Best Ski Goggles: A Way to Combine Style with Safety

If you like skiing, then you know how important it is for you to protect your eyes while you are doing this activity, which means you are probably looking to buy the best ski goggles out there. But why is this such an issue for most people? Well, some simply don’t like wearing them, while others can’t find the right model that fits their needs and expectations.

So, to help you understand why ski goggles are an important accessory and to help you choose the best ones, this article will provide you with both the basic knowledge about them, and a few great ski goggle models on Amazon for you to consider.

Top Ski Goggles on The Market

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Oakley Airbrake Ski Goggles

Weight: 1 pound

Item Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2 inches

Best Use: Good to wear during both, low light conditions, because of the tint, and during a bright day, due to the special UV protection that the lens offers.

Description: A great example of ski goggles that promise excellent comfort, vision, breathability, and that are extremely durable. Oakley Airbrake Ski Goggles are featured by the light-adapting lens we’ve mentioned earlier.

The lent will automatically adjust itself to the conditions in order to make your vision as clear as possible. The frame is covered with a double-layer foam which will ensure extra comfort.

POC Lobes Ski Goggles

Weight: 1 pound

Item Dimensions: 4.33 x 6.22 x 8.78 inches

Best Use: Best used on bright, day, and when the sun is shining more than usual.

Description: This model is featured by exceptional breathability, that will prevent your lens from getting foggy, but at the same time promises low ventilation that would dry out your eyes.

The tint is dark green, which means the goggles are perfect to wear on a bright day, to lower the light, and maximize your vision. POC Lobes Ski Goggles are also featured by a soft polyurethane frame, that increases safety upon eventual impact. The POC Lobes ski goggles also have an extra stong elastic band, which can be adjusted to your comfort, also depending on the size of your head.

Oakley Splice Adult Goggles

Weight: 1 pound

Item Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 5 inches

Best Use: Best used during stable weather, with medium light.

Description: The Oakley Splice Ski Goggles are not your average goggles, and feature great breathability, and comfort. The model is designed in way so it offers you extra comfort on your nose, which means you won’t feel the pressure over your nasal area as you would when wearing other ski goggles.

The lens features UV protection, and uncommon durability, which promises high resistance to any damage it might receive. The frame of the goggles is covered with a comfort promising foam.

Smith Optics I/O Goggle

Weight: 0.5 pound

Item Dimensions: 8.1 x 4 x 4.1 inches

Best Use: Great for usage during unstable weather, and on a bright day.

Description: Smith Optics I/O Goggle offer extra protection agains UV light, the same way they promise maximum eyesight when wearing them. The tint is a dark red color, but the lens can also be removed, and replaced with another lens, so you don’t have to use the original if it doesn’t fit your taste or style.

They are of course very comfortable to wear, and you will probably forget you are even wearing them. The elastic band of the ski goggles is ultra strong, and will surely fit and not bother you at all, once you put on the goggles.

Smith Optics Unisex IO7 Goggles

Weight: 0.6 pounds

Item Dimensions: 8.4 x 4.5 x 4.8 inches

Best Use: Recommended for usage during stable weather, and on a bright day, due to the color of the lens.

Description: Smith Optics Unisex IO7 Goggles have an unusual dark green tint that is perfect on a bright day, which would lower your eyesight, and reduce your vision; and they also have a special UV light protection, as any other great model. The lens can be changed and replaced with another that would fit your needs or style better.

Anon M3 Goggle

Weight: 1.3 pounds

Item Dimensions: 4.5 x 5.4 x 8.1 inches

Best Use: Recommended for usage during really cold, and unstable weather, as well as on a bright day.

Description: Another model that is a great example for ski goggles that have perfect balance between breathability, and the flow of air within the ski goggles. Anon M3 Goggle is super comfortable, durable, and its lens is a one of a kind, changeable, and UV repelling, type.

The tint is dark blue, which is also another great example for ski goggles that are perfect to be worn on a bright day, due to the tint’s emphasizing of the blue light. It is also featured by a triple-layer foam, which promises good comfort.

Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

Weight: 0.71 pounds

Item Dimensions:  10 x 5 x 5 inches

Best Use: The grey tint makes the ski goggles perfect to wear to lower light, and to maximize your vision.

