Best Snowmobile Goggles: Ensuring Protection on Every Trip

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Snowmobile goggles have evolved from the standard designed goggles to more advanced models with plenty of new properties. Finding the best snowmobile goggles can be a little more difficult that it seems and it is hardly impossible to find the perfect style that matches everyone.

Having the top snowmobile goggles can offer you a lot of advantages in terms of vision and protection for your eyes. You will be able to ride when the sun is directly reflecting off the snow and when the wind is at its worst.

Rider of the snow

Before we look at the snowmobile goggles, it is important that you know exactly what to look for when you buy these goggles. Some of these features could definitely save you money and ensure that you buy the perfect set for your needs.

Unique features to Look For

Not all pairs of snowmobile goggles are the same, and they can differ on a few levels. We consider these to be some of the best features that will set them apart from the cheaper models in the marketplace.

Wearing the right snowmobile goggles

You may pay a little more for all of these features, but it is imperative that your eyes are always protected.

Lens type

Currently you will be able to choose between two lens types. These two could make a huge difference in the way that light affects your eyes.

  • Spherical lens – These lenses are a little more expensive to produce and they curve vertically as well as horizontally to allow light to enter your eyes along direct paths. This will reduce the strain on your eyes from sunlight and glare, and will also provide you wire more peripheral vision.
  • Flat lens – The flat lens type goggles are a little cheaper and less advanced. They will still capture most of the sunlight, but you may be left with an irritating glare that hinders your vision. One downside to flat lens is that they can cause distortions in your vision at certain angles. Otherwise, they’re definitely an option for those who are shopping on a budget.

UV protection

While it is nearly impossible to have 100% UV protection, it is important to find goggles that offer you the best protection from UV rays. Some of the more advanced goggles also combine the same technology used in sunglasses to create high-quality goggles.

Many people think that UV protection isn’t important in winter because the sun isn’t that bright, but UV rays are still just as strong as during the summer. Exposure to UV rays for long periods of time can cause growths on the eye, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Anti-Fogging features

When warm air collides with cold air or a cold surface, condensation takes places, and it happens quite easily on the inside of your goggles. The buildup of fog inside the goggles may definitely hinder some of your vision and it is imperative that you seek out a pair with the ability of eliminating the fog. These goggles should have moisture coatings that keep moisture out, or dual-pane lenses that trap air as thermal barriers.

Lens quality

The overall quality of the lens should be high and should also be durable to withstand some of the debris that may come at you when you are driving your snowmobile. Most goggles also incorporate wind resistant technology that will ensure that the wind does not affect your vision

By taking note of these features, you will be able to ensure that you buy the best goggles on the market. We consider these to be the most important features that will ensure that you buy high-quality goggles at an affordable price.

Loving the anti-glare goggles

With that being said, let’s look at the top snowmobile goggles for the winter season.

Snowmobile Goggles Reviews

Spy Optic Marshall Snow Goggles Marbled Blue

Spy optic gogglesWeight: 12 ounces

Lens Type: Spherical

Special Features: Stylish and colorful design, Made from 100% biodegradable plantate, Silicone-ribbed strap, triple layer isotron technology

Description: Featuring a marble blue and bronze color, the Spy Optic snow goggles from Marshall have been enhanced with some of the best technology to ensure that you have a hassle free riding experience. The frame is made from 100% biodegradable plantate to ensure that they’re affordable for everyone.

The goggles also feature a high-quality spherical lens that will reduce the sun’s glares to ensure quality vision and protect your eyes from any UV radiation. The spherical lens has been fitted with top of the line technology to ensure that you have goggles that are 100% UV protective.

The triple layered isotron is featured on the frame and it incorporates moisture-wicking Dri-Force patented technology. This will ensure that none of the moisture created by the mixture of your hot body temperature and the cold outdoors ever enter the goggles to hinder your vision.

