Best Running Shirts for Women: Get Your Jogging off to the Right Start

Jogging is something that will never die out among people and, especially for women, it can be a great way to stay healthy and get into shape. But it is not easy to just get up and pick any shirt to run in and this might become uncomfortable. Therefore, we have chosen our list of the best running shirts for women.

There are multiple features in running shirts and these can be overlooked most of the times as we settle for normal brand names or even the cheapest one on the market. But to get the best experience, the first choice might not always be the best and therefore, we have compiled a list of features to help make the choosing process easier and even to help you save a few bucks.

These features will help you push yourself even further and when you can control the heat of your body, you will also be able to limit some of the fatigue.

Best Women’s Running Shirts Reviewed

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Baleaf Women’s Short Sleeve Running Shirt

Baleaf Womens Short Sleeve Shirt

Weight: 4.2 ounces

Material: Polyester and Spandex

Special features: Extremely stretchable, extra ventilation that wicks moisture away, open mesh back panel for added ventilation, Raglan sleeve design for more arm movement and mobility, reflective elements to reflect from lights in the dark

The Baleaf Women’S Short Sleeve Running Shirt has been designed with mobility in mind and this shirt will allow you much more freedom when it comes to arm movement. The polyester fabric is not only great for ensuring no abrasions occur, but it also allows any moisture to dry in a matter of minutes, the fabric will also allow air to freely pass through and provide optimal ventilation.

The open mesh back panels has additional holes for ventilation and the spandex material has been perfectly incorporated for stretchability. When it comes to jogging, the perfect fit will make all the difference and with this added stretchability, you will be able to have everything supported and feel much more comfortable in the shirt.

Finally, the shirt is available in multiple colors to suit any of your styles and all of these colors have been fitted with reflective elements. These reflective elements are great for jogging in the dark or early mornings and they will reflect the light off your shirt to notify the driver. This will increase your safety while jogging as well.

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X31 Sports Women’s Performance V-Neck Workout T-Shirt

X31 Sports Womens Performance Shirt

Weight: 4 ounces

Material: 100% polyester

Special features: Durable and comfortable moisture wicking fabric, longer hem for a better fit while performing yoga, low profile sleeves for more arm movement and mobility, lightweight and breathable, reflective elements for night use

The x31 Sports women’s performance v-neck shirt has been designed with multi-functionality in mind and this shirt is not only great for running, but it will serve as the perfect yoga and training shirt as well. To further enhance its use, this shirt has moisture-wicking polyester which will dry up any moisture in a few minutes and it will also keep the heat inside when a jacket is worn. This makes the shirt great for wearing in the winters to have that comfortable feel.

The low profile sleeves have been added for more mobility and to maximize the amount of freedom your arms will have during exercises. Furthermore, the v-neck design is not only more stylish, but it helps with the ventilation and you will be able to allow more air inside the shirt. This will cool you down and ensure a more comfortable running experience.

Overall, the shirt is very lightweight and has also been fitted with reflective elements to make running and jogging safer during the evenings. This will also give you more confidence to pick-up the pace and you will notice that cars are more inclined to take notice of you.

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Women’s Short Sleeve Moisture Wicking Athletic Shirts

Womens Short Sleeve Moisture Wicking

Weight: 3.8 ounces

Materials: 100% polyester

Special features: Extremely lightweight, moisture-wicking polyester material, shorter sleeves for more mobility and arm movement, available in multiple colors, slimmer design for more support, posi charge technology to keep you warm and evaporate moisture

If you are looking for a more advanced shirt, which has been specifically designed for jogging, the Women’s short sleeve moisture wicking shirt from Opna will be perfect for you. The shirt does have a slimmer overall design, but this can be great for adding more support and keeping your body warm in the winter months. The shirt is also extremely lightweight and the polyester fabric will certainly help to keep the water out, while simultaneously allowing air to pass through freely and cool you down.

The shirt has been designed with shorter sleeves to allow more mobility when training and the posi-charge technology has been added to keep you warm. This technology will also help evaporate any moisture on the inside of the shirt and you will have a more comfortable training experience. Furthermore, this shirt has the capabilities of stretching and this will help to resists abrasions and give you a much better running experience.

