Best Rubber Muck Boots for Women: Enjoying The Outdoors in Style

Best Rain Boots for Women
Daniel Carraway
Written by Daniel Carraway

While many women fear the outdoors because of the arduous conditions associated with it, a few seem to embrace the joy of the outdoors. The best rubber boots will make the experience a better and less frustrating experience and you will be able to tread through mud and lush wet vegetation in style. We have set out to help you enjoy the outdoors and bring you the best rubber boots for women.

These boots are not only designed to keep your feet dry but to also provide you with comfort and make every step an easy and comfortable one. Walking through mud should never again disgust or discourage you, and you will now have the advantage of the best mud boots to get you through those situations.

While outdoor boots are different from standard shoes or boots for everyday use, there are still a few things that boots have in common. We will show you some of the top features you need to look for when considering your next pair of rain boots.

What to Consider When Buying Rain Boots

The best muck boots usually have a few distinct features that make them great for the outdoors.

Rain Boots for Women features

Obviously, they are water-resistant and completely cover your feet, but we have decided to look deeper at what makes these boots unique and which features will help you get the most out of your rain boots:

  • Materials: The most important feature that you need to look for is the type of materials that have been used in the manufacturing of the boot. The materials are usually chosen for their ability to keep water out, and there are many varieties available:
    • PVC: also called vinyl, it’s very good at keeping out water. It can look a bit tacky, with its shiny exterior, but it gets the job done and easily takes on bright dyes to create very attractive and stylish boots.
      However, PVC isn’t the best choice if you’re interested in helping the environment, as it does contain chlorine, which is toxic to ground water. The production of vinyl also creates a lot of toxic chemicals in the air, so if you’re trying to go green, this shouldn’t be your first choice.
    • Synthetic Rubber: this is a type of plastic that is a by-product of petroleum. It works just as well as PVC, if not better, and it’s easier to obtain when petroleum is treated to create other products. However, this process still adds toxins to the air, and special chemicals have to be added to the synthetic rubber in order to make it flexible and durable.
    • Natural Rubber: produced from the sap of rubber trees, if you find a pair of natural rubber boots, be prepared to pay a slightly higher price than what you expect. Not many chemicals need to be added to make natural rubber work, except for a few additives to preserve the rubber itself and the dyes that are used to add colour.
  • Comfort: While the majority of the population are either supinated or pronated walkers, the rest will have no problem finding comfort. The insole should be able to mold according to the way you walk and this will reduce the stress on the ankles and joints for anyone suffering from pronated or supinated feet.
  • Arch size: The arch size is important when we look at added strength. Outdoor, you may encounter extremely difficult terrain and this may put a strain on your ankles and your joints. By having the added support and comfort of the longer arch, you will be able to walk on these uneven surfaces with maximum ankle and joint support .
  • Temperature resistant: While most rain boots are made from rubber, they should also be able to keep your feet warm on the inside. Rain is usually paired with cooler conditions and water on the ground may sometimes be ice cold. The perfect rain boot should keep your feet dry and warm, so many brands have incorporated wax or wool inner linings to help keep you warm.
  • Style: This one is important to all women. Women love clothing items that make them feel beautiful and attractive. This is even true when we look at outdoor clothing. If the shoes are not “cute” or stylish, some women may prefer to stay indoors and not enjoy the outdoor life.
  • Slip resistant soles: Rain boots should be specifically designed to withstand slippery conditions. Before purchasing a pair it is important to examine the sole type and how resistant the sole. Some designs will only provide you with anti-slip protection in wet conditions while the better rubber soles are designed to be slip resistant on ice as well

Understanding these features should give you an idea of what you are looking for.  Men will also be able to take advantage of this article and could surprise their loved ones this Christmas season with a new pair of outdoor boots.

Top Rain Boots for Women

Joules Women’s Welly Print Rain Boot

Joules Women's Welly Print Rain Boot

Materials: 55%Rayon/45% Polyester

Weight: Approx. 2lbs

Special Features: Shaft measures 13 inches from the arch, non-slip rubber sole, large boot opening, white wax film to protect boot from damage in high temperatures

Description: The Joules Women’s Welly Print rain boot is one of the unique pieces of outdoor equipment on the market. The boot looks extremely different with the dotted style and also features a white wax film that has been incorporated in the materials.