Furthermore, you will also receive all the benefits of the Feature scoop ventilation system. This will also assist with fog build up in the inner lens and ensure that if some of the moisture penetrates the wicking, it will have a way out and not be trapped inside to impair your vision.

Finally, you will also receive a high-quality silicone ribbed strapping to ensure the perfect fit. The strap can easily be adjusted to fit almost any head size and the goggles are also compatible to be worn with a helmet or scarfs that are wrapped around your head.

Smith Optics I/OX Goggles

Smith optics IOXWeight: 1lbs

Lens type: Spherical

Special Features: Helmet and eyeglass compatible, rotating outrigger for better positioning, ultra-wide silicone strapping, floating foam membrane for comfort and to keep out moisture, microfiber goggle bag to protect goggles

Description: The Smith Optics I/OX Goggles have been designed to provide you with maximum comfort and style, while still providing all the features needed to protect your eyes while riding your snowmobile. The goggles are available in a multitude of colors, which are extremely attractive and feature the same high-quality spherical lensing properties.

The spherical lenses on these goggles have been designed to fully increase your peripheral vision and they are 100% effective at protecting your eyes from UV rays. This will allow you to ride during the daytime when the sun is glaring from the snow and you will still be able to see clearly without any damage to your eyes.

The rotating outrigger has been incorporated to allow you to adjust the goggles on the go. Sometimes the wind may move the goggles, but now you will be able to adjust them perfectly back into place while on the go. The silicone strapping has been designed to be extra-wide to aid with the adjusting capabilities.

You will also be treated to some of the most comfortable goggles in the world when you purchase these. They feature a unique but simple floating foam membranes that will take some of the pressure on your forehead, even as they’re pushed into your face by the wind. This foam layer will also keep the moisture out and leave you with clear vision.

Finally, you will also receive a microfiber goggle bag to ensure that your goggles are kept clean and safe when you are not actively using them. You will also be able to store extra lenses inside and these can easily be fitted to the goggles.

Smith Optics Cadence Goggles

Smith optics cadenceWeight: 7.2 ounces

Lens Type: Spherical

Special Features: Extra lens for free, stylish color and added ventilation in the lenses, Designed for smaller heads, flat adjustable buckles in the strapping,

Description: With a multitude of lens colors to choose from, the Smith Optics Cadence Goggles will be a perfect fit for women or smaller individuals. The goggles were initially designed for women, but with most other goggles featuring extra-wide strapping, these goggles have also become a perfect addition to the gear of some males.

The goggles feature an extra lens that you could choose the color of and all of these lenses are spherical. This will allow you to ignore the glaring from the sun, as it will perfectly glide down the lenses to allow you optimal vision while riding your snowmobile or skiing.

The flat and smaller adjustable buckles in the strapping will make the goggles much easier to adjust on the go and this will allow you the freedom of adjusting them with one hand while still riding. The high-quality glasses will also ensure that no debris can damage your eyes and the protective coating will protect the glasses from any scratches from debris.

A unique feature that we have seen in these goggles is the added ventilation holes in the glasses. These are quite small and you need not worry about snow penetrating the inside of your goggles, but they will ensure that no moisture builds up and impairs your vision. The holes will also allow for condensation to take place and keep all of the fog on the outside.

Finally, you will be able to wear them with any helmet and they can be adjusted to fit your eyes in flat light days to ensure quality vision while skiing. We highly recommend these for snowboarding as well as snowmobile riding.

Spy Optic Bravo Goggles

Spy optic bravoWeight: 4 ounces

Lens Type: Spherical

Special Features: Flexible polyurethane frame, Anti-fog dual spherical lenses, free bonus lens, stylish design and color variation, Triple layer isotron face foam with moisture wicking Dri force fleece

Description: The Spy Optic Brave goggles feature a unique and lightweight design. The goggles are quite smaller and lighter than the more expensive goggles and they have the ability to bend according to the shape of your face.

The lenses have been fitted with an anti-fog coating that will help ensure that for does not clot up the goggles on the outside and this will also protect the lenses from any damage that might be caused by debris.

