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Daniel Carraway
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We may be in the midst of winter, but it’s never too late to gear yourself with the best winter gloves you can get your hands into. No matter what climate you’re used to living and working in, you know a hard day full of work or fun is only as good as your hands and their comfort. Cover your hands in the best way you can by exploring several of the bestselling winter gloves with us as we review their most desirable features and why they may be the best match to your lifestyle.

Winter is a wonderland, and we want to help you get back to it with the right accessories. Soar down those slopes, cut up that ice, or tend to your outdoor chores in comfort and warmth. Make the most educated decision for you and your family when it comes to your next pairs of winter gloves, or utilize our research to find the best gift you can give to a winter enthusiast.

What do we look for in the ideal winter glove?

The ideal pair of gloves would keep our hands safe from any element and warm from any cold degree of weather, regardless of whether we’re knee-deep in a blizzard or trying to call a tow truck off the side of the road. As lovely as these gloves may sound, there’s no manufacturer in the world yet that can take all the features required to keep our hands safe into consideration while they design gloves to be worn in the coldest of months.

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Let’s take a look at some of the features manufacturers do keep in mind:


Although the term, “waterproof,” seems to allude to the fact that a fabric or glove can truly resist water in any shape or form, we’re no fools here. “Waterproof” is a relative term that can loosely relate to coatings or wicking fabrics that stop moisture from entering.

But there should be a major concern if moisture can never enter – it’s likely that moisture can’t escape. What do you do when you self-generate moisture? Manufacturers combat this necessity by designing their gloves in different materials, typically some combination of nylon, polyester, and other naturally wicking fabrics that help you to release sweat while limiting the ways moisture can cause discomfort.

You shouldn’t take “waterproof” lightly when weighing one glove over another, because there is some truth to a degree that a glove can protect your hands from the elements, and that will come in handy when it comes to choosing the right glove for your favorite sport or most dreaded chore.


As if protecting your hands isn’t difficult enough, you need gloves that can keep your hands safe from frostbite, wind blisters, hypothermia, and other terrible ailments that can come as a result of exposure to the cold. Don’t make common exposure mistakes by choosing gloves that can’t keep up with you and your outdoor activity.

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You need gloves that are durable. Start by looking at the outer and inner shell, what materials they’re made out of, and how they allow your hands to breathe or remain stable. You must next look at the construction of the glove’s fingers. Dexterity is another key to getting the most out of your new pair of gloves.


What good are gloves if they can’t keep your hands warm? There certain kinds of gloves that are better for style than for hard work, but that doesn’t mean you should go without proper insulation and protection from the elements.

From our research, we found that many gloves have internal liners, whether removable or not, that are made from polyester or other plush materials to keep the closest part of the glove the softest on your hands, can trap heat, and allow moisture to permeate. Don’t be cruel to your hands by exposing them to harsh weather. Keep them warm!

Warm winter gloves

There are many features to contemplate when deciding on a product, so just remember that your comfort and your ability to complete any task you set your mind to are the ultimate points to consider when you’re looking to buy your next pair of gloves. Stay true to your expectations, your budget, and never let the wind or snow get you down.

Let’s review some of the best cold weather gloves on the market

These six top-selling gloves are worth comparing in order to find out which is the best pair for you.

Canada Goose – Men’s Northern Gloves

Canada Goose Mens Northern GlovesPrice: $125 – $225

Sizes: Small – X-large

Design Features: Nylon and PU shell, leather palm, polyester lining, extended cuff with web adjuster, weather resistant soft shell, nose wipe on the thumb, glove clips, and a zipper pocket.

Best Use: Snow Skiing

Description: Although they may best be known for their parkas and insulation, Canada Goose has found a way to break into winter accessories with their Men’s Northern Gloves. These gloves are among the best gloves for winter, equipped with a goose down insulation fill and goatskin leather to protect your hands from the nastiest kinds of weather.

They have a lot of other useful features, too, that make them highly adaptable according to your needs and a proper fit, including an extended cuff with a hand webbing adjuster and a removable liner to add warmth as well as convenience if you find yourself working in subfreezing weather. The biggest detail to consider is the price, as these gloves fall high on our spectrum of bestselling gloves.

If you have a smaller budget, it may be best for you to consider gloves at a lower price. If you’re willing to pay for the best gloves money can buy, these winter gloves may be just what you’re looking for.

