Best Men’s Slippers: Let Your Feet Relax After Walking All Day

When you’re out camping or hiking, your trusty pair of hiking shoes will surely get you through the day. However when you’re back in camp, lounging around in your hiking footwear might not be the most comfortable way to do so.

Don’t you wish you could give your feet a rest while you’re back at the camp? In this case, the best men’s slippers can give you that much-needed rest for your feet while chilling in camp.

Wearing slippers around the camp is actually advantageous because it makes going in and out of the tent easier. Slippers can also help your feet relax after wearing your hiking boots all day. It also dries your feet so that you avoid the funky smell caused by bacteria and fungi when you wear wet shoes or socks.

There are so many slippers available on the market today but don’t settle for the first one you see. So how exactly do you buy a pair of slippers? Well, we are here to help with that!

In this article, we will be discussing a number of important features that you need to know when choosing a pair of slippers. On top of that, we have taken the liberty of reviewing some of the top-rated slippers. Let’s take a closer look!

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Product Name Material Specific Features Price
Deer Stags WhereverSuede upper fabric, rubber solesFoam padded insoles, lightweight outsoles, S.U.P.R.O. sock technologyCheck price on Amazon
KENSBUY Slip-on Memory FoamArtificial coral fleece upper, rubber insolesUltra breathable, warm and comfortable, memory foam baseCheck price on Amazon
Sorel Falcon RidgeGenuine suede upper, natural rubber outsoleWool/acrylic blend lining, removable molded EVA comfort footbedCheck price on Amazon
Toms Berkeley Grey Slub Wool upper, rubber soleGore panel instep, faux shearling lining, removable insoleCheck price on Amazon
RockDove Two-Tone Memory Foam95% cotton / 5% Spandex, rubber soleMemory foam cushion, anti-skid rubber sole, terry-covered interiorCheck price on Amazon
L.B. Evans Atlin Terry Suede upper, rubber outsolePadded footbed, moc-stitched toe and boat-style laces, memory foam insolesCheck price on Amazon
ACORN MocFleece upper, synthetic soleCloud cushion footbed, moisture-wicking fleece lining, skid resistant outsoleCheck price on Amazon
Tamarac Scuffy ClogLeather upper, rubber outsoleWooly lining, memory foam, roomy toe for comfortCheck price on Amazon
Minnetonka Pile Lined HardsoleLeather upper, synthetic soleMoccasin silhouette, whipstitched toe, faux furCheck price on Amazon

Best Products On Today’s Market

Online shopping can take up a lot of time especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Reading product reviews can cut your time spent browsing and give you an idea of a product’s advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the best slippers for men available on the market today.

Deer Stags Wherever Slipper

Material: Suede upper fabric, rubber soles

Specific features: Foam padded insoles, lightweight outsoles, S.U.P.R.O. sock technology

Best use: Indoor and outdoor

Description: The Deer Stags Wherever Slipper features S.U.P.R.O. sock technology for superior comfort and feel. It is crafted with soft, suede fabric upper and accented with handsome embroidery detail so you can wear this slipper indoors or while in camp. The Wherever has a slip on design so you can easily take it on and off for easier entrance and exit in your tent. The soles are made from thick rubber for stability, durability and better traction.

This slipper has a good looking design so that you can easily wear it while cooking in the kitchen or while walking the dog or taking out trash. The suede fabric looks smooth and premium while the clog design looks casual so you can pass it off as a shoe if you’re wearing pants.

It feels warm and comfortable thanks to the blended-textile fabric that covers the inside of the slippers while the compression nodules on outsole add to the comfort points on this footwear. It also features the Altron heel cushion for shock absorption so your feet feel relaxed and pampered.

Deer Stags has been making shoes comfortable since 1929 and they are doing the same with the Wherever slippers. This is one of the most comfortable slippers you can wear and looks great to boot.

