Types of Yoga Pants: Exercising in Comfort and Style

Yoga is getting popular because of its well known physical and mental health benefits. It’s a great way to help you get fit and achieve relaxation. In addition, there are minimal requirements before you can start practicing it. You just need some appropriate outfit, a yoga mat, and a place for you to practice yoga. You also need one or two types of yoga pants depending on your practice and objectives.

It’s important to get the right outfit for each yoga session. That’s because your outfit can often set the mood. It’s similar with the best athletes wearing the best shoes and clothes. They already feel the quality and their minds are already getting primed for what they’re about to do.

In yoga, you only need a few things. But all those things should support you in practicing the ancient art. Yoga might not be as intensive as outdoor sports. Yet, you will still exert some effort and make sure your outfit (especially the pants) doesn’t get in the way during each session.

So how do you choose the best pair of yoga pants? In this comprehensive guide, you will learn the specific things to look for before buying a pair. You will also learn a few tips and insights about practicing yoga. Let’s start.

How to choose a pair of yoga pants

For many beginners, they think that all yoga pants are the same. The truth is these pants often have differences. These differences are present because yoga fans have varying needs and preferences. That’s why you need to consider the following features and factors if you want to choose the best one for you.

1. Your comfort level (Are you body-conscious?)

This is one of the most important factors, especially if you’re planning to practice yoga regularly. You’ll be wearing the pants more than once a week, so that’s why it’s good to choose a pair that suits your comfort level. This way, you’ll always look and feel comfortable during each yoga session.

Are you body-conscious? You might have already seen a lot of fitness and yoga enthusiasts who wear tight pants during workouts and meditations. However, that might not be your preference, especially if you’re just starting out. Those tight pants may cause some discomfort and make it hard for you to focus on yoga.

Thankfully, there are Kundalini-style yoga pants that are loose fitting. There’s a lot of room for the legs and you won’t be conscious about your figure. These pants also promote air circulation (you may feel fresh during each session) because of the space.

In pants with slimmer fits, the shape and contour of the lower body are very apparent. In addition, you’ll be a doing a lot of poses and movements that seem unnatural. If you think you will be conscious of your body during those times, the Kundalini-style yoga pants are a great choice.

On the other hand, you can choose tight and fit pants if you’re really comfortable. You will find it easy to find these kinds of pants because they’re in the trend and many yoga enthusiasts choose it for their practice. They also provide a streamlined look because of the contours and fit.

2. Length of yoga pants

Some yoga fans just go with whatever pants are available out there. However, this should not be the case. Your style is also important. As with the fit, the style of your yoga pants can also help you feel comfortable and more into the zone during each yoga session.

Let’s talk about length. Yoga pants have different lengths. Some go slightly below the knee, others run halfway from knee to feet. There are also yoga pants that run through the near of the feet. Yoga enthusiasts choose one type according to their style.

They think that one type is more appropriate for them. The length of the pants they wear can also provide a few insights about their preferences.

  • Slightly below the knee yoga pants. Pants that just go slightly below the knee help you feel like you’ll fit in a fitness or yoga class.
  • Yoga pants that go halfway. It’s a similar case with yoga pants that go in the middle of your lower legs. Their length and design imply that they are for fitness use. They are also comfortable and never go out of style.
  • Full length yoga pants. In contrast, yoga pants that are full length (up to your feet) actually serve many purposes. They are versatile because you can use them for street wear. After going out of a yoga class, you will just look casual on the street.

However, these full-length pants might not be the most comfortable. In many yoga classes, you might be required to go barefoot. The cloth near your feet might somehow interfere with your form and movement. That’s one reason why a lot of yoga fans go for the pants that are way above the feet.

The Kundalini-style yoga pants mentioned above go full length. Before you buy a pair, you should consider how the cloth might hinder you from achieving the perfect form and making smooth movements.

3. The material

After considering your comfort level and your style, you should then now pay attention to the material used in making the yoga pants.

The type of material used often dictates the durability, flexibility, and the comfort provided by the pants. All those three factors are important whenever practicing yoga. You should have your full attention on the session. If one of the factors is missing or at subpar, it gets a little harder to focus on the yoga class.

So what are the types of materials and which one should you choose? In general, there are two classes. One is natural and the other is synthetic.

  • Natural fibers. For those adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle, yoga pants made from natural fibers are good choices. In addition, these pants are breathable and might feel more comfortable to your skin. The Kundalini-style yoga pants are usually made from cotton fibers. However, pants made from natural fibers might not provide much support and durability.
  • Synthetic materials. These yoga pants are flexible and durable. The materials are often types of polymers which have strong bonds between them. This means there is additional strength. Also, manufacturers have performed a lot of customizations so the pants will feel tailored for each yoga fan. The more common yoga and fitness pants are often made from synthetic materials such as lycra spandex, nylon, and polyester. Some yoga pants are made from a combination of both cotton and synthetic materials.

The material is important because in yoga, you will be doing a lot of stretching and bending. The yoga pants you choose should be up for the job so you won’t have anything to worry about during each session.

In addition, you will know for sure that you can count on your yoga pants whenever you need them. You don’t want them to give up especially during relaxing yoga sessions.

