Best Yoga Pants: Looking at the Best Choices for Men

Yoga pants are not often considered essential items when kitting yourself out with yoga gear. But like any sport, the devil is in the detail. If you were a high performance sprinter, you would definitely choose the right pants.

If you were a competitive gymnast, you would choose clothing that allows the right range of movement and support. So why do yoga pants not feature high on most people’s list of pro-sports wear?

There is a surprising amount of diversity in the clothing range available, and each distinction can make a difference to your comfort level. It’s important to be well-informed and make the right choice for you. Let’s have a look at the best yoga pants, and you’ll see that there are plenty of choices if you look in the right places.


We’ve made a selection which covers most bases. Whether you’re looking for something tight or loose, long or short, there’s sure to be something for you.

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Prana Mens Setu Pant

SPECIFIC FEATURES: 92% organic cotton, 8% spandex; Durable Water Repellant coating; mid rise; slim leg.

BEST USE:Yoga, Pilates, sports, meditation, loungewear.

The PrAna Setu Pant is a good quality, basic black pant with a slim leg. Great for men who want a practical, multipurpose pant that will suit almost any situation. The slim fit won’t flop around and get in the way as you move through your yoga poses, or any other sport.

The design is ultra streamline, with no pockets to get in the way, and no outseam, for extra comfort. Lack of pockets means that these pants are more suited as specifically yoga or sportswear, not streetwear, where you may want a pocket or two to carry your wallet and phone. One unusual bonus feature of this pant is the water repellant coating, which is very handy for outdoor sports or doing yoga outside in nature.

Since cotton is one of the most chemically sprayed crops, environmentally and health conscious yogis will appreciate the organic cotton of this pant, while spandex has been woven into the fabric for extra stretch and ease of movement. These pants are pretty much perfect for the male yogi who prefers a minimalist look and feel.

RELATED: PrAna also offer a men’s Setu short, which is made from the same soft elasticized cotton and construction style.  It has a looser fit than the pant, as these knee-length shorts don’t taper down into a slim leg.


Hanuman Yoga Knicker by Verve

SPECIFIC FEATURES: 88% organic cotton, 22% Lycra; sewn in Colorado; wide, flat, 2″ waistband; designed specifically for yoga, below the knee finish.


Designed specifically for yoga, the Hanuman Yoga Knicker by Verve is a practical addition to any man’s athletic wardrobe. Are they shorts, or are they pants? Don’t let the name turn you off; these knickerbocker-length pants come down just below the knee, with the aim of keeping your legs cool during your workout.

If a full length pant is too warm, but you don’t want to go for the ‘short short’ look, these mid length Knickers provide the protection and structure of pants, without the overheating. The fit is slim, but not too tight, meaning that they move easily without being too revealing. The fabric is a mix of lycra and organic cotton, which feels great against the skin, as well as being eco friendly.

Socially conscious yogis will be happy to hear that these pants are made in the USA, ensuring that they have never been near a sweatshop. The construction is of a high standard and the materials are good quality. These pants are little pricier than some others, but if you’re willing to pay for it, these pants are some of the best we’ve found for your conscience.

RELATED: If you’re not keen on the knickerbocker length, try out the Hanuman Yoga Pant, which has the same features and fit as the Knicker, but with a traditional pant length.



SPECIFIC FEATURES: 94% cotton, 6% spandex; 2 outside pockets; drawstring/elastic waist; slim fit; bottom of knee length.

BEST USE:Any Yoga style, Pilates, tennis, outdoor exercise, martial arts, Tai Chi, Gym, cycling, travel and casual wear.

Yoga Addict’s Men’s Yoga Shorts are versatile and stylish. The length finishes under the knee, so rest assured that you won’t be revealing too much in these shorts. A lot of the over-the-knee length yoga pants have cuffed hems, which may look a bit effeminate for some mens’ taste.

These shorts don’t have that feature, and just look like regular long shorts, allowing them to keep a more traditionally masculine style. They are slim fitting however, so unless you’re legs are on the skinny side; consider ordering a larger size if you prefer a looser fit. The lack of cuffs means that these shorts might not stay completely in place during your yoga session, but the slim fit keeps them fairly still and they don’t generally get in the way.

