Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet: Invest In More Than Just A Big Boot

Finding comfortable and supportive hiking boots when you have wider feet can be difficult. While there are many types of boots available, discovering the best hiking boots for wide feet takes time. First you have to wade through all the boots that are not available in larger.

Then you have to try and narrow down the still long list of extra wide hiking boots. Narrowing a list down to one takes time, but it is an essential step to finding the right boot. You don’t want to just settle for the first wide hiking boot you find.

You want to find a boot that’s wide, but you also want to find a boot that is going to let you hike the way you want to. Therefore, completing the proper research and understanding the pros and cons about each boot is a good idea. This article will provide you with details about eight good-quality wide hiking boots.

However, it will also provide you with information about the types of features you should thinking about when purchasing hiking boots in general. Therefore, you can make a fully informed decision about purchasing boots in the future.

Top hiking boots for wide feet

Finding the right hiking boot might seem overwhelming, as there are hundreds of types of hiking boots available for purchase. Each one is designed for a specific type of hiking, which means each one is slightly different.

Many people prefer going into an actual store so they can try boots on and ask questions before buying a pair.

Having someone to talk to can make boot buying easier, especially if you’re looking for a specific type of boot like extra wide boots. However, some people prefer looking at boots online. Wherever, or however, you decide to purchase your boots take your time.

This product review list should help get you started on your hiking boot journey. While you may not decide to purchase one of the boots listed below, they should give you ideas about the types of boots you want to look for and eventually purchase.

Each of the following reviews provides information about a boot’s features, what type of hiking it is good for, and if there are any reported problems about it.

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Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Shoe

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Wide Hiking Shoe

Size: Available in sizes 7 2E through 14 2E

Color: Available in black/black and cordovan/squash

Features: PU coated leather, rubber sole, waterproof seam sealed, lightweight midsole.

Best use: Hiking long distances over simple terrain.

With the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Shoe, hikers will find traveling over basic terrain a breeze. Despite the waterproof seam and coating this boot doesn’t always handle snow or ice well. However, it is perfect for those hiking long distances on forest trails.

Even after months of wear and tear, the waterproof coating protects your feet from rain, keeping them warm and cozy. Furthermore, the rubber sole has been designed to travel through muddy terrain easily. Hikers can step through mud without having to worry about becoming stuck.

With the comfortable and cushioning midsole, the Columbia Hiking Shoe is also a good option for those who walk long distances to and from work. However, there have been some reported problems with the mesh lining developing holes and pilling up.

This problem is easily fixed by taking out the pills and wearing thick socks. The only other consistently reported problem is that they run narrow, despite being advertised as wide. Therefore, individual’s may want to try to purchase a larger size than they normally wear.

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Propet Cliff Walker Boot

Propet Men's Cliff Walker Boot

Size: Available in sizes 7-16 and in various fits including: B(N), D(M), 3E, and 5E

Color: Available in black, bronco brown, brown nubuck, black grain

Features: Full-grain leather upper, weather resistant, speed lacing closure, waterproof bootie, cushioned EVA midsole, rubber outsole, rigid heel counter, removable footbed.

Best use: For individuals who love to hike but need wider foot supports.

The Propet Cliff Walker Boot was designed with hiking lovers in mind. With the self-cleaning tread, hikers won’t have to worry about small rocks and pebbles becoming lodged in the bottom of their boot. This makes hiking more comfortable and cleaning boots easier.

The hook and loop lacing makes getting out on the trail much faster. No more shoving laces through tiny holes. Just loop them, tie the knot, and you’ll be on your way. These boots are also Medicare-approved, meaning they are a good option for diabetics and other individuals who need boots with extra support.

However, the orthotic nature of the Propet Walker Boot makes them run a little too big. Some customers have problems with the heel and front being too wide. This problem can be fixed by adding extra insoles or wearing larger socks.

Despite being advertised as waterproof, some people have reported that the boot needs to be waterproofed before using and that it can’t handle ice. Unfortunately, this boot has had durability problems in the past, lasting less than a year before starting to come apart.

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Merrell Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

Size: Available in sizes 7-14 D(M) and 8-9.5 2E

Color: Walnut

Features: Leather and mesh upper, synthetic sole, shock-absorbing air cushion heel, mesh lining, ortholite footbed, sticky vibram outsole.

Best use: Occasional short, basic hiking trips.

Beginner and simple hikers will find the Merrell Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot very comfortable. This hiking boot was designed with comfort as its top priority. Features such as the mesh upper and lining and the cushioned heel make for an easier hike.

The heel absorbs shock, and provides support, so that foot does not become sore and tired as quickly. Unfortunately, the Merrell Ventilator Hiking Boot is not waterproof. While this makes the boot much more breathable, it can’t handle harsher weather.

