Nemo Rhumba Women’s Sleeping Bag: A Bag Form-Fitted to Your Heart’s Content

Nemo Rhumba Women’s Sleeping Bag design
Jessica Bayne
Written by Jessica Bayne

A night spent outdoors can be energizing, refreshing, and fun.  Crawling into your sleeping bag after a few hours spent by the campfire is a joy for the brave and adventuresome. If you’re looking for a bag to fit your curves, keep you warm through the night, and stay soft and snug in the right places, the Nemo Rhumba Women’s Sleeping Bag could be the right fit for your next purchase.

Product Specifications

  • 30D Nylon Micro R/S (Shell)
  • Spoon shape
  • Extra down fill in the footbox and increased insulation to enhance warmth.
  • Premium features like the stretch stitching, 650FP DownTek, FlowGates, and high quality fabrics set Rhumba apart.
  • Included Accessories: Drawstring Stuff Sack and Cotton Storage Bag.
  • Temperature ratings: 15 is rated for 15F and the Rhumba 30 is rated for 30F.

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While everyone loves the feeling of a warm sleeping bag after a long day in the outdoors, there’s nothing worse than a sleeping bag that’s not a good fit, too cold, or simply uncomfortable.

We’ve all spent a night with an ice cream headache in a bag with a broken drawstring, or none at all.  We’ve all felt the cold in our joints as we climb out of our bags in the morning to face the day.  The good news is, you may not have too much longer.

All things considered, finding a bag that’s right for you can be tough.  Temperature rating, zipper length, storage, weight, bag length, and shape are all important factors to take into account when choosing a bag that’s right for you.

Nemo Rhumba Women’s Sleeping Bag front design

In this article, you’ll find a guide for ensuring your next sleeping bag is designed for success, a comprehensive review of the Nemo Rhumba Women’s sleeping bag, and a detailed comparison with competitors.


What to look for in a bag

When choosing a sleeping bag, it’s important to be meticulous in your selection.  As  we all know, there’s nothing worse than waking in the middle of the night shivering in your bag or waking in the morning with a new bruise from sleeping at an odd angle.  It’s best that your sleeping bag is easy to use and store, a proper temperature rating for the environment you’re visiting, down or synthetic filled for warmth regardless of moisture, and durable to last your next adventure.


Whether it’s your first car camping trip, or you’re heading to climb Denali, packing is one of the toughest parts of camping.  It can be hard to know exactly what’s needed, and exactly what’s not.  Obviously, a sleeping bag should be one of the first items to grace your packing list.

Nemo Rhumba Women’s Sleeping Bag zipper

However, if you choose a bag that’s too large or heavy, it can be tough to fit those other much needed items.  The Nemo Rhumba Women’s sleeping bag comes out to about 3 lbs. 2oz. for the regular size (66 inches long) and 3 lbs. 5 oz for the large (72 inches long). This is considered relatively light-weight for a sleeping bag, however lighter bags do exist.

The Nemo Rhumba Women’s sleeping bag comes with a lightweight synthetic stuff sack alone is 18 x 9 inches or a volume of 19 liters but can be compressed down to 7.5-8 liters.  A woman’s pack for overnight backpacking trips can range from 60-80 liters.

At this size and weight, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of space in your pack for food, water, and shelter without compromising warmth and comfort during the night.

While 3 lbs. 2oz. and 7.5-8 liter volume isn’t terribly heavy or large, and allows room for food, water, and safety equipment, there’s always an option for something lighter and lighter generally means smaller.  But, you’ll need to ask yourself if you’re willing to compromise on warmth or comfort.

A lighter bag might mean sleeping in your long-johns, mid layers, and puffy coats just to keep the cold from reaching your bones.

Nemo Rhumba Women’s Sleeping Bag durability

In addition to the synthetic compression stuff sack for overnight trips, the Nemo Rhumba Women’s sleeping bag comes with a larger cotton stuff sack, not unlike a laundry bag, for long-term storage.  A larger stuff sack for long-term storage is especially important for sleeping bags as they have a tendency to accumulate moisture.

Cotton is breathable which allows the bag to dry out over time.  While it’s not ideal to use the “laundry bag” for overnight trips, it’s great for storing your bag through a season void of camping trips.

Design and Durability

Simply put, men and women are different.  It’s been said they’re born on different planets, but in reality it may be a bit simpler than that. Both men’s and women’s bodies, when in survival mode, will conserve heat by prioritizing blood flow to private parts of the body, pulling blood from extremities like hands and feet.

While no one wants to find themselves in survival mode, a night in the outdoors might confuse your body into taking these precautions.  Generally, this can happen quicker with women than men, which will result in a night of frozen toes in your bag.

Nemo Rhumba Women’s Sleeping Bag insulation

The NEMO Rhumba Women’s sleeping bag is designed specifically for women.  Most mummy bags are designed with wide shoulders and tapers down with narrow hips and very little legroom.  The NEMO Rhumba women’s sleeping bag spoon shape allows for wider hips and a more comfortable night’s sleep.

