Best Snowboard Gloves: Research for Those Who Need a Perfect Pair

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran at shredding the slopes, everyone needs a great pair of gloves to keep their hands warm in the cold temperatures. When you have the right gloves you can move your hands and fingers with precise movements.

Your palms will even stay dry during your nerves for your first advanced hill. Keeping a great pair of gloves with you can improve your grabbing abilities and also look stylish throughout it all. If you want to know more about picking the best snowboard gloves, keep reading!

Top Snowboard Gloves Picks

Regardless of the climate, or your riding location, there is a glove for you. Take a look at the following options for the best snowboarding gloves that meets your needs!

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Burton Park Snowboard Gloves

Burton Park Snowboard Gloves

Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 3 in. (many sizes available)

Weight: 5.4 ounce

Product Features: Offers a screen grab suede palm and “sticky icky” grip for touchscreen compatibility. The outside shell is made with DRYRIDE fabric and water resistant fibers. There is an ergonomic pre-curved fit and neoprene flex zones.

Best Use: Snowboarding, snow skiing, and shoveling snow

Description: A very lightweight pair of gloves that are great to have for outdoor activities throughout the brisk cold. The Burton Park Snowboard Gloves are touchscreen compatible, and water-resistant! You can easily take pictures or use apps with your device safely in your palm regardless of the activities you are participating in.

Your fingers are able to move freely and the design offers great options for anyone. The flex zones on the knuckles allow a lot of movement and flexibility. However, some customers claim the gloves are not the warmest. This is because these gloves are made for the early spring months rather than the harsh winter temperatures.

Others rave about their style, fit, and efficiency on the slope. While these are not ultra-tech, these gloves are a great option for anyone who wants to keep dry in snow or slush.

Related Products: neff Men’s Snowboarding Pipe Gloves are in the same price range as the Burton Park Gloves. Not to mention, both options have windproof and waterproof material so your hands can stay dry and warm. Both phones are touch screen compatible and come in a variety of vibrant patterns.

Celtek Blunt Snowboard Gloves

Celtek Blunt Snowboard Gloves

Dimensions: 13.8 x 3.9 x 6.3 in. (many sizes available)

Weight: 8.8 ounces

Product Features: These gloves come with a mixture of leather material, water repellant oxford, and comfortable sizing. The Celtek Blunt Gloves are a classic that are great for cold and snowy activities. The gloves come with a “Storm Dry” 15k insert that keep your fingers dry and warm!

Best Use: Snowboarding, park laps, snow skiing, and shoveling.

Description: For a reasonable price, these mid weight gloves, keep all riders warm and toasty when they are on the slopes. The Celtek Blunt Gloves are rated a 9/10 for warmth and waterproof abilities. Sherpa fleece lines the inside of the gloves and you are provided with 15k waterproof and breathable inserts.

There are great gripping abilities with a built in premium Oxford outer shell and a leather palm. Your phone may not be secure with these gloves and they are not touch screen compatible. However, the removable wrist leashes and Velcro wrist closures are great at keeping the snow and slush out of the gloves.

You also won’t have to worry about losing a glove during a slope. The Blunt Gloves are made with great style and a low profile. There are many different patterns and colors to match your preferences. For anyone who wants to hit the slopes in harsh weather or work in the extreme cold, these gloves are a great option.

Related Products: The Burton Gore Tex Gloves are comparable to the Blunt Gloves because they both come with waterproof and thermal inserts and are built for the snowboarding and snow skiing in harsh cold. The Blunt Gloves are not made for touch screen compatibility, however the Gore Tex Gloves are.

Celtek Maya Women’s Snowboard Gloves

Celtek Maya

Dimensions: (many sizes available)

Weight: mid-weight

Product Features: These gloves have a 100% polyester lining and 15k/15k waterproof and “Storm Dry” breathable inserts. The gloves are made with the water-repelling Taslan and rip-resistant nylon. For extra warmth, the snow boarding gloves offer extra length on the cuff so you can tuck them in easily.

