Best Rain Boots for Men: The Top 9 Choices You Need to See

When you’re living in an area that gets rain, you always want to be prepared for what’s to come. You don’t want to be stuck inside your house just because there are a few puddles outside. Usually, that means making sure that you have some high-quality rain boots to get you through the mud and water.

The best rain boots for men are going to come in handy in these situations and if you don’t already have a pair you’re definitely going to notice it. The wrong rain boots could leak or be uncomfortable to wear, but with these ones, you won’t have those problems.

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ProductWeightSizing (for men)MaterialsBest usePrice
Kamik Icebreaker5 lbs7 – 14Rubber and syntheticWalking through rain, low water levelsCheck price on Amazon
Lacrosse Hampton 3.0 Mm2.5 lbs7 – 14RubberWalking through rain, low water levelsCheck price on Amazon
Bogs Classic High8 lbs4 – 21Rubber and neopreneLonger treks through water and snow, colder temperaturesCheck price on Amazon
Bogs Ultra Mid-Winter5 lbs4 – 16Rubber and nylonWalking through precipitationCheck price on Amazon
Hunter Original Short5 lbs7 – 13Rubber and microfibersLonger treks and walking through snow and puddlesCheck price on Amazon
The Original Muckboots Adult Chore Mid5.5 lbs6 – 17Rubber and neopreneWalking through terrain/rainCheck price on Amazon
Helly Hansen Midsund 22.8 lbs7.5 – 13, including half sizesRubberWalking through waterCheck price on Amazon
Le Chameau Vierzon2 lbs7 – 15, including some half sizesRubber and syntheticWalking through deeper watersCheck price on Amazon
Tretom Strala3.1 lbs7 – 13, including some half sizesRubber and syntheticWalking through rain and tough environmentsCheck price on Amazon

The Top 9 Best Rain Boots For Men Reviews

Kamik Icebreaker Cold Weather Boot

Weight: 5 lbs

Dimensions: Men’s sizes 7 – 14

Specific features: Knee-high boot, adjustable drawstring, textured toe

Best use: Wading in high water, moderate price

Description: Made with rubber and a synthetic sole, these Kamik Icebreaker Cold Weather Boots are designed to keep out plenty of water and keep you moving through for as long as you need. They are easy to pull on and have a drawstring closure that ensures even rain isn’t going to get down in the tops and into your shoes.

Because of the textured toe, you’ll also have no problem keeping from stubbing your toe or getting anything to pierce through, which means they’re going to last a long time.

Not to mention the exterior is designed to be self-cleaning so you don’t have to worry about mud either. Even better, these shoes are designed so that the inner liner will wick away any type of moisture and will keep you feeling dry as well as comfortable, even when the weather isn’t great or it gets cold in the winter, because these boots work as rain boots and cold weather boots at the same time.

The price on these boots is really affordable and they should be perfect for anyone interested in getting a budget shoe. Moving and trekking through high waters should be easy and the boots can constantly be worn without needing to give them a break. The only downside will be the sizing and with such large sizes, your smaller feet might drown inside them.


  • Decent durability
  • Cozy and comfortable design
  • Waterproof
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Really affordable


  • Definitely not for smaller feet

Related: The Kamik Icebreaker Insulated Winter Boot is another great alternative that you can look into. This boot is designed from solid materials and it will be perfect for those extremely cold temperatures.

Check the price on Amazon

Lacrosse Hampton 3.0 Mm Rubber Boot

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Dimensions: Men’s sizes 7 – 14

Specific features: Ankle height with stretch inserts, easy-on loops, rubber sole

Best use: Walking through rain, low water levels

Description: Made entirely of rubber on the outside with a rubber sole, the LaCrosse Hampton 3.0 MM Rubber Boot is ready for just about anything. These boots fit just right for your next walk through the rain and they look pretty good too.

Entirely waterproof, they have conformed fit webbing and an internal foam footbed to make sure you’re plenty comfortable walking around in them for as long as you need to.

Even better, these are definitely going to work for longer times walking because they’re lightweight and you don’t need to worry about getting tired while you’re wearing them. At only 2.5 pounds per pair, you’ll be able to do it just fine and you’ll love that these boots are designed for rugged use.

These shoes, unfortunately, do run a little small and you might need to get a size that is a little bigger than your normal shoe size. Other than that, the shoes are also a little more expensive, but they will certainly give you long-lasting durability.


  • Lightweight design
  • Good durability
  • Reasonably priced
  • Conforms to the shape of your feet.


  • They do run a little small

Related: The LaCrosse 18″ Burly Classic Hunting Boot is a high-cut boot that should be perfect for those hunting trips and will allow you to trek through almost any environment. The boot is fully insulated and will make a great substitute.

