Best Winter Coats for Extreme Cold: Quality Coats for a Quality Winter Vacation

Jerry Mueller
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As much as we love winter, we do not like the cold chills that come with it. You need to make extra efforts to stay warm that is why you need the best winter coats for extreme cold. It is possible to wear as many clothes possible but it might not keep you as warm as a winter jacket would.

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If you stay in places like New York or Chicago or any other extremely cold place in the states, then it is a must to have at least one or two winter jackets. Winter is a time to do really fun things like snowboarding or building a snowman, but you would not be able to do these things if you are freezing cold.


Coats are an important part of your clothing during winter. They help to keep you warm despite the cold gusts of the winter season. Apart from keeping warm, some kind of coats can serve as a nice accessory to your outfit. A winter coat can either be a technical or a casual one.

A technical coat has features that make it perfect for skiing, mountaineering et cetera. Technical winter coats are usually heavy and have features like water bottle pockets and hoods compatible with helmets. They are usually very durable and can also be worn casually. They are designed to worn in technical setting like skiing or mountaineering.

A casual coat focuses more on style and comfort and less on weight and durability. They are usually the perfect coat to wear outdoor when shoveling or building a snowman. The casual coats also have features like hoods, pockets and strong zippers but cannot be used for technical activities like skiing.

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There are different types of coat that can be worn during winter, we would talk about few in this article.

  1. The Work Coat: The work coat Is a dynamic kind of coat that can be used for all seasons. It can be worn over a layer of sweaters during winter and also worn over a shirt during fall. Whichever way it is worn, it helps you stay warm while giving you the stylish look.
  2. The Topcoat: This jacket is designed to be worn over a suit but can also be used to pull off a casual look. It is made of wool and usually slim fitted with the length just three quarter to the knee.
  3. The Peacoat: The Peacoat is an in-between kind of coat that can also be used during the fall because of its lightweight. It is a very fashionable coat and should be worn over layers of sweater to keep warm during winter.
  4. The Bomber: Though this coat was originally made for pilots in the world war II, it is the coat to wear if you want that bad ass look. It can be used to pull off a casual look on a pair of denim and sneakers and it is guaranteed to keep you extremely warm all through the winter season.
  5. The Parka: The parka is usually made of nylon shell with thick lining which will keep you warm all winter long. It is often water-resistant and equipped with a hood.


Winter jackets are rather pricey and can be very confusing when trying to make a choice. There are essential things to look out for when considering buying a winter jacket.


The most important work of a winter coat is to keep you warm, that is why it is important to check for the type of insulation the coat is made of before you purchase it. There are three kinds of insulation a winter coat could have: Down, Synthetic or Pile Fabric.

  • Down Insulation: the original and standard insulation for warm gears. It can compress to a small size and if properly maintained, can be used for a very long time. A major downside to down insulation is the fact that its feathers cluster together when wet. This basically means when it is wet, its ability to keep warm reduces.
  • Synthetic Insulation: made up of plastic fibers. Unlike down insulation, it does not clump when wet rather it remains the same and keep the body warm. The downside to synthetic insulation is it loses its ability to keep the body warm after it compresses and expands over time. Most synthetic insulated coats are usually cheaper than the down insulated coats
  • Pile fabric: this kind of insulation takes properties from both the down insulation and synthetic insulation. Its construction is made to copy the hide and wool of a sheep. The major downside to the Pile Fabric Insulation is its limited thickness.


good winter jacket should be able to withstand the rain or snow and still keep you warm regardless. Your coat can either be a hard shell or soft shell. Hard shells are made of waterproof materials but are not breathable, so you can expect to get all sweaty while you have it on.

Hardshell winter jacket

Soft shells are made of breathable but water-resistant materials. Both kinds of shells are very useful, depending on the location.


When it comes to winter coats having hoods, different people have different opinions about it. Some people do not like to have hoods on while some cannot do without it. Others are indifferent about the whole thing. A very good hood should be adjustable, big enough to accommodate a helmet in case you have to wear one, have removable furs and also an optional face mask.


