Best Waterproof Wallet: How to Avoid Money Laundering, Literally

So, are you tired of always getting stuck in a rain and having to worry if your money and credit cards stay dry? Or maybe you love water sports or fishing but hate not taking your wallet with you. If that’s the case, you can definitely benefit from the best waterproof wallet.

These things are great for keeping water out, but they have other helpful features as well. Thanks to their waterproof design, the materials used are fairly resistant, and they’re able to keep dust, robbers, and punctures at bay. But how do you choose the perfect wallet for your purposes? You’ve come to the right place.

Each wallet is different, so you need to know how to read the official specifications to know if it suits your needs. That’s why we’re starting this article with a short buying guide before we move on to reviewing some of the most awesome products we found.

Product Name MaterialRFID-blocking Technology Waterproof Level Price
Sharkk Aluminum Aluma Wallet Hard plastic case with aluminum coatingYesPuddle-dropping-proofCheck price on Amazon
FLYMEI Multifunctional Travel WalletLinen and cottonNo RainproofCheck price on Amazon
Pelican 0955-010-110 Micro Sport Wallet Hard plasticNo RainproofCheck price on Amazon
DEW Travel Wallet Rip-stop nylonYesRainproof, spill-proofCheck price on Amazon
OverBoard Pro-Sport Arm Pack WalletPoly-urethaneNo Submersible up to 19 feetCheck price on Amazon
Sharkk Protected Aluminum WalletHard plastic case with aluminum coatingYesPuddle-dropping-proofCheck price on Amazon
Roomi Travel WalletFabricNoRainproofCheck price on Amazon
MECO Business Wallet Holder Plastic case with aluminum coatingYesPuddle-dropping-proofCheck price on Amazon

Things to Consider Before Buying

Getting a secure waterproof wallet isn’t easy, so you have to take few matters into account before making a purchase.

Waterproof Level

Of course, you’re here for a waterproof wallet, but how waterproof do you actually want it to be? Most of us don’t swim with our wallets on, but if you’re into water sports, you should make sure the wallet you’re getting can be submerged in water for longer periods of time. That means checking the waterproofing ability of the zippers too.

Most waterproof wallets are just water-resistant, but that’s not a deceitful presentation because there are various levels of waterproofing. So most such products can withstand rain, spills or be dropped into a puddle without getting your cards and cash wet, but that doesn’t mean you can swim with them.


Size can be a downside as well as an advantage, depending on your purpose. For instance, if you’re traveling abroad, you need all your cash, credit cards, travel confirmations and passport in one place. But unfortunately, that adds to the bulk of the wallet.

waterproof wallet

If you want a more compact, pocket-sized wallet, you won’t be able to fit too many stuff inside it. Sometimes, you can’t even fit in cash, and just have to take your credit cards, but these small wallets look very sleek and elegant.


If you want to have your credit cards, tickets and money very well organized, you need to get a wallet with plenty of pockets. Just make sure these are large enough to fit everything because sometimes plastic pockets can’t fit all card size.

If you’re getting a travel wallet, this can have one or two exterior pockets for your passport and phone as well. You should make sure the zippers on the interior and exterior pockets hold well, and that the material used for manufacturing them doesn’t tear easily.


The wallet craftsmanship and design are very important, particularly if you’re in the market for a waterproof product. So it’s best to look for materials that repel water, such as plastic, aluminum or certain kinds of fabrics like nylon. Of course, not all of these are fully waterproof, but they can withstand rains and spills.

leather waterproof wallet

On the other hand, the materials used will tell you how sturdy and how heavy your wallet is. For instance, nylon or cotton weigh much less than metal, but they’re also less resistant to impacts and water.

RFID-blocking Technology

Since identity theft is such a poignant issue nowadays, you can never be too careful about people trying to steal your identity and use your credit cards to make all sorts of purchases and debts you might not even know of. And since hackers have gotten so good at this, they use the RFID technology which is based on radio waves to get your credit card info.

So if you’re traveling abroad or in places that aren’t so safe, the RFID-blocking technology is really helpful. You don’t even have to pay an arm and a leg to get such a wallet, but make sure the technology used blocks the RFID reading completely.

wallet with credit cards

With that in mind, let’s see what wallets you can actually get. We’ve selected eight great wallets that are really great for different purposes, so read on.

Best Products on Today’s Market

We’ve discussed the specific features of the wallets below in terms of your needs, as you can see from the highlighted best use section. And to help you make the right decision, we’ve also listed all the pros and cons of each product.

