Best Bow Stabilizer: Hitting the Right Target

Are you having problems with keeping your bow stabilized while shooting? Do your arrows end up hitting a different direction upon release? How can you add more stability to your bow so that your hits are nothing but Bull’s Eye? Start thinking about a bow stabilizer.

A bow stabilizer is an essential piece of equipment that you can use to improve your aiming at full draw. A bow stabilizer basically adds weight as well as prevents you from torquing your bow and shaking it off target at the instant of release.

The stabilizer absorbs any vibrations, making the bow quitter and more comfortable to shoot. However, the choice of bow stabilizers on the market is huge, but you don’t have to worry about making the right choice! We are here to help.

In this guide, we are going talk about the most important features to consider when shopping for bow stabilizers. Also, we are going to cover five top picks that you can buy today.

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Product NameWeightLengthSpecial featuresPrice
Best-selling Upgrade7 oz4 inCNC machined, 80% less wind drag, and harmonic stabilizer technologyCheck price on Amazon
Best-selling 3.5 Inch4.6 oz3.5 inEfficient compact design, reduces bow torque, and dampens hand shockCheck price on Amazon
Bee Stinger Sport3.85, 4.18, and 4.45 oz6, 8, and 10 inSuperior stabilization, eliminates shot-induced vibration, and SIMS internal dampenerCheck price on Amazon
Bee Stinger Competitor5.1, 5.6, 5.9, and 6.4 oz27, 30, 33, and 36 inThree one-ounce end weights, powder-coated end caps, and SIMS internal harmonic dampenerCheck price on Amazon
Axion GLZ6.5 oz5 in80% less wind drag, CNC machined, and Mathews harmonic stabilizer technologyCheck price on Amazon

Top Products on Today’s Market

Our buying information should help you learn what defines the best bow stabilizer. However, this does not mean you will be able to choose the best model.

To help you with this problem, we have selected and reviewed the following top picks for your selection.

Best-selling Upgrade Compound Bow Stabilizer

Weight: 7 oz

Length: 4 inches

Specific features: Aluminum, CNC machined, reduces the effect of hand-torque, 80% less wind drag, hatching knurling, and harmonic stabilizer technology

Best use: Hunting compound bow

Description: The Best-selling Upgrade Compound Bow Stabilizer is a well-built aluminum stabilizer for the money. The aluminum material means less weight, but will effectively lessen vibration when you shoot.

This stabilizer reduces up to 80% of your wind drag and the effect of hand torque during a shot cycle with the best-selling stabilizer. This stabilizer is CNC machined and designed with harmonic stabilizer technology for dampening most of the residual vibration.

The knurl hatching makes it easier for users to lock into a compound bow. Use this stabilizer if you want to reduce hand shock after shooting, bow torque and if you want something compact and lightweight during your hunting trips.

This may be your first-time bow stabilizer, but it will do the job sufficiently. From a chastely point of view, the stabilizer has a solid build quality. You will certainly love the black camouflage color that will blend with your hunting environment.


  • Aluminum material is lightweight and good at reducing vibration
  • Harmonic stabilizer technology dampens more residual vibration
  • 80% less wind drag means less hand torque during use
  • Hatching knurling allows for effortless lock in compound bow
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly is easy to install and use


  • Aluminum is lighter for a bow stabilizer to be effective
  • It may come off after a few rounds of use

Related: In addition to the compound bow stabilizer, you should consider buying the LimbSaver UltraMax Dampener. It will provide better noise and vibration reduction, not to mention that it offers 6 independent parts to dampen down the vibration and energy.

Check the price on Amazon

Best-selling 3.5 Inch Compound Bow StabilizerBest-selling 3.5 Inch Rubber Compound Bow Stabilizer

Weight: 4.6 oz

Length: 3.5 inches

Specific features: Rubber material, lightweight, unique continuous spiral design, reduces bow torque, and dampens hand shock

Best use: Compound bow

Description: The Best-selling 3.5 Inch Compound Bow Stabilizer is one of the reliable balancing and dampening device for your compound bow. It comes in 3.5-inch size and in camouflage and black color options. It is well-weighted to provide the user with superior performance.

It is lightweight and designed with a continuous spiral of an s-coil stabilizer for added vibration dampening. The performance of this stabilizer provides a quieter, smoother feel and a reduction in bow jump for better shooting experience.

