Nemo Women’s Aria Hybrid Sleeping Bag: A Perfect 3-Season Bag for Outdoorsy Women

If you ever want to go camping, you have to ensure that you have the right equipment. The sleeping bag is an absolutely essential item which you have to take with you, particularly if you will be hiking in cool weather.

After all, you need to protect yourself against the elements while staying comfortable at the same time.

Choosing a sleeping bag can be a tough job, which is why sleeping bag reviews are very important for customers. Today we will do a detailed analysis of Nemo Women’s Aria Hybrid Sleeping Bag and discuss all its merits as well as demerits.

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Product Specifications

  • Specially designed for women
  • Lightweight
  • Packs to a compact size with its storage bag
  • Spoon-shaped sleeping bag with more space in the region of elbows and knees
  • Outer fabric: 30 D ripstop nylon; Filling: Down/synthetic hybrid; Lining: 30 D nylon taffeta
  • 3-season sleeping bag
  • Well-defined hood to keep you warm on colder weather

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Sleeping bags usually come in two main shapes – rectangular and mummy shaped. Mummy shaped bags retain heat more easily, so winter bags tend to be in this shape. However, some people may find them to be a little too constricting and feel claustrophobic in them.

There are a large number of varieties of the two types of bags, though. A lot of companies offer mummy shaped bags with wider foot boxes and more space in the region of shoulders, so the occupant can move about a little and feel more comfortable.

This sleeping bag by Nemo is such an example. The bag provides more space in the region of elbows and knees, so you can feel more comfortable in it.

Temperature rating is another important fact to consider. Most bags list the temperature at which you will be comfortable in the sleeping bag. There is a lower limit or survival limit as well.

At this temperature, you won’t be entirely comfortable but will still survive in case of an emergency. When buying a sleeping bag, always consider its comfort rating and not the survival one.

Best Used For

With every sleeping bag, weight is extremely important. If you have a lightweight sleeping bag, you can carry it with you if you are going for hiking or backpacking. However, heavier bags can’t be carried for a long time and must only be used if you will be reaching your camping ground by car.

This sleeping bag is a very lightweight option, which makes it a great bag to be used by hikers. It is meant to be used in temperature range of about 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, if you are planning on going backpacking in cool to moderate weather, this bag is for you.

The survival limit of this bag is pretty low, so you will be able to make it through the night even if the temperature falls lower than expected. However, you will be far from comfortable; therefore if you want to camp in freezing conditions, it is best if you choose another bag.

We will now talk about the detailed features of Nemo Women’s Aria Hybrid Sleeping Bag. We will discuss its filling, outer material, weight and dimensions and everything else which this bag offers.

By the end of the review, you should have a clear picture of whether or not the bag suits your needs.


The sleeping bag comes with a stuff sack in which you can pack the bag to a small size. The stuff sack has a volume of 15 liters and dimensions of 16 x 8.5 inches. You can pack it in your backpack and carry it with you on all your adventures.

Having a stuff sack is a great advantage. While you can just pack the sleeping bag into any backpack, having a stuff sack means that you can fold the bag to a small size before packing it.

This saves on a lot of space, which is absolutely vital for backpackers. After all, if the sleeping bag alone takes up all of the space, where will you put the rest of your stuff?

Design and Durability

The sleeping bag has a semi-rectangular shape. This is a cross between a mummy shaped bag and a rectangular one. The bag is described by the producers as being “spoon shaped”.

This means that it provides more space in the region of elbows and knees. For people who move about a lot during their sleep, this is an absolute blessing.

The bag will keep you nice and warm in the mentioned temperature range. It has a very well-defined hood which will completely cover your head and keep it warm in cold weather. The hood is designed in such a way that it will cover your neck region as well.

There is a right-sided zipper on this sleeping bag. The outer shell is made of 30 D ripstop nylon with DWR (Durable Water Resistant) finish. In case of a drizzle or even light rain, you will be dry inside your bag as the shell repels water and prevents it from seeping inside the bag.

