Best Climbing Helmet: Reduce the Risk of Severe Injury

Climbing helmets are probably the last thing you consider when you take up the art of climbing and actually they could prevent severe and extreme injury.

Having a climbing helmet may not seem essential, but would you like to end up in the emergency room because one rock slipped? The answer is probably no and that is why we have set out to find you the best climbing helmet.

When you decide on the climbing location, most people like to focus on the height and the type of harness that will be required.

We fail to take into account what all the risks are and we sometimes have everything go wrong with just one simple loose rock at the top. The climbing helmet will ensure that you still enjoy the climb even as accidents occur.

Top Products

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Mammut Skywalker 2 Climbing Helmet

Weight: 0.84lbs

Dimensions: 2.76 x 11.81 x 11.81 inches

Key Features: Durable hard plastic shell, EPS inner for comfort, 10 openings for good ventilation, headlamp attached, fully adjustable chin strap

Best Use: Mountain and rock climbing

Description: The Mammut Skywalker 2 climbing helmet is one of the more revolutionized and technologically advanced helmets on the market. The shell is made from highly expensive and durable plastic and is still available at a very affordable price.

For the night climbers, you will have a great and easy-to-reach headlamp that will move the same way as your head. This will ensure that you always have light no matter the side that you are looking at.

The helmet features 10 ventilation openings that will provide you comfort and hinder the sweat from building up. The EPS technologically upgraded inner will give you all the comfort and ensure that the hard shell does not irritate you or slide in your face.

To ensure further that you do not have to constantly move the helmet, the fully adjustable chin strap is made to bring comfort and accommodate any chin size. This will give you more time to focus on enjoying your experience that adjusting your helmet.

Finally the helmet is extremely lightweight and should you take it off, you can easily attach it to your bag and carry it along without hassle, providing you with great portability and easy storage.

Petzl Meteor Climbing Helmet

Weight: 0.49

Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 7 inches

Features: Soft headband that conforms to head shape, Attachment space for additional headlamp, easy to adjust chinstrap buckle, breathable foam lining for stability and ventilation

Best Use: Mountain and rock climbing

Description: Proving that technology can enhance your climbing experience, the Petzl Meteor Climbing Helmet has incorporated years of testing and research to provide you with the ultimate durability and comfort required to enjoy a great climb.

The helmet features a soft headband that can easily fold back inside when storing the helmet, but when in use, this headband will mold to the shape of your head to help stabilize and provide extra comfort when climbing.

The easy-to-adjust chinstrap will only enhance the comfort and will allow you to make quick changes to the fitting when needed.

The durable shell has been made very lightweight and water-resistant, and this will allow you to enjoy climbing in any weather conditions. The added attachment space will allow you to easily attach a headlamp if you plan on climbing at night time. This will give you a lot of multi-functionality and provide you with value for your money.

Finally the foam lining will not only help prevent water from penetrating, but will also give you extra ventilation to allow the sweat to dry and hinder any humidity from setting in to minimize your chances of heatstroke.

Petzl Elios Climbing Helmet

Petzl Elios Climbing Helmet

Weight: 0.66lbs

Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 6 inches

Features: Durable shell of injected ABS, added attachments for headlamp, sliding shutters to adjust ventilation, absorbent and comfortable foam lining, highly durable plastic shell,

Best Use: Mountain and rock climbing, excavating, construction and mining

Description: The Petzl Elios Climbing Helmet proves that climbing helmets can also be stylish and versatile at the same time.

The helmet is made from extremely durable plastic to protect you from any impact that may come from above or even in mines. The helmet has been fully tested under the strains of mining and construction as well.

The absorbent foam lining will allow you to enjoy a climb without having to constantly wipe away the sweat from the experience and the adjustable ventilation shutters will let you choose whether to let the sweat dry up or if you should let it absorb.

Furthermore the ventilation shutter will allow you to plug up all the holes and make the helmet water-resistant. This will allow you to climb in any weather condition.

If you love the feeling of soft comfort, you will certainly find it in this helmet. The expanded polyester foam lining will easily adjust and mold to the shape of your head, making this helmet a one size fits all helmet.

Finally the helmet is extremely lightweight and will give you the opportunity to enjoy walking or hiking once you reach the top by easily strapping the helmet to your backpack. If you are a night climber you will also have the opportunity of attaching a headlamp to make your climb easier and more functional.

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

Weight: 0.8 ounces

Dimensions:  9 x 9 x 9 inches

Features: Stylish and modern looking shape, headlamp clips to easily attach headlamp, suspension custom wheel adjuster, EPS foam lining to provide comfort and ventilation.