As far as choosing the perfect length of a stabilizer is concerned, the Best-selling 3.5 Inch Compound Bow Stabilizer is ideal for hunting. The 3.5-inch length will not interfere with your aiming as you continuously change positions to shoot a moving target.

More than one archer claims that the stabilizer is easy to set up and it’s a perfect match for their bows. Not to mention that it is remarkably inexpensive compared to similar or competing model. It works well in the hands of an expert or novice archer.


  • The 3.5-inch size is ideal for hunting and will not interfere with your aiming
  • Lightweight and compact design offer superior performance
  • Dampens hand shock is effective for reducing bow torque
  • The stabilizer is a cheaper option for a tight budget
  • Continuous spiral design isolates as well as dampens vibration


  • It is available in one size, thus limiting your options
  • You only have two color options to choose from

Related: Consider buying the Braided Bow Sling along with the bow stabilizer. The sling features hard-wearing a leather front strap, made to maintain an upright position, and it will do a great job with the bow stabilizer.

Check the price on Amazon

Bee Stinger Sport Stabilizer

Weight: 3.85, 4.18, and 4.45 oz

Length: 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch

Specific features: Superior stabilization, eliminates shot-induced vibration, and SIMS internal dampener

Best use: Hunting and target shooting bow

Description: For increased durability and accuracy, the Bee Stinger Sport Stabilizer is the ideal stabilizing device for different shooting events, including hunting and target shooting. This stabilizer will make your every shot count, especially if you have a window for only one shot.

This stabilizer will help you achieve superior stabilization while dampening shot-induced vibrations. The reduced vibration is thanks to the Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener and De-Resonator, which work together to minimize interference when an arrow is released.

For customization, the stabilizer has a one-ounce end weight, which allows the users to achieve the balance they need on their hunting bow. Aside from reduced vibrations, the stabilizer can also help reduce hand shock.

Engineered with bow hunters in mind, the stabilizer is precise, adjustable and affordable. You can get this unit in a variety of colors for preference, including: black, blue, green, lost, mossy oak, orange, pink, purple, Realtree MAX-1, Realtree XTRA, red, and sanstrom.


  • It comes with a very customer-friendly that will fit the budget
  • You have numerous colors to choose from, for preference
  • Three distinct sizes for versatility, including 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch
  • The SIMS Internal Harmonic Dampener & De-resonator minimizes vibration
  • The one-ounce end weight allow for superior balancing and stabilizing


  • Some of the sizes and color options may not offer satisfying performance

Related: You should consider buying the Bow Wrist Sling along with the bow stabilizer. The sling is simple to install, it is easily adjustable and comfortable, and it allows you to handle your bow better when aiming.

Check the price on Amazon

Bee Stinger Competitor Stabilizer

Weight: 5.1, 5.6, 5.9, and 6.4 oz

Length: 27-inch, 30-inch, 33-inch, and 36-inch

Specific features: Three one-ounce end weights, powder-coated end caps, and SIMS internal harmonic dampener

Best use: Entry-level compound bow stabilizer

Description: The Bee Stinger Competitor Stabilizer takes your shooting experience to a whole new level. It is designed to help you deliver grander stabilization and balancing while you conquer shot related vibration, making it the definitive hunting stabilizer.

The stabilizer’s engineering feature SIMS internal harmonic dampener & de-resonator work together to effectively reduce vibration that is transferred during arrow release. Together with your bow, the stabilizer will certainly boost your confidence.

Even the most discerning archer will be able to maximize the effectiveness of his or her stability with the Competitor. This stabilizer is made with tournament-grade carbon technology with a unique pattern, giving this stab great weight to strength ratio.

This stabilizer is undoubtedly durable, thus you may not necessarily need a replacement. And this explains the price range, which is high and competitive. Therefore, if you have a bigger budget, then you should consider quality by spending the extra dollar.


  • Carbon rod construction is highly durable and long-lasting
  • Harmonic dampener technology minimizes vibration
  • Four stabilizer sizes for versatility, preference, and convenience
  • Three, adjustable one-ounce end weights for superior balancing and stabilization
  • Powder-coated end caps improve durability


  • Limited color options for preference and convenience
  • It is a bit expensive compared to similar and competing stabilizers

Related: You should consider buying the Truglo Bow Jack along with the stabilizer. The jack is lightweight, durable, easy to operate, scratch-free, and the rubber grips offer non-slip fit. The jack is engineered for compound bows and not recurve bows, but its performance is impeccable.

