Best Asics Running Shoes for Women: Comfortable Running in Style

Running burns a lot of calories and it’s good for our heart and blood circulation. It’s hard to regularly sustain the activity because it’s exhausting. That’s why women try to wear the best outfit and footwear to help them follow the routine. Often, they also check out the best ASICS running shoes for women because they’re already widely known.

Running is one of the most intensive physical activities since the ancient times. Our ancestors went barefoot or wore crude footwear in their daily activities. Luckily for us, we can buy shoes to protect our feet from the rough surface of the road.

We can go on running for hours without worries about wounds. However, injuries still do happen especially if we selected the wrong pair of shoes.

If you suffer from any injury, it’s likely you won’t go on running for a while. Your promise to yourself (which is running miles each week) will be broken because of that injury. But if your physical condition is always perfect, it’s easy to stick to the routine.

One thing that will help you stick to that routine is to wear the best pair of shoes. To help you select one, here’s a comprehensive guide about what features to look for. You can also read here a few other considerations that will make your running a bit safer and more comfortable. Finally, we’ll also discuss the features of the most popular ASICS running shoes for women. Let’s start.

Top Running Shoes for Women: Reviews

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ASICS Women’s Gt-1000 5 Running Shoe

Materials: Synthetic, rubber sole

Special Features: Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems, SpEVA midsole

Description: This ASICS Women’s Gt-1000 5 Running Shoe is one of the most popular running shoes. Female runners can experience comfort while using it. In addition, the materials are durable and they can last for hundreds of miles.

When it comes to comfort, the shoes use innovative technology that replicates the fatty tissue of the foot. This means the shoes are specifically designed for maximum comfort to the users. Even when running for miles, there won’t be much strain on the feet.

Aside from engineered support, you can also experience more comfort because of the breathability of the upper part. The air can circulate freely so that means less odor and more comfort for you. It’s also a bit lighter compared to other running shoes.

The designs are perfect and can suit most types of clothing. You can choose the neutral colors so you won’t have to worry about matching your outfit with the shoes. Many users have already said that they’ve been using a pair for many years. That’s proof that it can last for very long.



Material: Synthetic, rubber sole

Special Features: High level breathability and antimicrobial properties, with lighter weight midsole (Solyte) than standard EVA and SpEVA

Description: ASICS 33-DFA 2 provides a bit more natural running experience. That’s because of its platform adaptability and better flexibility. There’s also the adaptive heel reinforcements which help in keeping the heel secure.

In addition, the FluidAxis contributes to the comfort experience. Many runners forget about the joints of their foot. Well, due to the FluidAxis, the anatomically-correct deep flex grooves take care of that.

Another feature that contributes to the comfort experience is the high level breathability and moisture management.

When running, we can sweat profusely, especially through our feet. Moisture and the outdoor environment can make microorganisms thrive in our shoes and on our feet. Good thing is the material also has antimicrobial properties. Add to that the shoes’ high level breathability.



Material: Synthetic, rubber sole

Special Features: Rearfoot GEL cushioning system, Padded tongue and collar, DuoMax support system for stability

Description: The design is a bit more athletic compared to most ASICS running shoes. This is ideal for distance runners and for those who want to go fast. The ASICS GEL-DS Racer 11’ design somehow complements the motivation of the runner.

Whenever you want to go fast, you need more stability support and better traction. ASICS has a new DuoSole just for that. The feel (even when you’re running) is more stable. That’s one of the reasons why many avid runners prefer these.

Another notable feature is that it’s a lace-up running shoe in seamless construction. For some runners, this feature is important. That’s because some materials (and how they were fabricated or assembled) can irritate our skin. With this feature however, there is less potential for friction and irritation.

From its name, ASICS GEL-DS Racer 11, you can see it’s built for speed and stability. It fits like a glove, and the design alone will encourage you to keep running.

ASICS GEL-DS Trainer 21

ASICS GEL-DS Trainer 21

Material: Textile and synthetic, rubber sole

Special Features: With enhanced cushioning and durability, mimics connective tissue in our foot by creating tension, Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems

Description: If you’re looking for a stylish shoes that makes a statement, as well as cushions your feet while you run, then look no further. The Trainer 21 boasts technology that is designed to replicate how the muscles and tendons in your own feet work, allowing for a natural feel when you run.