There is a pillow pouch in which you can stuff your clothes to form a makeshift pillow and feel more comfortable as you sleep.

The sleeping bag is quite tough and will not be damaged easily. You can take it with you on all your backpacking trips and it will normally not be harmed.


The bag is rated at 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The sleeping bag is thus a 3-season one and not meant to be used in extremely cold weather. In moderate climate, though, it does its job very well.

The lining is made of 30 D nylon taffeta. It is pretty comfortable and will not irritate the skin at all. The filling is down synthetic hybrid. It is made of 550 fill power down and stratofiber polyester fibers.

The filling weighs only 1 lb. 8.4 oz. in case of the regular sized bag and 1 lb. 11.1 oz. in case of large one. There is extra filling in the region of the foot box, so any woman who uses this bag will have warm, toasty feet all through the night.

The treated down filling absorbs 30% less moisture than untreated bags. It also dries a lot faster.

This means that if you get caught in the rain and your bag gets wet, you can simply hang it up to dry and it will lose all of its moisture very soon. You can then pack it in the stuff sack and be on your way with very little delay.


There are two sizes available, both of which have a slight difference in weight. While the regular one weighs 2 lbs. 6 oz. the long one weighs 2 lbs. 10 oz.

The sleeping bag is thus a very lightweight one; particularly if you consider the fact that it has quite a bit of filling and can keep you perfectly warm. The weight is a huge plus point and makes the bag favorable for anyone looking to go for a hike.

Size And Dimensions

The regular size fits a person up to 5 feet 5 inches in height, while the long one is sufficient for a person who is up to 6 feet tall. Thus the bag is not meant for very tall individuals.

However, as it is designed for women, the size is not really an issue as there are very few women whose height is more than 6 feet.

The shoulder girth is 62 inches for regular sized sleeping bag and 64 inches for the long one. The hip girth is 58 inches and 60 inches for the two sizes respectively. Both sizes offer a very roomy space and are quite comfortable.

Value For Money and Guarantee

As a three season bag, it is adequately priced. The level of insulation in this bag is quite good. It is also pretty roomy, which adds to its value.

If you are looking for a concise, compact sleeping bag which is spacious and comfortable, this one is a good choice and hence has great value for money.

Close Competitors – Other Products You May Like

There are plenty three season bags in the market, so the choice can get quite tough sometimes. To help you in choosing the right bag for all your adventures, we will now talk about three more sleeping bags which are quite good.

NEMO Celesta Women’s Sleeping Bag

NEMO Celesta Sleeping Bag is specially designed for women. The outer shell is made of 40 D nylon which has a DWR finish. This bag is also spoon shaped, and so offers wider space in the region of elbows and knees, and hence is more comfortable.

The bag has very adequate insulation, as well as extra filling in the foot box. Both these features are meant to keep you warm and relaxed through the night.

The temperature range of this sleeping bag is 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It is thus a three-season bag which will serve you well in moderate temperature, but not if it is too cold. A stuff sack as well a storage bag is included, so you will have no trouble in taking the bag with you anywhere.

It weighs 3.9 pounds and thus is heavier than the previous NEMO sleeping bag we reviewed. However, for backpacking purposes this weight is still low enough that carrying the bag is no problem.

The North Face Cat’s Meow

If you want a sleeping bag which will keep you comfortable in the temperature range of 20 degrees Fahrenheit, The North Face Cat’s Meow is a good option.

It comes in two sizes: regular and long. The regular one weighs only 3 lb. 7 ounce while the long one has a weight of 3 lbs. 12 oz.  It can fit persons ranging from 5 feet 6 inches height (regular) to 6 feet (long).

The outer shell is of ripstop nylon while the lining is made of ripstop taffeta. A storage bag is included with the sleeping bag, so carrying it is not a problem.