The protective film will only be exposed in hot conditions and can be wiped off with a damp cloth. It has only been incorporated to protect the rubber from damage.

The shaft measures about 13 inches from the arch and even though this may seem big, it is actually just the perfect length. The shaft will protect your joints while also providing extra strength to your ankles and you will never have to fear any abrasions that may occur.

Furthermore, you will have the benefit of the non-slip rubber sole. The sole has been designed to withstand slippery environments like ice and to a certain degree, you will even have capabilities of withstanding oil.

The boots are also extremely light and they will fit snug around your feet. If you are caught between sizes, we recommend taking one size smaller as the boot is made for bigger feet. With the large opening, you may even try to fit your feet inside while wearing a cast.

Bogs Women’s North Hampton All Weather Rain Boot

Bogs Women's North Hampton All Weather Rain Boot

Materials: Rubber

Weight: 2lbs

Special Features: Shaft measures 14 inches from the arch, stretch to fit dual pull on handles, Bogs max wick lining to keep feet dry, Molded EVA footbed, Dura fresh biotechnology to combat odors

Description: The Bogs Women’s North Hampton Rain Boot certainly shows us that it is even possible for rain boots to enter the 21st century.  The boot is completely made from rubber and the max wick lining on the soles will ensure that the boot is waterproof.

The arch is also waterproof and you will be able to walk through deeper puddles, so you can enjoy having dry feet. The added comfort and strength is provided by the 14-inch shaft that will protect your joints and leave you abrasion-free.

The molded EVA footbed is one of the best features for anyone suffering from pronated or supinated feet. The foot bed will easily mold to the shape of your feet and this will remove the strain from your ankles.

Furthermore, you need not fear bad odors, as the Dura Fresh biotechnology will ensure that all odors quickly evaporate and that not even the odor of wet feet remains. These boots are great to wear every day as they provide style and can be worn with almost any wardrobe.

Finally, the boots have also been designed to be one size bigger and we recommend taking one size smaller if you are in between sizes.

The pull-to-stretch handles will make them easy to put on and should you take a smaller pair, the break in period should be short and painless.

Tretorn Women’s Kelly Rain Boot

Tretorn Women's Kelly Rain Boot

Materials: Rubber

Weight: 4lbs

Special Features: Stylish plain design, shaft measures 13 inches from the arch, knee-high waterproof features, 14.5-inch boot opening, lightly padded insole and soft linings

Description: The Tretorn Women’s Kelly Rain Boot is one of the most versatile boots on the market. The boot is not only designed to keep water out, but the abrasion-resistant inner lining will also keep your feet warm. This will allow you to wear the boots in the snow as well.

The shaft measures 13 inches from the arch and offers you extra support to your joints and ankles. You will also be able to squeeze any longer pants inside the boots to ensure that no holes are left and that your feet are kept completely warm and snug on the inside.

The waterproof lining stretches all the way to your knee and you will be able to walk through deeper puddles and even the odd shallow river on your outdoor experience.

The boot is not directly designed for supinated and pronated feet, but people suffering from these conditions will be able to take advantage of the soft padded footbed to ensure comfort

Finally, the design incorporated in the boot is not that sophisticated and the plain stylish design should perfectly fit into any wardrobe.

Overall this boot is great for multi-functional use and you will be able to get a lot of use out of the boot for its reasonable price. This should be a great holiday gift for any woman.

Helly Hansen Women’s Veierland 2 Rain Boot

Helly Hansen Women's Veierland 2 Rain Boot

Materials: Rubber

Weight: 1lbs

Special Features: Shaft measures 14.5 inches from the arch, patented Helly grip sole, waterproof rubber design, large opening at the top, 140 years of outdoor experience

Description: Experience is something that only comes with time, and when a company has been around for 140 years, you should probably take note.

The Helly Hansen Women’s Veierland 2 rain boot incorporates all of that experience and provides you with a stylish boot that has been packed with top-of-the-line features.

