Best Men’s Snowboard Boots: Everything You Need to Know Before Hitting the Snow

That time of the year is coming around fast, the season where you’ll be spending your weekends hitting the slopes and shredding downhill. If you’re a snowboarder winter is your favorite season. But before hitting the snow, you’ll want to prepare yourself with the best gear. Not only will it provide you with comfort but snowboard boots are what binds you to the snowboard itself.

So, you’ll want to invest some money into buying durable and sturdy snowboard boots. So, let’s not waste any more time, you need to know the in’s and out’s of the best men’s snowboard boots on the market. Let’s get started.

What You Need to Look for in A Snowboard Boot

There are four important and essential factors you need to consider before purchasing a snowboarding boot.

Best Snowboard boot for men

There are different varieties in these factors which you need to choose based on your needs, however, we’ll be covering these 4 factors:

  • Boot Flex
  • Lacing Options
  • Construction
  • Fit

Let’s take a further look into these factors that you’ll need to consider when selecting the best mens snowboarding shoe.

Flex And Support

Boot flex is an important part of a snowboarding shoe and you need to consider your riding style when choosing the proper flex for your boot.

Flex And Support

There are three types of riding styles: all-mountain, freeride and freestyle.

  • All-mountain: This refers to any terrain, off track, groomed terrain and pipe. Most snowboarders are all-mountain riders. The all-mountain equipment allows you more flexibility in terrain.
  • Freeride: This refers to untracked backcountry mostly and some groomed tracks, however, not any boarding parks. Freeriders are all about speed and precision, slicing into the snow with their boards.
  • Freestyle: If you’re into pipes, tricks and spins then you’re definitely a freestyle snowboarder.

There are three types of flex in snowboarding shoes: stiff, medium and soft.

  • Stiff: Riders who are advanced/expert usually go for stiffer boots as they want a responsive shoe when going into the backcountry. Stiffer boots offer higher a response from the terrain to the board. Usually, if the boots are called “backcountry” or “freeride” then they’ll probably be stiff boots.
  • Medium: Medium flex boots are ideal for all-mountain riders as well as intermediate/advanced riders who want a responsive boot but also flexible enough to try out pipes at the park.
  • Soft: If you’re a beginner snowboarder or looking for lateral mobility then you’re better off with a soft boot. As a beginner, you won’t be overwhelmed and you’ll find it easier to use, however, you’ll feel it in your knees when you landing on your board.
Riding Type     Boot Flex
All-mountain Soft to medium
Freeride Stiff
Freestyle  Soft

Lacing Options

You may not realize but there are various lacing options when it comes to snowboarding boots. None are really better than the other, it’s all personal preference, however, let’s introduce you to the various lacing options.

Boa Lacing

The Boa lacing system is essentially cables which are attached to either one or two wheels or dials that can adjust the snugness.

Boa Lacing

Typically, boa lacing provides a customized it, especially around the foot and ankle area.


  • Provides a customized snugness
  • You can adjust while wearing gloves
  • Easy to adjust while boarding
  • One-hand adjustable


  • This feature adds additional cost to the boot
  • If a cable breaks, you have to replace it before riding
  • Can create pressure points
  • Upper foot area cannot be customized

Speed Lacing

This is similar to a corset in design and function – made for quick lace-ups.

Speed lacing

In addition, it also works for zonal tightening, meaning, you can adjust the tightness from the ankle to the lower leg.


  • Quick and easy
  • Can tighten with gloves on
  • Laces don’t get tangled
  • High-low laces for customizing the snugness


  • Looks difficult
  • If the laces break, you need to replace them before riding
  • Can loosen up throughout the day
  • Can create pressure points

Traditional Lacing

These are your classic lace-ups, you can’t really go wrong with these as it’s intended for everyone to be able to use.


  • Inexpensive
  • Can find replacement laces easily
  • Customized tightness


  • Loosens up throughout the day
  • Difficult to tie up with gloves on

Construction And Tech

As you can see already, there are already many important components to a good snowboarding boot. Of course, depending on your budget and riding style, some factors are more important than others. For example, if you’re a freestyle rider you’re looking for a boot with maximum shock absorption whereas a free rider is looking for a boot that has supportive liner and durability.

Trying out snowboard boots

Here are some factors that you need to consider when looking for the best men’s snowboard boot.


Liners are typically made from a lightweight material called EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) which molds to your feet. It’s a very important part of the boot because it provides you the comfort, warmth, and stability that you’ll need for a successful day on the slopes. While some liners are removable, others are not. Removable liners are ideal because they’ll be able to dry faster than attached liners.

  • Stock Liners: It provides you with basic-level stability and padding, throughout time will mold to your feet.
  • Moldable Liners: A step higher in quality, moldable liners are made with EVA and mold to your foot over time through body heat.
  • Heat-Moldable Liners: This is the top of the line for liners and mold to your feet via body heat. However, this certainly gives you the best-customized fit.