There are many features in this sleeping bag which will keep you warm and cozy. There is a well-constructed hood which will prevent cold draft from affecting your head. A draft collar is also present.

If you use a sleeping pad with the bag, there are pad loops with which you can fix the pad in place. This way, it will not slip around when you move while asleep.

Kelty SB20 800-Fill DriDown Sleeping Bag

Kelty SB20 800-Fill DriDown Sleeping Bag is a mummy shaped sleeping bag made for women. The filling in this bag is specially treated and is called DriDown. It dries faster than normal down insulation, so if you get the bag wet, you don’t have to wait for ages for it to dry so you can move on with your trip.

The total weight is only 2 lbs. 1 oz. for the regular size and 2 lbs. 4 oz. for the long one. The bag is much longer than ordinary sleeping bags made for women.

The regular size will fit a woman up to 6 feet tall while the long one is big enough that a woman with height up to 6 feet 6 inches can fit in it with ease. For women who are very tall, this bag is perfectly suitable.

The hood and foot box of this sleeping bag have water resistant treatment. Therefore, even in case of rainfall, your head and feet will remain completely dry.

The bag has a temperature rating of 20 degrees Fahrenheit. When packed in a stuff sack, its size is only 7 x 13 inches. It is thus a great concise, lightweight sleeping bag which is perfect for any woman who wants to go backpacking in moderate temperature.


We have now discussed all the important features and aspects of this sleeping bag. With a weight of only 2 lbs. 7 oz. (2 lbs. 10 oz. for the long size) this sleeping bag is a great lightweight option for those outdoors loving women who want to go on a backpacking trip. Keep in mind, though, that this is only the bag weight and the stuff sack has its own weight.

If you want to go camping somewhere where the temperature is around 30 degree Fahrenheit, this bag will suit you well. It has a great water-resistant outer shell, so you will be warm and dry even if the outside weather conditions get wet.

An added advantage is that the bag will remain dry even if you lay it on moist ground, so you will be comfortable anywhere.

As with pretty much every sleeping bag in the market, this one also comes with its own set of positive and negative features. While there are many good points, there are a few bad ones too:


  • Lightweight
  • Can be packed to a compact size
  • Stuff sack is included
  • Very roomy and spacious, with extra space in the region of elbows and knees
  • Will keep you warm in the designated temperature range
  • Outer fabric has water resistant property
  • Warranty covers any manufacturing defect


  • No sleeping pad included
  • Can only fit women up to 6 feet tall
  • The zipper is only left sided, which means that you cannot join it to another sleeping bag of the same kind to form a two person bag
  • Not meant for extreme cold weather.
Nemo Women's Aria Hybrid Sleeping Bag
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Insulation
  • Weight
  • Size And Dimensions
  • Warranty
  • Value For Money and Guarantee


This sleeping bag by NEMO is designed especially for women. It is lightweight, packs to a compact size and comes with its own storage bag. The bag is quite wide and is spoon shaped, with extra space in the region of the elbows and knees and extra filling in the region of the foot box. You can easily pack the sleeping bag in the stuff sack provided with it, and carry it with you wherever you go. The bag comes in two sizes – regular and long. The regular one is sufficient for a woman up to 5 feet 5 inches in height while the long one is for height up to 6 feet. The outer fabric is of nylon while filling is down/synthetic hybrid. This is a good 3 season sleeping bag for any adventurous woman who wants to go backpacking in moderate to mildly cold weather.

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As you see, there aren’t many negative points with this sleeping bag. It works great, and even looks quite nice. Is there anything you want to add to our review? If you want to tell us more about your experience with the NEMO 30 degree sleeping bag for women, drop us a comment!

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  1. The North Face Cat’s Meow is perfect for my niece. I bought this for her first camping trip and she was ecstatic about it. She told me that it is so comfy and warm. She even said she had fun during camping because of this. Aside from the good design, I also appreciate the vibrant color.


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