Best Winter Hats for Hiking: Keeping Your Head Warm in the Coldest of Winter Temperatures

Jessica Bayne
Written by Jessica Bayne

Hiking and enjoying the outdoors remains a fun past time no matter the time of year, and just because the weather is colder, it does not mean that you should not continue your hiking expeditions. There are many different hiking hats available and the best winter hats for hiking will make life a little cozier while you experience nature.

We have set out to find the top winter hiking hats and even look for the warmest winter hat to ensure that you are fully geared up and protected from the colder temperatures. Winter hiking hats are also important to have and they can even be used for general daily activities.

Before we dive into the top winter hats, there are a few things that we think you should be aware of. We have compiled a buying guide of the most important features to help you make the right choice and get the best value for your money in your search for a winter hiking hat.

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Key Features to Consider

While you might think that any beanie you found in the local cheap store would suffice, you could not be more wrong. Winter hats do have a little more care and protection put into them to ensure that they adequately protect the head, which has also been proven to be the area of the body where the most heat will escape. But, let’s look at some of the key features you should take note of:

  • Materials – The materials used in winter hats are generally a little thicker than the ones you will find in in other outdoor hats and wool is also very common for its ability to trap the head inside. The better the materials, the more resistance your hat will have against the elements of nature.
  • Fit – Many winter hat designers have adopted the one size fits all policy when creating the design. You will still have to choose between a stretched or a more compact fit for your winter hat and this will all depend on which one you find to be the most comfortable. The fit is also important when it comes to checking for added labels that might possibly cause abrasions and ruin your winter hiking trip.
  • Absorption – When your head is protected with a thick hat, you will generally have some sweat on the inside, which could cause the hat to become wet. This in and of itself is annoying, but when the wind is blowing, your hat will feel even more cold. Many of the top winter hats do feature good moisture wicking capabilities and they will not allow the hat to become moist and soggy.
  • Weight – Since you will be hiking for multiple miles, you will want a lightweight hat: the heavier the hat, the more you will fatigue from the additional weight. Lightweight hats are a little better for hiking in the winter, but you could go heavier if you only plan on wearing them in the city.
  • Size – Finally, you should definitely take care looking at the size and the flexibility when selecting a hat. You might need to take the hat off or even store that hat in your bag and if the hat is too stiff and cannot fold, you will be carrying it along in your hands. The size of the hat will also be important to ensure that you can easily store that hat in your bag when the sun comes out in the hotter afternoons.

fit beanie

These features can certainly be used as a guideline to ensure that you do get the best value for your money when searching for the ideal winter hat. The price of the hats will also be affected by the quality of the materials and the hat itself, but sometimes, cheaper might not be the best option.

Our Top Picks

With that being said, let’s look at the top winter hats for hiking you could find in 2017:

Beanies Winter Slouchy Knit

Beanies Winter Slouchy Knit Hats

Weight: 0.2 lbs

Materials: Acrylic with polar fleece lining

Special features: Lightweight and very durable, very insulated design, one size fits most, very stretchable, itch resistant

The Beanies Winter Slouchy Knit beanie is one of the most comfortable beanies you will find. The beanie has been constructed with a durable outer layer of acrylic and polar fleece on the inside, which will ensure that there are no abrasions or itching, and will ensure that heat is kept inside.

The beanie is also very lightweight and the materials will make it stretchable as well. This means that it will fit most head sizes without complications. The added stretchability will allow you to pull down the beanie and cover your ears and this should also help to stop ear infections that could possibly arise from the cold wind blowing in them.

The rib knitting style of the beanie is quite stylish and this will give the beanie some multifunctional use. You will be able to wear the beanie during everyday activities and also for various other sporting outings.

We highly recommend this beanie for outdoor hikers and if you are not hiking in the winter, the multifunctional use it provides will also keep you warm during the day. The beanie is fairly cheap and considered to be a great addition to your backpacking and hiking winter gear.

Lastly, we would also like to mention that the logo on the beanie is made from full grain high-quality leather and you will be entitled to a 100% money back guarantee if you have any issues with the beanie.

