Best Climbing Harness: Never Fear Falling

Whether you are a rock climber or if you like to climb the snowy peaks of the Alps, finding the best climbing harness will put your mind at ease and will allow you to enjoy the thrill of the climb.

Climbing harnesses are an essential tool in the backpack of every climber and no shortcuts can be taken when you decide on the right harness.

Rock climbers will surely testify to the importance of this and without having the best rock climbing harness, fear will consume you. That is, of course, only if you value your life. We will look at some of the best harnesses available today and help you find the right fit for your journey.

Top Climbing Harnesses

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Black Diamond Chaos Harness

Weight: 1.5lbs

Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 5 inches

Features: Four pressure molded gear loops with a slightly larger front loop, Abrasion resistant waist belt and leg loops that feature a soft padded 3D mesh, very lightweight, bullhorn shaped waist belt built using kinetic core construction

Description: If you are set on finding the most comfortable harness, you do not have to look further than the Black Diamond Chaos harness. This harness features a state of the art bullhorn shaped waist belt, the wait belt is built using the kinetic core construction method and will help ward off any abrasions that might occur.

The forged speed adjust waist buckle will allow climbers to easily make adjustments on the go and the extra 3D padding around the leg areas will give you a sense of security as well.

The harness is also extremely lightweight and won’t cause any interruptions to your climbing, giving you full freedom to try and reach those higher distances.

A slightly larger front loop will allow you to add a much bigger and more secure rope, thus adding to the sense of security and allowing a heavier person to also feel comfortable when using the harness.

If you are new to the climbing scene then this harness will be perfect for you and will make you feel extremely secure and comfortable on your first climb.

Arcteryx AR-395a harness (men’s)

Weight: 1.4lbs

Dimensions: 6 x 8 x 7 inches

Features: Warp strength technology, burly double weave material for strength and comfort, four reversible polyurethane gear loops

Description: The Arctyryx AR-395a Harness is a top of the line, extremely lightweight and very versatile harness. This harness may seem paper thin, but the design is especially made for comfort and to stop any chance of abrasions occurring.

The burly double weaved material will provide you with added comfort and at the same time it is double weaved for extra strength.

The harness also features four reversible and very durable polyurethane gear loops to help you add the perfect high quality rope and create the sense of real security.

Another great feature of the harness is the easy-to-drop elastics around the leg, they are added for extra strength and with the warp strength technology that is included and you can’t go wrong with this amazing harness

This harness will be great for people struggling with the bigger harnesses, as it is really thin and small, but it will definitely support almost any size. The straps are very easy to adjust and the waist can go up to a size 38, giving the larger climbers also great use for this harness.

But that is not all the materials used are made to stretch and this stretching technology will allow the harness to easily stretch and mold to the shape of your body, no more uncomfortable harness that will squeeze the life out of you.

Petzl Corax Climbing Harness

Weight: 1.5lbs

Dimensions: 14 x 9 x 4 inches

Features: Durable construction for summer and winter activities, double back waist which easily adjust to center the harness, adjustable leg loops to be donned when wearing winter boots, great waist belt design to help distribute weight evenly between the belt and leg loops

Description: Not much can compare to the Petzl Corax Climbing Harness.

This harness will allow you to have a smooth climb as the waist buckles can easily be adjusted to center the harness and with the added advantage of the design, you will be able to have your weight evenly distributed.

Having this will allow climbers to much easily squeeze into tighter positions without putting too much strain on any specific part of the body.

The adjustable leg loops make it perfect for wearing with almost any fashion and if you are wearing those high and warm winter climbing boots, you will easily be able to adjust the leg loops for comfort.

The materials used in this harness have been tested to withstand hot summers and even the coldest winters, thus giving you a lot of value for your dollar. The added versatility of having two front loops, will allow the user to carry those much needed snow equipment.

Overall this harness is the perfect fit for any size and the durability make it increasingly more likely that this may be one of the best ever harnesses.

Metolius Safe Tech All Around Harness

Weight: 8 ounces

Dimensions: 5 x 7 x 1 inches

Features: Improved gear loop configuration and diamond body pattern fabric, reinforced tie in point, two rappel loops to minimize clutter when setting up for rappelling, adjustable rise 3D system

Description: The Metolius Safe tech all around harness is the perfect fit for both men and women of all sizes. The improved gear loop configuration will ensure that your rope never gets tangled up and if it is to snag a rock, you can easily adjust it to get past that problem.

The two rappel and belay loops will help give an easier and smoother rappel and will help you set up perfectly for belay.