Best Use: Snowboarding, snow skiing, and outdoor activities.

Description: The sleek style of the Maya Overcuff Gloves were made with the help of the professional snow boarder, Jess Kimura, so you know they are made for extreme wear. They are also made durable to last you all snowboarding season.

The design and patterns are witty and stylish so you can set trends while shredding through the snow. With the Superloft insulation, the gloves are equipped with 15k/15k storm dry and waterproof inserts so you can stay warm without huge and inefficient gloves. For a snug fit, each glove has Velcro straps at the wrist and removable leashes to keep out any cold snow or slush.

Not to mention worrying about losing your gloves on the slope will be a thing of the past. If you are interested in mixing style and efficiency while you are baring the snow, these gloves are a great fit!

Related Products: The Celtek Women’s Maya Mittens are almost identical to the Celtek Maya Gloves. Both options are waterproof and have a 15k/15k Dry Storm and waterproof inserts and super loft insulation. Style wise, these options are made with funky patterns that are known to stand out.

DaKine Bronco Snowboard Gloves

DaKine Bronco Snowboard Gloves

Dimensions: 3 x 8 x 10 in (many sizes available)

Weight: 7.2 ounces

Product Features: With a GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable insert, your hands will be warm and dry. The gloves feature a high-loft synthetic insulation and a “Rubbertec” palm. Touchscreen compatible fingertips are featured for convenience. The cuff comes with an adjustable hook and loop for efficient closure.

Best Use: Snowboarding, snow skiing, snow blowing, and shoveling snow

Description: These gloves are known to keep your hands warm in temperatures below 0 degrees. They fit as expected and are very durable. The thick material on the shell is great for keeping out the cold and the insulation is even better for keeping the warmth inside the gloves, which you’ll notice as soon as you slip your hands inside.

With 400g on the backside and 230g on the palm of hand you will be warm for the entire season. With wipe panels on the thumbs, you can easily wipe a running nose in the cold. Whenever you need to wipe your goggles, these gloves feature a PU thumb wipe for your goggles as well. Instead of a strap, the Bronco Gore-Tex Gloves come with a hook for securing the gloves in place.

This method is faster than the straps, which allows quick and easy wear. These gloves may be too hefty for a spring day, but if you are involving yourself with hard work and activity during the coldest months, you will be guaranteed to be warm.

Related Products: The Dakine Titan Gloves are comparable to the Bronco Glove because they have very similar features. Both products come with Gore Tex Waterproof inserts to keep your hands warm and high loft insulation. However, the Titan has a longer cuff compared to the Bronco. Both are simple in design and low profile gloves.

DC Radian Snowboard Gloves

DC Radian Snowboard Gloves

Dimensions: 13 x 5 x 2 in. (many sizes available)

Weight: 5.6 ounces

Product Features: 80g insulation throughout the entire glove keeps you warm in spring temperatures. The glove comes with a Velcro adjustable cuff closure and a neoprene cuff. The index finger and thumb is touch screen compatible for your convenience.

Best Use: Snowboarding and snow skiing.

Description: The DC Radian Gloves are a great option for those who continue to snowboard into the early months of the spring season. While they are not warm enough for the winter months, they are mostly waterproof and work well with phone screens.

These gloves offer a happy medium between the highly-insulated and the un-insulated glove options. When it comes to slushy days, your hands may get a little wet, but not too much. With articulated index and middle finger joints you can move freely and comfortably. You can choose from bright colors and patterns or simple and black.

They may fit a little small in the fingers so you may want to order a size up. If you are only a moderate snow boarder who doesn’t experience much cold, these gloves can keep your hands warm for a great price.

Related Products: The DC Men’s Antuco Glove is priced similar to the Radian glove and offers similar qualities. Both are touch screen compatible with a polyurethane index finger and have a stretch neoprene cuff. However, the Antuco gloves are not very waterproof and are made for light snow interaction. The Radian gloves are made for moderate activity and can keep your hands dry.