The slip on design covers your toes so you can feel secure walking on them on rocky hillsides while setting up camp or tending to your fire. While they are warm for indoor use, you need to use socks to feel really warm especially during spring or fall camping.


  • Suede leather looks premium
  • Looks good for casual wear


  • Not warm enough for spring or fall camping, needs socks for warmth

Related: Slides keep feet warm outdoors but you need to take them off inside the tent. Keep your dogs toasty warm with the Ruya Extra Roomy Bed Socks. They are extra wide and non-binding to give swollen feet and legs plenty of roomy comfort especially after a day’s hike.

Check the price on Amazon

KENSBUY Slip-on Memory Foam Slippers

Material: Artificial coral fleece upper, rubber insoles

Specific features: Ultra breathable, warm and comfortable, memory foam base

Best use: Indoor and outdoor

Description: The KENSBUY Slip-on Memory Foam Slippers are some of the softest and most affordable slippers you can buy. It sports a clog design so the slipper’s width is excellent and won’t feel tight. The memory-foam will pamper your tired feet and make them feel relaxed and comfortable. The upper material of the slipper is made with artificial coral fleece while the insoles are made from rubber.

This slip-on are made with comfort, value and durability in mind. Aside from the memory foam, the edges of the slippers are also seam-crafted so it is not easy to crack and is durable for its price point. They are also lightweight so you can easily carry them inside your backpack. Best of all they are machine washable so your slippers look good as new after taking them with you on the trail.

Few slippers and manufacturers offer memory foam slippers at an affordable price. If you have wide feet, go 1 size up so maximize on comfort and relaxation. The slip-on design makes it easy to take on and off so you won’t have to track dirt inside your tent. This is a good choice if you’re looking for comfort and value.


  • Affordable
  • Machine washable
  • Good value


  • Soles feel flimsy

Related: If the memory foam soles cannot alleviate your feet pain, perhaps the J.R. Watkins Natural Pain Relieving Liniment Spray can help. It is a fast acting spray that can help relieve pain from achy muscles due to long treks and hikes. This is a good natural choice for people looking for fast acting relief.

Check the price on Amazon

Sorel Falcon Ridge Slipper

Material: Genuine suede upper, natural rubber outsole

Specific features: Wool/acrylic blend lining, removable molded EVA comfort footbed

Best use: Indoor and outdoor

Description: The Sorel Falcon Ridge Slipper is perfect for relaxing. After a long day on the trail, your feet need a place to relax, heal and repair and the fluffy warm lining of the Falcon Ridge is the best place to park in.

The slippers are made with genuine suede upper and natural rubber outsole. It also features a removable EVA footbed for added comfort. This is a great choice for people who are looking for a slipper they can wear inside and outside the house. Thanks to its rugged looking design, this is also a good pair to wear for relaxing by the campfire.

The Falcon Ridge also has wool and acrylic collars that provide breathable, insulating and moisture-wicking performance. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a pair that can keep your toes toasty warm especially on cold nights and you need to go outside to use the facilities.

This product is a bit expensive mainly due to the materials used. However, it is also very durable with some users reportedly washing them in the wash in warm gentle cycle for cleaning. There are also reports of sizing discrepancies so better get your exact measurements before purchasing this product.


  • Warm and very comfortable
  • High quality materials


  • Expensive
  • Sizing discrepancies

Related: This product is ultra comfortable but you can’t wear them to bed especially if you’re feet hurt. Luckily the Blitzu Compression Socks can provide true compression to support your feet and legs to reduce fatigue, soreness, cramping and prevent injuries after hiking, climbing or trekking.

Check the price on Amazon

Toms Berkeley Grey Slub Slippers

Material: Wool upper, rubber sole

Specific features: Gore panel instep, faux shearling lining, removable insole

Best use: Indoor and outdoor

Description: Did you know that with every pair of Toms Berkeley Grey Slub Slippers you purchase, TOMS will give another pair of shoes to a child in need? But that’s not the only reason why you should buy these slippers.