Description: The Oakley Flight Deck ski goggles is another model that is featured by self-adapting, and automatically adjusting lens, depending on the weather. The original tint is dark grey, and it is great for a bright day.

If you got style when it comes to ski goggles, these are the ones for you, and you won’t regret it. In time, you will probably forget you’re even wearing them thanks to their special comforting foam.

Remember that you don’t need to buy the most expensive ski goggles you can find, as long as you make sure they feature all the important things that we’ve mentioned in the text above.

Thnigs You Should Know About Ski Goggles

What are the things that you need to watch out for when buying ski goggles? There are a couple of facts, benefits and disadvantages that you should always keep in mind when choosing. Not all ski goggles are built the same way, so they’re not going to fit everyone perfectly. But the important features everyone should consider when buying ski goggles are breathability, lens and protection quality, comfort, and durability.

You don’t have to wear ski goggles only when going skiing, or snowboarding, but you can also wear them when going hiking or mountaineering. No need to switch to sport sunglasses.

Ski goggles that don’t fit right, feel right, or last long enough, aren’t going to cut it. If you are determined to buy ski goggles in the first place, then you should definitely make sure that you buy for quality.

Ski goggles also provide that extra protection for your face, because in a bad case scenario, if you are to fall face first on a hard surface, the ski goggles are less likely to break and shatter, unlike sunglasses, so that’s another huge plus to consider. The ski goggles can usually bend, and aren’t as fragile.


When it comes to ski goggles, breathability may sound silly as an important feature at first, but it is actually one of the most important. Having good breathability in ski goggles will ensure that there is enough air flowing in to prevent the lens from getting foggy, as well as a minimum flow of air to prevent your eyes from getting dry.

A good balance between the two is essential, because in both cases your eyesight is at stake. This balance is very hard to find, and is only featured when it comes to top quality ski goggles.

However, you oftentimes need to choose between the two and make a decision of what are you willing to risk the most. If you choose goggles with low breathability, the lens will become foggy very quickly. But high breathability will dry out your eyes even more quickly. If your eyes get dried out, they will start to itch, which becomes really annoying to deal with if you are looking to stay positive during your day.


The comfort of ski goggles vary, and depend on the quality of the product as well. Wearing comfortable goggles is just as important as having good breathability. Most ski goggles have been adjusted to an average face size.

Make sure you buy goggles with quality foam around the lens, because that is the part that will be pressed up against your face, and you want to make sure that it doesn’t bother you. There are two-layer and three-layer foams, and it depends on the model of the goggles. The three-layer foams are always better, and promise better comfort.

As far as the elastic band of the goggles is concerned, you can always adjust it to your comfort, depending on whether you like it tighter or more loose. However, you should always find that perfect balance, because it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. That will greatly influence the breathability, so that is why it’s important.

Lens Quality

All the features important for ski goggles always differ depending on the manufacturer. Every ski goggle lens is designed in way to maximize your eyesight, and protect your eyes as much as possible. However, what really matters is the color of the lens.

Every ski goggle lens tint is good for a special occasion. It’s good to have a number of different lenses that you can always wear depending on what kind of weather awaits you.

For example, yellow or gold lenses are great for when it’s foggy outside, or if the light and visibility is low. This is because it filters out the blue light and makes it easier for you to spot certain objects and judge the terrain better.

Darker tints like, dark brown, dark, grey, dark green, and dark purple, are best used for the opposite of low light. If the sun is shining, the light will always reflect from the snow, and make it seem like the day is brighter than it actually is. Especially on high altitudes, because the UV light on mountains can be up 12% stronger, because there is much less air up there to filter out the UV rays.

It is always recommended wearing ski goggles because they provide extra protection against the cold, and the glare that reflects from the snow, than any other sunglasses. This creates the need for skiers and snowboarders to wear ski goggles with darker lenses to minimize the extra light, to make it easier for you to recognize the terrain and other objects.

Ski goggles lenses are extremely sensitive to light, and can change their level of protection at any time, because they can automatically adjust to the surrounding light.

A lens that resembles a mirror from the front is also good for a bright day, because it deflects the light that would penetrate your lens and lower your visibility.