 4. The waistband

This is one feature many beginning yoga practitioners often forget. One reason is that they’re not yet aware of the movements required during yoga classes.

As mentioned earlier, you might be required to do a lot of stretching and bending during yoga sessions. Your legs and lower body will be doing a lot of movement. These movements and different forms might cause the waistband to slide up or down.

It’s uncomfortable and looks far from pleasant. That’s why the bestselling yoga pants today have a wide waistband that is secure. It usually fits with the natural contours of the waist so the waistband feels secure even during awkward and difficult yoga positions.

There are also yoga pants with foldover waists. These are wide and loose fitting which allow you to fold them gently down your hips. Aside from adding to your style, many yoga fans also say that it also adds to the comfort level they feel. The wide band also has some effect about the figure. The hips and stomach somehow get slimmed and the band also provides more design to your overall yoga outfit.

5. Comfort and weather

Practicing (especially regularly) yoga can be both fun and relaxing. Furthermore, there are long-term benefits. However, it’s hard to enjoy the session if you’re sweating or you just feel uncomfortable because of the heat.

That’s why many people choose yoga pants that are comfortable even during the hot summer days. Maybe the room is air conditioned. However, you still want to guarantee the comfort you’ll feel during each yoga class.

Practicing yoga itself can also be difficult and exhausting. If you chose an uncomfortable pair of pants, it will interfere with your meditation and the achieving of any form. The session will also be an unpleasant thing to remember which might discourage some from practicing yoga any further.

To help you sustain the practice, make sure that the pants you wear are comfortable and apt for hot summer days. This way, you will still feel comfortable even if you’re practicing yoga for long. In addition, you will be more motivated to practice yoga regularly because of the comfort you feel.

6. Odor

Another thing related to the comfort and weather is the odor. As mentioned earlier, yoga can be exhausting and difficult. This will cause you to sweat more than usual. As a result, unpleasant odors might surface which can be noticeable both to you and those around you.

Both synthetic and natural fibers can support the survival and growth of certain bacteria. This happens because sweat and moisture can be a favorable environment for microorganisms. That’s why some manufacturers included odor-control treatments in pants. Before buying a pair, check if it has odor-control properties so you won’t have to worry about the smell during and after a yoga class.

7. Shrink resistance and the nature of the fabric

Even if you buy several pairs, it’s good to buy ones that can withstand the wear and tear. It’s also good to have pairs of pants that will remain good as new even after several months of use.

That’s why many people choose pants that are made from synthetic fabric. Aside from being durable, they are also shrink resistant. Even after many wears and washes, the pants can remain as comfortable and fitting enough.

Many pants, shoes, and other pieces of clothing are made from some type of polymer. One reason is that these materials are almost nonreactive. They don’t react readily with moisture and other common elements. In contrast, the properties of cotton fibers might be affected when always exposed to water and moisture.

In addition, synthetic fabric often has a resilience property. Even if the fabric is stretched within reasonable length (such as in yoga poses), there will be no resulting deformation and the yoga pants will stay the same.

Yoga pants for function and fashion

Remember the words function and fashion when you’re buying a set of yoga pants. You will need more than one especially if you think you’ll be a lifelong yoga fan.

When it comes to function, the yoga pants should keep its form and remain durable while you’re doing difficult yoga poses. You should also be able to count on them whenever it’s time for yoga.

On the other hand, fashion is also important. The style and design of your yoga pants can somehow have an effect on your mindset and feel. It can help you get into the practice more readily. It’s like you’re getting primed for yoga when you start wearing comfortable and stylish pants.

It’s good to take your time before buying a pair. You can read customer reviews and think about the pros and cons. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, it’s likely you’re going to use the yoga pants for your other workout activities. In addition, these pants can also be appropriate for street wear. That’s why your yoga pants will be a good purchase and investment.


4 thoughts on “Types of Yoga Pants: Exercising in Comfort and Style”

  1. I have to say that I like yoga pants with a fold over waistband. Why? Because they can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on what you are doing and how comfortable you are. For the very fit yoga practitioner, it is a simple matter of folding them down the waist so that they are position low and out of the way. For someone who has a bit of flab or simply doesn’t want to show as much of their midriff, they can be kept mostly unfolded, creating what is effectively a very wide waistband. I personally wear mine in the latter position because it keeps my body secure so I don’t have to think so much about it when going from position to position.

  2. Those yoga pants are so versatile, I can see that. The materials are also shrink resistance so you don’t have to worry even with frequent washing. My girlfriend is a yogi and she finds these pants very comfortable to work with. They’re more appropriate to use than jogging pants, so she says.

  3. I have always loved yoga pants made from natural fibers. I just feel that it is more comfortable to wear because the fabric is more breathable than its synthetic counterparts. For me, the quality is better too, but of course, it depends on one’s preference, I guess. The important thing is that it fits you perfectly.

  4. This is true. When you are doing yoga, you are supposed to be relaxed, which means you need a comfortable mat that is made with a good fabric. If natural fibers work for you, then that’s great! It’s all about focusing and being comfortable.


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