Best Women’s Winter Hiking Boots: Protecting Your Feet This Winter

Winter season is in full swing, which means you definitely need to consider buying some warm and appropriate winter apparel. When buying winter clothes and accessories, no one should forget getting themselves a good pair of winter boots.

Buying the best women’s winter hiking boots may seem tough, as the choices are too many. However, this is particularly important if it snows where you live. You need boots that will keep your feet nice and warm while protecting them from getting wet.

Even if it does not snow in your neighborhood, you still need a good pair of boots to help you get around in cold, freezing temperatures. After all, if your feet are cold, you will never be comfortable. This is why it is always a great idea to invest in a good pair of winter boots.

Here is a guide of the best women’s winter hiking boots, as well as some tips about factors to consider when buying such boots.

Best Winter Boots for Women

Let’s move on to the list of the best winter boots for women. All factors were considered when selecting these boots, so you are sure to benefit from this list.

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1 – Merrell Women’s Dewbrook Zip Waterproof Winter Boot

Merrell Womens Dewbrook Zip

Weight:1 lb.

Best Used for: Walking in cold, wet weather

Special features: Leather upper, which provides waterproof properties; Rubber sole; 200g M Select DRY low-bulk insulation and M Select DRY waterproof, breathable membrane; Fleece lining which adds warmth; Inside zipper; Merrel ™ air cushion in the sole. This helps to absorb shock and add stability

These Dewbrook Zip Waterproof Winter Boots are highly water-resistant boots which will keep your feet warm and dry during cold, wet conditions. The sole is made of rubber which provides a great grip. This means that you can walk around in the snow and sleet without slipping.

The fleece lining and leather upper will keep your feet warm and also prevent moisture from getting inside. The boots are also not very heavy which means that you can walk around in them for a long time without your feet feeling tired. The only negative thing is that you might not be able to wear extremely thick socks under the boots as the boots are rather snug.

Related: Merrrel produces a lot of winter boots for women like the Murren Tall Waterproof. These boots are very comfortable, relaxing and warm, with good level of insulation.

2 – Columbia Bugaboot Plus III Titanium Omni-Heat Boot

Columbia Bugaboot Plus III

Weight: 20.5 oz/ 584 g

Best Used for: Walking and hiking in cold weather conditions

Special Features: Leather, nylon, webbing and metal hardware upper; OutDry breathable construction which lets air inside the boots; Water-proof leather; OmniGrip ™ rubber sole; 600g synthetic insulation; Techlite ™ midsole; Temperature setting: -65 F/ -54C

These Columbia Bugaboot Plus Omni-Heat Boots are great for cold, wet weather when you want to keep your feet completely dry. The best thing about these boots is that they offer a high level of traction so you will not slip or fall in the snow or rain. The boots uses laces to ensure closure, which allows for a perfectly snug fit. However, because of the laces, it takes some time to get the boots on.

The boots remain warm and dry up easily so you can wear them again soon. They also do not allow rain or snow to get inside. The material is breathable so your feet will not sweat overtly, or feel suffocated. In this way you can walk around in comfort; the shoes will not feel like a burden.

Related: Some of Columbia’s boots are specific hiking boots like Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot while others can be used for any purpose. Women’s Minx Slip II OmniHeat does not use laces, while most of their boots close with laces. However, that makes these boots easier to get on and off, especially if you’re in a hurry.

3 – Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boots

Kamik Womens Momentum Boots

Weight: 944g per pair

Best Used for: Walking in cold weather, but best avoided in slush or puddles

Special Features: Nylon mesh upper; Temperature rating: -40 degree Celsius; Gusseted tongue; Faux snow on collar; Fixed 200B 3M™ Thinsulate™ and foam insulation; Good traction

These Snow Boots are ideal for casual walking around and going on errands. The boots are lightweight and therefore will not tire your feet, even if you walk long distances. The insulating material of these boots offers warmth and comfort. There is faux fur at the collar which looks quite good and keeps the warm air in.

If you are planning on walking some place where there are water puddles, slush or sleet, these boots are not the perfect option. This is because their nylon upper starts to leak through after some time spent in wet conditions. As long as you are walking around in dry, cold weather, though, the boots are perfect. They will also function well in snow and rain but you need to stay out of wet puddles as the water-resistance of these boots is not perfect.

Related: Other winter boots for women by Kamik include Addams and Harper, among others. They’re made of excellent quality materials, look stylish, and are guaranteed to keep your feet dry this winter.