This product will keep your feet warm indoors and outdoors. The wool upper fabric of the slipper is not only warm, it is also moisture-wicking to protect your feet against nasty odors and the rubber soles help you feel stable on any surface.

This product is the perfect pair for relaxing at home or running errands in total comfort and warmth. It features Gore panel at the instep for added flexibility, faux shearling lining for warmth and removable insole with faux shearling cover for comfort.

The rubber soles feel stable but are actually a bit hard. This is a good choice for kids and men but not for older men since it is not very flexible. There is also a sizing discrepancy so better check with the manufacturer for exact sizing before buying.

Overall, this is still a good product for those looking for style, comfort and a worthy cause.


  • Warm and comfy
  • Moisture-wicking wool material


  • Size discrepancies
  • Hard rubber soles not for the elderly.

Related: Feet can still feel tired and achy after hiking. Feel better quickly by wearing ZaTech Compression Socks with this product. This pair is a good choice if you have plantar fasciitis and is lightweight, moisture wicking, quick drying with breathable mesh zones to improve airflow to help you feel better quickly.

Check the price on Amazon

RockDove Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers

Material: 95% cotton / 5% spandex, rubber sole

Specific features: Memory foam cushion, anti-skid rubber sole, terry-covered interior

Best use: Indoor and outdoor

Description: The RockDove Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers has an easy slip on style with a breathable open back so you can put it on and off for faster entry or exit in the tent. It also features memory foam cushion that rebounds in 2 seconds to enhance comfort and support and to help alleviate foot stress.

The upper material of this product is made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex that enhances air permeability and reduces foot odor. The soles of this pair are made with natural treaded rubber inspired by trail running sneakers.

This product is a good choice for buyers looking for good value slippers. The memory foam cushioning and rubber sole is the perfect blend of durability and comfort. Despite its affordable price, this pair is actually tough and can be washed in your washing machine. Just remember to keep the temperature below 140⁰F to protect the memory foam.

RockDove originally created this product for bird watchers. They helped local birders and hikers protect their feet while they trekked punishing terrains across southern California’s deserts, forests, and mountains. RockDove clearly designed this product not only for birders in mind but for hikers and campers too.


  • Comfortable memory foam
  • Good Value


  • Foot covering looks and feels bulky

Related: Massage your feet after a tiring day with the Creation Farm Foot Salve. It is an anti-fungal comfort balm for dry cracked skin on feet. It has a perfect blend of botanicals and natural ingredients that can address many issues of uncomfortable, tired and sore feet.

Check the price on Amazon

L.B. Evans Atlin Terry Slipper

Material: Suede upper, rubber outsole

Specific features: Padded footbed, moc-stitched toe and boat-style laces, memory foam insoles

Best use: Indoor and outdoor

Description: The L.B. Evans Atlin Terry Slipper is a comfortable all-purpose moc. It has a slip-on style and is made with suede upper and rubber outsoles. The footbed is padded for added comfort and the soles are flexible for easy outdoor and indoor walking. This product has a simple construction featuring moc-stitched toe and boat-style laces. It has a memory foam insole for added support.

This is a great design if you prefer moccasin-styled slippers compared to clog or flip flop designs. The foot is more protected and you will feel more stable if you’re walking on uneven ground in these slippers. However, despite their slip-on style; you still need to wiggle in and out of it compared to actual slip-ons and slides that are easier to take on or off.

While this product is reported to be comfortable, there are also reviews pertaining to the poor stitching quality. There are some reports of the stitching giving away after a few months despite moderate use. Buyers should also be advised to buy a size bigger than their exact measurements since there are also reports of size discrepancies.


  • Comfortable
  • Memory foam


  • Poor stitching
  • Size discrepancies

Related: Blisters can be very comfortable and sometimes even wearing slippers can cause them. Avoid painful blisters with PreHeels Clear Blister Prevention Spray. It has a proprietary formula that dries quickly and forms a barrier around your feet to block friction that causes blisters.

