Best Waterproof Gloves: Never Have Cold, Wet Hands While Doing Outdoor Activities

Whether it is winter or summer, when you are out exploring the Great Outdoors, you need the equipment to last, and to keep you warm and dry. Of course, being outside opens you up to more potential issues, such as the wet, the cold, and sometimes even a mixture of both!

Many of you will agree with us that keeping your hands dry and warm is of utmost performance. Luckily, the best waterproof gloves are easily available nowadays.

The best waterproof gloves will not only stop the water from leaking inside and giving you those annoying soggy hands, but will also help to keep you warm. On top of this, you won’t struggle to hold all important equipment in your hands, perhaps including your mobile phone, without the worry of water damage.

Cold hands are not fun, so finding a pair of gloves that not only keep you warm and dry, but which are also durable is key.

Of course, the market is packed with outdoor equipment, and finding the best pair for your needs takes time and research. Thankfully, we’ve done all of that for you. We have reviewed eight of the best waterproof glove options on the market today, and these cover a wide range of different outdoor needs.

Whilst you need to think carefully about what type of activity you are going to be doing, or a mixture, you should also look for some specific tick boxes, when purchasing such a product.

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Our Top Picks

Product NameBest UseMaterial# of LayersPrice
Ironclad Tactical StealthHeavy duty outdoor activities, all rounderHipora3Check price on Amazon
SealSkinz All SeasonHikingPolyester & elastane2Check price on Amazon
Soulfeel WaterproofDiving, fishing, aquatic activitiesNeoprene2Check price on Amazon
Outdoor Research AltiHeavy duty outdoor activities, all rounderNylon & Spandex3Check price on Amazon
The North Face Montana EtipHeavy duty outdoor activities, all rounderNylon3Check price on Amazon
HighLoong WaterproofSkiing, snowboardingWaterproof PU coating3Check price on Amazon
Carharrt WaterproofHeavy duty outdoor activities, all rounderPolyester & polyurethane3Check price on Amazon
OZERO Touch ScreenHiking, walkingPolyester2Check price on Amazon

Best Products on Today’s Market

In order to be able to find the best products on the market, you need to know about them. Below we have reviewed a selection of the best waterproof gloves on the market, so you can find the right choice for you and your particular outdoor activities. We are all individuals, and one size (quite literally) doesn’t fit all!

Ironclad Tactical Stealth Waterproof Gloves

Weight: 3.2 oz

Specific features: Three layers, leather palm section, hook and loop fastening, reinforced material

Best use: Heavy duty outdoor activities

Description: These particular waterproof gloves are a great option for those who want quality on a budget. The Ironclad Tactical Stealth Waterproof Gloves have the recommended three layers of protection, the outer is made of a strong yet breathable Hipora material, with wind resistant fleece and a leather palm section for grip.

The thumb is also protected with a saddle section which is reinforced, and the hook and loop section allows you to easily put on the gloves, and take them off, without having to fight with it. The gloves are sure to hold their shape also, without stretching to unrecognisable lengths.

In terms of sizing, the gloves are available in five different options, from small to XX large, which makes this a good all-rounder product. This set of gloves is probably best described as being ideal for almost every type of outdoor activity, except for anything which is related to the water, e.g. diving or fishing.


  • Five sizes available
  • Three layers of protection
  • Reinforced thumb saddle
  • Easy put on and remove with hook and eye-type fastening


  • Heavier weight, due to three layers

Related: If you are looking for a pair of gloves that you could use for rugged tasks like carpentry and plumbing, the Custom Leathercraft Handyman Work Gloves should be a good purchase with stretchable spandex and shrink resistant leather.

Check the price on Amazon

SealSkinz All Season Gloves

Weight: 4.2 oz

Specific features: Two layers, easy grip, stretchable fabric, leather palm, durable

Best use: Hiking

Description: This is another similar priced product, however the SealSkinz All Season Gloves have two layers, rather than three. Whilst this is still offering a good amount of protection, the three layers is always going to give you more. On the flipside, gripping items is easier with less layers.

These gloves are made of a polyester and elastane mix, which means they bend and stretch as you move, whilst also being waterproof and windproof too. The material is designed to be breathable, so you won’t have that annoying sticky hand problem, and the fingers are pre-curved at the time of manufacturing, which makes them more comfortable to wear from the get-go.