Related: For a glove that’s designed especially for working in a variety of elements, Canada Goose Men’s Utility Gloves offer that same insulated comfort with the benefit of nylon and leather reinforcement for durability. If you prefer mittens over gloves, check out the Men’s Altitude Mitts for convenient adjustability according to the weather you’re working in.

Carhartt – WB Waterproof Windproof Winter Gloves

Carhartt Waterproof Windproof Winter GlovesPrice: Starting at $34.99

Sizes: Small – XX-large

Design Features: FastDry wicking technology, polyester shell, polyurethane palm, polyester lining, nose wipe, hook & loop cuff, and wrap caps.

Best Use: Snowmobiling & Farming

Description: We get it! You need a pair of gloves that can keep all sorts of moisture out? If so, we think you’ll find a solution in Carhartt’s Waterproof Windproof Winter Gloves. These gloves not only protect your hands from the snow and the cold, but their waterproof Dura-Dry insert will keep you safe from moisture.

Many of these wicking materials can be found in the PU leather palm of the glove, where you’ll be gripping and holding most often. The FastDry lining also wicks away sweat to avoid irritation or unwanted odors, which you know will come in handy if you’ve ever had to work long hours outside in the cold weather.

These are optimal for snowmobiling and while these gloves may boast many useful and quality features, their non-leather materials may not be up to such heavy duty tasks that could cause them to stretch or show obvious wear from use. If you’re just looking for the most warmth you can get out of gloves for a fair price, these winter gloves will leave you happy.

Related: If you’re in need of a pair of gloves with more insulation, Carhartt offers Waterproof Insulated Work Gloves. Although their winter gloves  Carhartt also offers the Women’s Waterproof Insulated Gloves.

Couronne – Padded Wool Gloves

Couronne Padded Wool GlovesPrice: $21.99 – $25.99

Sizes: One Size

Design Features: Wool, nylon, and polyester fabrics, a plush lining, side slit, and five color varieties.

Best Use: Touring & Light Outdoor Use

Description: For those glove enthusiasts that can’t stand sacrificing style for warmth, meet Couronne’s Padded Wool Gloves. The exterior of these gloves includes a warm mixture of wool, nylon, and polyester. With extra padding in the palm and on the back of the glove, your hands will feel nestled and insulated.

There are five different colors to choose from: navy, dark grey, khaki, khaki 2, and red. While these gloves may not come with many of the features other winter gloves do, like moisture-wicking technologies or adjustable straps, they do come with a convenient side vent that helps the inner linings to breathe and you to avoid discomfort from sweat or built-up moisture.

Although these gloves are extremely affordable compared to some of the other gloves on our list, they would not be well-suited to extreme outdoor work and intense labor. If you’re looking for gloves that would fare well during your cold workday, check out some of the waterproof gloves on our list, like Carhartt or Ergodyne.

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DC – Seger SE Gloves

DC Seger SE GlovesPrice: Starting at $49.94

Sizes: Small – X-large

Design Features: Waxed polyester with PU & Suede, a 10k waterproof insert, 150 gram insulation, premium waxed materials, touchscreen compatible PU leather on index finger, goggle wipe suede insert on the thumb, adjustable cuff with Velcro closure, and an adjustable leash.

Best Use: Snowboarding

Description: Extreme sports can often call for extreme accessories, and that’s why DC Seger SE Gloves are perfect for snowboarding, tubing, or any other wintery activity you can think of. These are offered in both glove and mitten form as well as in two colors, including black and dull gold.

One of the greatest benefits of these gloves is their touch screen compatibility thanks to the PU leather on the finger outsoles. Even if you get a call while you’re in the middle of shreddin’ the gnar, you can answer it without having to take off your gloves. The 10k waterproof insert helps keep your hands dry and avoid the interior of your gloves getting cold from snow even during the occasional wipe out.

You need good vision to get the best out of any terrain or trail. With the built-in suede insert on the thumbs of these gloves, you can easily wipe your goggles and get back to shreddin’ safely. Unlike competing gloves, this pair only features polyurethane as a primary material and can, as a result, suffer in their dependability for long-lasting warmth. However, the PU leather of the palm and fingers makes up for their durability.

Related: If you’re the kind of outdoor explorer that likes to glide through snow in nylon and flashier colors than just black or gold, DC Men’s Antuco Glove will have just the kind of color you’re looking for. For an added neoprene cuff, you may want to look into DC Men’s Mizu Glove.