If one of the sides gets stuck, you can easily adjust the loops to use the other side when you rappel. This will give you a smoother downward movement.

The patented adjustable 3D rise system will let climbers easily adjust their position on the go, this will save you time and limit your extra energy consumption. If you fell like having a break, this harness will give you the perfect opportunity to take a much needed water break.

The diamond body pattern fabric will give you extra durability and security, while at the same time giving you that awesome and stylish look to accompany your fashion choice and the reinforced tie in point will give your harness the extra strength to hold even some of the heavier climbers.

Camp USA Supernova Harness-Women’s

Weight: 1.4lbs

Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 4 inches

Key Features: Patented no-twist belay loop, pre-threaded buckles on waist and legs, low-profile 3mm EVA padding, modified edge-load construction on the waist and leg loops for added support, 4 webbing reinforced gear loops and haul loop

Description: Extremely versatile would be a great way to describe the Camp USA Supernova harness for women. This harness comes fully equipped with modified edge-load construction.

This feature will not only give you maximum support, but will also give you the opportunity to attach the much needed equipment

The 3mm EVA padding on the sides of the waist and legs will protect the climber from any sort of abrasions that might occur during the climber, while at the same time provide flexibility and mobility for moving in those tough positions

A no-twist belay loop has been added to allow for easy rappelling and will ensure that your rope never gets tangled to stop your downward momentum. The 4 webbing reinforced gear loops will also provide you with extra strength and security, giving you peace of mind with every climb.

A great addition to this model is the pre-threaded buckles on the waist, this will give you much needed versatility when adjusting your rope and harness on the go and it will also make sure that you are never left stranded on the rocks

Overall this is a great buy for any woman and the harness can also easily adjust to fit any woman. Even if you are not experienced, this harness will make you feel like a pro.

Black Diamond Siren Harness

Weight: 12 ounces

Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 5 inches

Features: Pre-threaded forged speed adjust waist belt, women’s specific bullhorn shape waist belt, dual core XP construction leg loops, bombshell abrasion patches, adjustable and releasable elastic risers

Description: The Black Diamond Siren harness is specifically designed for women and will give any woman the added support they need on their climb.

The bombshell abrasion patches have proved to be 20 times more comfortable and abrasion resistant than the standard nylon patches.

If you like climbing on higher and more difficult rock formations, the pre-threaded waist belt can adjust on the go and without any hassle. This will help the climber with centering the harness to allow for a more balanced and even climb.

The dual core XP construction leg loops are made for extra strength and will give you the opportunity to rest using only your harness to protect you. This technology feature will also allow the harness to carry a very heavier load.

Finally Black Diamond also added their innovative trackFIT system throughout the harness to allow you to resize and adjust every part of the harness in a matter of seconds.

This harness is perfect for any woman and woman will have the added benefit of using this harness for a long time and not only as a beginner.

Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Harness

Weight: 1.4lbs

Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 5 inches

Features: Pre-threaded speed adjust waist belt buckle, bullhorn shaped design to perfectly fit women, adjustable rear lactic riser, 4 pressure molded gear loops, patented trackFIT technology for easy adjustability

Description: The Black Diamond Primrose Women’s harness is fitted with all the best technology Black Diamond could stuff into their small and lightweight harnesses.

The harness comes with a bullhorn shaped waist design that is made specifically for women. This design will not only give you style, but also provide some excellent comfort

The patented trackFIT technology provides a great additional benefit for anyone looking to climb those steep and more difficult mountains.

This technology will allow for easy adjustments on the go and will help keep the harness perfectly in balance every step to the top.

The four pressure molded gear loops are forged and added with strength in mind, the loops are sure to never come loose or tear the harness and the rope will certainly never slip through. If you are a little scared, this harness is perfect for you and will certainly put your mind at ease.

Overall this is once again one of the top harnesses from Black Diamond and they have definitely taken every aspect of women into account before creating this masterpiece.

Black Diamond Lotus Women’s Harness

Weight: 1.4lbs

Dimensions: 13 x 7 x 5 inches

Features: Pre-threaded forged speed adjust harness with added leg loop buckles, 4 pressure molded gear loop and 12 kN rated haul loop, bombshell abrasion patches, different sizes to fit every women

Description: Women of all sizes will be happy to know that the Black Diamond Lotus Women’s harness come in almost every size and all the colors are available for these sizes as well.