Oakley Women’s Five Lakes Gloves

Oakley Women's Five Lakes Gloves

Dimensions: 3 x 6 x 13 in. (many sizes available)

Weight: 6 ounces

Product Features: Comes with a PU thumb so you can wipe your goggles easily and at any time. The shell offers 15k waterproofing and the high quality Thinsulate insulation that will keep your fingers warm in cold weather. With touch screen capabilities your can efficiently use your phone or devices.

Best Use: Snowboarding and snow skiing

Description: You get the best of both worlds with the Five Lakes Glove. The herringbone weave and leather makes up the outer shell that protects your hands without being too bulky. The mixture of textures also gives you a glove that has grip.

The removable leash makes keeping your gloves an easy task even when you take them off your hands. When you are shredding through the snow, you can easily wipe your goggles with the PU thumb. The leather knuckles allow you to move your fingers with ease and a zip up closure keeps your hands as warm as possible.

These are great for women who need maximum performance without much bulk. Not to mention, the Wood Gray color is classy and matches with anything.

Related Products: The Oakley Women’s Factory Winter 2 Gloves offer great insulation and touchscreen capabilities like the Five Lakes Gloves. The Winter 2 Glove is a leather glove that offers waterproof protection similar to the Five Lakes Glove. Both are great for snowboarding.

Howl Alder Snowboard Gloves

Howl Alder Snowboard Gloves

Dimensions: (many sizes available)

Weight: very light-weight

Product Features: The suede leather material is featured on the inner palm/thumb. A gel grip is featured on the palm for added grasping abilities. The lightweight material is great for warmer days.

Best Use: Snowboarding in mild environments.

Description: The Howl Adler glove is a thinner glove that doesn’t offer insulation. However, you can use the gloves for protection and great grip. These gloves will stay put on your hand while you are gripping during your grabs because of the Neoprene cuff.

For those warmer days when you don’t need the warmth of a glove but the grip of one, these gloves are perfect. The inside of the glove features brushed tricot so your fingers can be comfortable while you are gripping your board, phone, or belongings.

You have the choice of 3 different color ways for your own personal preference. These gloves are perfect for someone who doesn’t need warmth or much waterproof protection.

Related Products: The Grenade Bob Gnarly Ski Snowboarding Gloves offer a palm that is made with great gripping materials like the Howl Adler Gloves. Both gloves are lightweight and have secure cuffs for security. Not to mention, vibrant graphics on the palm for added style.

Why Do I Need Gloves instead of Mittens or Lobster Claws?

When you go out on the slopes, you want your hands to be warm, regardless of what temperature you are facing. Your hands can be warm with the right gloves, mittens, or lobster claws. You may be asking why gloves are most important to your snowboarding journey.

Well, gloves provide you with dexterity of your fingers that mittens and lobster claws do not. When you are snowboarding or snow skiing, you want to be able to maneuver your fingers for grabs and tricks. You also want to make sure you can move your little digits when you are using your phone.

Most snowboard gloves and mittens are touch screen compatible. Now that we’ve got that covered, lets look into the many features to look for in a snowboard glove.

How to Choose the Best Snowboard Gloves

So now that we know the basics. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty features that will make you fall in love with your pair of gloves. For every pair of gloves, there is a reason behind them. Whether you are snowboarding in the extreme winter months or in the early spring, each glove has its purpose and you must find yours!

Figuring out what gloves are the best for you starts when you figure out what you need them for. Once you know that, you can move into the great features!

Water Proof

Regardless of what weather you are going to be in, you are going to want waterproof capabilities in your snow boarding gloves. After you’ve been in the cold wet snow for hours, you want to make sure your gloves are keeping your hands dry and warm.

Gore-Tex is a great technology that is often used in snowboard gloves that offers great protection. There is nothing more uncomfortable than wet and cold hands while you are trying to enjoy shredding the slopes.