Check the price on Amazon

ACORN Moc Slipper

Material: Fleece upper, synthetic sole

Specific features: Cloud Cushion footbed, moisture-wicking fleece lining, skid resistant outsole

Best use: Indoor and outdoor

Description: The ACORN Moc Slipper is inspired by the love for the outdoors. This product delivers both deliver comfort and style.

It features moisture-wicking fleece upper and a synthetic sole that is designed to be skid proof for added stability and support. Acorn mocs are constructed with our proprietary Cloud Cushion technology so you can enjoy premium multilayer cushion footbed for cloud-like comfort with every step.

The Moc Slipper has classic styling. Aside from the comfortable footbed and moisture-wicking technology, it also features suede sidewall offers optimal protection and long-lasting durability. The combination of these features makes this product a good slipper for outdoor and indoor use.

This is a slipper that has great features and feels comfortable and stable when used outdoors. They are also made from quality materials and are durable. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a pair that will give you warmth and comfort. It is a great pair to own on cold and chilly nights.


  • Warm and comfortable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Good cushioning


  • A bit expensive

Related: Hiking and climbing can be painful on the feet and no amount of relaxing in slippers can repair the skin. Use Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair Ointment for visible results in just 1 day. It loosens and removes the dry, unhealthy skin and then moisturizes deeply to help restore healthy skin.

Check the price on Amazon

Tamarac Scuffy Clog Slipper

Material: Leather upper, rubber outsole

Specific features: Wooly lining, memory foam, roomy toe for comfort

Best use: Indoor and outdoor

Description: The Tamarac Scuffy Clog Slipper has a warm, wooly lining and a memory foam insole for the best warmth and comfort. The warm wooly linings and memory foam insole hug your tired feet in all the right places so your feet can instantly relax and de-stress after hiking or walking for miles. It is made with leather upper and rubber outsole so your feet are protected as you tend to the campfire or perform housekeeping duties at home or at the campsite.

This leather construction and rubber outsoles are built to last. However, these materials generally outlast the wooly insole lining and memory foam so it might not feel very comfortable as the years go by. But it still offers good value considering that a pair can last a long time.

Tamrac probably constructed this product with fall, winter and spring in mind so it might feel a bit too hot to wear during the summer months.


  • Very comfortable and warm
  • Durable construction for upper and soles


  • Too warm for summer use

Related: Wearing slippers and shoes all the time can cause calluses to form on the feet that make them look unattractive. Say good-bye to calluses quickly with Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask. It is the best treatment for dry, cracked and callused feet. Made with botanical and natural ingredients, it is easy to apply and use.

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Minnetonka Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper

Material: Leather upper, synthetic sole

Specific features: Moccasin silhouette, whip stitched toe, faux fur

Best use: Indoor and outdoor

Description: The Minnetonka  Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper is the perfect slipper for lounging around the house or walking the dog. It features suede upper and outdoor rubber outsole for durability and comfort fit. The soft pile fleece lining feels luxurious and comfortable on the feet while the classic moccasin silhouette featuring around-the-collar lacing gives it sophistication and style. The whip stitched toe also adds to durability and styling.

There are reports of size discrepancies for this product so it’s best to order 1 or 2 sizes bigger for a comfortable fit as they can also be too narrow for people with wide feet. The insoles of the product are lined with fleece so it is also recommended by past users to wear socks especially if you are prone to sweaty feet. The socks will prevent you from being uncomfortable and from staining the lining to keep your slippers looking great.

This is a good moc if you’re looking for style and comfort. It can be expensive depending on the color you buy. However, the materials are of good quality and are relatively durable.


  • Good style
  • Quality materials
  • Durable


  • Can be expensive
  • Big size discrepancy

Related: Sweaty feet are no longer a problem with Thorlo KX Hiking Crew Socks. It features ventilation panels that enhance moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet and moc dry. It also has midweight padding in the heel to protect the foot against impact forces.