The palm section is also made of goatskin leather, which gives you a firm yet comfortable grip too, with anti-slip protection. Overall, for a two layered product, this set of gloves offers quality and comfort, whilst also making it easier for you to go about your business. The materials are also high quality too, and very durable and long-lasting.


  • Available in four sizes, up to XX large
  • Breathable material
  • The fingers are pre-curved, adopting your natural shape
  • Firm grip on the palm with goat skin leather


  • Only two layers

Related: As an alternative to the SkinSealz All Season Gloves, or even as a separate pair as a change, the Outdoor Research Versaliner Gloves are a great choice. This pair of gloves is super lightweight, at just 2.8 oz., and there is a back pocket on the hand, which is zippered, and can be used as storage, or as a heat pack pocket – the choice is yours. The fabric is similarly lightweight, and very breathable, making them ideal for hiking, and very durable too. Within the same price bracket, this is a great alternative.

Check the price on Amazon

Soulfeel Waterproof Diving Gloves

Weight: 3.5 oz

Specific features: Neoprene material is tough and durable, low cost

Best use: Diving

Description: The Soulfeel Waterproof Diving Gloves are ideal for divers out there, and the Neoprene material means you are getting toughness and protection, but also without feeling weighed down. Neoprene is basically the type of material that a wetsuit is made of, so a thick and rubbery consistency, which is warm and very tough.

This means that your hands are warm and insulated, and you won’t get cold from the temperature of the water. This particular set of gloves is also very stretchy, as you would expect from the material, and also work to protect you against cuts and scratches, as well as stings.

Basically, this set of gloves is the perfect option for anyone who enjoys outdoor pursuits with a wet kind of theme, whilst also wanting to be warm and comfortable at the same time. The high stretch factor also means that it’s worthwhile putting some thought into sizing. If you go for a large, and you’re only just bordering that size yourself, it’s probably best to go for a medium.


  • Super-stretch Neoprene material is designed for underwater pursuits
  • Available in three sizes, small, medium, and large
  • Very tough and durable gloves
  • Protects against scratches and stings underwater
  • Low cost


  • Specifically made for underwater pursuits only

Related: For a similar budget-friendly affordable, the Skyone Diving Gloves is a great option that provides comfortable fit and superior waterproof that you can use for activities like snorkeling, kayaking and swimming.

Check the price on Amazon

Outdoor Research Alti Gloves

Weight: 2.2 oz

Specific features: Three layers of protection, material conforms to your hand shape and size, grip palm section, elasticated wrist section for stability

Best use: Heavy duty outdoor activities

Description: Available in both black and a neutral colour, the Outdoor Research Alti Gloves may have a higher price tag, but the three layer protection and quality is certainly high quality in response.

Made of a nylon and spandex mix, the gloves conform to your hand and stretch easily to get them on and off again, with an Alpen palm section for serious grip. This adds up to comfort and a custom fit, almost like a second skin for wearers, without added bulk.

The wrist section has an elasticated part, which means your hands are kept warm, and this also adds to the waterproof and windproof protection offered by this product. The reason for the higher price is the technology that is included in its design, including primaloft hi loft which is included in the outer shell layer, and the inner most layer is infused with primaloft active material, which gives you extra warmth and durability.


  • Strong and durable, built to last
  • Available in two separate colours
  • A good all-rounder pair of gloves, ideal for all outdoor pursuits
  • Available in four sizes, from small to X large
  • Made of nylon and spandex mix, for easy stretch


  • The high price tag is the only real downside of this product

Related: The Outdoor Research Alti Mitts is within the same kind of price bracket, but this set is heavier, at 1 lb, and they also come in several different colours, which can help with safety and visibility. The material has built-in moisture wicking, which helps you avoid that sweating hand problem, and there are built-in tabs on the wrist section, to help your gloves stay firmly in place, no matter what you are doing.

Check the price on Amazon

The North Face Montana Etip Gloves

Weight: 9.1 oz

Specific features: Choice of colours, temperature regulating material, adjustable wrist section

Best use: Heavy duty outdoor activities

Description: The North Face is a big named outdoor brand that we all know, even if we don’t know much about outdoor equipment!