Ergodyne – Proflex Thermal Waterproof Gloves

Ergodyne Proflex Thermal Waterproof GlovesPrice: $28.03 – $51.44

Sizes: Small – XX-large

Design Features: 40g 3M Thinsulate insulation, water and windproof insert liner, double-reinforced synthetic leather palm, padded spandex back and neoprene knuckle pad, low-profile hook and loop closure with pull-on tab.

Best Use: Work, Construction, Marine, Hunting & Fishing

Description: For the outdoors type that can not be deterred by freezing temperatures. Ergodyne’s ProFlex 817WP Thermal Waterproof Utility Gloves are made for dexterity and warmth. Complete with a thin design and breathable Hipora water & windproof liner, these gloves are ideal for cold storage, winter work, construction, marine, hunting & fishing.

The double-reinforced synthetic leather palm ensures that you’ll be able to securely grip winter’s most icy surfaces, and the neoprene knuckle pad ensures that you’ll be protected against daily workplace bumping and bruising. The woven elastic cuff, and terry thumb brow wipe will ensure that you won’t have any issues getting the gloves on and off, regardless of how sweaty your hands are.

If you’re looking for a work-gloves that passes the four tests to keeps your hands comfortable in freezing temperatures: keeping them warm, dry, able to grip, and protect your hands from bumps and bruises, ProFlex Thermal Waterproof Utility Gloves are the gloves for you.

Related: If you’re looking for the same quality and features of the Ergodyne Proflex 817WP Thermal Waterproof Utility Glove, but with a gauntlet cuff, the ProFlex 819OD Thermal Gauntlet Gloves w/ OutDry are your answer. For those who seek high quality, reflective gloves for the most arctic weather, check out our Ergodyne Proflex 876 Hi-Visability Thermal Waterproof Glove.

Caiman – Suede Deerskin Fleece Thermal Gloves

Caiman Suede Deerskin Fleece GlovesPrice: $9.95 – $15.99

Sizes: XXXX-small – XX-large

Design Features: Heatrac – multilayer microfiber insulation lining, genuine American Whitetail deer split leather palm, extended cuff with the addition of a snap-button closure for a solid fit, kontour Thumb design covers the entire face of keystone thumb which eliminates the seam on wear area for added durability & comfort.

Best Use: Driving & Light Outdoor Use

Description: Even if you have an attached garage, we can probably all agree on the fact that warming up the car before work in the cold, early morning is not a favorite activity. Even driving during the winter can be a pain, but not if you have the right set of gloves to keep your hands warm as they grip the cold steering wheel and shuttle you from one adventure to the next.

Though they’re the most affordable pair on our list of the best winter gloves for men, Heatrac Suede Deerskin Fleece Thermal Gloves have no shortage of desirable comfort. With a suede deerskin palm and a heavy fleece back, these gloves are like ultra supple blankets for your hands. The shirred wrist covering keeps your wrists safe from the snow and the wind. The interior microfiber insulation lining to keep your hands warm to a certain degree. Outdoor extremists, be careful if you’re considering these as the right pair for you.

These don’t have the heavy duty exterior construction that other winter gloves have and we fear you’ll find them lacking in warmth retention if you’re looking for gloves to wear for hands-on winter activities like hunting or ice fishing. If that’s the case, just tread carefully and look for gloves designed for below subfreezing temperatures.

Related: For winter activity gloves you can rely on to be waterproof, Caiman’s Leather Winter Multi-activity Gloves are an affordable alternative. If you prefer leather and don’t want to sacrifice that same Heatrac technology, check out their Genuine Deerskin Leather Gloves.


It’s possible that you never knew there were so many features to consider when it came to buying gloves. Most people don’t! But you don’t want to get trapped outside in the cold without a trusty pair of winter gloves to keep your hands warm and safe from the bitter chill of the wind or the snow.

Set yourself up for success by buying the right pair of gloves for whatever winter activities you have planned this season. As we learned by reviewing these six products, nothing matters more to your hands than moisture resistance, warmth, and durability.

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Whether you’re shredding on the slopes, paving new snowmobile trails through the forests, or shoveling the pathway to your front door, wear gloves you can depend on to keep you going even longer than you’d expect. If you think we forgot to mention any of the other great winter gloves out there, please let us know in the comments below.


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