Check the price on Amazon

Bogs Classic High Winter Snow Boot

Weight: 8 lbs

Dimensions: Men’s sizes 4 – 21

Specific features: Range of sizes, 12 inches from arch to top, high traction

Best use: Longer treks through water and snow, colder temperatures

Description: These Bogs Classic High Winter Snow Boots you’ll be able to walk through any kind of precipitation whether it’s water or snow because they’re designed to be entirely waterproof and still insulated against the cold.

Made with rubber and neoprene as well as a rubber sole, they’re specially designed for the right fit and stability as well. The boots stretch all the way up to the knee with rubber up around the ankles to protect against any kind of debris and neoprene over the legs to provide enough wicking and air flow.

That way you’ll feel cool even walking longer distances and you’ll be able to keep your boots from rubbing against your skin. Not only that, but these boots are comfortable down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, and keeps you waterproof and warm down to -40, which means you won’t have a problem no matter where you go.

The boots also feature a contoured EVA midsole and this will easily mold to the shape of your feet. If you might be suffering from pronation or supination, these boots will certainly be the perfect fit for you. The price is also quite decent and we would highly recommend these shoes for the value they provide.


  • Stylish design with good durability
  • Excellent traction
  • Designed to keep your feet warm
  • Conform to the shape of your feet.


  • Once again the sizing does run a little small

Related: The Bogs Men’s Urban Farmer Rain Boot is a low-cut boot, but it is also extremely lightweight and should be perfect for those puddles and mushy area on the farm. This boot is also not that expensive.

Check the price on Amazon

Bogs Ultra Mid-Winter Snow Boot

Weight: 5 lbs

Dimensions: Men’s sizes 4 – 16

Specific features: Pull-on handles, nylon shaft, moderate price

Best use: Moderate price, easy-on, walking through precipitation

Description: The right pair of boots is essential for winter weather and rain and these Bogs Ultra Mid-Winter Snow Boots are the right pairs. They’re made with rubber soles and a rubber shell with a nylon shaft to keep your feet warm and dry no matter the conditions outside.

Rated for temperatures that range from 60 degrees all the way down to -35 degrees, you won’t need another pair of boots for anything, especially comfort, because they have a sponge style midsole to keep your feet comfortable no matter how long you’re walking and the insoles are designed with anti-microbial insoles to help you keep from slipping and to keep odor at bay, even in warmer conditions.

The traction on the bottom means that you can walk through water and rough surfaces without slipping and the moderate price is great for anyone. The one thing that does bother us is the fact that over time you might find a few leaks and the water might begin to peer through. As with these Bogs shoes, the sizing is a little off and it does take some time to figure out which size will actually fit you.


  • Decent durability
  • Designed to keep your feet warm
  • Really affordable price tag
  • Excellent traction
  • Abrasion resistant


  • The sizing is a little small
  • Not fully waterproof

Related: The Bogs Bozeman Mid-M Snow Boot is much similar to the winter boot and it will also ensure that rain does not easily get into your boot. This boot is low-cut and should provide you with some excellent traction as well.

Check the price on Amazon

Hunter Original Short Wellington Boot

Weight: 5 lbs

Dimensions: Men’s sizes 7 – 13

Specific features: High-level traction, vulcanized rubber, microfiber lining

Best use: Longer treks and walking through snow and puddles

Description: These boots may look like your typical rain boots, but as soon as you try them on you’ll know different because the Hunter Original Short Wellington Boots are anything but typical. They have a lining on the inside that is designed to keep your feet warmer but also to make sure that you’re more comfortable as you’re walking because, after all, that’s going to be extremely important.

Not only that but you’re going to like the style, though it is somewhat basic, and the way they’re designed to fit tight to your feet rather than sliding and the way they fit high up your leg for added protection from the elements. Though they’re higher priced than many other options, these boots are definitely going to be worth the added cost for just about anyone because of the high quality and other features.

These boots are highly recommended for flooding areas and for the extremely cold winters. They do run a little large in terms of sizing, but they are available in ½ sizes if you do feel that no available size gives you the desired fit.


  • Extremely comfortable fit if you get the correct size
  • Lightweight
  • Good durability
  • Offers great traction


  • Quite expensive

Related: Women should definitely look at the Hunter Women’s Original Tall Gloss Snow Boot. This boot is a little taller and it is also stylish enough to match almost any wardrobe. The boot also keeps the rain out and provides great traction.

Check the price on Amazon

The Original Muckboots Adult Chore Mid Rain Boot

Weight: 5.5 lbs

Dimensions: Men’s sizes 6 – 17

Specific features: Stretch-fit top shaft, reinforced toe & heel, strong arch support

Best use: Moderate price, walking through terrain/rain

Description: The Original MuckBoots are designed for all the chores you need to do around the house, whether they’re actually in the rain or just around the farm (or anywhere else). With a mid-height they allow you to protect your feet from a lot of rain and other muck that might be throughout your yard.

