Slumberjack Country Squire 0 Sleeping Bag: Keeping You Warm While under the Night Sky

For many of us, we think just your run-of-the-mill sleeping bag will suffice. Though it may do the trick during the summer season, if you’re planning on using your sleeping bag to camp during fall, winter or spring, you’ll need a sleeping bag that’s more durable and versatile.

In addition, depending on what you’ll be using, your sleeping bag will be more than just an insulator; it’s going to provide you extra protection and comfort.

So though you may not think about it, there are important features that you need to consider when purchasing a sleeping bag, such as warmth, packability and versatility.

Whether you’re a backpacker or camper, you’re going to need a reliable sleeping bag. With that being said, we’re here to review one of our favorite sleeping bags, the Slumberjack Country Squire 0 Sleeping Bag.

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Product Specifications

  • Provides the ultimate camping experience with warmth & comfort
  • Slumberloft Synthetic Insulation – keep you warm and dry on even the coldest of nights in this rectangle sleeping bag
  • Comfort Top folds forward and provides bed like comfort
  • Features a buffalo plaid flannel liner, feels like home
  • Double Bag Compatibility zip two bags together to create a double sleeping bag

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The Slumberjack Country Squire 0 Sleeping bag is the Editor’s Choice Award from OutdoorGearLab for good reason. It’s developed quite a reputation for its outstanding performance which is suitable for any camper or backpacker, regardless of their outdoor experience.

If you’re looking for warmth, then this is your best option. In addition, it’s roomy enough to fit two average-sized people inside comfortably.

You’ll be able to roll up the sleeping bag, carrying it inside a duffel bag which allows you to also carry clothes and other sleeping gear. So, the extra-sized duffel bag can be doubled up as extra storage for your other gear.

Best Used

Because this is one of the warmest blankets on the market, you’ll be able to use this sleeping bag for literally anything.

If you need an extra blanket while watching a movie at home, if you’re planning on camping in the mountains or spending your summer sleeping on the beach, you’ll be able to use this sleeping bag.

This sleeping bag though, is ideal if you’re camping during spring, winter or fall. You can use this sleeping bag during the summer, however, if you’re camping in an extremely hot climate, this sleeping bag may be too warm for you.


Sadly, if you’re looking for a lightweight sleeping bag, this isn’t the one for you. The Slumberjack Country Squire is known for its warmth and comfort, however, that comes at a sacrifice. It’s one of the heaviest sleeping bags, with a packing weight of 12lbs.

The sleeping bag is stored in an oversized duffel bag which you can carry via carrying straps.

You can also compress the bag down to half its size, allowing you to store other gear and clothing inside the bag. However, if you’re planning on backpacking solo and you want to be as efficient as possible, this will be too heavy for you.

Design and Durability

It’s designed solely for comfort and warmth and that’s exactly what it’s about. Its shell is 12 oz. Cotton Duck, insulated with Slumberloft Synthetic Insulation and lined with poly-cotton.

This two-layer construction with the poly-cotton guarantees that you won’t feel the softest wind against your body; essentially, it’s wind- and cold-proof.

The poly-cotton liner comes with an additional removable layer that you’ll be able to remove or add to either gain or lose warmth, or if you want to wash it. The offset quilting construction also adds to the warmth factor; they weren’t joking about it being one of the warmest sleeping bags made.

Slumberjack is known for making high-quality and durable sleeping bags, with the Country Squire being no different. The 12 oz Cotton Duck is the most durable Slumberjack shell material, so you won’t have to worry about the exterior of your sleeping bag ripping against rocks or twigs.

In addition, they continued their durability down to every detail, including the zippers.

Cheap sleeping bags are known to have weak zippers which break and snag, something you don’t want to happen when you’re in the wild outdoors.

However, the Country Squire comes with heavy-duty #10 zippers built with anti-snag protection. When it comes to durability, the Country Squire is high in the ranks.


We’re not going to hide it, this is a heavy sleeping bag in comparison to its other competitors. Packed, the Country Squire weighs 12 lbs. Now, if you’re camping, weight may not be such an important feature for you, as you’ll have a vehicle to transport it in.

