric other great features of this product includes down-filled draft tube which prevents cold air from coming inside your sleeping bag and disturbing your beauty sleep, roomy space excellent for tossing and turning and a stuff sack that can compress the sleeping bag effectively for easier storage and transport.

Yeti International Fusion Dry Sleeping BagYeti International Fusion Dry Sleeping Bag

The Yeti International Fusion Dry Sleeping Bag is a full blown expedition sleeping bag. It is constructed for extreme conditions and high altitude. It features Crystal Down Dry insulation to keep you warm even in sub-zero temperature environments. The 700 power-fill down of the sleeping bag is able to retain its loft even in freezing temperature to keep you warm even if moisture builds up inside the tent.

The sleeping bag’s Fusions shell repels water and sheds moisture for better heat retention. It also features an adjustable hood and draft collar that you can cinch close to prevent heat from escaping your sleeping bag.  If you still feel cold, the triple-layered footbox ensures that your feet and toes don’t become numb in low temperature settings.

This is a good choice for alpine camping and winter camping. The price can be a deterrent to regular campers but not for outdoorsmen who need to stay warm and comfortable in low temperature environment. The sleeping bag is mummy shaped and rated for -2°F with great warmth to weight ratio.

Marmot CWM -40F Degree Sleeping BagMarmot CWM -40F Degree Sleeping Bag

Get some sleep even in the coldest conditions with the Marmot CWM -40F Degree Sleeping Bag. This bag is built for the coldest harshest weather the planet has to offer.

The sleeping bag features a waterproof but breathable MemBrain fabric that prevents moisture build-up to ensure that you catch some z’s even if you’re in the South Pole. The Pertex Shield shell is durable and can withstand repeated use in sub-zero environment.

The CWM is a mummy-shaped 4 season sleeping bag that retails around $559.16 to $718.95. It features 800-Fill down power and weighs 3 lbs 14.59 oz. This product is not really lightweight because Marmont had to trade the lightweight features for heat retention. As such, the sleeping bag has good loft and warmth retention making it a good choice for long trips and expeditions.

The sleeping bag is generously cut so you can still move around even if you’re wearing several layers of clothing. The 800-fill down power gives the bag good warmth to weight ratio.

Other great features include a reinforced foot box to keep your little piggies warm even during the coldest Arctic night, baffle HoodDown-Filled Draft Tube that you can use to prevent heat from escaping, the cross-baffle construction prevents down from shifting around so you stay warm inside the bag and side seams hidden draft tube for temperature control.


The Sequoia from Western Mountaineering is a good bag for space, comfort and warmth. It is a good sleeping bag designed for 4seasons and rated for 5F degree lower limit. The 850+ down insulation has good loft so it can keep you warm in low temperature environment while staying breathable so it is comfortable enough for spring use.

The microfiber fabric construction of the Sequoia makes it unique from other sleeping bags that use DWR finishing or GoreTex to make it water repellent. The sleeping bag material is composed of microfiber fabric tightly woven together so the high thread count repels water and protects the user from the elements. This feature is better than GoreTex or DWR finishing because it does not wear off or delaminate even after repeated washings.

Overall, the product is a good 4-season sleeping bag and is a good choice for hardcore outdoorsmen who like to camp or backpack no matter what the season. It is relatively light enough for multiple day trips and versatile enough so that you can remake the shape into a mummy sleeping bag for better heat retention or open it fully to use as a blanket or lie on top of it.

Here are the Sequoia’s advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider.


  • 4-season sleeping bag
  • Zippers make the bag versatile, can be used as mummy-shaped sleeping bag or blanket or just make it lie flat.
  • 850 down fill is very comfortable especially in low temperature environment.
  • Roomy enough for people who wriggle and move around in their sleep, accommodates different sleeping positions


  • Expensive
  • Not truly lightweight
  • Not very compressible

The price of this product can bite off a big chunk of your hard earned money. However, it is a good choice if you are looking for something comfortable to sleep in when you’re camping in the winter or in low temperature locations. The MicroLite XP and microfiber construction combination makes the bag waterproof and weatherproof. However, the bag is still able to retain its breathability so you don’t have to worry using it for spring camping.

Western Mountaineering Sequoia MicroFiber Sleeping Bag
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Comfort
  • Weight and Packed Size
  • Water Resistance
  • Unique Features
  • Value for Money and Guarantee
  • Best Used For


The roominess and comfort of the product is perhaps its biggest selling points. Many expert outdoorsmen are picky when it comes to choosing a sleeping bag because they don’t only want a durable product; they also want something that is versatile and comfortable. The Sequoia is a good sleeping bag that can provide outdoorsmen with what they need. Using this sleeping bag, they have a durable product with room to move around that can be used in different seasons.
Another unique feature of the product is the 2 zippers that can transform the product. The zipper on top can be adjusted so that the semi-rectangular shape of the Sequoia becomes mummy shaped for better heat retention in cold weather. During warm nights, the bottom zipper can be opened so that the sleeping bag lies flat and you can use it as a bedding or blanket.
If you don’t like sacrificing roominess and temperature control, the Sequoia is a good choice for you. It is light enough for extended backpacking trips and car camping. This product is not restrictive despite its shape so you have room to sleep in different positions or to wriggle around. The continuous baffle feature allows you to move down around so that it is in areas you need it the most, making it a great year-round sleeping bag.

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