Upper Materials

Usually, snowboard boots are made of synthetic materials, however, depending on how much you invest in a boot, the most expensive boots may be made of leather. Leather is a great option if you’re looking for a durable and customized boot.


If you’re looking to maximize the comfort and support of your feet, consider having an insole put into your boot. However, if you are considering inserting an insole into your boot, see a boot fitter who’ll be able to properly fit you.

It’s All About The Fit

Above all these factors listed above, the most important one is the fit. It doesn’t matter what liner or what insole you have – if the boot doesn’t fit you properly none of these factors will matter. Many people make the mistake of buying a boot that fits similar to a shoe, however, you should actually be getting a boot which is a half a size smaller than your street shoes, as once you break it in, it’ll stretch out.

Best snowboard boots fit

When you have your boots on, you should feel snug, however, without any pressure on your toes or arch. If you’re not sure about the fit of a boot, do not buy it. Your feet will let you know once you found the right shoe.

Review of The Top Products

Now that you know the important factors you need to consider when looking for the best men’s snowboard boot, here are some of the best boots on the market. Take a look!

Adidas Blauvelt

Adidas Blauvelt snowboard boot

Weight: 7 pounds

Dimensions: 21 x 16 x 11 inches

Best Use: backcountry

Description: Inspired by Jake Blauvelt, these are great high-performance boots if you’re looking for a well-built and designed backcountry snowboarding boot. Adidas The Blauvelt Snowboard Boot are built for the most advanced riders who are looking for challenging terrain. The tall shell provides ultimate control while the Dual Zone lacing system gives the perfect snugness and fit.

The boots are made of synthetic leather and the sole is made of heat moldable Ultralon foam liner that contours to foot, giving you customized support and comfort.

The Sturdy Continental Rubber outsole is ideal for a strong grip on snow and ice. When designing this boot, Jake Blauvelt wanted a boot that would be effortless and sleek in design and function and that’s exactly what he and Adidas put together. It gives you everything you’re looking for in a high-performance boot while also looking incredibly stylish and simplistic.

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Burton Ion

Burton Ion

Weight: 7 pounds

Dimensions: Size 6-15

Best Use: backcountry/advanced riders

Description: Burton is well-known for having some of the best snowboarding equipment on the market. The Burton Ion Snowboard Boot is ideal for those who are backcountry or advanced riders as they have a firmer flex and better response.

The Ion is actually well-known for using advanced technology in their boots. The Lacing is made of Speed Zone allows riders to easily adjust snugness without having to remove their gloves, as well as providing a lifetime warranty on their laces.

The flex is 1:1 Firm Flex PowerUP tongue, that’ll provide you with excellent stability while hitting the slopes. The liner is made of DRYRIDE Heat Cycle lining which gives you enhanced warmth and moisture absorption with the ReBounce cushioning reflect body heat and prevents your feet from freezing.

This boot is made for serious snowboarders and for those who want an exceptional boot for riding. What makes Burton such a reputable brand is that their boots come with a 1-year warranty, so you know that they stand behind their products.

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Burton Ruler

Burton Ruler

Weight: 7 pounds

Dimensions: size 6-15

Best Use: all-mountain riders

Description: Another Burton classic, the Burton Ruler is a great show if you want to increase your skills on the slopes. This boot provides riders with the same quality as the Ion, however, won’t break the bank.

The lacing system is speed zone lacing that is made with England Ropes and has a lifetime warranty attached to it. You have two options of a liner, depending on the colorway you choose. the liner is an imprint 2 liner that will keep the heat in without creating moisture.

The rubber toe and heel reinforcement protect your heels and toes from getting banged up , while the sleeping bag reflective foil prevents your feet from freezing. The flex is 1:1 medium flex PowerUP Tongue, so it’s ideal for all-mountain riders.

The footbed is level 1 molded EVA with a B3 gel in the heel. Of course, like all Burton products, this one comes with a 1-year warranty, so if you’re having any problems, you just give it to them to deal with. Not a bad deal, right?

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DC Judge

DC Judge

Weight: 7 pounds

Dimensions: 21 x 14 x 7 inches

Best Use: intermediate to advanced all-mountain riding

Description: The DC Judge Snowboard is another exceptional boot is you’re looking for something that’s high-performance. We recommend that this shoe be worn if you’re an intermediate or advanced rider as it’s firmer in flex.

The Boa focus closure and H3 Coiler Reel allows you to easily adjust the snugness of the boot, while the construction of the boot gives you a responsive boot.