Therefore, if you don’t mind giving up some breathability, it is recommended to waterproof this boot before hiking in it. Otherwise you will be restricted to what kind of terrain and weather you can hike in. Fortunately, the boots dry out quickly; so, it won’t be a huge problem if they get a little wet.

The Merrell Ventilator Hiking Boot has a reputation for lacking durability. Customers who take long hikes, or wear the boots daily, find that the soles, heel, mesh, and other parts of the boot wear out within a few months.

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Zamberlan 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot

Zamberlan Men's 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot

Size: Available in sizes 42.5 44, 45 EU, 8-14 D(M), and 8-11.5 E US

Color: Dark grey, waxed cognac, black, dark grey/red

Features: Full-grain leather upper, Zamberlan outsole, footbed, and airsystem padding, thermoplastic toe and heels, low-density PU wedge.

Best use: Backpacking through any terrain.

Backpackers will love the durability of the Italian-made Zamberlan 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot. This boot was made to handle tough terrain. Zamberlan’s carefully crafted sole gives the boot a solid grip, allowing hikers to travel over tough terrain without the fear of slipping.

It also prevents pebbles from getting lodged in the bottom, and makes it easy to clean out other dirt and debris. Not only is this boot weather resistant, but it is still breathable. This allows hikers to hike in extremely hot weather without their feet getting too hot and sweaty.

Unfortunately, the Zamberlan Hiking Boot is not insulated, but individuals who wear woolen socks can still comfortably hike in negative temperatures. Furthermore, it doesn’t take long to break the boot in, allowing hikers to take difficult hikes soon after purchase. While this is not considered an orthopedic boot, some customers have found it has better support and durability than actual orthopedic boots they have tried.

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New Balance Trail Walking Boot

New Balance Men's MW1400 Trail Walking Boot

Size: Available in sizes 7-14, and in various fits including: D(M), 2E, and 4E

Colors: Available in black, grey, and brown

Features: Collar foam, waterproof bootie, waterproof upper, non-wicking laces and thread, Medicare approved, rubber sole, thinsulate lining.

Best use: Occasional trail hiking.

The New Balance MW1400 Trail Walking Boot is a good option for those who just want to do trail hiking. Features such as the waterproof upper and bootie, the rubber sole, and Thinsulate lining make this boot a great option for occasionally taking a weekend hike rain or shine.

This boots are a preferable option to those with larger feet, as they are offered in wider sizes. They also offer great support. Furthermore, customers might be able to receive reimbursement from Medicare. Unfortunately, there are some reported problems with the New Balance Trail Walking Boot.

Individuals who use this boot for work, or to hike frequently, might have to purchase another pair after six months. Customer reviews claim that the waterproof seal wears off after three months, and by six months the soles are coming apart.

This boot also does not have good grip on snow or ice. Therefore, this boot really isn’t for people who plan to hike consistently through rough terrain.

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Merrell Moab Mid Hiking Boot

Merrell Men's Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Size: Available in sizes 7-15 D(M) and 8.2, 8.5 2E

Color: Available in earth, beluga, Sedona sage, olive, castle rock/black, olive/black

Features: Waterproof leather, nylon ventilator mesh upper, padded tongues, waterproof booties, synthetic toe bumpers and heel warps, anatomic footbeds, EVA midsoles, air-cushioned heels, nylon arch shanks.

Best use: Trail hiking on warm, sunny days.

Occasional hikers who just want to spend some time outdoors will find the Merrell Moab Mid Hiking Boot a decent option. Due the mesh uppers and tongues, footbeds, and air-cushioned heels, these boots will feel comfortable while walking trail paths.

They provide individuals with a decent amount of support and breathability. While some stiffness may occur the first few times they are worn, it shouldn’t take too long to break them in. Unfortunately, these boots are only good for simple hiking or wearing them for certain jobs.

Despite being advertised as waterproof, quite a few customers have complained that they don’t handle water very well. Individuals hiking in the morning when the ground is wet found that the waterproof seal wore off very quickly, causing their feet and socks to become wet after a few miles.

Lack of waterproof seal seems to be the biggest problem with these hiking boots, but there are also reports about stitching coming undone and soles coming apart as well.

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Timberland White Ledge Boot

Timberland White Ledge Men's Waterproof Boot

Size: Available in sizes 7-13 in D(M) and 2E

Color: Available in dark brown, wheat, and brown

Features: Waterproof leather upper, rubber sole, lace-up vamp, rear pull loop, padded collar, removable EVA footbed, traction lugs.

Best use: Occasional hiking over various terrains.

The Timberland White Ledge Boot is a solid and reliable boot for occasional hikers. It’s also a reliable boot for people wanting to wear hiking boots to work; although, wearing them every day may not be the best idea. The waterproof leather will keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable even when it is damp outside.