The shape of the bag is considered “semi rectangular” which speaks to it’s larger hip girth at a size of 58-60 inches.  This is not much smaller than the shoulder girth at a size 62-64 inches.  Typically in a backpacking mummy bag, the hip girth would be significantly smaller than the shoulder girth.

The extra down fill in the foot-box keeps cold toes from going frozen in the night by preserving heat where it matters most.  While it may be easy to omit these simple subtleties choosing a sleeping bag, but you’ll be glad you found a bag that suits your body’s needs.

Ease of Assembly and Use

The Nemo Rhumba women’s sleeping bag is quick and easy to lay down in your next campsite.  Simply pull the bag from it’s compression stuff sack and lay it down for a good night’s sleep.

The zipper is placed on the right side, which is atypical for backpacking sleeping bags.  While this won’t necessarily keep you warmer, it may keep the bag from becoming unzipped during the natural tossing and turning of a night in the backcountry.

After a great night’s sleep, the Nemo Rhumba Women’s sleeping bag is easy to pack and re-store in your backpack, car, or RV.  The compression stuff sack, fit with straps to help eliminate trapped air pressure in your bag, helps to ensure that you’re bag isn’t taking more than it’s fair share of space in your backpack.

Value for Money and Guarantee

Between $200-400 is generally a good price for a reliable sleeping bag.  While it may be easy to stop at your local Wal-Mart or hardware store and buy a Coleman bag for $50, the Nemo Rhumba Women’s sleeping bag provides a higher level of sophistication and design that guarantees you a comfortable night sleep.

As we mentioned previously, this bag is outfitted with a variety of special tools and accessories for ensuring your next night in the backcountry is warm safe and comfortable.  Rip stop nylon, flow gates for superior moisture control, stretch stitching, extra stuffing in the foot box for colder extremities and a wider hip girth all work together to create a great night’s sleep.

This is a far cry about a jersey knit flannel inseam and synthetic shell, which you’ll get with a cheaper bag.

That being said, there’s no guarantee that this bag will last forever, nor a warranty to cover the cost of damage accumulated in the field.  You may consider buying this product from a co-op like REI where you are promised a stunning return policy that overarches multiple years of use.

Unique Features

Function is always better to prioritize over fashion outdoors.  However, a drawstring to keep heat in and moisture out, a quarter length zipper, or a storage pocket in your sleeping bag might just make the difference between cool, calm, and collected versus disgruntled, discouraged, and dangerous.

Let’s take a look at what set’s this bag apart from competitors and will keep you snug on a night under the stars.

  • Temperature Tested: A common misconception of temperature ratings is that the degree number is the temperature at which you’ll stay comfortable: this is simply not true. The temperature ratings is designed to let you know what temperature your bag will help you survive.
    The Nemo Rhumba Women’s sleeping bag carries a 15F temperature rating.  Even so, you may want to consider carrying an extra set of long-johns, fleece pants, or base layers for sleeping just to stay comfortable through colder night.  It never hurts to have extra pair of “sleeping socks” just in case.
  • Fill: Ever since the invention of synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, the debate has raged on the best sleeping bag fill. Down, traditionally, has been used as the best insulator for sleeping bags.  However, down does have its “down-sides.”
    If your bag rips, down fill will quickly find it’s way out in dramatic puffs of feathers.  Moisture can accumulate on your sleeping bag through regular use from your body’s temperature, breath, perspiration, etc.  If down gets wet, it has a tendency to “clump” together and cold spots where insulation is lacking will build inside your bag.
    While the NEMO Rhumba Women’s sleeping bag is down filled, it is outfitted with vertical bandings of stuffing and “flowgates” to reduce down migration due to use and condensation.  Lastly, due it’s ripstop material, you don’t have to worry so much about those dramatic puffs we mentioned.

Nemo Rhumba Women’s Sleeping Bag temp rating

Similar Models or Competitors

Nemo Women’s Rhapsody 30 Sleeping BagNemo Womens Rhapsody 30 Sleeping Bag

The first thing you might notice when learning more about this bag is the similarities to the Nemo Rhumba Women’s sleeping bag. Nemo Women’s Rhapsody 30 Sleeping Bag contoured shape and design are form fitted for your body, an extra blanket fold and double-stuffed foot-box for cold nights, and many accessories carry some of the better characteristics of the Nemo Rhumba.  However, you’ll quickly notice a big difference in fill and temperature rating.

As I said before, a sleeping bag’s temperature rating is for survival, not comfort.  You may not realize it, depending on where you live, but a night in the outdoors can reach low temperatures, regardless of the time of year.

While only temperature rated at 30 degrees, one of the most enticing aspects of this bag is the use of DownTek Duck Down.  This is a newer form of down insulation that is treated through nanotechnology to apply a microscopic polymer to the down.  As a result, the down used in this bag repels water.

This is unique in that traditional down can absorb water, which causes clumping and “cold-spots” in your sleeping bag.  In addition to clumping, bacteria can form in the down which results in mold and, as a result, a bag that lasts fewer seasons.  However, with Duck Down, clumping, bacterial accumulation, and moisture isn’t an issue.