The waist is elasticized, with an additional drawstring, making it adjustable to your individual measurements. These shorts have fairly thick but breathable cotton fabric and it has two handy pockets. A good option for men with slim legs who like to wear a simple style.

RELATED: If you prefer a looser short, Yoga Addict also offers these Yoga Shorts for Men, which have a more relaxed fit. They are bit shorter too, and finish a couple of inches above the knee.



SPECIFIC FEATURES: Modal fabric made from sustainably farmed birch trees;100% made in the USA; drawcord waistband; flat pockets sewn to top of garment; fitted rib cuffs at hem; rib piping; slim fit; below the knee finish.

BEST USE: All yoga styles, Pilates, tennis, soccer.

4-rth are a company which specializes in organic yoga clothing for men and women, and they pride themselves in being both sustainable and fashionable. Their Men’s Transition Cuffed Yoga Pant certainly lives up to that promise. The fabric they use is a Modal, which they source from sustainable farmed birch trees.

According to 4-rth, their fabric is 20 times more eco-friendly than even organic cotton. They also manufacture their garments in the USA, benefitting their customers’ social consciences, as well as the plant. They haven’t neglected style, however, as their pants are fashionably designed and constructed with care. Features like the rib piping and cuffs give these pants a polished look.

The cuffs and slim fit keep these pants in place, making them comfortable and practical as you move in them. The pockets are sewn into the top of the pants, which prevents them from moving against your legs and adds functionality. This pant is an environmentally sound choice, which has been designed and executed with panache.

RELATED: If you like the features of the Transition pant, have a look at the 4-rth’s Tri-Color cuffed pant. They are virtually the same, but with added colored stripes for fashion-forward guys who like a bit of design flair in their clothing.


2 Tone Thai Fisherman Pant

SPECIFIC FEATURES: 100% cotton drill; free size; unisex; made in Thailand.

BEST USE: Yoga, martial arts, travel, casual wear.

These Thai Fisherman Pants are perfect for male and female yogis who like a loose fit and Bohemian style. While some of the pants we’ve looked at are tight-fitted to the leg, these one go in the complete opposite direction. These loose pants won’t hinder your movement, allowing you to move freely into any position.

They are breezy, letting plenty of air in to prevent an uncomfortable sweaty feeling.  The cotton fabric is also highly breathable. The waist and length can be adjusted to your taste and comfort, making these one-size-fits-all pants suitable for yogis of almost any size and shape.

One of the best things about these pants is that they don’t have to be limited to the yoga studio; they also make trendy streetwear. These Thai-made pants give a casual look for anyone who wants a less form-fitting garment which is comfortable and happens to have a boho South-East Asian look.

RELATED: 2 Tone also offer a unisex Yoga trouser made from 100% Cotton Drill “Gangaeng Chaolay”. They come with a foldable waistband to adjust length and a draw system for the width.



SPECIFIC FEATURES: 95% modal (rayon), 5% nylon; loose harem fit; delicate machine wash/hand wash.

BEST USE: Yoga, Pilates, dance, bodybuilding, jogging, aerobics, pajamas, meditation, relaxing.

Hoerev’s Men’s Harem Yoga Pants are the ultimate in breezy style. These harem pants have a casual, flowy look which drapes softly and appeals to the easygoing and Zen attitude of many yogis. The fabric is a mix of soft nylon and modal (a type of semi-synthetic rayon; as mentioned earlier it’s commonly made from trees like birch, or beech chips).

The loose fit suits a variety of body types, and allow for easy mobility. The waist is elasticized to fit a range of sizes. The hems are also elasticized to prevent them from getting in your way or moving out of place during yoga sessions. The only drawback is that they have to be handled quite delicately and benefit from hand washing, unlike more hardy options which can just be thrown into the washing machine.

These pants can be used for all kinds of activities, from yoga to sports, to mediation to loungewear. They are genuinely comfortable and feel so good on the body that it’s tempting to even use them as pajamas.

RELATED: If you happen to be looking for a lady friend, Hoerev also make a Harem Yoga Pant for women, which is very similar to the men’s version, plus a more pronounced fitted cuff at the ankle.