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Heat Holders – Men’s Thermal Fleece-Lined Winter Hat

Heat Holders - Men's Thermal Fleece-Lined Winter Hat

Weight: 4.2 ounces

Materials: 100% Acrylic

Special features: Thermal effective design, very stylish and lightweight, soft inner lining, fully insulated, and stretchable

The Heat Holder Winter Hat is a very dynamic and stylish hat that is sure to keep you warm during the winter months. This beanie type hat does exceptionally well with the internal thermal fleece lining to ensure that you do not have heat escaping through the top or the bottom.

The beanie is also quite stretchable and this will be ideal for pulling it down to keep your ears protected and stylish design will also make this beanie ideal for wearing throughout the year while doing various outdoor activities.

The turn over cuff band does not only add to the style of the beanie, but it will essentially create a good absorption area for moisture and since the moisture is absorbed on the inner part, the wind will not cause the beanie to become cold.

The beanie is, however, not recommended for wet weather and while it will keep your head warm, if you start to sweat, the beanie is prone to soaking up quite a lot of water.

We highly recommend this beanie for outdoor use as well as everyday use and we believe that you will be able to get good value for your money on those colder hiking trips. The stylish design will also fit most wardrobes and the beanie can be worn for sporting events as well.

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Under Armour Men’s Storm Beanie

Under Armour Men's Storm Beanie

Weight: 100% polyester

Materials: Around 4 ounces

Special features: Unique design, DWR finish to help repel water, thermo-conductive inner coating, soft outer design, and feel, available in multiple colors

Under Armour is one of the top sports brands in the world today and they have been well-known for the quality of the products. The Under Armour Storm Beanie is another one of their top sporting additions, but this beanie can also be used for hiking in the winter. The beanie is made from 100% polyester and this makes it one of the most durable you could find on the market today.

On the inside of the beanie, it features a thermo-conductive inner coating and this will act as a lining to ensure that sweat does not drip down to your face and to keep the beanie fully insulated. The softer outer materials are quite comfortable for your head and while this beanie is not as stretchable as you might want, it will certainly keep the heat inside your head.

 A DWR finish has also been added and this will allow you to wear the beanie in the wetter weather conditions. This finish will help to repel the water and let is slide down the beanie instead of being absorbed.

This beanie is quite expensive, but when you look at all of the incorporated technology, it certainly justifies the price and we highly recommend this beanie for sporting and outdoor enthusiasts.

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The Longboard Outdoors Beanie

The Longboard Outdoors Beanie

Weight: 2.5 ounces

Materials: 100% Acrylic

Special features: Extremely lightweight, comes with integrated lighting, well insulated, stylish design, includes batteries with a long life

The Longboard Outdoors Beanie is one of best outdoor winter hats for the dark. This hat has been constructed from durable acrylic materials and this acrylic construction also makes the hat a little more stretchable to ensure that your ears are adequately covered.

The beanie is also fully insulated to ensure that none of the heat can escape, but the main draw will be the added 5 LED lights with a long 24-hour battery life. These batteries are not that expensive and once they die, you could easily replace them in the brim of the hat.

The designers also made sure to let the lights expel the heat to the outside to keep your head from heating up when they are used.

The beanie is very lightweight and after use, it can easily be folded up and stuffed in your backpack without the fear of damaging the small wires. This hat is also one of the cheaper designs you will find on the market and it is also only available in one color.

We highly recommend this beanie for the colder hikes that might end up in the dark. The beanie will also be ideal for camping and will provide you with some much-needed light, should you be a little late in starting up the fire.

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LETHMIK Unique Slouchy Beanie

LETHMIK Unique Slouchy Beanie

Weight: 3.5 ounces

Materials: 100% Acrylic

Special features: Very unique style, well insulated, very stretchable, mixed color design, unisex beanie

The LETHMIK Unique Slouchy Beanie has been designed for the more stylish winter wardrobes. The beanie is made from stretchable acrylic materials and the slouchy design will be great for when it becomes colder. You can simply pull down the beanie and it will easily cover the entire head.

