Hyke & Byke Shavano 32 F Ultralight Sleeping Bag: Comfortability You Can Rely on

Finding the perfect sleeping bag can be difficult. There are so many to choose from, they all serve different purposes, and include unique features. However, don’t become overwhelmed by the process of choosing a sleeping bag. The first step is to determine the type of climate and what time of year you will need a sleeping bag.

For example, if you are looking to purchase a sleeping bag that can keep you warm and comfortable on chilly nights then the Hyke & Byke Shavano 32 F Ultralight Mummy Down Sleeping Bag might be a good sleeping bag for you to look at.

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Product Specifications

  • Ultralight premium quality duck down filling (superior to synthetic)
  • Professionally designed for thru-hiking, backpacking, and camping, this bag boasts superior weight-to-warmth ratio
  • Down insulation capabilities and waterproof fabrics 
  • Bag weighs 2.09 lbs. for size Regular and 2.44 lbs. for size Long
  • Top of the line 400T Rip-Stop Nylon Fabric, heavy duty YKK zippers

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The Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag comes in two sizes, making it a perfect fit for individuals of all heights, although individuals 6’6” and under are the targeted customers.

While this sleeping bag is designed to feel snug, it still has plenty of room to accommodate individuals that twist and turn when they sleep. Furthermore, this sleeping bag can be used in any place that stays above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite only being able to handle temperatures 32 degrees and above, the Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag has several unique features, such as drawstrings near the shoulders and head, designed to keep individuals warm on chiller nights.

Furthermore, this sleeping bag is made from durable materials that will prevent it from tearing easily.

While it isn’t a good sleeping bag to use in frigid climates, and there is a small possibility it will have a faulty zipper, it is still a reliable sleeping bag that will provide you with all the tools to have a full night’s sleep while on the trail.

Best Use

The Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag is a good sleeping bag for year-round backpacking and camping. It was specifically designed to keep individuals warm in climates as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, its actual ability to keep individuals warm is highly debated among customers. Therefore, if you want to be on the safe side it may be best to stick to camping in the fall and spring.

Overall, this sleeping bag has a good reputation for keeping backpackers warm, dry, and comfortable year-round. Don’t be deterred by its cheap price tag. This sleeping bag gives its competition a run for its money.


Whether you purchase the regular or long size, the Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag is fairly compact when packed into its stuff sack. When packed away, the regular size compresses to 5.7 x 6.5 x 12.4 inches and the long size compresses to 5.9 x 6.7 x12.6 inches.

Furthermore, there are cinch straps that buckle on each side of the stuff stack. Therefore, the straps will help compress the sleeping bag to its smallest size, making it quick and easy to pack away.

While the size is slightly bigger than other lightweight sleeping bag, the Ultralight Mummy Bag can still fit comfortably into a rucksack, leaving plenty of room for other hiking equipment.

Design And Durability

The look of the Hyke and Byke Mummy Sleeping Bag is similar to other mummy style bags. In fact, you might not think it’s anything special at first glance, but the Hyke and Byke Sleeping Bag has an extremely functional design.

It will really make you feel like a mummy when you are snuggled into this snug, but comfortable, sleeping bag.

The bag has a double zipper, allowing it to be zipped and unzipped from the top or bottom, making it easy to get in and out of. Individuals can also velcro the top zipper down. This way there is no chance of the zipper coming undone while you are sleeping during the night.

Overall, the design of this sleeping bag provides maximum comfort and warmth when it is needed the most.

This sleeping bag is designed to be durable. The duck down doesn’t become damaged when it is compressed into the stuff sack. The bag is made from 400T 20 D ripstop nylon fabric, which is an extremely durable material.

Ripstop fabric is woven together in a crosshatch pattern, making it tear resistant. 20 D stitching does not have the strongest fiber density, but it is still fairly strong. Typically, 20 D is strong enough to keep the seams from coming apart, while also keeping the weight of the sleeping bag low.

However, there have been many problems with the YKK zippers. Many customers have had problems with the zipper becoming stuck. It’s possible that the zipper becomes stuck so often because the teeth aren’t wide enough.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to prevent the zipper from becoming stuck, but this is the only major problem with the sleeping bag.


Many sleeping bags that can be used year-round and claim to be lightweight, aren’t actually lightweight. Often, they still weigh around 4 pounds. Some customers may not consider the Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag “ultralight,” due to the fact that 3-season sleeping bags can be even lighter. However, this sleeping bag comes pretty close to being ultralight.

The regular size only weighs 2.09 pounds and the long size only weighs 2.44 pounds. Therefore, both sizes still weigh less than 2.5 pounds.

Maybe 2.5 pounds sounds like a lot of weight when you have to carry around other equipment, but considering this bag can keep you warm in climates as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s definitely worth it.


There are a few factors that probably take precedence when you are looking at different sleeping bags. How heavy is it? How durable is it? And how warm is it?

If you are an individual who hikes or camps in colder climates, then you need a sleeping bag that will keep you warm. However, if you also camp in warmer climates, then you need a sleeping bag that won’t boil you during the night either.

The Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag provides a good balance for hikers and campers that need to use it during every season. While it isn’t built for freezing temperatures, it is designed to keep individuals warm on nights that can get as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Made with duck down, this sleeping bag fluffs up, providing a good layer of insulation. There are also a few additional features that help lock in heat on cold nights. Along with a footbox located at the bottom of the sleeping bag, there are multiple drawstrings that can be pulled to tighten the bag, and keep heat trapped, around the shoulders and face.

There are some reports that this sleeping bag has failed to keep individuals warm once temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are even some reports that claim this bag could not handle 50 degree climate. However, a random manufacturer defect or failure to properly fluff up the bag could have been the problem.

The majority of individuals have no problem staying warm in colder climates. Some have even reported that when wearing multiple layers this sleeping bag kept them warm in climates colder than 32 degree Fahrenheit.


Considering this is a mummy sleeping bag, it is supposed to feel warm and snug. However, just because mummy sleeping bags are supposed to feel snug doesn’t mean they should feel constricting. Fortunately, the Hyke and Byke Mummy Bag has plenty of room for individuals to twist and turn in.

The exact dimensions of this sleeping bag are not provided. However, according to Hyke and Byke regular size can fit individuals up to 6’1” and the long size can fit individuals up to 6’6.”

Even though the exact dimensions are not provided on any website, potential customers shouldn’t be concerned about if they will fit comfortably in it or not. Hyke and Byke’s height recommendation seems to be reliable. There don’t seem to be any complaints about the size of this sleeping bag.


Beginner hikers may not realize the importance of having a weather resistant sleeping bag. Beginners may make the mistake of thinking that their tent will keep them completely protected from rain, wind, snow, and other harsh weather. However, tents aren’t foolproof.

They can become ripped, allowing wind to flow through. Or they could leak, causing the inside of the tent to become wet. Therefore, it is always an innovative idea to have a sleeping bag that can protect you if your tent fails.

The Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag does have a water repellent seal on it. Therefore, it should keep you dry if the inside of your tent gets wet.

Some customers have reported that the bag kept them dry when they were unexpectedly caught in the rain, without any other shelter to protect them. However, keep in mind that this bag is water resistant not waterproof.

Therefore, it is possible that once the water repellent seal wears off you could get wet and chilly if you don’t reseal it.

Unique Features

This article has already touched some of the unique features of this sleeping bag. However, this section will provide a little more detail about these features, so you can get a better feel as to whether you like them or not.

Cinch Straps– as mentioned the stuff sack includes cinch straps, which can keep the stuff sack compressed tightly. The cinch straps are connected to a cover, which pulls back to reveal the drawstring and opening of the stuff sack.

While some individuals may not feel cinch straps are necessary, it’s a neat feature that compresses the bag and keeps it from popping out of the stuff sack.

Additional Drawstrings – there are two drawstrings located near the top of the bag. One is located in the sleeping bag near the shoulders. This allows individuals to pull the material tighter around the shoulders.

This helps keep heat trapped in and around the body. The second drawstring is located on the outside the sleeping near the head. This allows individuals to tighten the bag around the head and face, protecting them even more from the cold.

Footbox – this may not be a completely unique feature, as other sleeping bags have footboxes included as well, but it’s still a neat feature to have. It keeps your feet nice and toasty, so you don’t have to worry about your toes freezing during the night.

Value For Money

The Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag isn’t perfect. Some customers have been unable to keep warm during colder nights, and many customers have had problems with their zipper getting stuck.

A stuck zipper can be frustrating, as it can make it harder to get in and out of a sleeping bag. However, the zipper is really the only major flaw with the Hyke and Byke Mummy Bag.

Even though some individuals have had trouble keeping warm, there is not a lot of evidence that it is the sleeping bag’s fault. It’s possible that some bags are defective, but the majority of customers have no problem staying warm.

The duck down provides a nice layer of insulation and the drawstrings keep body heat trapped in the sleeping bag. Therefore, unless you are sensitive to the cold, when used properly, this sleeping bag should have no problem keeping you warm in temperatures 32 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

Close Competitors: Other Products You Might Like

Since the Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag has a few flaws, you might be nervous about purchasing it. However, even if it was perfect you might still be nervous about purchasing it. It’s always a good idea to compare competitor products to make sure you are purchasing a product that is worth your money.

Therefore, take a look at the following products to determine if the Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag truly does fit your needs.

Trekr Outdoor 32° Lightweight Sleeping Bag

The Trekr Outdoor 32° Lightweight Sleeping Bag looks very similar to the Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag. It’s overall design is very similar to the Ultralight. It has YKK zippers and water resistant coating.

However, it does not have drawstrings that allow you to tighten the bag around your shoulders or face. On the other hand, it comes with a velcro phone pouch and an air pillow.

Like the Ultralight Mummy Bag, the Lightweight Down Bag is filled with duck down and can keep individuals warms when temperatures are 32 degrees Fahrenheit and above. However, the Lightweight Down Bag can be zipped to another sleeping bag to provide extra warmth. There are also no complaints about this bag’s ability to keep individuals warm at night.

