Best Collapsible Water Bottle: The Ultimate Outdoor and Sports Accessory

Outdoor experts and hikers know that a water bottle is one of the most important things to add to your hiking kit. They always come in handy and by having the best collapsible water bottle, you are sure to never run out of water or space.

Some hikers prefer to have 2 water bottles, as this will assure them that they will never run out of water. By having 2 of these collapsible water bottles, the space you save will come in handy when you need to add other extra items like a tent perhaps.

Top Products

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Nomader Collapsible water bottle

Nomader Collapsible water bottle

Weight: 22 ounces

Material Type: BPA free silicone

Special Features: Extremely durable, very stylish look, versatile for hot and cold drinks, 100% BPA free

Description: The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle brings an extremely stylish look to the outdoor world and the design and standard cool gray color will surely turn heads. This water bottle is extremely lightweight and has the capability of handling hot and cold drinks.

With this versatility, the water bottle is not only suitable for outdoor adventurers, but it could also be used as a sporting water bottle.

This water bottle is made from extremely high quality silicone and will maintain its rigid shape to ensure a great drinking experience. Yet the water bottle can also fold up to fir into any bag and it will shrink down to about 1/3 of its upright size.

The Nomader water bottle is made from 100% BPA free silicone and is completely eco-friendly. No more plastic taste or foul odor from the water and if you may have forgotten the water in the bottle, you could be sure that it won’t become toxic.

The added insulated grip will also protect your hands when adding hot or cold drinks and if you want to cool down you water, the Nomader is freezer-friendly as well. The bottle also comes with a lifelong guarantee, meaning you will never have to buy another one again.

Vapur Element Water Bottle

Vapur Element Water Bottle

Weight: 34 ounces (fully filled)

Material Type: 100% BPA free polyethylene and nylon

Special Features: Flip top super cap for one handed use, freezer friendly element bottle, and integrated carabiner to easily clip to a belt

Description: The Vapur Element Water Bottle is extremely versatile for traveling and outdoor use. The water bottle does not need to be left in a back pack and can easily be clipped on the belt or a purse.

The quick clip feature will make it easy to access your water bottle fast, and the polyethylene and nylon will keep the bottle cold for an extended period.

The bottle is extremely durable and even in its rigid form, so it’s not likely to easily break or damage. The water bottle is especially made for withstanding harsh environments as well as a mixture of hot and cold.

As one of the biggest collapsible water bottles currently available, the Vapur water bottle may be a little heavier to carry over longer distances, but the extra few ounces of water it can take, will surely make up for the weight.

The easy to use one handed flip top is perfect for people on the move and makes this the right fit even for joggers and cyclists.

The combination of the folding ability and easy to use super cap, makes this the perfect fit for anyone ready for an adventure, be it in the wilderness or in the suburbs.

Arino Collapsible Water Bottle

Arino Collapsible Water Bottle

Weight: 22 ounces

Material Type: FDA approved medical grade silicone

Special features: Nontoxic smell or vapor, heat and freeze resistant, ultra durable, multi-functional and portable

Description: The Arino Collapsible Water Bottle is one of the most versatile water bottles available on the market. The water bottle is designed to take the wear and tear of sport and it is made to fall and bend.

This water bottle was designed to last, as it can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 100 degrees. The water bottle is also made to maintain the temperature of the fluids inside for an extended period of time, making it the perfect water bottle for fitness enthusiasts.

The medical-grade silicone used to make this bottle is extremely durable and very healthy. The water is guaranteed to never have a toxic smell and to never become toxic and dangerous to you.

The added carabiner is great for attaching the water bottle to your belt and the added flexibility not only makes it great for joggers, but for hikers, climbers and cyclists as well.

This water bottle is perfect for adventurous and sports enthusiast and the bottle will fold to almost half its rigid size, making it easy to transport and carry along in your purse or hand bag.

If we look at pricing, this is probably the most affordable water bottle for the quality it provides and it will easily fit people from almost any income group.

