Western Mountaineering Kodiak Gore Windstopper: Stay Comfortable in All Weather Conditions

When it comes to camping in the cold, nothing is quite as important as a sleeping bag. You need something at night to protect you against the freezing wind and harsh weather conditions, so you can enjoy your sleep and keep yourself warm.

Many campers take a tent with them, and that does help in making you feel comfortable while you sleep. However, keep in mind that even if you have a tent, you still need a sleeping bag if you want to stay cozy through the night.

Western Mountaineering Kodiak Gore Windstopper is a winter sleeping bag meant to keep you warm at very low temperature. Today we are going to review this bag and take you through all of its features.

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Product Specifications

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Mummy-shaped – hugs your body and aid in retaining body heat
  • Great hood with full down collar – frame your face and keep your head warm
  • Gore Windstopper ™ outer shell – protect you against all sorts of weather
  • Draft tube – prevents cold air from getting inside
  • Continuous baffles – you can shift the position of the down, depending on the weather

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This mummy shaped winter bag is ideal for camping in cold weather. It has a lot of features which will help you remain warm at all times.

Winter camping can be rather challenging, as there are a lot of things you have to take care of. Foremost among these is keeping yourself protected from the cold. Sure, the freezing wind feels great and refreshing, but it can also be rather dangerous.

This is why you should invest in a good quality sleeping bag, which will not let the outside cold get to you. The bag we are going to talk about today is just such a sleeping bag.

Design and Durability

The sleeping bag is a mummy shaped one, just like most winter bags. As a result, it will hug your body and aid in retaining body heat. This is why mummy shaped bags are so much in demand, even though some people find them to be a little constricting.

There is a great hood, which will frame your face and keep your head warm. When sleeping in cold weather, it is extremely important to keep your head away from the cold.

If your head is not covered, you might lose a lot of heat through this way. With this sleeping bag, you won’t need to wear a cap or anything else on your head, as the hood is sufficient.

The outer side of this sleeping bag is made of Gore Windstopper ™ shell, which will protect you against all sorts of weather. Even if the wind outside is extremely chilly, you won’t feel a thing. There is a draft tube as well, which prevents cold air from getting inside the bag.

A full down collar which surrounds your neck, further aids in keeping you warm. The filling is goose down, and weighs only 30 oz. Thus, even though the bag is very well-insulated, it still weighs pretty less.

The sleeping bag has continuous baffles, which means that you can shift the position of the down, depending on the weather. If it is warm, you can shift it underneath you and if you feel cold, you can shift it over you to provide better insulation.

All in all, the design features of the sleeping bag ensure continued warmth and comfort, so you will sleep through the night regardless of how harsh the outside weather conditions are.

The zipper is sturdy, and is anti-snag. The sleeping bag itself is quite durable, with the outer shell being water-resistant. It will also resist wear and tear, and won’t get damaged easily. This bag will last a long time, and you won’t be disappointed.


This sleeping bag is favored by backpackers because it can be packed to a small size. The packed, stuffed size of this bag is 9 * 18 inches. This size is quite concise so you can carry it with you in your backpack.

However, this sleeping bag does not come with own stuff sack. If you have any regular sized backpack, though, you can easily stuff the bag inside it, once folded and compressed.


The sleeping bag comes in three sizes: regular, long and extra-long (XL). This means that people of all heights can find a size that suits them. The exact dimensions of the bag vary according to the size.

The length is 6 feet for regular size, 6’ 6” for long and 7 feet for XL size. As is apparent, even very tall people can fit in the bag with ease.

As this is a mummy shaped bag, we have to consider the circumference at three points; at the level of chest, hips and feet. The regular sized bag has a circumference of 66 inches, 57 inches and 41 inches at the three places respectively.

The long bag is wider than the regular one. Its chest circumference is 67 inches, hip circumference 58 inches and at the level of feet, the circumference is 41 inches. The XL bag has the same circumference as the long one at all three levels.


The sleeping bag weighs 3 lbs. 2 ounce for the regular size, 3 lbs. 5 ounce for the long and 3 lbs. 8 ounce for the XL bag.

Thus, you can see that the bag is a very lightweight one, despite having enough filling and insulation. It was designed with backpackers in mind, and the purpose was to provide such adventurers with a sleeping bag that they could count on for comfort and warmth, without adding much weight..

Temperature Rating

This sleeping bag is rated at 0 degree Fahrenheit or -18 degree Celsius. At this temperature, the bag will protect you from the cold and keep you warm, cozy and toasty. The outer fabric will not only protect you against the cold wind but also against rain and wet weather.

Value for Money

The sleeping bag is not cheap and perhaps is not a great option for backpackers on a budget. However, the quality of the sleeping bag is really quite good.

It will keep you perfectly warm at even 0 degree Fahrenheit, and you can use it for higher temperatures too by shifting the baffles underneath you. As a result, this is not only a winter sleeping bag but more like a 4 season bag.

As far as insulation is considered, the down filling is second to none. It is also very lightweight, with the total bag weight only being 3 lbs. and 2 to 8 ounce, depending on the size.

You will be hard pressed to find such a lightweight 4 season sleeping bag anywhere. Winter bags are generally bulkier and heavier, while summer ones have the disadvantage that they are not warm enough to be used in cold weather.

Thus it is apparent that if you regularly go on hiking trips in all kinds of seasons, this bag will be a good investment for you. However, if you only need a winter sleeping bag, there are much cheaper varieties available in the market.


The sleeping bag will be repaired or replaced free of cost if it was found to have any manufacturing defect. However, keep in mind that the company will only repair or replace the bag if it is clean and has been laundered. They do not receive any product for replacement which is dirty or soiled.