The shirt is also available in multiple colors to make it easier to find one that matches your style. The only downside is the lack of reflective elements and this will make the shirt a bad choice for running on the road at night. Finally, the shirt can also be machine wash and only takes a few minutes to get dry, thus allowing you to wash and wear it every day until you have another one.

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Baleaf Women’s Fleece Thermal Active Running Shirt

Baleaf Womens Fleece Running Shirt

Weight: 4 ounces

Material: Polyester and Elastane

Special features: Extremely stretchable, drop-tail hem for added coverage when doing yoga or training, flat seams to enhance comfort, reflective elements for night use, 4-way stretch construction for more mobility, longer sleeves to keep you warm

The Baleaf Women’S Fleece Thermal Running Shirt will be a great addition to your set of winter sports clothing. The polyester will be great for keeping the moisture from your skin and ensuring that the heat stays on the inside of the shirt. The mock neck will also ensure that the shirt is more insulated and this will allow you to go jogging in colder conditions.

The shirt also features a longer drop tail hem. This is great for doing yoga and it allows you more coverage area when wearing those tight gym pants. The 4-way stretch construction is now part of most Baleaf shirts and it allows you more freedom and mobility to move around and do your workouts.

Finally, the shirt also has reflective elements that will reflect the light in the dark and allow you to run in the early mornings. On the downside, the mock neck feature does limit the ventilation. Therefore, we recommend this shirt for winter training and jogging to keep you warm and insulated.

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ASICS Women’s Ready-Set Short Sleeve Tee

ASICS Womens Ready-Set Short Sleeve Tee

Weight: 7.8 ounces

Materials: 100% polyester

Special features: texturized mesh for more comfort and better moisture wicking, more spacious fit, shorter sleeves to allow more arm movement, extremely thin for better breathability and ventilation

The Asics women’s ready-set short sleeve t-shirt takes a new approach to comfort and with the more spacious fit, this t-shirt should be perfect for joggers. The spacious fit and the extremely thin materials will definitely help with the ventilation and you will notice the sweat evaporating in no time. Furthermore, the spacious design will also maximize the mobility and movement when wearing the shirt.

The polyester fabric will also help to prevent moisture build up and keep it from your skin to give you a much better opportunity of staying dry in the gym. To enhance the arm movement, the shirt also features a short sleeve design. This will allow maximum movement for your arms and thus this shirt can be great for sprinting and various running exercises.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is a little more expensive than most other running shirts, but the texturized mesh design will also make the shirt much more comfortable. The shirt is also available in multiple different colors to allow you the chance of getting the perfect matching shirt for your shorts and shoes.

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Under Armour Women’s Tech Twist V-Neck

UA Womens Tech Twist V-Neck

Weight: 7 ounces

Materials: 100% polyester

Special features: Unique and stylish design, spacious design, signature moisture transport easily wicks sweat, deep V-neck collar for more style and added ventilation, added stretchability to improve mobility and movement

Under Armour has been made a name for themselves with unique and stylish designs and with the women’s tech twist V-neck t-shirt, it is no different. The shirt is not only available in multiple colors, but all of these colors have unique designs to make the shirt look much more stylish.

The shirt has been designed and created from 100% polyester and this will help improve the wicking capabilities of the shirt. The added V-neck design does not only improve the style, but it also helps with the ventilation to keep you cool while running and it helps with the evaporation of sweat. Furthermore, the shirt sports a more spacious design with stretchability incorporated to improve the overall movement and mobility inside the shirt.

Finally, the UA tech-enhanced fabric will give you a new and improved sense of comfort and trust in the polyester fabric. This fabric enhancement will provide you with all day comfort and when you combine that with the seamless design, you will also have a shirt that can resist abrasions from different movements.

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Champion Women’s Powertrain T-Shirt

Champion Womens Powertrain T-Shirt

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Materials: 100% polyester

Special features: slimmer fit for better support, extremely lightweight, Champion vapor technology to enhance moisture evaporation, flatlock seams for more comfort and to resist abrasions, machine washability

The Champion Women’s Powertrain t-shirt has not only been designed for running but to improve your overall training session in the gym as well. The shirt features a slimmer design and this will improve the support when compared to most shirts and allow you to feel more confident.