Check the price on Amazon

Axion GLZ StabilizerGLZ Gridlock Lite 5" 6.5oz Stabilizer Black

Weight: 6.5 oz

Length: 5 inches

Specific features: 80% less wind drag, CNC machined, and Mathews harmonic stabilizer technology

Best use: Target shooting and hunting bow

Description: The Axion GLZ Stabilizer is an ideal choice for an experienced and a novice archer. Unlike most stabilizers on today’s market, Axion designed a model that you can easily customize for your convenience. It is 5 inches in length, making it ideal for hunting.

Dampen up to 75% of residual vibration with the stabilizer or a quieter and more precise shot. It is CNC machined from 6061-T aluminum. It is the first stabilizer on the market to come with Mathews harmonic dampers.

The dampener enables the archer to reduce hand torque during the shot cycle. At 5 inches, this stabilizer will give you a quiet and stable shot. The Gridlock was reissued by Axion due to its popularity among the hunting community.

The most important consideration when shopping for a stabilizer is weight and this stabilizer offers the ideal weight for target archery and hunting. Unlike before, you will be able to shoot beyond the usual range with this stabilizer.


  • Made of the highest quality for unmatched performance and durability
  • The 5-inch size is suitable for target archery and hunting
  • 80% less wind drag means the reduction of hand torque
  • The harmonic stabilizer offers superior dampening of enduring vibration
  • A popular model that has won an archery magazine award


  • It is available in limited size options for preference
  • It is only available in a single color for preference

Related: You should consider buying the Spot Hogg Wiseguy Release along with bow stabilizer. The release features an adjustable trigger, adjustable length, forward trigger construction, and self-reloading hook for maximum performance.

Check the price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

An obvious question for many non-archers and beginners is: “Do I need a stabilizer?” The simple answer to this question is no, you don’t need a bow stabilizer to shoot. However, there are still advantages to using one.

Stabilizers come in different sizes and shapes. So, at first glance, novices won’t really know what they are looking at. Today’s stabilizers include components that are scientifically proven to do their job.

Depending on the stabilizer you buy, you can either have something simple or one that consists a sophisticated anatomy. The following are the major points to consider before you make your final purchasing decision.


All stabilizers reduce noise and vibration, but the effect on their balance differ from a stabilizer to stabilizer.

  • Long Rod Stabilizers: These stabilizers are more than 36 inches in length. This type of stabilizer is needed if the user wants to move the center of gravity forward to minimize jerking of the bow when it is drawn. A long bow stabilizer is usually fitted below the hand grip.
  • Short Rod Stabilizers: The short rod stabilizers are less than 36 inches in length. They provide good lateral balance to your bow and they help you correct right and left movement about the vertical axis. Whether or not a short stabilizer helps depends on how effective it is used.
  • Twin Stabilizers: These are an ideal choice if the user wants stability. In most settings, the first one is fitted below the hand grip and the other one directly below it. Twin stabilizers minimize torque, up and down hand errors and the tendency of your bow hand to twist during release.


In order to find the best stabilizer for your bow, you need to consider its length. Some competitive archers prefer to use long stabilizers to give them more stability during competitions, due to the long range of their targets.

Hunters however, need shorter stabilizers because they don’t really shoot very far from their targets. Most modern bows are also shorter compared to competition bows, with most of them having 35 inches in length from axle to axle.

Hunting bows come with reflex limbs, so a long stabilizer is considered as overkill. For hunters, a 6-inch well-built stabilizer is enough to reduce hand shock, vibration, noise, and torque.

One of the best ways to help you decide on a stabilizer length is to think of the stabilizer that will give you a more accurate shot to make a humane kill. Shorter stabilizers will help you remain steady if you are using it during windy conditions.


The most important function of a stabilizer is to add weight to your bow in order for you to hold the bow firmer at full draw. This is specifically useful in windy conditions or when you are tired and unable to keep your bow steady.

It is for this reason why hunters prefer short stabilizers that range from 6 to 12 inches in length. Short/hunting stabilizers can effectively help reduce torque. However, they are not as efficient as long stabilizer because of their short length.