This leads to the minimization of pain and stress, especially in the arches of your feet, so you can run, jump, and work out for much longer than you would with other shoes.

The traction and grip also make it easy for you to maintain your footing, even when the ground is wet, muddy, or even covered in a thin layer of snow. It’s perfect for those who want to run not only when it’s sunny, because staying healthy doesn’t take place only three months out of the year.

ASICS GT-1000 4

ASICS GT-1000 4

Material: Manmade, rubber sole

Special Features: Features engineered mesh upper, with Impact Guidance System, SpEVA foam high-rebound midsole

Description: The combination of the full-length SpEVA midsole (a special type of foam) and the DuoMax Support makes this pair of ASICS GT-1000 4 is a clear choice for those who prioritize stability and cushioning. These help ensure that each running session is as smooth as it can be.

As mentioned earlier with the ASICS GEL-DS Racer 11, the materials and how they were put together can affect the comfort we experience.

That’s also a priority in the ASICS GT-1000 4. The overlay materials are lightweight and there’s less multi-panel stitching. This helps in preventing forefoot irritation (and possibly blistering).

Even after long miles, the shoes can still be comfortable to wear. The breathability is optimal to keep the feet cool. In addition, the thick rubber sole can help in absorbing most of the impact whenever your feet hit the ground.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 18 running Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Cumulus 18 running Shoe

Material: Synthetic, rubber sole

Special Features: Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems, Reduced weight and exceptional durability, Provides midfoot structural integrity

Description: This is also one of the most popular running shoes for women. The excellent cushioning systems are there to absorb the shock during each impact. It somehow replicates our foot’s natural tissue so that it’s comfortable while wearing it plainly or while on the road.

There’s also the Guidance Trustic system that helps provide midfoot structural integrity. This can help promote the efficiency or economy of movement.

In many experienced runners and other athletes, they can readily notice the efficiency. This means only the necessary parts are moving. You can also observe the natural motion of what our bodies are designed to do.

The overall design of the ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 18 Running Shoe, especially the interior, is made to support the natural motion of our feet. This way, you can readily feel the strength and stability.

In addition, the flexibility is still there. Our feet sometimes don’t conform to the natural motion, so the shoes’ flexibility is designed to accommodate such cases.

How to Choose A Pair of Running Shoes

A lot of different factors are at play when it comes to choosing a pair of running shoes. Here, I’ll discuss the most important things you need to keep in mind. This way, you can choose the best pair based on your needs and preferences.

To help you make the best decision, ask yourself these questions first:

Where will I be running?

This is important. The surface where you will run can greatly affect what shoes to buy. That’s because surfaces greatly vary. It’s good to choose a pair of running shoes perfect for a specific surface. Here are the two common places where runners go:

  • Road and pavement. The concrete or asphalt road is where people most commonly run. It’s even more apparent when you’re living in the city, and it’s sometimes the only available option for everyone who wants to run and burn calories.
    Most roads are flat and even, with the occasional irregularity, allowing you to run for hours without many risks. However, the repetitive strides can cause strain in the long run. That’s why there are shoes specifically designed for roads.
    These shoes often have enough cushioning to protect your feet from strain and injuries. In addition, the cushioning can also protect the feet from hard surfaces. Imagine how many hundreds of steps you take each session; your feet will have to endure all of those from time to time.
  • Off-road routes. You’re lucky if you can find safe trails off the road. Running on natural trails feels a bit different and it can connect us with nature. Also, it’s cool to explore places besides the concrete and metal structures.
    Running on these trails is much harder because of the obstacles. The surfaces are also far from even. You might need to slow down at times to avoid slips and falls, as well as looking out for rocks and really rough surfaces.

If you’re planning to run on these trails, it’s good to choose a pair of shoes which are built for that. For example, you’ll need shoes with extra protection from hard surfaces, as off-road routes and your routine can be aggressive on your feet.

What materials are the running shoes made of?

The materials can dictate how durable the shoes will be. What’s more important is that the type of material can often dictate the level of comfort you will feel while wearing the shoes.

Most popular shoes out there in the market are already made from durable materials. They can withstand the road even after hundreds of miles. You can count on them and make it easier for you to stick to your running routine.

But when it comes to comfort level, it’s a different thing. That’s because the materials control how light the shoes will be. In addition, some materials are “breathable” which means air can still somehow circulate around your feet even while wearing the shoes.