TIPTOPSTORE Capri Black Fisherman Pants

SPECIFIC FEATURES: 100% cotton drill; free size; made in Thailand.

BEST USE: Yoga, casual wear, loungewear.

TipTopStore have brought us this pair Capri Black Fisherman Wrap Pants. Budget-friendly and versatile, these pants are a tempting purchase to make. Made in Thailand, these traditional fisherman pants can be worn during yoga, at home as lounge wear, or on the street as a short trouser.

The Capri length is cut just below the knee, meaning that they are not going to get in your way on the yoga mat. The loose fit is very comfortable and easy to move in. The waistband is a free size, as it is wrapped around your torso and tied to fit you individually. The length can easily be adjusted too, by folding up the waistband.

These pants are particularly suited to summer or hot yoga, as the cotton fabric is breathable and the loose fit lets in plenty of ventilation for your legs. The inexpensive price is certainly an attractive plus to these pants, but this raises questions about the quality of the materials and the production source of these Thai-made pants. You get what you pay for, but these are a good choice for the budget conscious yogi.

RELATED: This is a unique design with exclusive features so there is no comparable product on the market.



SPECIFIC FEATURES: 100% thin cotton; drawstring waistband; loose fit.

BEST USE: Yoga, meditation, dancing, bodybuilding, jogging, aerobics, relaxing.

Tesoon Modal Long Yoga/Meditation Pants are soft and comfortable, with a ‘barely there’ type of feel. The material is thin cotton, which drapes effortlessly on your body, with a loose fit that doesn’t hinder your movement at all. Flexible enough for yoga and relaxed enough for meditation, these are a good option for men who don’t like to feel restricted in their clothing.

The material can cling somewhat to your body, due to the thinness of the fabric. Men who would like to protect their modesty might need to wear more supportive underwear beneath these slinky pants. The waistband has a drawstring for maximum comfort and an adjustable waist size.  Even if you prefer a more structured garment for public wear, these pants are well suited to a home yoga practice where comfort is the priority.

RELATED: Tesoon make a range of novelty clothing items, which you might like to add to your yoga, or general, wardrobe. This American Flag Muscle Beach tank top could be the perfect item to complement your new yoga pants.


Eu Mens Yoga Pants

SPECIFIC FEATURES: 95% modal cotton, 5% spandex; elastic waistband with drawstring

BEST USE: Yoga, Pilates, martial arts, dance, exercise, pajamas, loungewear.

The EU Men’s Yoga Pants from Ultimate Ears present a middle ground which a lot of male yogis can appreciate. You may find that slim fitting pants are just too tight or unflattering, while loose pants get in the way as you move through yoga sequences.

These pants have a medium leg width to give a happy compromise between modesty and practicality. The material is a blend of cotton and modal, which creates a softer and more absorbent fabric than pure cotton, and is less prone to shrink. Five percent spandex is also thrown in, to add a bit of stretch for ease of movement. These pants are breathable and dry quickly.

They don’t have any pockets though, so be aware that they aren’t the most convenient for streetwear, if you like to keep your wallet and keys in your pockets. The material has a soft, silky feeling which makes the very comfortable for wearing at home and in the yoga studio.

RELATED: If you’re looking for a general sport pant with a more stable, structured feel, try out the EU Men’s Joggers, also by UltimateEars.



SPECIFIC FEATURES:94% cotton, 6% spandex; 2 outside pockets; drawstring/elastic waist, thick waistband; open bottom;

BEST USE: Yoga, martial arts, Pilates, outdoor exercise, dance, travel, casual wear.

Our second pick from Yoga Addict, the Men’s Long Yoga Pants are well made, with good quality construction and materials. The cotton blend is slightly thicker, though breathable. It provides a good amount of structure to avoid showing off areas that you’d rather keep private.

Spandex adds a level of flexibility to allow for unhindered movement, without showing off too much of your shape. These pants have a simple, understated look, with a medium leg width. The width isn’t so wide as to get in the way, but isn’t so tight as to feel claustrophobic. A side stripe adds just a hint of extra style without being garish or effeminate.

Two pockets are included, which is a handy addition for day to day wear outside the gym, as well as martial arts or sports in general. The price is very reasonable for the quality construction and versatility you get.