4 – The North Face Women’s Nuptse Purna

The North Face Nuptse Purna

Weight: 14.4 ounce/ 1lb

Best Used for: Very cold weather

Special Features: Upper is made of BLC compliant velvet suede; Waterproof synthetic shell; Upper and shell is waterproof; Water-resistant, P.E.T ripstop cuff detail; 200g PrimaLoft ® Eco insulation; TNF ™ outer sole grip with temperature sensitive lugs; Seam-sealed construction

The North Face Nuptse Purna are winter boots for women which offer style as well as warmth. The faux fur at the top of the boot adds beauty and looks classy. The boots are high, so you can keep your feet as well as the bottom of your calves warm. The boots come in different colors so you can choose one you like.

The boots can be worn with or without socks as they have enough room for even thick, thermal socks. The outer material is waterproof so your feet will remain dry and cozy. The shoes also provide a great deal of warmth. TNF ™ outer sole grip ensures traction and perfect grip in all kinds of conditions. The boots are also comfortable and not very heavy.

Related: Other winter boots by NorthFace include Women’s Chilkat 400 Boots. The full leather upper and rubber sole are guaranteed to keep you dry and upright as the grip reduces any slipping on icy surfaces.

5 – UGG Women’s Adirondack

UGG Womens Adirondack

Weight: N/A

Best Used for: Cold, wet weather. Perfect even for sports like hockey.

Special Features: Wool blend textile; Waterproof leather material; Temperature rating -20 degree Celsius; Seam-sealed construction; UGGPure ™ wool lining; removable insole; eVent ® membrane

UGG Women’s Adirondack are extremely comfortable and very durable. They will not break down or get damaged easily. The insulation in these boots is very high quality so your feet will not get soaked by snow, rain or slush. The warmth provided by these boots is great so even socks are not always needed. Your feet will be comfortable in these boots.

These boots are very stylish and look good everywhere. They can easily function through snow and mud and still keep the wearer’s feet completely dry. The boots also do not slip or skid, so you can be sure that you will be safe while walking around in them. The heel area is wide, offering great comfort.

Related: Another boot made by UGG is the Ostrander, which has a wonderful fur lining at the top to help keep your feet warm. It’s also available in brown so that you can coordinate your boots with any outfit.

6 – Ahnu Women’s Northridge Insulated WP Hiking Boot

Ahnu Womens Northridge

Weight: 18 oz

Best Used for: Prolonged walking in winters

Special Features: Made of leather and textile; Laces are used for closure; zippers; 200g Thinsulate insulation; Hydrophobic MeshMoisture Wicking LiningWaterproof ZipperDual-Density EVA; Rubber sole provides traction; Lateral and medial stability posts on midsole

The Northridge Insulated WP Hiking Boots are very comfortable to wear. The shoes may feel a little stiff when they are first worn but after some time they feel comfortable and relaxing. This lightweight boot is of mid-calf length, so you can hope to keep your legs warm as well.

Presence of a zipper as well as laces means that you can adjust the laces according to your feet and then simply open or close the zipper. It also means that you can adjust the width of the boots according to your own preference. The boots provide great breathability while also keeping your feet warm and dry in all kinds of weather conditions. The midsole is designed in a way that it keeps feet stable and in neutral position.

Related: Looking for a boot that’s more practical in style? Consider the Montara WP Boot. Available in five different colours, you won’t have any problems finding one that matches your style. The Vibram sole provides a lot of grip for those snowy and icy conditions, and keep your feet away from the cold ground.

7 – Tecnica Unisex Moon Nylon Fashion Boot

Tecnica Unisex Moon

Weight: N/A

Best Used for: Cold, wet weather conditions

Special Features: lacing at vamp as well as shaft; Shell is made of waterproof nylon; Lacing is wraparound; Foam insulation is present; Outsole is synthetic and provides perfect traction

These Tecnica Fashion Boots are perfect for below freezing temperature. The insulation of these boots is very high quality, and hence they easily keep snow, rain and sleet out. Even walking around in soft snow or slush will not get the inside of these boots wet. The lining is soft and comfortable, which means that you will be able to walk around in these boots for as long as you want. They keep feet warm and toasty, even if the weather outside is freezing.

The shoes are rather bulky, so it may feel a little uncomfortable driving in them. This is why you should keep different boots for driving. The laces tie all the way round, which makes the boots a snug fit. As an added advantage, the boots are also very stylish and so you can look classy while keeping your feet warm and comfortable in cold, freezing weather. There is a wide, branded stripe at the shaft which further adds to the style of these boots.

Related: Tecnica Women’s Monaco Moon Boot and Tecnica Moon Boot Women’s Vinil Winter Boots are some other snow boots made for women by Tecnica. All of them are characterized by their warmth, insulation and style.

Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Winter Boots

If you are planning on buying winter boots, you should consider these points first. Keeping all of the following factors in mind will help you make your selection with ease.


This is obviously the most important factor to consider when buying winter boots. The best brands actually offer temperature settings and thus you will know how cold a weather you will be protected against in these boots.


The upper material of the boot is what keeps your feet dry in case of rain or snow.

  • Leather winter boots may seem like a great option but the fact is that when they are soaked, they can get damaged rather easily. This is why leather boots should not be your first choice if you are planning to walk around in sleet or slush.
  • Boots made of rubber. These boots are waterproof and your feet will not get wet no matter what. However, they do have the disadvantage that these boots are less breathable than others. This means that you should not buy rubber boots unless you are living somewhere where it is wet quite a lot.
  • Boots with nylon upper are also a good choice since they prevent moisture from getting inside the boots. Nylon is not completely waterproof though, so don’t expect your feet to be perfectly dry if you walk through slush, sleet or puddles.
  • Boots also have uppers made of suede, which can be a good option in case of light rain or snow but usually is not ideal for heavy rain or snowfall.


Boot lining is another essential thing which will keep your feet warm. Linings made of polypropylene, acrylic and wool are great because these boots provide added warmth.

They also have the advantage that they dry out fairly quickly so you can use the boots again in a short amount of time. Good quality winter boots have anti-microbial lining to prevent foot odors.


Always inspect the sole of the boot that you are planning to buy. Snow boots mostly come with rubber soles. The point is that the sole should offer enough traction and grip that you do not slip and fall on the snow. Boots which have bumps in the sole offer better grip, and are preferred.


Before you actually purchase your boots, walk around in them for a couple of minutes to see if they are comfortable. This is important because some winter boots boast of great insulation and warmth but end up being too stuffy and intolerable. This is also a great way to determine how well the boot fits on your foot.

Water-resistance and Insulation

The whole purpose of winter boots is buying something which will keep your feet warm. Boots with wool and Thinsulate offer warmth and insulation without becoming to heavy. A weight of 400g for Thinsulate is ideal if you live in regions where it is freezing cold. Otherwise, even 200g would do.

A water resistant upper and a gusseted tongue will prevent the interior of your boot from becoming wet due to snow or rain. A cuff is another lining at the top of the boot which prevents snow from getting in the boot. Boots that lace up are also better as they form a more snug fit than zipped boots.


Never choose boots that are too heavy. They may seem highly waterproof and therefore good for winters, but you will not be able to walk around in them for a long time.


This was a list of the very best women’s winter hiking boots. All of these boots are perfect for cold weather. They will keep your feet warm and dry while preventing snow, sleet, slush or rain from getting inside. The lining of these boots ensures that feet remain warm and do not get cold or numb.

The boots are all perfect to be used in freezing temperatures. They will not get damaged easily and, in fact, will remain in good condition for a long time. This is very important as winter boots need to be worn in extreme conditions, so you need boots that do not break down after being worn a few times.

Do you have any winter boots which you would like to add in this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Haha, the first photo looks like me when I’m really enjoying a hike! Well material is very important, I would reiterate that you should make sure the boots you’re getting are not too heavy. You will, after all, be walk through something that tends to stick and weigh things down, and something you don’t want halfway up a peak is to realize you’re working muscles that you didn’t know you had.

  2. Haha, that made me laugh! I bet you looked excited with your new hiking boots on. These are important since the right kinds of winter hiking boots can help you especially during long walks. Make sure you get lightweight ones, opt for water-resistant that keeps your feet dry at all times.

  3. Wonderful idea about wearing them even in places that don’t get snow. I always wore them when it snowed and just regular shoes at other times. Now I have trick! Thanks for much for the informative article.

  4. Those Tecnica are adorable! I actually lived somewhere with sub-zero temps and it was pretty miserable. I had some cheap ugly shoes, too. I really wish I had known these existed! Not only could they keep my feet super warm but they are totally cute. I am going to check these out!

  5. These winter hiking boots are geared for snow or freezing weather (even without Mr. Snow). Back in the East Coast where my sister lives, they don’t really get that much snow but the temperature can really dip. These winter boots really get the job done and she’s happy with her pair.
    She loves the warmth and insulation that her boots provide. Also, these are really sturdy and will last a long time with proper care.

  6. These “moon boots” are really something, right? I’ve seen my girlfriend in this pair and she looked awesome! Seeing the admiring glances of other people do put her in a great mood, lol.
    Not only that, but the boots are very functional too, not just your ordinary eye candies. They have superior traction and my girl affirms the inside of the boots are very comfortable and soft. 🙂


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