The price isn’t as high as you might think, taking the brand into account, and the North Face Montana Etip Gloves are a high quality option, available in black and grey choices available, to suit your style needs!

As you would expect, this product has three layers, and is made of fabrics which are designed to be lightweight, and not to weigh you down whilst you’re off doing whatever it is you’re doing in the Great Outdoors. The fabrics are also designed to keep your body at its regular temperature, without allowing you to become too hot.

Made of nylon, the gloves have an adjustable closing section also, which makes them much more secure and snug when they are on your hands, without worries of them slipping whilst you’re moving around.


  • Big named brand gives you confidence in your purchase
  • Three layers of protection
  • Fabrics designed to keep your body temperature regular
  • Adjustable closing section for easy wearing


  • Spot clean only, which means the gloves cannot be washed

Related: To complete your outdoor activity outfit, you need to check out the The North Face Freedom Insulated Pants, which are waterproof, windproof and fully seam sealed.

Check the price on Amazon

HighLoong Waterproof Gloves

Weight: 6.4 oz

Specific features: Rip resistant fabric that is water resistant, lightweight, easy grip on palm

Best use: Skiing and snowboarding

Description: The HighLoong Waterproof Gloves are fantastic for those on a budget, but also for those who want high quality, with a low initial cost. The outer shell is made of rip resistant fabric and is coated with PU material for extra water resistance.

Whilst the material feels thin and lightweight, it is actually surprisingly durable – two factors which are needed for cold weather activities. The palm section has a hexagonal pattern design, which means that you can easily grip items without fuss and with no slippage in the snow or cold.

Inside the gloves there is a Thinsulate and polyfill layer, for total warmth, with a cuff made of nylon knit, for comfort and durability. The gloves are soft to the touch, and don’t feel rough or uncomfortable

Overall, this pair of gloves might be lower in cost, but they do perform extremely well for outdoor activities, especially in cooler temperatures, and tick all the boxes that are needed to be ticked.


  • Good price for those on a budget
  • Anti-slip palm section for extra grip
  • Cuff is made of nylon knit, which is comfortable and doesn’t rub
  • Warm interior section, made of Thinsulate and polyfill lining


  • Durable gloves, but probably not as durable as a high priced product
  • Two layers only

Related: If you are looking for a bottom that will keep you nice and dry while snowboarding or skiing, the Arctix Snowboard Cargo Pants. It offers Thermatech insulation and 600 denier ballistic for maximum warmth and comfort. It’s quite budget-friendly as well.

Check the price on Amazon

Carharrt Waterproof Work Glove

Weight: 7.2 oz

Specific features: Two colour options, three layers, low price, easily removable

Best use: Heavy duty outdoor activities

Description: The Carharrt Waterproof Work Glove come from another big named brand, and are also available in two colour options, black and a yellow and black mix, if you want to stand out.

Made of a polyester outer shell, and polyurethane palm section, the lining is made of polyester, so you get three layers of protection and comfort.

The price is a major advantage, because for a three layer pair of gloves, to such a high standard, you’re actually paying much less than you would expect. The brand name also gives you that confidence in your purchase too.

The gloves also have a few added extras to make them stand out amongst the rest, including a nose wipe section, wrap cuffs, and a closing section which is a hook and loop, so you can easily remove them, without stress, but whilst also knowing that they’re going to stay in place whilst you’re active.


  • Good priced product from a big named brand
  • Three layer protection keeps you warm and dry
  • Extras for ease of wearing, including a hook and loop closing section
  • Made of polyester, polyurethane mix
  • Dri-Maxwaterproof insert section for added protection


  • Hand wash only, so again you can’t put these in the washing machine]]

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Check the price on Amazon

OZERO Touch Screen Gloves

Weight: 3 oz

Specific features: Low price, touchscreen compatible finger pads, easy grip material

Best use: Hiking and walking

Description: Our final selection is a very low priced option, which makes it great for those on a budget yet again. Made of polyester and cotton mix, the OZERO Touch Screen Gloves might seem thin when you look at them, but they are actually very warm and very comfortable, whilst also being waterproof.