The zippers on your jacket are as important as the coat itself. You would not like a zipper that would fall off while using it, therefore, turning your coat into an ordinary warm blanket. For long winter coats, it is preferable to go for those with double front zippers to aid comfortability when you want to sit down so you don’t feel trapped inside the coat.


Pockets are a major necessity in a coat. There are few things you have to consider about the pocket of the coat you are about to buy. Is the pocket made of breathable materials? Is it deep enough to accommodate your items? Does it have a zipper?


The cuffs of your coat can either be tight or loose, and each have their advantages. The cuffs determine the way you wear your gloves; a right cuff requires you wear your gloves over them, and a loose cuff requires you wear your gloves under them.


You have to get a coat that fits. It’s not just about wearing overalls to keep warm, you also have to look good in them. A coat that fits perfectly will keep you comfortable and also make you feel good.

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Make sure the length of the coat you want to buy is perfect for your size. Most of the time, a woman’s coat is shaped to her body structure so that her jacket is flattering.


It is always nice to be able to tailor your coat to fit your preference, and that is what an adjustable coat can do for you. Not all body structures are the same, so it’s important that the wearer is able to adjust their coat accordingly so that they can feel good wearing it.

With that said, here are reviews of a few winter coats you might love.

Choices of Extreme Cold Jackets


Columbia Mens Gold 650 TurbodownWEIGHT: 4 pounds (shipping weight)

SPECIFIC FEATURES: Omni-Heat Lining, 650 Turbo Down Insulation, Water Resistant fabric, Zippered hand pockets, Adjustable Hem

This Columbia Gold 650 Turbodown Jacket is all you need during winter. When wearing this jacket, you do not need to worry about the cold as it is long enough to cover your buttocks even when you raise your hands (but only if you buy the right size). The jacket doesn’t only have to be worn when you are skiing, as it is stylish enough to wear anywhere.

It comes in different colors so you can choose any color you love or to coordinate with your other accessories. The zippered hand pockets help you keep your phone or other items safe. The hood keeps your head warm to keep away those chilly, blustering winds. This jacket is very affordable when compared to other jackets of its caliber. Despite the fact that it is not so durable, it is worth its price.

When purchasing this jacket, you should put in mind that it is bulky and not very durable. For a winter jacket, we were expecting to get more pockets on it but sadly it comes with just two small pockets.

RELATED: The Columbia Women’s Gold 650 Turbodown Jacket is the female version made by the same producer. They have same features but the women’s jacket has a drop tail styling and is also well shaped compared to the men’s jacket. Columbia Men’s Platinum 860 TurboDown jacket is another winter jacket by Columbia but more expensive, and is more tailored for a man’s figure.

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Sorel Mens Caribou ParkaWEIGHT: 2.1 pounds

SPECIFIC FEATURES: 85% polyester, faux fur, Trim, Water-Resistant

The Sorel Men’s Caribou Parka is the made of 85% polyester which helps it keep the body warm no matter how cold the weather is. Its water-resistant feature keeps your body dry no matter what.

The hood of the jacket is very furry which makes it look very fashionable and also keep your head very warm. If you’re looking for a jacket that is simple in style without too much frill, then this is definitely the one for you.

RELATED: Another product by Sorel and also on the same price range as the Men’s Caribou Parka is the Sorel Men’s Ankeny Jacket.

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66north Mens Jokla ParkaSPECIFIC FEATURES: Faux-fur, Cordura Fabric, Detachable and Adjustable hood, Multiple Pockets.

The 66north Men’s Jokla Parka jacket has many features to help you enjoy the winter season. It is designed to withstand extreme cold and tough weather conditions. The hood is removable and can be adjusted to fit your taste. It has multiple pockets where you can keep your items while you are wearing it.

The zips on the front pocket help keep your item safe and secure. Its outer layer is made of high-quality Cordura Fabric which accounts for the jacket’s durability. The draw cord at the hem and waist keeps you extra warm by trapping the warm air in and keeping the cold breeze out.