This beanie is more commonly worn during everyday activities and it will certainly add some level of style to your clothing. The beanie is fully insulated, but unfortunately, it does not hold up well against water.

We highly recommend this stylish design to anyone and not just to hikers. The three color design will be perfect with light and dark clothing and it will ensure that your head does stay warm during the winter. LETHMIK might not be the cheapest brand on the market, but it definitely competes to be one of the most stylish brands you could choose.

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Icebreaker Chase Beanie

Icebreaker merino

Weight: 8 ounces

Materials: 100% Merino wool

Special features: Well insulated, spacious fit, offers great moisture wicking, odor resistant, available in multiple colors,

The Icebreaker Chase Beanie is quite different from any other winter hat on our list. This beanie has been constructed from Merino wool, which might make the hat a little heavier and less stretchable, but it certainly makes it one of the warmest hats you could find.

The Merino wool is great for wetter conditions and with its moisture wicking properties, it will definitely ensure that you need not worry about water sagging up the hat. The hat is also very stylish and while you might not be wearing it around in the city, this will be the ideal hat to take along camping.

If it gets hot and you start sweating, that will not be any problem as the hat features an odor-resistant component and after every time you wear it, you could simply pop it in the washing machine for a good thorough clean,

We highly recommend this beanie for the price and for the added comfort and insulation it provides. The hat is also very durable and you be having multiple years’ worth of use before it shows any signs of damage. The only downside is that the hat might snag a little easier and this could cause some damage.

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Siggi Mens Thick Wool Winter Baseball Cap

Best Winter Hats for Hiking: Keeping Your Head Warm in the Coldest of Winter Temperatures

Weight: Varies by size

Materials: 50% wool and 50% polyester

Special features: Offers multifunctional use, fully protects the back of the head, stylish design, offers good moisture wicking properties, blends with most outdoor outfits

Many people might not like the fit of a beanie or a slouchy hat and if you are one of them, we have included the Siggi Wool Winter Baseball Cap. This hat is unique in its design and it features a baseball cap with an added wool inner design that will keep the warm air inside and keep your ears warm as well.

The polyester outer materials are great for the wetter conditions and they will ensure that water does not seep through to soak the wool. The inner lining also has its own moisture wicking properties and this will definitely be great for when you start sweating as the temperature rises throughout the day.

Unfortunately, this hat does lack a little when it comes to insulation and the cold weather might creep in from the bottom. In warmer conditions, the wool back end can simply be folded up and you will have an advanced baseball cap visor to keep the sun out of your eyes.

While beanies are more insulated for colder weather, we still recommend this cap for people who might not like the fit of the beanie. This hat does offer great multifunctional use and will be ideal for all areas of life. It also works perfectly with most wardrobe choices.

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Home Prefer Winter Warm Skull Cap

Home Prefer Winter Warm Skull Cap

Weight: Around 4 ounces

Materials: Soft polar fleece

Special features: Covers the backend of the skull, well insulated, available in multiple colors, added sweatband to absorb some of the sweat, sun protected visor for hotter days

The Home Prefer Winter Warm Skull Cap features a softer design than most of the other hats and this will be great for sticking to your head. The added elastic band will allow the hat to securely fit without needing constant adjustments and the backend cover will keep the back of your skull as well as the ears warm.

Since the materials are not the best choice for wetter days, the added sweatband will evacuate as much of the moisture as possible to ensure that your head does not becomes soaked from the sweat. You will also be able to use this in fall months as the sun protective visor will be a great addition as the sun comes out in the afternoon.

The hat is available in multiple colors for you to choose from and is also stylishly designed to go with most outfits. We highly recommend this hat for the versatility and multifunctional use it provides and we believe that you will truly be kept warm with a well secured insulated cap on your winter hiking adventure.

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Keep the Heat Inside and Enjoy the Outdoors in Style

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you have managed to find the ideal winter cap or hat to meet your needs. The beanie is usually the most common choice, but sometimes you might want to add some style with an enhanced baseball cap.

baseball style winter hat

We would like you to let us know what you think of our list in the comments section and also to inform us if you think we might have missed any other great winter hats for hiking.


Jessica Bayne

Jessica Bayne

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