Best Use: Mountain and rock climbing, excavating and mining

Description: The Black Diamond Half dome helmet features a modern and extremely sleek design. The design is not just for looking good, but will provide you with a lot of versatility and comfort.

The design is made from extremely high quality plastic to ensure that you are perfectly protected from anything that may fall.

At first you may that think that the helmet may fall because of no chinstrap, but the EPS foam lining not only provides you with top-of-the-line ventilation, it also molds to the shape of your head to ensure that you have a nice tight and comfortable fit.

The helmet also features a suspension with custom wheel that will allow you to easily adjust the feeling and make sure that you have the best fit.

This technologically advanced feature is very easy to access even while you are climbing, ensuring that you never have to force the climb as a result of lack of comfort

Finally the helmet features an attachment slot that will allow you to quickly attach a headlamp using only four clamps. This will be a great benefit to night climbers and explorers to give you that extra hand to make a difficult climb or use your exploring tools.

Petzl Sirocco Ultralight Climbing Helmet

Weight: 9.6 ounces

Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 7 inches

Features: Monobloc shell of expanded polypropylene, ventilation distribution around shell, magnetic buckle to allow easy adjustability for chinstrap, removable comfort foam with absorbent fabric

Best Use: Mountain and rock climbing

Description: Having an ultra-lightweight helmet will be extremely beneficial to help reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

With the Petzl Sirocco Ultralight climbing helmet, you will have the benefit of combining quality with a lightweight feel. The Monobloc shell will provide quality and extreme durability to withstand almost any impact.

Having a magnetic buckle in the chinstrap will allow you to quickly and efficiently adjust the fitting with one hand. This will save you time and give you more opportunities to enjoy the climb without wasting energy.

The removable comfort foam will absorb all your sweat and you will have the ability to remove this lining and simply toss it in the washer before every climb.

Night climbers will also have the opportunity to easily attach a headlamp when they need to. This will allow you to climb into darker areas and even between closed mountain passages.

Finally the helmet sports an innovative and sleek design. This design incorporates large ventilation holes that will decrease the feeling of humidity accompanied by sweat heat.

The helmet is extremely lightweight and will offer you the opportunity of carrying it along without having to stress about excess weight.

Camp USA Armour Helmet

Weight: 12 ounces

Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 7 inches

Features: Hybrid construction, easy to access side adjustment wheel, comfortable chinstrap, headlamp compatible adjustment, extremely durable construction

Best Use: Mountain and rock climbing

Description: Being one of the heavier helmets on the list, the Camp USA Armour helmet is made to be extremely durable and to withstand heavy impact.

The materials used in the construction of this helmet have been tested and put through extreme pressure to meet the specifications required of this helmet.

The helmet features a sleek and hybrid construction to allow you to look stylish and get ultimate value for your money. The chinstrap is easy to adjust and has been made to fit any chin size or type; this will allow you to pass on the helmets to friends and family if they plan on climbing.

To adjust the helmet you will only need a few seconds and one hand with the easy-to-reach and adjust wheel fitted to the side of the helmet.

Having this feature makes it easier to enjoy your climb in a comfortable way and if you plan on climbing in the dark, you will have the opportunity to easily attach a headlamp using just a few clamps

Camp USA Armour Lady Helmet

Weight:  1.3lbs

Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 6 inches

Features: Designed specifically for woman, multi-functional use, hybrid construction, extremely durable materials easy to adjust side wheel

Best Use: Mountain climbing, ice climbing and rock climbing

Description: Designed specifically with women in mind, the Camp USA Armour lady helmet brings style and comfort to women. The shell is made from highly durable and tested materials to ensure that every woman will have a stress free and fun climbing experience.

The adjustable chinstrap will allow you to have the perfect fit and easily fits around any chin type or size.

To provide more functionality, they have also included an adjustable side wheel to make easier to get the perfect fit. This can be achieved by only using one hand while focusing on every climbing step.

The helmet also provides multi-functional use and is made for climbing ice and normal rock mountains. This means that you only need to buy one helmet so you can save more money.
Finally the helmet features large ventilation holes. The ventilation will allow sweat to dry quickly and eliminate any possibility of heatstroke.

The downside to this helmet is that it is not made specifically for wet conditions and water may easily penetrate the construction to create a little bit of a challenge when climbing, but overall women should enjoy the comfort and style of this helmet.

Black Diamond Vector Helmet

Black Diamond Vector Helmet

Weight: 1.7lbs

Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 7 inches

Features: Polycarbonate shell with co-molded EPS foam lining, ratchet adjuster, in mold headlamp clamps, large ventilation ports

Best Use: Rock and mountain climbing, excavating, construction and mining

Description: The Black Diamond Vector helmet is not your average rock climbing helmet and is another one of the sleet patented designs of the company.