Sharkk Aluminum Aluma Wallet Sharkk Aluminum Aluma Wallet

Price: Approx. $22

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Dimensions: 3.02 x 4.39 x 0.81 inches

Specific features: RFID-blocking technology, up to 7 cards, accordion build, hard plastic case, aluminum coating, secure closing

Best use: Cardholder

Description: The Sharkk Aluminum Aluma Wallet is great in terms of security and protection, and we’re not just referring to its water resistance capacity here. But do you remember we’ve said thieves can get all your credit card info without ever getting it out of your wallet? Well, this one has the RFID-blocking technology encoded in its aluminum coating, so no one will be able to do that with your cards.

And the good news is that you can squeeze about 7 cards in this wallet. The design is great; you can tell from the start that it’s a quality product. It has an accordion build and it’s manufactured from a very sturdy plastic that’s covered with that awesome aluminum coating we were telling you about. However, one disadvantage is that you can’t put bills inside this wallet unless you’re folding them.

We also love its compact dimensions, so you’re sure you can wear it even in the back pocket of your tightest jeans. The closing system is very reliable too, in the sense that it can close very securely. On the other hand, it’s quite difficult to open it, you might need to use your nails or a nail file.


  • Anti-steal technology
  • Compact
  • Sturdy


  • Difficult to put bills
  • Difficult to open

Related: If you’re someone who’s starting their own business and looking to make a great impression, you may be interested in the WOODCHUCK Wooden Business Card Holder. Made of stainless steel and coated with wood veneer, you can rest assured this will look very professional.

Check the price on Amazon

FLYMEI Multifunctional Travel Wallet FLYMEI Multifunctional Travel Wallet

Price: Approx. $10

Weight: 3.5 ounces

Dimensions: 9 x 1.2 x 5.2 inches

Specific features: Gray, linen and cotton manufacturing, multiple pockets, smooth zipper, detachable hand strap design, rainproof

Best use: Traveling

Description: The FLYMEI Multifunctional Travel Wallet is great for traveling because it has many pockets in its little compact body, so you can squeeze in a lot of things you need. So you can put inside it your phone, cash and credit cards, coins and keys, but you can also put your boarding card, tickets, documents and even your passport in the exterior pocket.

Besides, its multi-functionality isn’t the only reason why this is a great wallet for traveling. It’s also made from a mix of linen and cotton with a very high density, which makes it rainproof as well as very easy to clean. We also love how smooth the zipper is, and it’s a very quick closing/ opening mechanism.

The detachable hand strap comes in with a real helping hand, literally. That’s because you can use both your hands when you’re checking in or at other moments during your travel. That makes it very easy to carry even for day use.

On the downside, this wallet does look bulky, particularly when you’re filling all its pockets. The outside doesn’t look very professional, either. It might be the color or the high-density fabric, but we wouldn’t recommend it for business travel when you want to look smart.


  • Super functional
  • Versatile
  • User-friendly


  • Not stylish
  • Bulky

Related: The Pernulo Packing Cubes are awesome for traveling. You’ll get a pack of six pouches that are great for organizing your stuff, using compression to keep everything compact. Besides, they’re made from a sturdy fabric, which is both resistant to punctures and breathable.

Check the price on Amazon

Pelican 0955-010-110 Micro Sport Wallet Pelican 0955-010-110 Micro Sport Wallet

Price: Approx. $22

Weight: 3.5 ounces

Dimensions: 5.75 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches

Specific features: Black, hard plastic, IP54, crushproof, 2 pockets, easy-open latch, nylon lanyard included

Best use: Outdoor sports

Description: The Pelican 0955-010-110 Micro Sport Wallet is a small little thing, but it’s sturdier than you could ever imagine. Take its IP54 rating; this makes it dustproof, as well as resistant to water splashes, so it’s the perfect thing to have if you’re practicing various outdoor sports, like canoeing or hiking.

Besides, it’s a very rigid little thing that has a crushproof ability. We also love its 360ᵒ water seal that really makes it resistant to water. And did we mention it can actually float? So if you’re out on the lake, and you drop your wallet, you don’t have to dive for it.

There are plenty of things you can put inside it too, without making it too bulky. From money to credit cards, to ID and keys, to cell phones, this two-pocket wallet is really great at storing stuff, but don’t think you can squeeze them in all at once. The mesh pockets are nice for organizing, but they can tear easily, which is another disadvantage.