The ventilation in the jacket can also be customized by using the Velcro on the sleeves to control the amount of cold air coming in. This jacket is on the high side but its features make it worth every penny.

RELATED: The 66North Women’s Jokla Parka is the female version of the Jokla parka. It does sport the same large pockets and fur-lined hood, but the increased length offers more coverage.

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Mountain Hardwear Mens Absolute ZeroWEIGHT: 2.8 pounds

DIMENSIONS: 25 x 17 x 9 inches

SPECIFIC FEATURES: Water-Resistant, Fixed Hood with one-handed draw cord, Zipped handwarmer pockets.

Staying warm during winter is not a problem when you have the Mountain Hardwear jacket. It has amazing features designed to keep you warm always.

It is insulated and has a fixed hood which can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly with its one-handed draw cord. The hem can also be adjusted because it has draw cords.

The material is soft and also stretchy. You can be sure your items are safe in your pockets because of the zips of the pocket. It has different sizes for different body types. It can be used for mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding and anything that requires you to stay in the cold.

RELATED: The  Mountain Hardwear Men’s Glacier Guide Down has 650-fill insulation that’s also water-resistant, keeping you dry and warm no matter how cold and snowy it is outside. The hand-warmer pockets are pack compatible, so you can easily sleep them in to keep your fingers warm throughout those windy days.

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TNF Mens Gotham Jacket IiWEIGHT: 2 pounds

SPECIFIC FEATURES: 100% polyester, zipper closure, emergency neck gaiter, removable fur brim, chest pockets with closure, waterproof

This jacket’s features were designed basically for winter. It has everything to ensure you stay extra warm and safe during winter.

The material of The North Face Men’s Gotham Jacket is 100% polyester which is a guaranteed source of warm. Its exterior is water proof so you can be very comfortable while wearing this jacket.

The neck collar can be tucked in when not In use and be used as an emergency gaiter. The fur on the brim of the jacket can be removed just in case you are not comfortable with it. It is not bulky, so for those who do not love bulky jackets, this one is for you. T

he well-insulated hood keeps the wind out of your head. The pockets of this jacket are not insulated so there is no guaranty your hands will stay warm if put inside the pocket.

RELATED: The North Face Men’s Mcmurdo Parka II is a jacket that offers you such a wide variety of colors that you’ll have a hard time choosing just one. It has a two-way front zipper, and an emergency neck gaiter to keep out the cold that can easily be folded down into a collar when you don’t need it. The hood is also removable for those times when you don’t need that much protection, making this jacket a bit more versatile for weather conditions.

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Canada Goose Mens Expedition ParkaWEIGHT: 6.6 pounds

DIMENSIONS: 24 x 16 x 7 inches

SPECIFIC FEATURES:  85% polyester, 15% cotton, Natural fur from Canada, welt pockets, adjustable draw cord waist, recessed ribbed-knit cuffs.

One of the best features of the Canada Goose Men’s Expedition Parka Coat Jacket is its real furs. The furs are not faux they are made of furs of a coyote. This jacket is made from very durable materials and not from nylon that can be easily torn. The hood protects your head from the wind thereby keeping you as warm as possible.

Its interior snow skirt and the waist cord can be tightened to make you look well-trimmed. The wrist cuff keeps the cold gust out of your arm. Its numerous pockets help keep your hand free to do other things while wearing it. It is rather bulky and not very suitable for mountaineering.

RELATED: The Canada Goose Women’s Expedition Parka is available in four colors, and sports real coyote fur on the hood (which might not make this the best option for those who are looking for vegan clothing options). There’s plenty of internal pockets for storing your smaller items, such as your phone, pen, or earbuds that you don’t want to keep in the larger external pockets.

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No matter the kind of coat you purchase, the main goal is to stay warm. It is important the zippers of your coat are water-resistant. Coats are supposed to be below the buttocks so make sure you get the perfect size for your height.

Man wearing winter coat

Try and measure the dimensions of your body type to know the perfect size of coat for you. Also, always remember to layer while wearing your coat and not just depend on the winter coat to keep you warm.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from you so do not forget to leave us a comment.


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