Make sure you are buying gloves that allow airflow in and out of your gloves. Even when it is freezing outside, as you are maneuvering around, your hands may begin to sweat.

When your gloves are breathable, the sweat can escape and will allow your hands to be comfortable and dry. Keeping your mind off your hands, you can focus on the task that brought you to this point; snowboarding!


If you get cold very quickly or continue to ride in colder months, looking for gloves with insulation is a great choice for you. You can choose from a “down” insulator that is lightweight, or a “synthetic” insulator that is less expensive than down but is a little heavier.

The insulation will keep your hands protected from the cold without much bulk. Like insulation in home, the extra layer is like a buffer that keeps the cold out.

Cuff Length

Depending on the type of boarding you do, the cuff length is a great feature to consider. If you snowboard in deep snow, the longer cuff will be better because they go over your jacket sleeve.

This protects your arm and wrist from the cold. If you board in the park or pipe, a shorter cuff is better for you so you can grip effectively.

Touch Screen Compatibility

When you are out on the slopes and you want to snap a quick picture or reply to a text message, it is now possible with the technology of today. This feature is typically found in lightweight and mid weight gloves that allow a full range of motion in your fingers.

If you plan to use your phone while on the slopes or you simply want to have the option, look for gloves with touch screen capabilities. (You should also look for gloves that have a decent grip in the palm so you don’t drop your phone in the snow!)


In order for a glove to be comfortable and offer your fingers dexterity, they must fit your hand correctly. If the snowboard gloves are too big, it will be difficult to keep anything in your hand and you will make clumsy movements with your fingers. If your gloves are too small, your movement will be restricted and your palms and wrists may be exposed to the cold. Most gloves offer many different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for yourself.

There are many gloves that offer more convenient features. However, the above six components are features you should look for when searching for the perfect gloves.

To Conclude…

When you find the perfect gloves for your snowboarding excursion you will notice a difference compared to your out of date gloves that you wore before. A perfect fitting pair of gloves can make all the difference when you are on the slopes.

Hopefully this article has made you that much closer to finding great snowboard gloves specifically for your needs. If there was information that was not listed in this article please comment below! We would love to hear your feedback.

6 thoughts on “Best Snowboard Gloves: Research for Those Who Need a Perfect Pair”

  1. I don’t do many tricks on my board, but I can definitely see your point about dexterity being a must, especially in some situations. The points on cuff length is something to keep in mind if you are one to do tricks too, because it offers the most protection for the widest range of movements.

  2. For snowboarding, gloves are the best, hands-down! With dexterity being a top consideration, you can choose gloves with a variety of features, although cuff length and insulation are top features to consider for my need. For insulation, I always go for down insulation – pricey, yes but provides the warmth that I need.

  3. That is a good idea to use gloves instead of mittens. I would have never even thought about that. I personally don’t like mittens but my wife definitely does. I see the appeal but I like to be able to use my fingers! Great list of some good gloves to use. I will definitely have to check them out.

  4. But mittens are so cute. I absolutely love them and I have to say they Lee my fingers toasty. But I can see why one would want dexterity. It can be difficult to grab and navigate with mittens.

  5. Thanks Adam, your comments are highly appreciated. Gloves are more versatile so you can do more activities compared to using mittens. What more, with today’s gadgets, we need to constantly check on our phones, make calls, etc. A pair of gloves will come in handy for that, don’t you think so?
    My mom used to make us wear mittens when we were young kids, but when we were a bit older, we turn to wearing gloves. I’m not saying mittens are for kids, but for limited activities that won’t require too much hand activities, mittens can do the job. 🙂

  6. That’s right Tonya. You’ll be limited to a few activities if you wear just mittens. Dexterity is paramount when you’re skiing or just simply using your phone to text or call. Make sure you get the right kinds of gloves, though. These reviews will give you more options, no doubt about it. 🙂


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