In addition to duck down, this bag weighs a miniscule 1 lb. 13 oz and compresses to just 4.3 liters.  While the Nemo Rhumba Women’s sleeping bag may be considered light, the Nemo Women’s Rhapsody would be considered ultra light.

While the Nemo Women’s Rhapsody does have it’s redeaming features, a 30-degree bag, is typically best for summer nights in warm climates, but there’s no comparison to the Nemo Rhumba Women’s sleeping bag’s versatility and ability to keep you warm regardless of weather.

Marmot Celestrum 20F 650-Fill Down Sleeping BagMarmot Celestrum 20F 650-Fill Down Sleeping Bag

Marmot is a brand that you can trust and rely on in outdoor gear.  They produce quality products that last through long stretches of wear and tear.  The Marmot Celestrum 20F 650-Fill Down Sleeping Bag may be a good fit for the backpacker or outdoor enthusiast, but you’ll notice a difference in the bag shape and design right away.

In addition to shape the design, something else you’ll notice about this bag is the weight.  Even at 3 lbs 11 oz. this bag is only rated 20 degrees.  In short, this bag won’t keep you as warm as the Nemo Rhumba sleeping bag and will weigh you down a few extra ounces.

Any experienced backpacker will tell you that every ounce counts.  While they may seem miniscule, this slight difference in weight could be the difference in a 30 lb. pack and a 40 lb. pack after you count the extra clothes you’ll need to keep you warm.

While there’s no doubt this bag will keep you warm, comfort is another question entirely.  The “mummy bag” shape is great for warm sleepers, aka. Men, but lacks the leg room, extra padding where it counts, and extra stuffing for cold toes and feet.  If you’re looking for a bag that is suited to your body shape and heat retention system, this may not be the best bag for you.

Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15 Degree Sleeping BagBig Agnes Roxy Ann 15 Degree Sleeping Bag

One key component that makes the Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15 Degree Sleeping Bag a worthy investment is its sleeping pad sleeve.  This ensures you won’t roll off your sleeping pad in the middle of the night.

What’s really great about the Big Agnes Roxy Ann sleeping bag is the weight.  At 1 lb, this may be one of the lighter sleeping bags on the market, making it great for a backpacking trip.  But weight doesn’t always mean warmth.

It’s always thought to find a good bag, with Big Agnes’ color scheme it may be a little bit easier.  This bag boasts an ergonomically correct hood which form-fits to the face.   While you’re face is sure to be comfortable, your back might not be as Big Agness is missing backside insulation which is traded out for a sleeping bag pocket.  Bottom line, don’t forget you’re sleeping pad of you’ll be cold.

In addition to it’s special features and accessories, Big Agnes Roxy Anne market’s herself as a strictly backpacking sleeping bag due to it’s weight at 3.2 oz and 7.9 liters compressed.  Compared to the same standard at the Marmot Celestrum and Nemo Rhumba, this bag is slightly lighter at 3.2 oz and  7.1-9 liers.

Again, the shape isn’t quite ideal for womens’ natural curves.  In addition, the material on the bags shell is more likely to attract moisture from condensation in the air due to breath or body warmth.  As I said before, condensation means down migration, and in turn cold, empty spots will form in your sleeping bag.


Imagine your next night in the outdoors tucked tightly in your sleeping bag; warm, safe, and comfortable.  You entered this article hoping to realize this picture and after reading this review, you may still be wondering whether the NEMO Rhumba women’s bag is meant for you.  Rest assured that with it’s size, design, weight, fill, and accessories, the NEMO Rhumba women’s sleeping bag is outfitted with what you’ll need to feel at home in the outdoors.

For cold sleepers (ie. Women) who prefer the option of moment to a restrained, traditional, mummy bag, this sleeping bag offers extra room for you body shape without compromising warmth to your hands and feet.  In addition, the design; ripstop material, flowgates, extra padded footbox, provides a higher level of sophistication than your average sleeping bag.


  • Women-specific design
  • Temperature rating below 30 degrees
  • Blanket fold and hood drawstring for keeping warmth inside your bag
  • Easy to store with it’s cotton stuff sack and easy to pack with it’s nylon travel sack.


  • More expensive than your average sleeping bag
  • Lighter options exist for backpacking and overnight trail camping
  • No warranty or guarantee for return in case of wear and tear.

Let us know if you’ve tried it out, how’s it feel?  Did it meet your expectations?  Give us the nitty-gritty: Where’d you go?  How many nights?  Was it warm enough?

Nemo Rhumba Women’s Sleeping Bag
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Ease of Assembly and Use
  • Value for Money and Guarantee
  • Unique Features


The Nemo Rhumba Women’s Sleeping Bag provides a sophisticated design to keep you warm and comfortable on your next night outdoors. It’s a great option for women who are seeking a bag that is form fitted to their body and doesn’t compromise warmth where it matters most. You’ll pay a higher price than your average bag for this level of sophistication; just over $300. However, you get what you pay for and a cozy, calm, and comfortable night’s sleep is worth every penny.

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