The sleek design also makes them look either masculine or feminine, depending on what you want them to look like! Another innovative extra is the finger pads that are touchscreen compatible. This means you can use your touchscreen phone or tablet, without having to take your gloves off!

This is because there is a certain type of leather on the thumb and on the index finger, so you can easily make contact with the screen and use your device. On the palm and index and middle finger sections there are silica gel particles, so you can grip anything quite easily, and without slippage.


  • You can use your touchscreen device without taking your gloves off
  • Sleek design
  • Affordable


  • Two layers only

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Check the price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

As with any kind of equipment, clothing, or accessory, you need to be aware of the main factors to look for, to ensure you find the best choice for your needs. Price is a main big-hitter, but you also need to be looking for quality and durability, especially when using any item in the Great Outdoors.

The following factors are all areas you should look into when making your final decision on which waterproof glove is best for your outdoor pursuits.

Material & Breathability

Of course, you want to be warm and dry, but you also need to choose the best waterproof gloves, which will allow your skin to breathe, without becoming sticky and uncomfortable. You should also be looking for gloves that have an anti-slip section on the palm, allowing you grip and hold things without worries.

Hipora, neoprene, and polyester are three of the most popular material types for waterproof gloves, and many have a fleece interior, for extra warmth. If you’re looking for a more luxurious take on the theme, goatskin leather is an option.

It is likely that you won’t be able to machine wash your waterproof gloves, so go for a particular material which is easier to clean, perhaps even wipe clean, rather than one which is going to take a lot of hand washing and drying every so often. If you are out doing something a little messier, e.g. in the mud, this is also something to consider more carefully.

Number of Layers

The best waterproof gloves should have three separate layers to them, although it’s not unusual to find gloves with two thick layers.

The first layer is the waterproof outer, the second is an insulating layer, for warmth and extra protection, and the third is the most inner layer, which should keep moisture away, and prevent sweating. Some products allow you to remove this layer and wash it, or to keep it out of the gloves entirely in hotter climates.

When choosing a product with two layers, as opposed to three, be sure to check what the material of each layer actually is. If one layer is fleece, you can be sure that the gloves are warm enough, without needing the third layer. Of course, a two layer product does give you easier handling, e.g. perhaps holding your phone or other items.


Obviously, any type of outdoor equipment needs to be relatively lightweight, because of the amount of gear you need to carry around. In addition, you don’t want your gloves to be too heavy, because you are carrying them in more ways than one! An average of 10-15 ounces is a good guide.

For this reason, the downside of a three layer product is the extra weight. A good quality pair of three layer gloves should be made of lightweight material, to cut down on any additional bulk, but this is where a set of gloves with two layers could pull back some lead in terms of which is better for you.


Gloves tend to come in a small, medium, large, and extra large format, so be sure to really look into what that particular company measure as ‘small’, ‘medium’ etc, before you make a purchase. Most websites will have the dimensions written clearly, and this is something you need to be careful of. Not every company uses the same measurements.

Gloves that are made with spandex or extremely stretchy materials are ideal for those with larger hands, but if you are looking for gloves for children, be sure to bear in mind growing hands. The plus point about stretch materials is that it moves with you, rather than stretching too far out of shape.


Shopping around will yield the best results here, and it’s usually the case that the bigger brand names are going to be more expensive than the lesser known ones. Online is where the bargains are, so be sure to shop around and find the best results, as well as checking during regular sale times.

The products we are going to review stretch across a large budget range, and there are some impressive choices, which don’t come with a huge price tag. Keep in mind that the price (same as the brand) doesn’t necessarily mean quality and that they’ll be a perfect fit for you.

Wrap Up

And there we have it, eight of the best waterproof glove selections on the market for you to look at. Which one you go for obviously depends on your needs and budget, as well as the type of outdoor pursuits you enjoy doing.

If you don’t have a preference on activity, e.g. you are an all-rounder, then it’s good to go for a mid-priced or higher priced product, which is going to serve you well in any circumstance. If however you have a particular specialism in mind, it’s worth looking towards that aim, rather than paying for a glove which is going to be too bulky for your type of activity.

So what do you think of our selection of the top-rated waterproof gloves? Is there a pair that piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments!

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