Any sleeping bag damaged through normal wear and tear, sunlight exposure, chemicals, accidents or animal attacks or bites etc. will not be covered by the warranty.

Close Competitors: Other Products You May Like

Let’s face it – no one ever looks at a single product and immediately decides to buy it. We all want our alternatives; and wisely so. After all, if you do not see a few competing products, how will you know if the one you are buying is better than the rest or not?

This is why we are going to talk about three more sleeping bags now, which you should consider before you make your final purchase.

The North Face Inferno Sleeping Bag

The North Face Inferno Sleeping Bag is another 0 degree sleeping bag which has a nylon exterior and 800 down filling. The bag is very well-insulated, and you won’t feel cold at all, no matter how chilly it is outside.

A huge design benefit of this sleeping bag is that it has a central zipper. This makes it much easier to get in and out of the bag. It is also quite roomy, and thus you will sleep comfortably without feeling claustrophobic.

Another point which adds to the comfort level of this sleeping bag is the presence of trapezoidal baffles. This prevents down migration. The sleeping bag, as many other winter bags, is mummy shaped and has an adequate hood. It is spacious enough that you can move your feet about.

The bag weighs 6.8 pounds, and is therefore heavier than the original bag we reviewed. That being said, it is still lightweight enough that it can be carried in a backpack. This makes it a good option for backpackers.

Western Mountaineering Antelope GWS

Antelope GWS is another well-insulated sleeping bag by Western Mountaineering which can be used in different weather conditions. The outer fabric is Gore Windstopper fabric, which will protect you against cold wind as well as rain. The filling is of down, and weighs only 26 oz.

This mummy shaped sleeping bag has a 3 dimensional neck collar and a well-insulated hood, both of which will keep your head and neck warm. A draft tube ensures that cold air does not reach you and your body heat is not lost to the surroundings.

This sleeping bag has continuous baffles, which you can move to where you want, depending on the temperature. This lets you use the sleeping bag in very cold as well as moderate temperature.

The bag is quite roomy, with the girth at the level of shoulders being 62 inches, while it is 39 inches at the level of feet. The bag itself weighs only 2 lbs. and 13 ounce, and hence is one of the most lightweight 4 season bag you can find. A loft of 7 inches ensures that even very tall people can fit in this bag with ease.

Nemo Sonic Down Sleeping Bag

As mentioned in the name, Nemo Sonic Down is a sleeping bag which should be used in temperature range of around 15 degree Fahrenheit. It has a durable outer shell made of nylon.

The filling is of both down and synthetic material, and does a good job of keeping you insulated against the outer weather conditions. In this bag, there will be no cold spots and you will be toasty throughout.

There is a full length center zip, which you can open partially if you want to reach for something but do not want to get out of your warm bag. The center zip also makes it easy to get in and out of the bag. Thermo Gills are present, which let you choose exactly how warm you want to be. You can regulate the temperature up to 20 degrees.

The stitching is very sturdy, and won’t come undone. This is a good quality, durable sleeping bag which you can use in moderate to cold weather.


This sleeping bag by Western Mountaineering is definitely a good one, particularly as it can be used in both cold and moderate weather conditions.

The bag will keep you warm on cold nights, while having a breathable fabric which prevents you from feeling suffocated in warm and humid climate.

To take a look at everything we have learned about this sleeping bag, let’s mention its pros and cons.


  • Warm and well-insulated. The hood and draft tube will not let heat escape from your body to the outside
  • Very lightweight
  • Can be packed to a concise size
  • Three sizes are available, so people of all heights can find a bag they can comfortably fit in.
  • Continuous baffles let you adjust how warm you want to be. You can shift the baffles underneath you in case of warmer weather, and over you if it gets cold.


  • The sleeping bag is pricier than other such bags in the market.
  • Sleeping pad is not provided
  • No compression stuff sack is included

When you are out in the wild, with only nature to keep you company, you have to make sure that you take proper rest.

After all, with the whole day spent trekking, you need to be able to relax at night, and let your body recover from the day’s toils. If you do not rest and sleep adequately, you are sure to feel exhausted and tired. And really, if you are tired on your hiking trip, how will you be able to have any fun?

Western Mountaineering Kodiak Gore Windstopper
  • Design and Durability
  • Packaging
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Temperature Rating
  • Value for Money
  • Warranty


Kodiak Gore Windstopper sleeping bag by Western Mountaineering is a good bag for backpackers who love going for hiking all year round. This bag is very lightweight and weighs only 3 lbs. 2 ounce to 3 lbs. 8 ounce, depending on the size. It is a mummy shaped bag which is quite roomy and spacious. There are three sizes, ranging from 6 feet to 7 feet in length. This means that even very tall people can fit in the bag with ease. You can fold the sleeping bag up so it becomes small in size, and then carry it in your backpack. The bag has very adequate down filling, which will keep you very warm. An additional feature which makes this bag a preferable one is the presence of continuous baffles. You can shift these baffles underneath or over you, depending on the weather. Thus, this bag is a four season one, and you can take it with you on all your trips no matter what the weather is like. The outer shell is made of Gore Windstopper ™ fabric, which not only protects you against cold wind but also against wet weather. The fabric is breathable, so you won’t feel suffocated in it. All in all, this is a high-quality sleeping bag; though it is more expensive than many other winter bags found in the market.

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This is why you should always choose your sleeping bag carefully. The Kodiak bag by Western Mountaineering is a good one, even though it is pricey. Do you have anything to add to this review? Have you used the sleeping bag and want to share your experience with us? We would love to hear from you; drop us a comment in the designated section below!


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