They have strong arch support to make sure that your feet are well protected at all times, from anything that might be out there. Not only that, but the waterproof shell is designed to keep you more comfortable.

The mesh lining keeps the air running through and that means you won’t sweat and won’t have as much problem with blisters either. You’ll have no problem walking on rough terrain because the traction and outsoles are strong and large enough for absolutely anything you might walk over.

Overall, the boots are greatly designed, but they do have a tendency to start leaking over time and if you have put them through enough wear and tear. The pricing is quite decent when looking at all the included features and this should definitely be a great buy for working in the snow in your yard and to keep your feet warm.


  • Extremely durable
  • Strong arch support
  • Wicks away inner moisture in no time
  • Reasonably priced


  • Tends to leak over time

Related: The MuckBoots Women’s Breezy Mid-Height Boot is the perfect boot that you could buy for your wife if you already have a pair of these boots. The boot is very stylish and will ensure that she can go wherever you want to.

Check the price on Amazon

Helly Hansen Midsund 2 Rain Boot

Weight: 2.8 lbs

Dimensions: Men’s sizes 7.5 – 13, including half sizes

Specific features: Rubber upper, midsole and outsole, athletic style

Best use: Lightweight, low price, walking through water

Description: Available in several contrasting color selections, the Helly Hansen Midsund 2 Rain Boot is ready for absolutely anything. It has a pull-on loop so that you can easily slip them on and the rubber soles are ready to keep out all the water and any debris as well.

Not only that but the strong heel means you don’t have to worry about injury and the traction means that you’ll have no trouble walking through water or on rough terrain. You’ll definitely like the high shaft as well that keeps you protected in deeper water.

The boots do run a little large and when purchasing, you might need to look for ½ a size smaller to ensure that you get the perfect fit. These boots are perfect for home use, but the durability might be a little lacking as well when looking at long term use.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Really affordable
  • Near perfect fit
  • Offers great support and traction


  • Does lack a little durability
  • Large sizing

Related: The Helly Hansen Women’s Midsund 2 Rain Boot is another great alternative for the female shoppers. The boot is much similar to the male version, but with more colors, this boot should easily match the wardrobe of women.

Check the price on Amazon

Le Chameau Vierzon Rain Boot

Weight: 2 lbs

Dimensions: Men’s sizes 7 – 15, including some half sizes

Specific features: Traditional style, color options, knee high

Best use: Deepwater, higher price

Description: If you want a boot that looks traditional but still has some great capabilities then Le Chameau Vierzon Rain Boots are the ones for you. They are made with rubber and have a high shaft to protect you in the deeper water. You can even choose from a variety of different colors and you can easily get the size that you need for your comfort.

Easily tugged on, these boots have a tight fit and also a classic style of waterproofing. You’ll have no problem keeping your feet dry and warm while you’re wearing these boots, no matter how long you need to be outside. That’s why you’re going to love them and the great traction that you get when you wear them even in rough terrain.

The boots do feature quite a large shaft and this can be considered a pro and a con. People who will buy this boot will certainly need to love the high-cut design and it also tends to get a little hot on the inside of these boots.


  • Offers great arch support
  • Decent traction
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Fully waterproof


  • Prices run a little high

Related: The Le Chameau Footwear Vierzon Leather Rain Boot is the alternative to this boot. It also features a stylish high-cut design and it is also made from the same materials. The only downside is that this boot might not be as good when it comes to rain protection.

Check the price on Amazon

Tretom Strala Boot

Weight: 3.1 lbs

Dimensions: Men’s sizes 7 – 13, including some half sizes

Specific features: Fleece sock liner, elastic inserts, classic galoshes

Best use: Walking through rain, non-rough areas

Description: If you’re looking for some classic style galoshes that are going to keep you upright on more level terrain than the Tretom Strala Boots are the right option for you. They have gore sides that make it easy to pull them on and off and the heel loop helps even more.

Available in two different colors, these boots don’t have as great of traction, but they are definitely going to work well in wet weather. With the elastic inserts at the ankles, you can be sure they’ll keep water from getting down into your feet and the fleece sock liner is there to ensure you stay warm and dry no matter what the weather is like outside.

The one downside you need to look at is the fact that the low-cut design does not keep out water from the top and you will only be able to trek through those shallow puddles. If used on snow, the shoes will definitely keep out the moisture.


  • Stylish and comfortable design
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Decent traction
  • Offers great ankle support


  • Water tends to peer in from the top

Related: The Tretorn Gunnar Rain Shoe is a shoe and it will still be perfect for those bad conditions. The boot is a little better in terms of fit and the laces will allow you to securely keep it tight.

