Hyke & Byke Snowmass 0-Degree Sleeping Bag: A Lightweight Bag with Perfect Insulation

Camping is fun but doing so in the freezing weather is just outright amazing. Lying there in your comfortable sleeping bag, with cold breeze all around you while you remain warm and cozy, can be a perfect experience.

However, while camping in very cold weather can be fun, it can also be very dangerous. If you fail to keep yourself warm, you can end up getting hypothermia. This is especially important at night time.

You need to make sure that your body heat is retained and you are not affected by the cold temperature. Therefore, you need a specific winter sleeping bag, like Hyke & Byke Snowmass 0-Degree Sleeping Bag, which we will be reviewing today.

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Product Specifications

  • Save space and shave weight – ultralight premium quality duck down filling (superior to synthetic)
  • Highest warmth-to-weight ratio to beat the cold outdoor winter weather
  • Stay warm – keeps you warm from 10 to 40 degrees
  • Hike farther with the lightest mummy down sleeping bag [weight: less than 4.08 lbs (Regular) / 4.30 lbs (Long) ]
  • Long lasting durability – ultralight water-repellent 400T 20 D ripstop nylon fabric liner, YKK zippers

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Winter sleeping bags are specialized because they have a large amount of insulation. They also have a lot of other features which will keep you warm and cozy all through the night.

If you want to go camping in sub-zero or zero temperature, you can’t just take your three season sleeping bag and hope that it will be sufficient. After all, if you are cold at night, you can end up harming yourself.


Before we go into detailed analysis of all of this sleeping bag’s properties, let’s first have a small review. This zero degree sleeping bag is meant for freezing temperature. It has a ripstop exterior and down filling, along with many features which will keep you warm.

Ever wonder what it feels like to sleep outdoors when there’s a chilly breeze all around you? Well, with this sleeping bag you can experience the great outdoors during winter season, and be perfectly comfortable while you do it. You do need a sleeping pad, though, as the bottom of your bag might get cold otherwise.

You can pack the bag in its stuff sack and carry it around anywhere, which means that it is ideal for backpackers.

Best Used for

As already mentioned, you can pack the sleeping bag in a compression stuff sack. It becomes very concise when packed, and is also very lightweight. As a result, this sleeping bag is ideal for backpackers. They can pack and unpack the sleeping bag with ease, and take it with them to all their adventures.

It is ideal for hiking in cold weather, as it has an adequate amount of insulation, which will prevent your body heat from escaping. For hikers and backpackers wanting to explore the wild, this sleeping bag is an excellent choice.


A compression stuff sack is included with this sleeping bag to make it easy for you to pack and carry it with you. As any backpacker knows, the packed size of a sleeping bag needs to be very small and concise.

If you have a bag which is bulky and does not pack to a small size, you can’t carry it in your backpack, and therefore can’t take it on your hiking trips.

With winter bags, this is even more of a problem as these bags have a large amount of insulation and thus can get rather heavy. However, this bag does not disappoint as it can easily be stuffed inside its sack.

The stuff sack, as mentioned, is a compression one, which will compress your sleeping bag to a small size. You can then keep it in your backpack and open it every night. The compressed size is only 11 inches long and 8 inches in diameter.

Design and Durability

The sleeping bag is a mummy shaped one. These bags help in maintaining body heat and will keep you warm through the night. Mummy shaped bags tend to be a little snug, though, so some people might not find them to be very comfortable. However, for hiking in freezing temperature, they are usually a good option.

This one also has a wide foot box, so you can move your feet around and not feel like they are stuck in a tiny space.

The outer shell is made of 400T 20 D ripstop nylon. The shell is water-resistant and quite durable. The filling is of duck down, and thus is very lightweight. The down feathers present in the filling form air clusters which help to retain heat. It has great insulation properties and you won’t find yourself freezing, even in low temperature.

To keep your head warm, the sleeping bag comes with a hood which frames your face. The hood closes with drawstrings, so you can adjust it according to your own preference and comfort level.

There are horizontal baffles as well, which prevent cold air from getting inside. The zipper is secured with a horizontal draft tube as well as Velcro.

The one negative point of this sleeping bag is that the zipper is not as excellent as the rest of the bag. It tends to get snagged in the nylon fabric, even if you are really careful.