The triple layer isotron face foam with moisture wicking has been patented by the Marshall Company to ensure that moisture does not penetrate the lenses on the inside, which can impair your vision. The added Dri force fleece will allow ventilation on each side of the goggles and the moisture should quickly evaporate.

You will also be treated to choose any one of the high-quality designs and multiple color schemes that are available. All of these lenses are 100% protective against UV rays and you will be able to ride on days when the sun is flat and the rays are glaring from the snow.

Finally, you will also receive one extra lens for free, this can be used to mix up the colors every now and again or you could replace the lens if it may sustain some damage over the passing of time. This will ensure quality and value for your money and you will be able to save some extra cash over the longer term.

Oakley Canopy Ski Goggles

Oakley canopy ski gogglesWeight: 3.2 ounces

Lens type: Platonized spherical lens

Special Features: Dual-vented lensing to reduce fog, high definition optics for clear vision, 100% protection against various light rays, Prizm lenses for full control over light transmission and near perfect vision, flexible O matter frame and O-flow arch

Description: If you are looking for goggles which are packed with high-quality features, the Oakley Canopy Ski Goggles will be the perfect addition to your kit. The goggles are made from durable materials and the combination of the flexible O-matter frame and O-flow arch will perfectly conform to the shape of your face to allow you maximum comfort while out in the snow.

The Prizm lenses have been a staple to the Oakley brand and they will provide you with clear vision and the opportunity to regulate the light flow. This will allow you to see colors more clearly and you will be able to judge distance much better without anything impairing your vision. This feature has been incorporated in Oakley sunglasses as well and enables them to stay one of the leading brands.

Furthermore, you will also receive the benefit of dual-vented lensing to reduce the fog buildup on the inside of the glasses. The ventilation feature will also vent any condensation that takes place, so you should have clear and unimpaired vision.

Finally, the discreet frame notches at the top of the glasses will allow you to easily and efficiently adjust the goggles while on the go. These may be a little harder to master at first, but once you get the hang of it, you should have a perfect riding experience.

Smith Optics Women’s Transit Goggles

Smith optics transit gogglesWeight: 4.8 ounces

Lens Type: Spherical

Special Features: Cylindrical dual lens for maximum airflow, silicone backed strapping, perfectly helmet compatibility, articulating strap positioning system, added microfiber bag to protect lenses

Description: The Smith Optics Women’s Transit Goggles have been designed to incorporate style and comfort to any woman looking to have the skiing or snowmobile experience. The lenses are made from quality and durable plastic that will ensure that debris cannot break or scratch the lens while traveling at higher speeds, and that the sunlight is kept at bay from glares off the snow.

The cylindrical design of the lenses will allow perfect ventilation and the airflow will easily clear up any moisture that may impair vision. This will remove any condensation and even reduce the heat that may be associated with closed glasses.

The silicone-backed strapping has been fitted with an advanced articulated strap positioning system. This will allow you to adjust the fitting on the go, and once you are more comfortable with the design, you will be able to make all of these adjustments with just one hand. Furthermore, the goggles have been designed to be used in conjunction with any helmet type and can easily be adjusted to fit the helmet for maximum comfort.

Finally, you will also receive an additional microfiber bag with a secondary backup lens. This bag can be used to protect the lenses when they are not in use and the replacement process is extremely quick and can be done on the go.

Final Thoughts

As you can probably see, not all of the goggles are the same and even though they may vary in price, some offer more advanced features for users, but all of them offer a great experience. We believe that you will be able to easily choose the correct set of snow goggles if you follow our key feature section and we hope that you are now ready to make that decision that will enhance your snowmobile experience.

Action-ready snowmobile goggles

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to know if you have any more questions about snow goggles. We would also like to encourage you to let us know about your experiences with these goggles and if you were able to experience all of the features that are presented.

Please comment in the section below if you have any more questions and we will gladly help.


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