The shell is made from high quality polycarbonate plastic to ensure that you have optimal protection from anything that may fall in any situation.

The helmet is not only designed for climbers and can be used in almost all situations that may require you to use a helmet. The co-molded EPS foam lining will perfectly mold to the shape of your head and remove the extra effort of having to adjust a chinstrap to get a tight fit.

To increase the adjustability, the Black Diamond Company has added a ratchet adjuster with molded push buttons to look very stylish and give you the ability of adjusting your helmet using only one hand.

The ventilation holes are extremely big to allow maximum airflow to pass through and give you a great climb without having to worry about humidity getting you down.

Finally, the helmet offers you the opportunity to enjoy climbing during the night times with clamp holes already attached, making it very easy for you to simply attach your headlamp for optimal vision at night.

Top Guidelines to Consider

Don’t be fooled into thinking that climbing helmets are only a plastic or metal shell on your head in case something might go wrong. Manufacturers actually spend years and a lot of money on research to find the best technology to incorporate in climbing helmets.

Climbing helmets are tested under extreme pressure and impact to ensure the best quality is set out on the market. We have done our research to 5 of the top guidelines to consider before buying your climbing helmet.

  • Weight: Determining the weight of a helmet is one of the most important factors to look for. A heavier helmet may provide resistance to heavier objects, but with technology improving, newer materials have now been tested to withstand the same amount of impact.
    Having a lighter helmet will drain much less energy when climbing and will allow you to climb higher and longer.
  • Durability: Durability is important when you are not quite sure what await you at the top. If you cannot determine the type of rock and items that may possibly fall, it is better to focus on having a very hard shell made from durable materials that can withstand heavier impact.
    Durability is also important as we are always looking to get the best value for our money, as more durable helmets can last for years if not decades.
  • Easy adjustability: If you cannot easily adjust your helmet, it will not be a beneficial item to carry along. Sometimes in the climb, your helmet may move to an uncomfortable position and this may hinder you from looking up or even finding your next step.
    But having a helmet that is easy to adjust will eliminate these problems and give you a better climbing experience.
  • Comfort: Your helmet should fit your head perfectly and if you cannot find a helmet that fits, it may be a wise choice to look for a helmet that is easy to adjust and get in the perfect position.
    Having a uncomfortable helmet that irritates you will result in an uncomfortable climb and will only be a waste of money.
  • Headlamp: If you plan on climbing when it is dark, it will be better to look for something with an already attached headlamp.
    The headlamp will not only give you an extra free hand, but will make you climbing experience smoother and you will always be able to see where you are going.

While some may not think the climbing helmet is really essential, we think that it could make the difference between life and death or even serious injury.

These five features are extremely important and each should be carefully considered before buying a helmet. Having the perfect helmet may just let you enjoy your first stress-free climb.

Final Thoughts

As climbers still debate the need for a helmet, the truth is that you simply must have one to ensure that you are eliminating every possible risk when you are climbing. The helmet doesn’t need to be heavy or extremely fancy; it only needs to protect you from any harm.

Now you will have the opportunity to make that decision and see if all of these features can help you have a better and stress- free climb

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that we have helped you to make a more informed and educated decision on your first climbing helmet.

We would like to encourage you to tell us more about you experience with these helmets and how we could make it easier for you to choose the perfect climbing helmet for every situation.

4 thoughts on “Best Climbing Helmet: Reduce the Risk of Severe Injury”

  1. So far, I’m happy with my Black Diamond half dome. It’s light, sturdy and very portable. Easy to release when you remove it. Straps are easy to adjust and are soft not to bite into your neck. I have found that I forget that I’m even wearing the helmet sometimes! It is very comfortable and it’s ability to fit most of the head sizes is great!

  2. I think a lot of people really love the Black Diamond! My buddies wear these products and they swear on its being so comfortable and lightweight. They ALSO love the price! Very affordable!

  3. I love my BD Vector! Despite taking a number of knocks, no damage is visible. It is quite expensive but you get what you pay for! It fits perfectly on my head due to the molding from the EPS foam and, quite often, I can forget I’m wearing it. It really is that light! I can’t profess to trying many of the others you’ve recommended but I can certainly second your recommendation on the Vector!

  4. The Black Diamond Vector is awesome, isn’t it? Glad you liked it Richard. It’s very durable and you get what you pay for plus a lot of great features. Looks great, too. I love the sleek and streamlined design.


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