The boot features a shaft that measures 14.5 inches from the arch. This is a long way up and the boot will almost certainly touch your knees.

The shaft will also provide you with added strength and support for your knees and joints and the soft inner lining will definitely prevent any abrasions from occurring

The boot also features a patented rubber sole that has been tested to withstand slippery conditions and allow you to walk on places that have been covered in ice. The rubber design is also easy to clean and you will be able to easily wipe off any mud with a damp cloth.

With these boots, you will also receive a 1-year limited warranty that will protect you from any manufacturing defects and ensures that you get all the features that you have paid for. The boot features an average footbed and may not be perfect for supinated and pronated feet.

The boot is large in overall size and the opening measures approximately 15 inches. With this, you will be able to easily squeeze you longer pants inside even if you do not own skinny jeans. Overall the boots will ensure comfort and keep your feet warm throughout your expedition.

Kamik Women’s Jennifer Rain Boot

Kamik Women's Jennifer Rain Boot

Materials: Rubber

Weight: 4lbs

Special Features: 0.5-inch heel, stylish plain design, shaft measures 15 inches from the arch, adjustable buckle, removable padded insole

Description: The Kamik Women’s Jennifer rain boot is designed to be plain and extremely stylish. The boot is available in a multitude of colors and you are sure to find one that perfectly matches your outdoor wardrobe.

The 0.5-inch heel will also add to the style and give you the added elevation needed to make you feel taller

The lengthy shaft measures 15 inches from the arch and even though this may not matter to everyone, it will certainly be beneficial to people suffering from weak ankles and joint pain. The soft inner lining will prevent abrasions and this will allow you a comfortable fit and an easy walk.

The boot also features an adjustable buckle. This will allow you to make the boot tighter and ensure that perfect fit, while the wider boot opening will allow you to fit your pants inside and create the perfect winter look.

The padded insole will be great for supinated and pronated feet. The sole will provide added support and comfort and you will also have the ability to easily remove the sole and give it a good wash. This will help eliminate any odors or foul smells.

Finally, the boot is available in almost any color and you will certainly be able to find the perfect color for your wardrobe. The rubber texture is also easy to clean and you could wipe any stain off with a normal damp cloth.

Hunter Womens Original Back Adjustable Rain Boot

Hunter Womens Original Back Adjustable Rain Boot

Materials: Rubber

Weight: 4lbs

Special Features: Shaft measures 16 inches from the arch, stylish plain design, waterproof lining, heel measures 0.25 inches

Description: The more average looking Hunter Women’s original back adjustable rain boot will be the perfect fit for outdoor lovers. The boot offers you the added benefit of being able to adjust the fitting and this will ensure that you always have the right fit.

Sweat pants and dress pants will easily fit inside this boot and the large opening will make the boot look stylish as well.

The boot also features a bent toe effect and the complete design will almost give you the feeling of the traditional cowboy boot. To ensure everything is dry on the inside, the boot features a waterproof lining that will keep out moisture and at the same time keep your feet warm and secure on the inside.

The heel measure 0.25 inches from the boot and the shaft is about 16 inches from the arch. This will give the added height to women and also provide added support for your joints. The soft inner lining will prevent any abrasions from spoiling your outdoor trip and the break in period should also be extremely fast and painless.

Women will love the plain style and the fact that the boot will fit almost any wardrobe. The rubber boots can also easily be wiped off, ensuring that you do not have to worry about walking through tough and muddy conditions.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have now seen the advantages of rain boots and that they can be used for more than just the outdoors. These boots are all stylish and modern, and they will fit into almost any wardrobe.

Rain Boots for Women

Another great benefit for you to consider is the fact that they are not that expensive. Because the boots are extremely large, they will be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, and you will definitely get you money’s worth when investing in a pair.

The larger boots will also give you the benefit of shorter break in periods and thus give you a new and painless shoe.

We would like to encourage you to share your experiences with these boots and if you think that we have missed any, we would be happy to listen. Maybe we could help you even more with finding the perfect rain boots for your needs.


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