Size and Dimensions

The sleeping bag comes in two sizes – regular and large. The regular one fits a person up to 6 feet one inch long, while the tall one can fit people who are up to 6 feet 6 inches in height. The regular one is 78 inches long.

Its width is 2 inches at the level of the shoulders, 22 inches at the hips and 11 inches in the region of the toes.

The long bag has a length of 87 inches. Its width is 32 inches at the shoulders, 26 inches at the hips and 14 inches in the region of the foot box.

The total shoulder girth is 64 inches. Thus, both sizes of sleeping bags are very comfortable and quite roomy, particularly if you compare them to other mummy shaped sleeping bags.


The regular sized sleeping bag weighs only 3.86 pounds, while the long one weighs 4.14 pounds. Thus, you can see that this sleeping bag is very lightweight and backpackers can take it with them with ease.

If you consider the fact that this is a winter bag and thus has very adequate insulation, the weight becomes even more impressive. Not a lot of winter sleeping bags are this lightweight. The weight to warmth ratio, therefore, is very good.

Temperature Rating

The sleeping bag is rated at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this is survival rating, so don’t expect that you will be perfectly warm and comfortable in this temperature range. If you want to sleep through the night and avoid cold spots, you should use this bag in temperature of around 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is still very low temperature, so if you want to go camping in cold terrain, the sleeping bag is a good option. However, for freezing weather in subzero temperature, you should choose another bag.


Hyke and Byke offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you receive their product and do not like it. They will also exchange or repair your sleeping bag if it has any manufacturing defect. However, the warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear, or damage caused by accidents.

If you damage your sleeping bag because of misuse or by cleaning it improperly, again, it would not be covered by the warranty.

Value for Money

This bag has the huge advantage that it is very lightweight. You won’t often find winter sleeping bags which weigh less than 4 pounds for the regular size.

Hyke and Byke was created by outdoors-loving men who wanted to create high-quality products at affordable prices. Their dream was to create gear which would allow anyone to enjoy the great outdoors, without emptying their pockets.

This sleeping bag has the highest warmth-to-weight ratio, and hence has quite good value for money.

Close Competitors – Other products you may Like

Let’s talk about a few more products which you might like. All of them are also winter sleeping bags, designed to keep you warm in freezing temperature. If you are looking for alternatives to the bag we mentioned, you should consider the following:

Hyke & Byke Quandary 15-Degree Down

Hyke & Byke Quandary 15-Degree Down is a regular shaped sleeping bag which weighs even less than the original one we reviewed. The regular sized bag weighs 3.15 lbs. while the long one weighs only 3.32 lbs.

The reason of this light weight is that the bag is filled with ultra-light duck down filling. This filling will keep you very well-insulated while not adding much weight to the bag.

The ripstop nylon exterior is quite tough, and it is also water resistant, so you will be dry even in wet weather. This sleeping bag is quite comfortable because it is wide in the region of the shoulders as well as the feet.

It also has a good quality, snag free zipper which is covered by Velcro. The hood can be closed with a drawstring. A stuff sack is included with the bag, so you can pack the bag to a small size and carry it with you on all your backpacking adventures.

The regular sized bag fits a person up to 6 feet 1 inch in height while the long one is sufficient for a person whose height is up to 6 feet 6 inches. The product offers great value for money, and in the designated temperature range, it is one of the best sleeping bags you could find.

Outdoor Vitals – 0-Degree Down Sleeping Bag

Outdoor Vitals – 0-Degree Down mummy shaped sleeping bag is meant for 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It has an amazingly low weight of only 2 lbs. 11 ounce to 2 lbs. 15 ounce, depending on the size, which makes it one of the most lightweight winter sleeping bags in the market. However, this weight is of the bag alone and does not include the stuff sack weight.

A compression stuff sack is included, in which the bag can be compressed to the small size of 11 * 8 inches. The compression bag itself weighs only 4 ounce. The perfect lightweight and concise nature of this bag makes it extremely desirable for backpackers and hikers.

This sleeping bag has down filling, which maintains a high level of insulation while keeping the bag weight to a minimum. The filling is distributed very adequately, so there will be no cold spots and you will be warm throughout. The zipper is very strong and durable and won’t break easily.

The outer shell is made of 20D ripstop, which is very tough and durable. The bag does not get damaged easily, and you can hope to use it for many years. The outer fabric also has DWR (Dual Water Repellant) finish, which will keep you warm and dry in all weather conditions. Shoulder baffles are present to keep the cold air outside. The sleeping bag has hanging loops, from which you can hang the bag up to dry in case it gets wet.