The Internal Ankle Harness grips your foot and provides you with extra support while the Aerotech Ventilation removes excess moisture and heat. The SuperFabric material used in the boot not only provides you with cushion, but also helps with moisture control which is what you’ll need when you’re spending all day up on the slopes. This boot is ideal if you want a sturdy boot, however, don’t have the budget to spend a lot fo

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DC Phase

DC Phase boot

Weight: 7 pounds

Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 7 inches

Description: The DC Phase is a great boot if you’re an all-mountain rider or an intermediate rider since it has medium flex. This will give you a responsive boot and you’ll also be able to try the pipes at the park. The DC boot has a traditional lacing system which many like, however, it can be slightly challenging to adjust the snugness when wearing gloves. The boot itself is very lightweight which is what many people enjoy about this boot.

The foundation unilite outsole gives you proper support on snow and ice, while the red liner and snow basic insole provide absorption control and comfort for when you’re on the slopes. A great boot if you’re looking for a solid boot that won’t break the bank.

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Deeluxe 1D6.1

Deeluxe 1D6.1 boot

Weight: n/a

Dimensions: sizes 8-11.5

Best Use: all-mountain rider – intermediate to advanced

Description:  The Deeluxe 1D6.1 is Deeluxe’s best selling boot on the market due to its classic style yet technologically advanced design. It’s best used for all-mountain riders as it has a medium flex making it a versatile boot.

It’s designed with pro flex construction which blends both flex and stability. It allows has flex zones that focus in on providing maximum support in areas that need it the most.The DuPont Surlyn Highback offers additional durability and support while riding.

The Performance Flex Liner gives riders optimal support while complimenting the highback design. The Thermo Block, inspired by NASA, uses reflective aluminum layers to block excess heat yet providing insulation.

The Section Control Lacing system gives riders the ability to easily adjust the snugness of the boot without having to take off their gloves. It also targets three zones which are prone to loosening while riding. In addition, the boot is entirely waterproof which is something you’ll need if you’ll be snowboarding. So, your feet will be completely dry at the end of the day.

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K2 T1

K2 T1 boot

Weight: 5.8 pounds

Dimensions: size 8 – 11.5

Best Use: all-mountain, freeride, backcountry

Description: The K2 T1 is a great boot for all-mountain riders, however, really stands out for backcountry and advanced riders due to its stiff flex. The lacing system is traditional which is easy to repair and allows you to adjust the snugness.

The liner lacing is Boa Conda which is patented with K2 technology and uses a 2nd generation urethane ankle harness for extra support. While the liner is Intuition Pro Foam 3D which gives precision fit and control.

The high-density thermo-forming foam forms to the riders foot for extra comfort.The outsole is Vibram ProLite which is lightweight and provides a sturdy and secure grip to snow and ice. So, if you’re looking for an all-purpose snowboarding boot, we recommend you give the K2 T1 a try.

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ThirtyTwo Binary Boa

ThirtyTwo Binary Boa

Weight: 7 pounds

Dimensions: 19 x 16 x 7 inches

Best Use: all-mountain

Description: The ThirtyTwo Binary Boa is a no fuss snowboarding boot. It’s ideal for all-mountain riding as it has a medium flex. ThirtyTwo is a high-performance company that’s known for their high-quality boarding boots.

The Binary Boa is a lightweight boot with a medium flex so it’s ideal if you’re an intermediate to advanced rider. The 100% heat moldable intuition liners provide maximum comfort and a customized fit.

The intuition foam gives extra warmth and support while the internal anatomical foam doubles as a heel hold for extra protection. The Neoprene toe cap reduces toe pressure and prevents injury. The inner ankle lacing system helps prevent heel-lifts with an easy-to-use lace lock. Overall, if you’re looking for a lightweight boot that’ll take you down the slopes with ease this is a great option.

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Now that you’ve learned about the four essential factors in a snowboarding boot, you’ll be able to select a boot which fits your riding style and level.

Mens snowboard boots review

The snowboarding boots we’ve reviewed are all exceptional boots and are designed for various styles and levels. Make sure to try on one of these boots – you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. My boyfriend just picked up a pair of the Nike SB Zoom Kaiju. He found them online last week for a good price. The boots are perfectly comfy out of the box and the heel holds even before the boots are tied. He had them out on Saturday for a warm up day, and they were flawless. He said he never really took Nike seriously in the snowboarding market, but he is a believer now. I am just excited about his new boots and thought I’d share this.

  2. My Nike and I goes a long long way and the brand is really awesome. I’m pleased that your boyfriend loved his own Nike and can understand his excitement!

  3. A friend of mine tried the Thirtytwo Binary Boa months ago while he was shopping around for boots. He said the boots were like jello when going through a stiff setup. The only slight problem was the liner but he loved it. He said he would give it a 4/5 rating.

  4. I can’t say I blame him. The Thirtytwo Binary Boa is just awesome! I have this snowboard boots and I love the comfort. Depending on your experience as a rider, the medium flex feature of the boots is ideal for all-mountain riders as well as intermediate/advanced riders. If you’re friend is an expert, he’s better off with stiff boots that are more responsive.


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