The harness is fully equipped with dual core XP technology in the bullhorn shaped waist belt, this will help spread the weight evenly throughout the harness and allow users to have a comfortable climb

The bombshell abrasion patches are specifically design to provide maximum padding against any sort of abrasion that may occur. The bombshell technology has been proven to be 20 times more effective than standard nylon pads

The four pressure molded gear loops will provide all the extra strength and support you need to try and aid you with your climb and perhaps even allow the climber to take a water break half way to the top. The 12 kN rated haul loop is also considered to be one of the strongest and most efficient on the market

Overall this is a pretty versatile but effective climbing harness that every women should think of. The sizes are great for every women and the harness has the ability to adjust one size bigger or smaller than the standard size/

Arcteryx AR-385a Harness – Women’s

Weight: 1.3lbs

Dimensions:  3 x 8 x 10 inches

Features: Warp strength technology for extra strength and weight dispersion, adjustable leg loops for precision fit, four reverse polyurethane gear loop, rear loop, four ice clipper slots, burly double weave material for extra strength and comfort

Description: The snow climbing women are sure to love the Arcteryx AR-385a harness. This harness is made to withstand the strain of any weather conditions and will surely give you the added comfort when climbing

The burly double weave material has been a proven way of providing comfort and strength. The material is sure to never tear, even when it may snag a sharp rock or icicle. The four ice clipper slots will be extremely beneficial to the ice climbers and will provide a lot of versatility to the harness

The leg loops are made to be adjusted easily and will even adjust according to the snow boots you may wear in the cold winters of France or at high altitude. The four reverse polyurethane gear loops will provide you security and make sure that you have peace of mind with every climb

Overall this is a perfect multi-functional harness. It can easily be used to climb in the snow, but will just as easily be able to adjust for the outdoor rocky areas of the United States.

Features to Consider

Ask any professional rock climber and they will tell you how important it is to make sure you have a climbing harness that fits you perfectly.

These experts will all tell you that the cheapest is not always the best and that your life matters more than skimping on your harness.

  • Weight: The weight of the harness is extremely important and this can give you a great indication of the quality as well. The best harnesses are usually lightweight and made from very high quality materials that can perfectly hold your body weight
  • Comfort: If your harness is not comfortable, it will spoil the climb and you will constantly need to readjust and change your position. No one can maintain an uncomfortable position for hours and still enjoy their climb. Sometimes extra padding will give you all the comfort you need to have a good time
  • Versatility: Without versatility, you will not be able to reach those difficult places and make those impressive and long leaps from rock to rock. Having a more mobile harness will give you the ability to make those leaps and even achieve greater results and heights
  • Adjustability: Sometimes you will need to adjust the straps and loops on the go. Without an easy system to make these adjustments, you will waste precious time and exert a lot of unnecessary energy.

These four features are a must for every rock climbing enthusiast. They will bring you comfort and make the climb more enjoyable.

Without taking them into account, you may not get the desired results and sometimes by choosing the cheaper ones, you automatically choose the ones without the best benefits.

Final Thoughts

Now you will have the opportunity to choose the perfect harness for your climbing needs. Whether you are a rock climber or someone that loves the colder and higher mountains, all of these harnesses have been designed specifically to be durable and to provide an excellent climbing experience.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that this may have cleared up some of the doubt about which harness you should choose. We would like to urge you to tell us more about your climbing experience and how these harnesses may have helped you enjoy your climb.

5 thoughts on “Best Climbing Harness: Never Fear Falling”

  1. I have been using Black Diamond Siren harness for over a year, but it’s my first harness, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. The adjustable leg straps are very nice. It’s a very sturdy, it is super lightweight, comfortable harness, with plenty of very strong gear loops. The colors are great, too.

  2. You’ve chosen well for a first timer Sabrina! The Black Diamond is sturdy and will be a excellent tool for the long haul. It’s one of the most comfortable harness around and many newbies love it. It’s very lightweight and affords you a better grip while securing you safely from falls.

  3. I’ve only ever used a Petzl harness for climbing and so, currently, I’m using the Corax. Never had an issue with any of the harnesses though I guess all of the main harness brands (i.e. the ones you’ve mentioned) will perform as expected. More just personal preference I guess. I’ve found the Corax to cope extremely well with ice climbing – in the sense that it can hold 4 ice clippers – whilst the double adjust buckles make using the harness with differing amounts of clothing a complete breeze! Would highly recommend anything by Petzl!

  4. Thanks for that useful appraisal of the Corax and the Petzl! I’ve been using the Petzl Corax Climbing Harness for quite some time and they’re very well-made, sturdy and the material can withstand moisture, sun and dirt. What more can I say, it’s perfect for me. 🙂

  5. You chose well, Tom. The Black Diamond Chaos Harness offers incredible range of motion and flexibility. You should expect solid performance during your climbing applications.


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