While this sleeping bag compresses down to 8 x 13 x 17 inches, it weighs over 4 pounds when you bring the air pillow along. So, it is a bit heavy to be considered lightweight.

Therefore, it costs a little less than the Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag and doesn’t have any of its flaws. So, if you don’t mind the extra 2 pounds then this sleeping bag is the better deal.

Outdoor Vitals Summit 20°F Down Sleeping Bag

The Outdoor Vitals Summit 20°F Down Sleeping Bag has a similar design to other mummy sleeping bags.

It has many of the same features that the Ultralight Mummy Bag has, including: YKK zippers, face drawstring, water repellent seal, and hanging loops. Therefore, there is not much difference in the look and overall design between the two sleeping bags.

However, the Summit Sleeping Bag can handle temperatures as cold as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it is designed to handle colder climates a bit better than the Ultralight Mummy Bag. It also comes in three sizes instead of two.

Therefore, it caters to a wider range of individuals than the Ultralight Mummy Bag does. It compresses down to 8 x 8 x 10 inches. When packed it is a bit shorter than its counterpart, but it is wider and longer.

The Summit Down Sleeping Bag weights about the same as well. The long size still only weighs 3 pounds. The Summit Down Sleeping Bag seems to be the better deal. It can handle colder temperatures and doesn’t have any defects.

Outdoor Vitals 35 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag

While the Outdoor Vitals 35 Degree Mummy Sleeping Bag looks like its counterparts, it’s the only one advertised as a 3-season sleeping bag. Despite the different advertising, it has many of the same features that its counterparts have.

For example, it includes velcro closure, facial drawstring, and water repellent seal. It also has the ability to zip to another Outdoor Vitals Mummy Sleeping Bag.

This sleeping bag only weighs 2 pounds 2 ounces, but it only comes in one size. However, it can handle temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. So, even though it is advertised as a 3-season sleeping bag, you can probably use it in the winter if you aren’t travelling to frigid places.

The Outdoor Vitals Mummy Sleeping Bag performs just as well as its counterparts. There are very few complaints about this sleeping bag. Therefore, if you need a reliable bag for a lower cost, then you might want to consider purchasing this one.


The Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag is a good option, that comes in five assorted colors, for all individuals. Both short and tall individuals can purchase the size that is perfect for them. Even individuals around the maximum recommended height should find this sleeping bag to be roomy instead of claustrophobic.

Although, since it is a mummy sleeping bag it is designed to have a snug fit to keep heat trapped better.

While this sleeping bag isn’t advertised as a 3-season sleeping bag, it’s better to avoid using it during the winter when it is frigid out. However, in climates that don’t fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit this sleeping bag will keep you warm.

Due to the drawstrings near the shoulders and face, as well as the footbox and layer of duck down, staying warm shouldn’t be a problem, despite some customer reports.

Except for the occasional faulty zipper, there aren’t any major problems associated with the Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag. It is a cost-effective sleeping bag, with a reliable reputation. However, no product is perfect so here is a comprehensive list of its pros and cons.


  • Lightweight; weighs less than 2.5 pounds
  • Compact
  • Easy to Pack
  • Drawstrings Near Face and Shoulders
  • Footbox
  • Duck Down
  • Less Expensive


  • Cannot Handle Temperatures Below 32°F
  • Faulty Zipper
  • May Not Be Good For Individuals Sensitive To Cold

Even though this sleeping bag is not picture perfect, it is durable and reliable. When used properly, it should last for years. It was carefully designed to feel snug, warm, and comfortable. Despite a faulty zipper, this bag is easy to handle.

It can be packed up quickly and the cinch straps compress the stuff sack so that it fits comfortably in the bottom of a backpack.

Hyke & Byke Shavano 32 F Ultralight Sleeping Bag
  • Best Use
  • Packaging
  • Design And Durability
  • Weight
  • Warmth
  • Dimensions
  • Weather-Resistance
  • Unique Features
  • Value For Money and Guarantee


For a lightweight sleeping bag, it is effective at keeping you warm and comfortable. Backpackers who need a sleeping back that can handle a variety of climates and terrains, will be pleased with the Hyke and Byke Mummy Sleeping Bag. As long as you don’t use it in frigid temperatures, this sleeping bag will provide you with a full night’s sleep. Not only will individuals be warm and snug, they will also have enough room to avoid feeling claustrophobic. Made from ripstop nylon, with a water repellent seal, the Mummy Sleeping Bag is extremely durable. As long as it is cared for and used properly, it won’t tear easily. Therefore, this sleeping bag should last for years, making the low price seem even more appealing. However, there are reports of faulty zippers becoming stuck, which can be frustrating if it gets stuck while trying to get in or out of the sleeping bag.

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Overall, the Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bag is a well-liked, cost-effective sleeping bag.


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  2. You are so right! When I was just a newbie, I really did not know the importance of having a weather resistant bag. Now that I am more experienced, I now know what to consider when buying a good sleeping bag. I have heard so many awesome reviews for Hyke and Byke so I will look into it more.

  3. The Outdoor Vitals OV-Light Backpacking Sleeping Bag is specifically designed for backpackers. It is a great choice for light backpacking.


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