Check the price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

Slippers are surprisingly varied and not all of them are suited for the same purposes. Outdoor and indoor slippers are more versatile not only because they can be worn in different places but also because they provide more style and comfort compared to ordinary slippers. Before buying any slipper, consider these features that can help make you feel more comfortable.


Slippers come in different sizes. Besides being uncomfortable, an ill-fitting slipper can also cause accidents. Slippers that are too small can hurt your feet and can cause permanent damage especially if you persist on using them. Wearing larger sized slippers can cause you to slip especially in slipper conditions.

If you don’t know your exact size you can get professionally measured in many shoe stores. Look for shops that have a foot-measuring device so you know your correct size. Alternatively, you can also buy a foot-measuring device and you can take your measurements in the comfort of your home.


Aside from different sizes, slippers also come in many different materials. Some of the most popular materials include suede, leather, wool, rubber and synthetic materials. Consider your needs so that you can find a slipper best suited for your lifestyle. For example, if you are looking for warmth, wool and fleece are some of the warmest materials available.

Materials can also impact the durability of your slippers. Generally speaking leather, wool and rubber are relatively durable and will last many years. Some materials like rubber are also more suited for people who use their slippers outdoors because it is quick drying, durable and does not scuff or chafe.


Slippers are not exactly the most stylish of footwear but it can still impact your comfort and the way you look. There are many different styles. Most of us are familiar with flip flops, moccasins and slides. Flip flops are suited for the beach, lake and other places where your feet might get wet. Feet are more exposed in flip flops which can be problematic if you’re using them when you’re camping in rocky areas.

Slides and moccasins are generally considered slippers for indoors but they can also be worn on the outside. They provide better protection for the toes and in some cases offer better support than flip flops.

Generally, flip flops and slides are easier to put on and off while you need to wiggle your feet a bit to fit into your mocs. Think of how often you will be putting your slippers on and off so that you can decide on a style. Depending on the material, mocs and slides are usually more expensive than rubber flip flops.

Moisture Wicking

Sweaty feet are very common among hikers and backpackers. Sweat is the body’s response to overheating. When it is too hot, the body sweats to help it cool off. Unfortunately, sweat is also the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that cause odor and skin disease. Choosing a material that is moisture wicking will help you avoid embarrassing situations.

Moisture wicking materials include wool, Gore Tex, polyester and cotton. These types of materials can keep your feet dry because the fibers of these materials wick perspiration away from your body. This means that your feet stay dry so you feel comfortable and avoid nasty feet smell.


Price is very important because we want to stay comfortable and within our budget. Generally speaking, slippers made from premium materials are more expensive. Expect to pay more if you prefer materials made from leather, wool or Gore Tex. Other features like memory foam will also cost you extra.

People who are looking for slippers on a budget don’t have to settle for poorly constructed or flimsy footwear. There are manufacturers that make good quality slippers at bargain prices. They can still be as comfortable as their more expensive counterparts can, but don’t expect them to be as durable.

These features will give you an idea of what kind of men’s slippers you want to buy. Prioritizing the features that are important to you will help you narrow down choices and make it easier for you to choose slippers best suited for your lifestyle.

Wrap Up

Not all men like to be seen wearing fuzzy slippers. However, investing in stylish men’s slippers can become a pair that you can wear at home or while camping. With so many different styles and products to choose from, you have no excuse not to make an effort to buy a comfortable pair that is versatile.

When you’re looking for a comfortable pair of men’s slippers, always remember to check the materials. It should be a balance between comfort and durability so that you can bring it with you on your different outdoor adventure or wear it while picking up your mail.

Your feet need a break after a whole day spent confined to dress shoes or your hiking boots. They deserve to relax and de-stress in the most comfortable pair of slippers you own because whether you like it or not; your feet are your primary mode of transportation.

Do you think you’re ready to buy a pair of slippers? Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? Tell us by leaving comments below.

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