However, if you’re going to be backpacking, especially long distance backpacking, carrying an extra 12 lbs may not be ideal for your current lifestyle.

But, this weight is easily explainable. Because the design of the Country Squire is focused on warmth and comfort, they chose to sacrifice weight. Unfortunately, you can’t have it all.

So, if weight isn’t a problem for you, then this is a great sleeping bag.


Though this sleeping bag will provide you with warmth and comfort, in terms of versatility, this is where it lacks. Because of its weight, it creates difficulty for those who are looking for both warmth and lightweight features.

In addition, since it’s focused on providing users with warmth, it’s not ideal if you’re needing to cool down. Though this sleeping bag is warm and cosy, it’s not a sleeping bag for those outdoor enthusiasts that go on multi-day backpacking trips but rather trips which involve a vehicle.

Warmth and Comfort

This is always a crucial aspect when it concerns sleeping bags and naturally, we understand why. When buying a sleeping bag, first and foremost, you want it to be warm and comfortable. If not, then you could just stuff a bed sheet into your backpack. But instead, you want to be kept warm during the cool nights.

The Slumberjack Country Squire is built with a two-layer offset construction and poly-cotton liner, making the sleeping bag a shield against any drafts going into your tent.

The insulated draft tube backs the zippers, creating additional warmth. Though you may overlook this, it’s one of the most important features of this bag, the insulated zipper, which prevents any cold air from seeping through the zipper’s teeth.

With snuggled inside this sleeping bag, you’ll be able to in -18 degrees Celsius temperatures without feeling an ounce of coldness.

However, be aware that if you’re using this sleeping bag during the summer, if the nights are hot, this bag will overheat you. So, if you know that the evenings are going to be cool, then we suggest this sleeping bag.

In terms of comfort, users of this sleeping bag love it. The interior of the sleeping bag is huge, so you have all the space you need to comfortably spread out. The rectangular bags is 84” by 42”, so two people will be able to fit inside without feeling claustrophobic.

Value for Money and Guarantee

The Slumberjack Country Squire is possibly one of the best sleeping bags on the market, but it’s also one of the priciest.

However, for what it offers its users, it’s well worth the price. If you’re going to be camping in the mountains or in areas where the temperature drops, you’ll be well secured with the Country Squire.

In addition, all Slumberjack products come with a one-year limited warranty and will repair any manufacturing defect without question.

Is it the cheapest sleeping bag? No. However, you do get what you pay for and in this case, the Slumberjack Country Squire is one of the best sleeping bags on the market.

Unique Features

Though this sleeping bag is full of outstanding features, their unique feature is the unnoticeable insulated zipper. You may not think about it, but, when you’re in a sleeping bag that’s not properly constructed, you’ll notice that you still feel a breeze entering into your sleeping bag.

The Country Squire has a draft tube along the zipper which keeps the cold air out and prevents any heat loss.

Though this may be a small addition to any sleeping bag, this is what takes it from being a cheap sleeping bag to an exceptional one. Small details such as this one can ultimately change your outdoor sleeping experience.

Close competitors: Other products you might like

Now, we don’t want to give you a one-dimensional review of this product. In fact, we feel it’s important that you see the other options available to you. That way, you’ll be able to find a sleeping bag that suits your needs.

Teton Sports Celsius XL

The Teton Sports Celsius XL is a great option if you’re looking for a sleeping bag that’s a little cheaper in price, but will keep you warm during the cool nights. It comes with adjustable shoulder and full-length zipper baffles, designed for users who are taller than the average height.

It’s designed with a half-circle mummy style hood, keeping the user’s head off of the ground. The outer shell is built with durable diamond ripstop, ensuring that it’ll be able to hold up against years of use. It’s built like the Slumberjack in that it too has a double-layer construction which acts to increase the warmth and durability of the sleeping bag.

With the Teton Sports Celsius XL, you’ll be able to withstand -25 degrees Celsius temperatures without feeling the cold. Teton comes with a limited lifetime warranty as well, so you’ll be well supported if anything happens to your sleeping bag.

Coleman Big Game -5 Degree Big and Tall

Another option for a durable and high-quality sleeping bag is the Coleman Big Game -5 Degree Big and Tall Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag is ideal for those who crave a spacious interior or reach heights up to 6 ft. 5 in.