The shirt also features a new and improved Champion vapor technology to help speed up the rate at which moisture evaporates and keep you dry, while the polyester fabric will help to keep the moisture from your skin and give you a dry running experience. To enhance the comfort even more, the flatlock seams are great and they will help ensure that abrasions do not occur and you will be able to wear the shirt all day long.

Finally, you will be able to wash the shirt in an automatic washing machine and the shirt is also available in multiple colors for you to choose the perfect color to match your other clothing. We highly recommend this short for the slimmer fit and the ability to improve your gym training comfort as well as the running comfort.

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Adidas Women’s Run Short Sleeve Tee

Adidas Womens Run Short Sleeve Tee

Weight: 4 ounces

Material: 100% polyester

Special features: Extremely lightweight, added Adidas climate control technology, reflective logo for safety and night jogging, more spacious design, shorter sleeves for more mobility

The Adidas women’s run short sleeve tee is definitely one of the more advanced running shirts on the market and with the added Climacool technology from the manufacturer, this shirt will keep you dry and cool in the hot summer and warm in the winter, thus making it great for both winter and summer running.

The shirt also features shorter sleeves to help enhance the arm movement and the spacious design will help improve the mobility to make this shirt not only great for jogging but also various speed running exercises. Furthermore, the shirt is available in multiple colors for you to choose from and all of them have been fitted with a reflective logo to help improve your safety when running in the dark.

We highly recommend this shirt for sprinters and joggers and the Climacool feature will allow you to train throughout the summer and winter to give you that competitive edge in competitions.

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Top features to look for in women’s running shirts

You’d think that simply any shirt will be great for running and even though it can be done, it is not recommended and it might definitely hinder your progress. These features can potentially help you push your own limits and even help improve your endurance, which will make for longer running sessions and more calories burnt.

Comfort: Comfort is one of the essential features when it comes to running outdoors or anything fitness related. Most of the times, we need to force ourselves to go for a jog and therefore, it will be much easier if we have a comfortable shirt. The shirt should also provide adequate support and allow you freedom to move easily.

Abrasion resistant: While this is not common in bigger shirts, it can be a problem in tighter clothing. Abrasions can be painful and when running, we would like to limit the pain to allow us the opportunity to push ourselves farther, therefore, it will be a great help to make sure the shirt is abrasion-resistant.

Ventilation: The build-up of sweat can make the jogging experience much more painful and when your body temperature rises, you’ll become more fatigued, which will have an impact on your endurance. To ensure that you have great endurance, it will help if the shirt has added ventilation holes or designed from a lighter fabric.

Added support: It can be quite frustrating to go jogging in a loose t-shirt and it will definitely add to the speed at which you become fatigued if the body is not supported. It is imperative to look for maximum support in your running shirts to help improve endurance.

Lightweight: Running shirts need to be lightweight and they should fit like a glove. When the shirt is too heavy, it will speed up the fatigue, but if it is light, you will have much less weight to carry around, thus allowing you to run farther.

These 5 features will definitely have a huge impact on your running experience and if you manage to get all of them in one t-shirt, you should definitely make the investment. This is even truer if you are looking to become fitter and improve your endurance.

Friends running together

We believe that these features will ensure that you have quality and give you value for your money.

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have the knowledge to make a better choice for your next running t-shirt. We also highly recommend these t-shirts to anyone looking to get started and keep to their New Year’s resolution of getting into shape.

We would also like to encourage you to let us know if you think we might have missed any of your favorites and to tell us about your experiences with these t-shirts.

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  1. Out of all the running shirts on your list, the best one for me is the women’s short sleeve moisture wicking shirt from Opna. I ordered a couple of pieces in various colors and they are perfect. The shirt fits well on me, not too tight and not too big. I love the material used and the length of the sleeves.

  2. I bought Asics women’s ready-set short sleeve t-shirt for my sister and she really loves it. She likes that the fabric is breathable and lightweight. The sleeves are shorter too compared to other shirts so it is really perfect for jogging and workouts. Over-all, it is an awesome product with an unbeatable price.


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