There are also ski goggles with so called photochromic lenses, that adjust themselves automatically to the surrounding light, which makes them perfect for several occasions.

However, it is always recommended to buy ski goggles that allow you change the lens at any time. This makes it much more easier for you to use the correct lens for the occasion. Remember, it is important for you to adjust to the weather, so you can know what goggles to wear, or what lens to put on. Don’t underestimate how easily you can misjudge the terrain just because of the light and weather. The right ski goggles and lens will help you recognize and see shadows on the ground better, which always makes it safer for you.


The durability of the ski goggles can measured in the percentage of how much damage they can take until they get damaged beyond repair. Without a doubt, the lens is the part of the goggles that you should keep undamaged at all times. It is important that you keep your goggles safe when you aren’t using them, so keep them in a safe place, packed and protected.

This is all a part of the durability of the ski goggles. It also depends on what material the goggles are made from. The lens is in most cases made out of a polycarbonate material, which cannot be shattered, and is extremely durable; the frame is usually made out of plastic.

Most ski goggles will come with a special case, and carrying bag, in which you can carry them. The bag is often times cushioned on the inside to provide extra protection from any outside damage it might receive.

Since the frame of the ski goggles is usually made from plastic, that means it is going to be fragile and easy to break, if not protected enough.  Don’t leave the goggles laying around on a hard surface, that is how you risk damaging your lens also.

Now that we’ve covered most the basics on ski goggles, let’s review one of the best models Amazon has to offer.

Useful Tips

  • The most important things that you need to consider and watch out for when buying ski goggles is comfort and how the lens affects your vision. Don’t buy ski goggles just because they look nice and fancy. The price doesn’t always tell you everything. When buying ski goggles, try them on, and wear them for a couple of minutes to see if they are comfortable and provide good vision.
  • It is always recommended that you buy ski goggles that have a lens, that can be replaced with another lens. Don’t leave yourself without an option by buying ski goggles with one specific tint of the lens, as that may not be appropriate for several occasions.
  • If your ski goggles don’t have much breathability and get foggy soon, make sure to take them off every 10 minutes or so. This can be annoying to do, but don’t let a foggy lens reduce your eyesight. Don’t let your goggles steam up, and then go on without clearing the lens, because it can be much more dangerous than you think.
  • Keep your lens clean. Always clean it with a soft piece of cloth. Don’t use anything like a towel, because over time, you can damage and scratch your lens.
  • Remember that ski goggles aren’t only for protecting you from UV lights and to make your improve your vision in bad weather. They also prevent the speed of wind from damaging your eyesight. Never go skiing and snowboarding without ski goggles, because upon reaching a decent speed, your eyes will start to tear and shut by themselves. Don’t make this amateur mistake.

What Do We Know About Ski Goggles Now?

Well, to be short and precise, everything. If you’ve read this article from top to bottom, then you know everything that you need to know about ski goggles, and that will help you choose the best ones, in the future.

Consider all the important features that we’ve mentioned earlier, and don’t forget the extra tips. Ski goggles are a truly great way for skiers and snowboarders, to combine style with safety, for a result, from which you will always benefit.

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  1. I have bought a Bobster Phoenix Fit On Sunglasses recently and am happy with them. They have 3 lenses: clear, amber and dark. During winter I’m using the clear one. Before, I was using motorcycle glasses but they don’t cover as much of your face as ski goggles. However, they do block the wind. The photochromic lenses are really nice, and they don’t fog up.

  2. The Oakley brand is also an excellent brand and is trusted for years. You may want to examine some of the ski googles mentioned above that’s similar to yours. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I received the Smith Optics Unisex 107 as a present. This is the best I’ve had and the lenses worked perfectly under the light of any terrain. It is also lightweight and comfortable to wear. The only small problem was the changing of the lens when I needed it but these are excellent while on use. Love ’em!

  4. They are also very comfortable to wear, right? I like the wide elastic band that makes wearing the goggles very easy. Not too tight nor too loose – just the right fit. The lens changing takes getting used to but once you got the hang of it, it will be a breeze!
    Also, these googles really give clarity of vision and for that price, it’s worth every penny.


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