Three sizes are available, short, regular and long, so everyone can find a bag which suits their height. The short model is good for people up to 5 feet 6 inches in height, the medium one suits people who are up to 6 feet in height while the long one is meant for people with height up to 6 feet 6 inches.

Klymit KSB Sub Freezing Sleeping Bag

Klymit KSB Sub Freezing Sleeping Bag is another 0-degree sleeping bag, which is very well liked by campers because of its extreme comfort level. The bag is quite roomy and spacious, and you won’t feel constricted in it. At the same time, it is very warm and cozy and will keep you toasty through the night.

The filling is synthetic and will keep you very well insulated. There is a mummy shaped hood, as well as an adjustable neck collar, which will keep you warm.

They will prevent the cold air from getting inside and will not let your body heat escape. There is a stretch chest baffle, which will not restrict you but at the same time will keep you feeling snug and relaxed.

While the sleeping bag is rated at 0 degree Fahrenheit, this bag can be used at temperatures even lower than this. The zero degree is for comfort purposes; however for survival it can be used at even -10 degrees. The bag weighs 6.96 pounds, which is low considering the fact that winter bags tend to be a little heavy.

The foot box is quite warm, and has five opposing baffles. The zipper is very sturdy, and you can rest assured that it won’t get damaged easily. The bag is not very concise, though, and is a little bulky.

Overview – Let’s Recap

Hiking in cold weather is quite challenging, as you have to make a lot of preparations. Making sure you are warm and comfortable through the night is one very important such preparation.

You have to make sure that you are protected from the cold, and do not get hypothermia. For this purpose, you need a good quality sleeping bag. Night time is the most amazing, but also the most dangerous.

When you are sleeping, you can get dangerously cold without even realizing it. Keeping yourself warm at night is therefore not only important for comfort, but also for survival. This zero degree sleeping bag by Hyke and Byke is definitely a very good one when it comes to winter bags.

To recap all that we have learned so far, let us now list the pros and cons of this sleeping bag.


  • Very warm
  • Lightweight
  • Can be packed to a small size in its compression sack
  • Water-resistant, durable outer shell
  • Adequately distributed filling, so there will be no cold spots
  • Two sizes means that you can choose one which suits your height


  • Cheaper sleeping bags are available in the market
  • Cold can seep inside through the base of the sleeping bag, unless you use a sleeping pad. If you do decide to use a pad, it has to be bought separately.
  • Zipper tends to snag in the nylon fabric
  • It may get a little difficult to stuff the sleeping bag inside its compression sack.

This was all we had to say about this amazing sleeping bag. If you want to stay warm and dry while camping or backpacking, you should think about buying this sleeping bag.

It has good value for money, and is perfect for backpackers who need to be careful about the amount of weight they can carry.

Hyke & Byke Snowmass 0-Degree Sleeping Bag
  • Packaging
  • Design and Durability
  • Size and Dimensions
  • Weight
  • Temperature Rating
  • Weight
  • Value for Money


This sleeping bag by Hyke and Byke is designed for 0 degree Fahrenheit. It is a mummy shaped bag with down insulation. The outer shell is made of ripstop nylon, and is water repellant. The inner lining is quite comfortable, though a sleeping pad is needed to make you perfectly comfortable. The regular sized sleeping bag weighs only 3.86 lbs. while the long one weighs 4.14 lbs. This makes the sleeping bag a very lightweight one, especially since it is a winter bag and thus has a lot of filling. The bag can be compressed to a small size and then it fits inside its own compression bag. You can then pack this compression sack, along with the sleeping bag, in your backpack. The bag is quite durable, even if the zipper is not. The zipper tends to get snagged on the fabric. The bag will keep you very warm, and there will be no cold spots all through the night.

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  1. I do not have Hyke and Byke, but based on your review, it is super legit. I also heard a lot of good things about it from friends of mine. What I have is the Outdoor Vitals – 0-Degree Down and so far, so good. I am really pleased with it and it made me enjoy my camping trips even more.

  2. I am impressed with your review. This helped me to choose my next sleeping bag. I really like its shape and also the fact that it was designed for 0 degree Fahrenheit temperature. It also helps that it is water repellent, which is of course, very important. I will let you know if this works for me or not. Thanks!


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