Check the price on Amazon

What To Look For In Rain Boots

Looking for the ideal rain boots for you is not always the easiest task, but if you know what you should be looking at you can usually get it done pretty well. There are several different factors that can make your next pair of rain boots either the best you’ve ever bought or something better suited to the garbage can.

So make sure you’re checking out these factors, but definitely think about some of your own too. You want to make sure those boots are going to be great for you, after all, we’re not the ones that are going to be wearing them.


One of the first things you need to think about when it comes to choosing your rain boots is the climate you’re going to be using them in. If you’re in a cold area then you not only want your boots to keep out the water but you also want them to keep in the heat.

If you live in a warmer climate you want boots that aren’t going to make your feet sweat too much when you’re wearing them while still keeping out all of that excess moisture and rain. It’s definitely a delicate balance in most instances.

Water Resistance

What good is any pair of rain boots if they don’t actually keep the water out? You want to make sure the boots you choose are going to keep out absolutely everything that you don’t want in your boots (which is pretty much everything but your feet and your socks).

So make sure that your boots are not only rubber or another good water resistant material, but coated with something that keeps out even more of the moisture, even as you’re out in the water for longer periods of time. That’s where a lot of boots tend to fall short.


You definitely want to be comfortable when it comes to wearing your rain boots. If you have to walk around outside for a long time and the boots you’re wearing aren’t comfortable you’re definitely going to know it.

You don’t want that to happen because uncomfortable boots can cause blisters, especially where there’s any kind of moisture involved. If you aren’t careful, you could end up with problems with your feet or with your ability to walk around for the rest of the day or the days that follow.

The key is making sure your shoes fit well and that you’re going to be able to move around a lot. Not to mention that they have good insoles to provide you with the level of support you really need.


If you’re going to be walking a lot and especially when you’re walking in wet conditions it’s important that the shoes you’re wearing have a good amount of traction. You want to make sure that as you’re walking, and you aren’t always able to see where you’re stepping, you’re still going to stay upright.

No one likes to trip or slip and fall, and especially not if you’re standing in water at the time. By having shoes with good traction you’ll be able to make sure that they are not going to go out from under you.


The type of material that your boots are made of is going to have a big impact on the boots themselves as well. Most rain boots are made of some type of rubber or neoprene, for example, because these are extremely water resistant materials. But there are other options out there that you can consider.

The key is just making sure that the boots are not only a waterproof material but treated as well to make extra sure that nothing is going to break through them as you’re walking in the water.


How sturdy your boots are is another important factor. If they work really great but only for one rainfall then they’re really not going to be a good option for you. What you want is to make sure that the boots you choose are going to last.

That means the material needs to be thick enough that a simple rock or stick isn’t going to break through it and the soles need to be high quality as well. You want to make sure that you’re really paying attention when you buy them to make sure they’re going to last well.


The last thing you want when you’re walking for any length of time is extra weight and that applies to your rain boots as well. You want them to be high quality and work well for their purpose but you definitely don’t want them to be heavy just for the sake of being heavy.

You want something that’s going to be lightweight and that you can easily wear for the entire day. That’s going to help you get what you need to be done without having to worry about your legs and feet getting tired throughout the process. Lighter boots are going to be a great benefit for you.

Wrap Up

The boots we just discussed are some of the best options on the market and you should check them out carefully. But of course, there are plenty other models and you should compare features before deciding on just one pair that you like best. Make sure you look at all the factors we’ve mentioned and then think of your own.

So, if you’ve tried any of the models we’ve described, please let us know how it went. Did you feel protected by rain and cold, or it made no difference?

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  1. Whilst I can’t speak for the men’s pair, my wife loves her Hunter’s. There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews on them so she took a while to finally decide upon buying a pair. Safe to say, she’s very glad she did. I have to admit, they do look very stylish on her and, from pictures, that seems to be the case for the men’s pair too. She’s getting a lot of use out of them: walking the dog, washing the car, even a trip down the pub! Seem to be the gold standard for wellington boots.

  2. Over the years, myself and my family have all worn Bogs. Currently have a pair of the Classic High Snow boots and they’re just as good as any of the other models I’ve had. Though I’ve had a few pairs this is not due to durability issues or what have you – I simply like to buy a new pair each season! Gotta treat myself every once in a while! The boots are surprisingly comfortable and obviously keep my feet warm and dry. Not too bulky either which is an advantage seeing as I use these to climb ladders daily.

  3. The Hunter has combined function and style to the hilt. Most women love these rain boots, and I can’t blame them. They’re very sturdy and affordable, too so that’s a lot of great features.

  4. I love Bogs! They’re great to wear especially in very cold temperatures or when trekking through water. I don’t mind paying the price since these are excellent rain boots! I love the fit, too.


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