Added weight means added stability, a feature that is very helpful in smoothing out shooting errors. Usually, a heavier bow is likely to react less aggressively than a lighter bow, if you have a sloppy string release.

If you are an inexperienced shooter, you should consider the amount of weight you are adding to your bow. The weight of a bow stabilizer is supposed to dampen any movements during aiming and release. Therefore, excess weight may cause fatigue.

Balance and Stabilization

The weight of a stabilizer also determines balance and stabilization. Therefore, it is wise to choose a stabilizer with adjustable weight systems. You should make sure that the weights can be added or subtracted to the end.

Better balancing is also achieved with stabilizers that can be mounted with off-set bars. However, the off-set bars should be positioned next to the riser; so as to counteract the torque due to side mounted fixtures.


Most companies are making the best bow stabilizer from other materials aside from metal, including carbon, ABS plastic and other materials in order to make them lighter. Many archers and hunters prefer to use carbon because it is not only lightweight but also durable.

Perhaps the most important part of the best bow stabilizer is the dampening component. The most common materials used are sand, rubber or gel. Dampeners are put in a bow to help reduce vibration, shock and noise.

Solid Rods or Multi-rods

Knowing what to consider and how important a bow stabilizer is to your shooting experience is not enough. You need to consider the best option for your application and budget between solids and multi-rods.

In most cases, solid rods are the most popular option regardless of the quality, especially if you have a tight budget. A good number of solid rods are cheap, but they may be of low quality, and some may fall off after a few rounds of use.

You should also know most cheap solid rods may be light, a feature that is not convenient for balancing and stabilizing. And the damping qualities of cheap solid rods are usually less effective.

In light of this, we urge you to settle for solid rods with superior intrinsic damping, which are usually pricey. This does not necessarily mean that you have to settle for the most expensive models, you can always go for the mid-priced ones.

On the other hand, multi-rods are less popular among archers, but they provide a different tactic to standard stabilizing. Most multi-rods have a good reputation of delivering the best vibration damping.

Irrespective of how effective multi-rods, they are less popular simply because they are expensive and bulky. Therefore, you can settle for multi-rods based on preference and a bigger budget.

Wrap Up

The Axion GLZ Stabilizers marks the end of our best bow stabilizer reviews. When you are well-prepared to hunt down that trophy that has been eluding you for a long time, then you need a well-engineered bow stabilizer for superior balancing.

You should consider a stylish, resourceful, and an inexpensive stabilizer that works wonders. However, you should not go for low price and risk quality. We suggest a stabilizer made of high quality material, such as aluminum, brass, or rubber.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hunter, novice archer or professional archer. If you want to have a chance at striking that target or hitting your quarry, the best stabilizer can help you with your goal.

For hunters, a quiet shot is necessary if you want to kill game and the best stabilizer for bow can help reduce noise and dampen vibration. For target archers, a good stab will enable you to hit your targets more accurately while reducing hand shock in the process.

With greater control over your actions there will be more likelihood of a kill during hunting and great scores during the competition. Did we help you find what you were looking for? Please share your thoughts by joining us in a conversation in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “Best Bow Stabilizer: Hitting the Right Target”

  1. My previous instructor told me that a bow stabilizer does not need to be in any particular relation to the arrow. It is usually horizontal to the handle, but they can be off by several degrees to any direction. My question is for the target compound: should I be getting a long rod stabilizer, or the shorter, rubber compound stabilizer that you see hunters using to lower the size profile of the bow?

  2. Better go for the long rod stabilizer. The shorter ones are still meant to steady the bow so it won’t vibrate too much or have too much noise, if you know what I mean.

  3. I’ve just tried the Bee Stinger Sport Hunter and it has tightened my groups up really well. It really helped me improve my accuracy. I recommended it to a friend and she liked it and purchased the same. Well priced for an excellent quality.

    • Hi Paul! The Bee Stinger is awesome and quite popular with archery enthusiasts because it’s made with tournament-grade carbon technology. It really stabilizes your aim for more accuracy. I’m glad that the review helped you a lot Paul and thanks for dropping by.

  4. It is definitely a great buy. The Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer comes highly recommended by most users. It dampens very well compared to competing products.


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