Collapsible Water Bottle Silicone Outdoor Water

Collapsible Water Bottle Silicone Outdoor Water

Weight: 11.29 & 17.64 ounces

Material type: FDA certified and BPA free food grade silicone

Special Features: 4 in 1 family pack, extra durable, perfect for all temperatures, easy to attach hook for portability

Description: The Collapsible Water Bottle 4 in 1 is made for the ultimate outdoor family experience. Each member of the family will now have their very own high quality water bottle, free of any odors or foul smell.

The silicone used to manufacture these water bottles are rated as some of the best in USA and they are 100% BPA free.

The water bottles are extra durable and can withstand some of the harshest temperatures, including the freezer and scorching hot dessert sun, these temperatures won’t harm the water bottle as it can withstand temperatures between -40 and 100 degrees and still provide you with an excellent water drinking experience.

They are standardly equipped with easy to use hooks that can easily be attached to your belt or backpack if the little ones are becoming adventurous.

The multi functionality of this water bottle is excellent and it is not only made for the great outdoors. It can easily be used as a water bottle for school and even the gym.

Platypus PlusBottle

Platypus PlusBottle

Weight: 34 ounces

Material Type: Plastic

Special Features: very lightweight and compact, droppable, portable

Description: The Platypus PlusBottle is an extremely lightweight and easy to use bottle, the water bottle can easily mold into any small space and once it is folded it will become 1/6 the size of the original version.

The moldable functionality makes this water bottle durable and the water bottle can be dropped on grassy and rocky surfaces.

If you are looking for something that is easy to carry on the go, this water bottle will be perfect for you and the push and pull cap makes it easier to drink from on the go and will keep the bottle from leaking

The only drawback perhaps is the inability to add anything besides water to the bottle. The platypus bottle does tend to keep the smell and taste from other liquids and it will require baking soda and hot water to remove this smell.

Aside from this drawback, the water bottle is perfect for everyday use and the bottle will keep its temperature for a little amount of time after it had been put in the fridge. We do not recommend adding hot drinks to the platypus as it does not have an extra grip layer to protect from the heat.

AquaBod Collapsible Water Bottle

Weight: 26 ounces

Material Type: Medical grade BPA and FDA approve silicone

Special Features: Innovative air intake vents, no smelly odor or funny taste, leak proof, spill proof, unbreakable, hygienic cover for one handed use

Description: The AquaBod Collapsible Water Bottle is one of the best designed collapsible water bottles currently available. The water bottle will shrink to 1/5 of its original size once it is deflated and empty, and the BPA free silicone will make sure that no bad smells are ever left behind in the bottle.

The material is a little lighter than most silicone bottles and therefore it’s easier to carry around. Some people even choose to have two of the bottles in and around their backpack because of the lightweight feature.

The innovatively-designed air intake valves are designed to keep the bottle from collapsing once it start getting empty and this will give to the opportunity to place the bottle on all surfaces.

One of the best features to be added to the AquaBod bottle is the wider mouth feature. The bottle is great for consuming large amounts at a time and it can even be used to store ice. The ice can be easily accessed through the wider mouth piece area.

The water bottle is not only made for the outdoor enthusiasts, it can also be used for sporting events and even to the gym. The one handed use hygienic cover will make it easy to up you water consumption on the go.

MaxiBliss Collapsible Sports Water Bottle

MaxiBliss Collapsible Sports Water Bottle

Weight: 22 ounces

Material Type: Polypropylene and flexible silicone

Special Features: Great for children, leak proof cap, 100% BPA free, extremely durable and multi-functional.

Description: The MaxiBliss Collapsible Sports water bottle is easy to use and children will have a great time with the multiple colors the bottle is available in.

The water bottle is great for putting in your gym bag and the 100% leak proof cap will make sure you gym bag always stays dry. The water bottle also has an added hygienic spout cap that is sure to keep your mouthpiece germ free and clean.

The water bottle is also easy to clean and one can simply just pop it into the dishwasher for a fast clean. For a more thorough clean, you can use hot water and soap, and it’s guaranteed to not keep that soapy stench or smell.

The BPA free materials are also eco-friendly and the bottle won’t retain the smell if you accidentally add bad water to it.

But the water bottle is not only good for sports; it is also made for adventurous hikers and explorers. The durability will make the bottle perfect for falling, twisting and turning in the harshest of environments and if you are done, you can simply fold up the bottle and put it into you backpack.