Features such as the multidirectional lugs, footbed, and padded collar and tongue, make climbing steep paths easier. They keep the ankles supported, and make it easier to change direction on slippery or pebbly paths. Even cold weather isn’t a problem.

When combined with woolen socks the insulation keeps feet toasty even when it’s a bit chilly. There have been a few customer reviews claiming the boots wear out within three months when constantly used. Therefore, they might be a better choice for occasional hikers. There have also been problems with eyelets popping out soon after purchase.

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Dunham Cloud Mid-Cut Boot

Dunham Men's Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot

Size: Available in sizes 7-11.5, in various fits including: D(M), B(N), 2E, 4E

Color: Available in grey, brown, slate black, brown/brown

Features: Leather upper, rubber sole, waterproof boot, adjustable circumference, lace-up vamp.

Best use: Hiking through various types of terrain in various types of weather.

The Dunham Men’s Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot has the potential to do some serious hiking. Whether walking along a lakeshore or riverbed, or walking a trail while it’s drizzling, the waterproof upper will repel moisture and keep your feet dry.

The soles have multi-directional lugs that give hikers a good grip, allowing them to change directions on slippery, pebbly, or muddy paths. The Dunham Cloud Boot was designed to provide support throughout the foot and ankle to prevent injury.

Both beginner and experienced hikers will love the ability to hike anywhere in just about any weather. Some individuals even like to use these hiking boots as work boots. However, recently there have been questions about the quality of this boot.

Older customer reviews claim that the Dunham Cloud Boot lasted as long as two years. More recent reviews complain that the boot lasts less than six months. Therefore, this boot has the potential to be an excellent hiking boot to use for hiking all types of terrains, but there is a slight possibility it may not live up to the hype.

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Hiking Boot Necessities

Wearing the perfect hiking boot will ensure your feet do not feel the abuse they experience while walking over rocks, mud, and other rough terrain. Buying the cheapest hiking boots, you can find will most likely result in bruised and sore feet.

However, buying the most expensive hiking boots out there, doesn’t mean your feet will be comfortable either.  Hiking boots are not made for all types of hiking. Some are made specifically for hiking trails, while others are designed for backpacking or mountain hiking.

Therefore, if you purchase a trail hiking boot when you meant to purchase a sturdy boot for tough hikes you are going to end up in trouble. Before boot shopping stop and consider the type of boot you really need. Here is a list of features that vary from boot to boot:


A booth’s breathability won’t really affect the way you hike. It’s more a personal preference than anything. Some people prefer breathability to avoid sweaty feet. Others don’t care as long as their boots work properly. Boots with mesh uppers and liners are known for allowing feet to breathe.

However, they are not always as durable and they aren’t waterproof. Basically, if you want breathability you’ll be sacrificing waterproof boots. Which means you’ll be restricted to hiking in warm, dry weather.


Many hikers consider waterproof boots a must. Not having waterproof boots severely limits the kind of hiking you can do. If you want to hike near lakes, rivers, or in snow you have to have waterproof boots. If you plan on hiking on warm, dry days then it’s not something you need to worry about.

Of course, it is possible to purchase waterproofing products that spray onto non-waterproof boots. Whether you purchase waterproof boots or waterproof them yourself, make sure the seal will last awhile.


The traction, or grip, on a boot depends on the type of lugs it has. Backpackers and mountain hikers should look for hiking boots with deeper lugs, as they provide a better grip and reduce the chance of slipping on rocks and steep climbs.

Trail and forest hikers should look for hiking boots with wide-spaced lugs. They have good traction, but are better suited for walking through mud. They’re also easier to clean dirt and debris out of.


They way your boots lace up won’t really affect your hiking. It’s another personal preference. Lace-up boots are laces you lace through holes up the front of your boot. Loop boots are laces that loop around hooks up the front of the boot.

They look almost exactly the same, but some people consider loop boots easier to put on and take off. Some people may also consider lace boots sturdier.


A boot’s durability is important no matter what type of hiking you plan on doing. How long a boot lasts depends on a couple of factors: the boot itself and how it is used. If you’re planning on hiking trails, most boots will last awhile. If you’re planning on hiking rough terrain you need to purchase a boot designed for hiking rough terrain.

The frequency of your hikes will also effect durability. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell if a boot will last before you purchase it. Therefore, read customer reviews and inspect the boot after purchasing to make sure things like seams and soles aren’t lose.


As you can see, there are plenty of wide hiking boots available. However, picking the right one isn’t necessarily easy if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The boots in this article serve a variety of hiking purpose, and have a variety of features that should fit your needs.

If you don’t decided to purchase on the boots on this list, hopefully, it has provided you with a jumping off point on your search for a reliable wide hiking boot.

Do you know about any wide hiking boots we missed and would like to suggest? Please share them in the comment section below.

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