RELATED: We’ve already mentioned the Yoga Addict shorts, but they are a general yoga brand so if you like their clothing, why not have a look at their other products? They have yoga-specific non-slip socks and gloves, especially handy for you hot/Bikram practitioners out there. They also produce a range of mats, towels and blocks.


Male yoga pants differ from female ones in several ways. There are several things for men to think about when deciding on the pants to suite them.

Discretion vs. Showing Your Shape

Let’s just face it at the beginning: male anatomy differs from female anatomy, especially where pants are concerned. Women’s yoga pants are often skin-tight, and leave little to the imagination. This may be fine for some guys too, but a lot of us don’t really want to show off the exact size and shape of our bits.

Bike shorts or tight pants are great for staying in the right place and stretching while we move, but they might show-off a bit much for your taste. Looser pants are an option, but be careful which ones you buy as some thin materials may drape in a such as way as to show off every lump and bump, even if they are loose fitting. Thicker, more structured fabrics will solve this problem, but can also be too warm for some people.

Slim vs. Loose fit

There are plenty of options which aren’t skin-tight, but offer a slim fit or tapered leg. These are great because they stay in place while you move and don’t bunch or slide up during inverted positions.

Be sure to choose a breathable fabric though, as these pants won’t let breezes up under the hems. Loose fitting pants are generally cooler as they allow more air to circulate around your legs, but they may be distracting during yoga sessions as they can move, slide or bunch is unwanted ways.


So you want full length trousers, shorts or something in between? The shorts we have included are around knee-length, as shorter ones may result in unintentional exposure as you twist into different positions. Long pants will keep you covered and absorb sweat from your legs, but you may feel they are too warm during your workout.

Crop or ¾ length pants are available on the market now, which seem to present the best of both worlds, although as this is a look usually reserved for the ladies, some men may not be comfortable about carrying it off.


Nobody likes to feel like they are trapped in a sweaty bubble during their practice, so opt for something which breathes easily. Cotton is still the most popular fabric around, usually with a small amount of nylon or spandex blended in for extra stretch. This natural fiber is breathable and absorbent, but doesn’t dry particularly quickly if you are sweating a lot.

Cutting edge modal fabrics (a type of rayon, which can also be blended with cotton) are gaining popularity in the yoga world for their high level of absorbance and moisture wicking ability. Whatever your choice, make sure that you get a flexible fabric which moves easily – this is not the place for jeans!


While at the moment it may seem like choosing the right pair of yoga pants is a chore, but rest assured once you start wearing them, the right pair will serve you faithfully and help you to get the best out of your practice. Don’t let your clothing be a distraction; the right pants should enhance your confidence and ability to move freely into any position, no matter who happens to be watching.

The right pair of pants should feel like they’re not even there, allowing you to focus on your breath, movement and mindfulness – the real reasons you started yoga in the first place. Do you have any tips for finding the perfect yoga clothes for men? If so, let us know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Best Yoga Pants: Looking at the Best Choices for Men”

  1. My husband is not really a shorts person but he said the Young LA yoga shorts really stood out to him and said they were extremely comfortable. Not going to lie, I’ve worn them multiple times myself-even though he asks me not to. I am just going to have to get myself my own pair!

  2. So I don’t necessarily like shorts or pants so I found a happy medium with the Verve knickers. They’re great for flexibility and I don’t feel like my pants are going to get in the way and trip me or something. But I also don’t have to worry about doing anything like a handstand and my shorts slide down. Definitely check these out!

  3. True! Get yourself a pair Josephine, lol. There are yoga pants for women that are very attractive and well-constructed.
    Now, these yoga pants for men are very comfy and very laid back. Even if you’re not into yoga, it’s a great pair to have and lounge around with. I use them when I run errands around town or when I do my outdoor exercises.
    They’re pretty neat and I would recommend these for everyone.

  4. The easy-fit feature is a good come-on for these Verve knickers. The material is soft and comfortable and they are made in the US, too. I know that a lot of men find these cooling and when you’re sweating out in your yoga poses, then this type of clothing is for you.
    My friend who used these knickers tell me that for bigger men, they may be tight around the knee area especially when you’re sitting in one of your yoga poses.
    But overall, they are a great pair of knickers. 🙂


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