Key Features to Look for

When it comes to look for a water bottle that can take care of all your needs, there are some specific features you should look for to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

You want a water bottle that won’t spill and will also last a long time, no matter what you put it through on your camping trip. And with the added collapsibility, you have the benefit of placing beforehand so that you always have space for your essentials.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the key features you should keep an eye out for.

  • Design: When you look for the perfect water bottle, you will want to make sure the water bottle fits in your backpack, and that it can carry the maximum amount of water possible. If the design does not fit well, it will become more difficult and uncomfortable to carry around. It is also not very feasible to take a small water bottle if you are going to walk long distances. A small water bottle may be handy for just walking somewhere quickly or going for a short stroll. It is important to define the purpose of the water bottle, before deciding on the design.
  • Quality: The water bottle should definitely be leak proof and BPA free. It is also good to find out if the water bottle is FDA approved, as this will demonstrate the quality of materials used to make the bottle Many people also like to check for warranty on the water bottle and this could be another plus factor if it is offered, but one should not be discouraged from buying just because there is no warranty.
  • Durability: A water bottle should be durable and able to withstand all temperatures that could possibly arise outdoors. Durability is especially important for hikers or outdoor adventurers, planning on climbing up high trees or even mountain slopes, as the change in temperature can affect the integrity of the bottle’s structure. The last thing you want is a bottle that leaks all over you and your gear.
  • Portability: Some water bottles are bigger than others and some have added hooks and clips that can easily be attached to belts and bags. This should be taken into consideration when deciding on the perfect water bottle. Children don’t like always carrying their water bottles and the bottles with an added hook ok or carabiner will be great for them to attach to a backpack
  • Functionality: Are you looking for a sports water bottle or something durable that can easily bend and shape to the environment you find yourself in? If so, then you could either go for something a little cheaper to take to the gym and to cycle with, or a bottle with a more moldable form to fit between rocks and in smaller places in the back pack.

Multi-Functional bottles will be a little bit more expensive, but they provide the fact that you will only need one bottle to perform all your daily tasks

These key features could mean the difference between becoming thirsty or enjoying the wild. We will look at how these features fit in to the top collapsible water bottles currently available on the market.

If a water bottle can fit into at least two of these elements, you could be sure that it won’t let you down next time you have an outdoor adventure.

Now it’s time to consider what the best products on the market are. These can serve as a guide to help you find the right bottle you’re looking for, so don’t feel like you have to purchase one of these.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re aware of the key features and what customers are really going for, it’s time to start your own search for the perfect collapsible water bottle.

The list provided above caters to all kinds of hikers: to those who are shopping on a budget to those who don’t mind spending a little more to get the high-quality products they feel they deserve. But don’t let price get in the way of finding what’s most suitable for your needs.

After all, comfort is definitely a lot more important than a price tag, so feel free to splurge a little if you need to.

We would like to know more about your experiences with water bottles and how you have found them usable in everyday life and in the outdoor environments. Please feel free to comments down below and share your stories with us.

4 thoughts on “Best Collapsible Water Bottle: The Ultimate Outdoor and Sports Accessory”

  1. My Vapur element bottle survived airplane flights, underground rides, a ferryboat ride, and was plopped on the floor few times, tossed on the bed a lot, partially sat on a few times, clipped and unclipped over a dozen times a day, filled and refilled so many times. I definitely recommend it!

    • This water bottle is so sturdy, you’ll have many years hanging out together. It was really made to withstand the harsh environment and even harsher usage by its owners! lol. The material is also top-notch and made from 100% BPA free polyethylene and nylon. Good choice Sabrina!

  2. Bought a couple of Vapur Elements for the airport. Obviously they can just be rolled up and then taken through security, after which you can just fill them up from the water fountain. I’ve yet to find an airport that doesn’t have a fountain so it saves a small fortune on buying water whilst there! The kids now use these at school too and they love them. Very kid friendly and encourages them to drink water too which is never a bad thing!

  3. That’s true! These collapsible water bottles are so convenient and compact. You don’t have to worry about storage space, too. Just opt for BPA free materials at all times and you’ll be ok and make sure there’s clean water coming out of the water fountain!


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