Another thing is that the materials can also help in making the shoes waterproof. This is an important feature especially when the roads and trails are always wet.

Many running shoes are made from nylon and nylon mesh. They’re generally durable and have the feature of breathability. Some or most parts of many running shoes might be made from synthetic leather. They’re also durable and can dry really quickly.

Another thing to be considered is the type of foam used for the midsole. Running shoes with a good midsole can help in providing stability and cushioning. This means the running can be much smoother and less straining.

If the midsole material is strong and durable, it can support the runners’ impactful and aggressive running.

Many running shoes in the past have polyurethane (more dense) as the midsole material. However, EVA (which stands for ethyl vinyl acetate, also a polymer) was found to be a better alternative. In basketball, many shoes have EVA midsoles, as this helps players endure lots of running and jumping during a game.

Generally, there are two common types of EVA. There’s the standard EVA and the SpEVA, which has better bounce-back characteristics than the standard one. Recently, some ASICS running shoes now have Solyte Midsole Material instead of the usual EVA. Solyte is even lighter than the standard EVA and the SpEVA.

Experienced runners also consider the type of cushioning system in the running shoes (especially in the rearfoot and forefoot parts). In other words, it’s about the shock absorption capability of the shoes. In particular, GEL cushioning systems became popular because they can effectively absorb impact even if they are much lighter.

Back then, it was an unconventional and innovative type of cushioning system because other types are way heavier. Right now, it’s even the default in many shoes because runners prefer lighter shoes that can still effectively absorb the impact.

Do the shoes support natural movement?

Our bodies (especially our feet) are designed to do specific things. There are specific motions that promote efficiency. In addition, if we always move according to the design and biomechanics of our body, we reduce the risk for injuries.

That’s why many of the popular shoes for running today now conform to the shape and natural movement of our feet. The cushioning system and even the overall interior of many running shoes now promote natural movement.

Comfort and protection are the top priorities of women when it comes to choosing a pair of running shoes. Many women place more importance on those than on the designs. Fortunately, many running shoes today have good designs while being protective and comfortable.

Now you know what you should look for before buying a pair of shoes for running. You’re now better equipped to make a wise choice. Next is let’s discuss the features of the popular ASICS running shoes for women. This way, you’ll know which one best suits your needs and preferences.

Start Running with The Best Shoes

It has been said that we should invest more in the bed and shoes we use. We spend almost one-third of our lives in bed while sleeping. When we’re awake, we also spend a lot of time wearing our shoes. That’s the case especially when we’re always outdoors and running.

That’s why you have to carefully choose a pair of running shoes. You should take note of the material of the shoes and where you will be running. It’s good if you choose a pair of shoes made from durable materials. It’s also good to select a pair that effectively absorbs the impact from the ground.

This way, you can experience maximum comfort and ensure the shoes will be a reliable companion on the road. It also helps to consult your doctor before choosing any type of shoe. You do this especially when you have some physiological concerns on your feet.

The ASICS running shoes mentioned above are designed with the runners’ needs in mind. These shoes were also made to complement the natural structure and motion of our feet. Furthermore, these shoes are lightweight and promote air circulation. These all help in making running a comfortable experience.

If you have any experience with ASICS’s running shoes for women, whether it’s from the list or a product you’ve bought on your own, please feel free to share your stories with us in the comments section below.

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  1. I run between 5-15 miles most days, on all kinds of terrains, so I need a shoe that can handle that kind of punishment. I have a pair of the gt-1000’s (though they are the 4, not the 5) and they are an absolute dream. I would say I have run a little under 400 miles in these puppies, and usually I’ve had to replace my shoes around 300 hundred, but with these I can see us getting all the way up to 500, which is super exciting to me. Definitely worth the buy, even when they’re not on sale.

  2. I gifted my girlfriend with running shoes and she was happy with her present. I believe that running shoes are very important. They provide traction, protection and enhances your performance, as well.

  3. I bought the ASICS GT-1000 5 running shoes as a treat for my birthday last month and I can say that it is perfect for me. I really prefer sturdy and comfortable to wear shoes because I love running indoors and outdoors. The fit is great too. With its quality, I think it is truly worth the price.

  4. I could not agree more. That pair of Asics is known for its comfort factor and nice fit. We are pleased that you have a quality running shoe! Hopefully, this improves your running abilities!


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