It’s not as warm as the Country Squire, however, if you’re on a budget, the Coleman is a quarter of the price.

This sleeping bag is made of a cotton canvas and a cosy cotton flannel liner that’s quilted design ensures that the heat remains trapped within the sleeping bag. It includes Thermolock System which prevents heat loss and ZIP-PLOW which is a two-way zipper fabric that prevents snagging.

If the Country Squire was too heavy for you, the Coleman weighs in at 8 lbs which is substantially lighter, especially if you’re backpacking. It’s also very convenient when it comes to packing with the Convenient Wrap ‘N’ Roll integrated packaging system that makes storage a breeze.

Coleman also comes with a 5-year limited warranty, so, you’ll have a piece of mind if something happens to your sleeping bag.

Teton Sports Celsius XXL

Last but not least, we have the Teton Sports Celsius XXL. Another great option if you’re looking for a sleeping bag that’ll withstand the cold nights. With this sleeping bag, you’ll be able to withstand -21 degree Celsius temperatures. The taffeta shell is highly durable, able to withstand years of use.

The XXL is also made with a double-layer construction for the entire width and length of the bag which is 90 x 39 inches.

The half-circle mummy style hood cradles your head and keeps it off of the ground. It comes with both left and right-hand zippers, so you’ll be able to zip two bags together if needed.

In addition to these features, Teton guarantees limited lifetime warranty to all their customers, ensuring that your sleeping bag is kept in its best condition.


The Slumberjack Country Squire sleeping bag is a great option if you’re main concern is warmth and comfort. It’s great for those who are campers, but it may be too heavy and bulky for backpackers. It comes with its own oversized duffel bag, since you won’t be able to fit it into a backpacker’s pack.

Though, the oversized duffel bag can act as a storage back for your other gear and clothing, which helps you cut down on your luggage. This sleeping bag will be able to take you through all the four seasons, however, during the summer, you may overheat at night if there’s no breeze.

The Country Squire is literally designed to prevent any air from entering the sleeping bag. It has a spacious interior, so you’ll have plenty of room to get comfortable or have another person share with you.

The insulated draft tube along the zippers prevent any air from passing through and they’re #10 heavy duty, meaning they’re highly durable and won’t snag.

We all know that it’s impossible to have a perfect product, so let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Country Squire:


  • Very warm
  • Strong zipper
  • Oversized duffel bag storage
  • Removable cotton sheet
  • Large interior design


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Bulky
  • Not great in wet or overly warm weather

If you’re looking for warmth and comfort, then you’re looking at the right sleeping bag. It’ll ensure that all the heat is kept in while the cold is kept out. The Country Squire is one of the warmest sleeping bags on the market and will support you through harsh weather conditions such as the wind and cold temperatures. But don’t take our word for it; the best thing you can do is go and try it out for yourself.

Slumberjack Country Squire 0 Sleeping Bag
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Weight
  • Versatility
  • Warmth and Comfort
  • Value for Money and Guarantee
  • Unique Features


It’s one of the warmest sleeping bags you’ll slip your body into and once you do, you’ll never want to leave it. If you’re a backpacker, the weight of this sleeping bag may prove to be a problem for you, however, if you’re an avid camper, you’ll love this sleeping bag. It’s warm, cosy and able to comfortably hold two average-sized people in it. Though it may be slightly expensive for first-time campers, once you spend a night freezing in a tent, you’ll understand why you need a warm sleeping bag. if you’ll be camping throughout the year, this is well worth the investment. The double-layer construction ensures that cold spots are prevented while the poly-cotton liner acts as an extra layer of warmth that can be removed for washing. The zippers are #10 heavy-duty with anti-snag protection and are lined with a draft tube that prevents air from seeping through the zipper’s teeth. The construction of this sleeping bag is ideal for fall, spring and winter months, however, may prove to be too warm for the summer.

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  1. The Teton Sports Celsius XL is the model to buy if you are looking for an extra-large, all season sleeping bag at an affordable price range.

  2. The Slumberjack Country Squire Sleeping Bag will offer you unmatched comfort during your camping expedition. Great choice for the money.


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