  • Durable
  • Floats
  • Pocket-sized


  • Can’t hold too many things
  • Mesh pockets tear easily

Related: If you’re looking for a very resistant mini-case for your earphones, the Pelican 1010-025-110 1010 Micro Case is the perfect piece of equipment for the job. That’s because it’s literally unbreakable, being able to withstand scratches, dust, water, and chemicals.

Check the price on Amazon

DEW Travel Wallet DEW Travel Wallet

Price: Approx. $16

Weight: 1.8 ounces

Dimensions: 9.3 x 5.6 x 1.3 inches

Specific features: Light gray, RFID-blocking technology, multiple pockets, rip-stop nylon, zinc alloy zipper, rainproof, spill-proof, 1-year money back guarantee

Best use: Traveling

Description: The Dew Travel Wallet is another awesome little thing for traveling because it comes with that cool RFID-blocking technology that keeps robbers away from your credit cards. So no one will be able to scan the chips of your cards or passport and steal your personal info.

Apart from that, the internal organization of this baby is magnificent. There are many pockets you can use for storing all the things you need for your travels, like cash, credit cards, your boarding card and tickets, your passport and other small documents. There’s also a keychain for extra user-friendliness, which we love in terms of convenience.

There is an outside pocket as well, for your phone, and this one can fit even larger phones. The rip-stop nylon manufacturing is great for protection against rain and spills, and it’s also puncture resistant. The zinc alloy zipper is water-resistant too, and the removable strap is great for portability.

Don’t forget the 1-year money back guarantee if you’re not happy with this wallet. But if you’re not, it won’t be about its functionality, maybe the fact that it’s quite big or that it doesn’t look as stylish as other wallets.


  • RFID-blocking technology
  • Multiple pockets
  • Portable
  • Resistant


  • Not precisely elegant
  • Big-ish

Related: This wallet can fit your iPhone 7 in its exterior pocket, but the wallet itself is not fully waterproof, and forceful impacts might scratch the screen of your phone. That’s why the MH Designs iPhone 7 Screen Protector is a real lifesaver, guarding it against all scratches, spills, and bumps.

Check the price on Amazon

OverBoard Pro-Sport Waterproof Wallet OverBoard Pro-Sport Waterproof Wallet

Price: Approx. $30

Weight: 3.52 ounces

Dimensions: 5.31 x 0.47 x 5.12 inches

Specific features: Submersible up to 19 feet, class 5 waterproof, poly-urethane construction, floatable, Slide Seal System, Easy Grip feature

Best use: Watersports

Description: The OverBoard Pro-Sport Waterproof Wallet is amazing for water sports or for an impromptu swim in the pool with your buddies after a late night out, seeing as it’s completely waterproof. You can submerge it in water up to 19 feet, which makes it a class 5 waterproof item.

And even if it somehow gets out of your pocket and drops into the pool, you can still get it back fast because it can float. All these state-of-the-art feats come courtesy of its poly-urethane construction, a resistant, yet light material, which also explains the price increase compared to the previous products we reviewed.

But won’t it open if you drop it by accident? Well, no. Its Slide Seal System is very secure and it’s also been updated with the Easy Grip feature that makes it close better. The downside is that this wallet is a bit on the big side, but it’s still too small for your passport.


  • Submersible
  • Floatable
  • Great closing system


  • Not that compact
  • More expensive

Related: Place this wallet on a belt so you can make sure you won’t lose it when you dive, with the OverBoard Waterproof Pro-Sport Belt Pack. This belt was specifically designed for this wallet, so you know it’s the perfect fit.

Check the price on Amazon

Sharkk RFID Protected Aluminum Wallet Sharkk RFID Protected Aluminum Wallet with Cash Band Rugged Card Case Wallet

Price: Approx. $20

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Dimensions: 3.03 x 4.39 x 0.81 inches

Specific features: RFID, accordion style, exterior band design, snap clasp closure, 7 cards maximum, hard plastic, aluminum coating

Best use: Business dinners

Description: The Sharkk RFID Protected Aluminum Wallet is another very safe wallet thanks to the embedded RFID-blocking technology, though it doesn’t completely block the RFID-blocking reading, just interferes with it. But that’s still better than nothing in terms of security.

The build is great, though. It’s a very sturdy, reliable wallet, with a case made from a resilient plastic, while the aluminum coating makes this waterproof. It’s not submersible in water though, but it can resist a drop in a puddle or two.

We also like the accordion design that makes it bigger on the inside, as Doctor Who would say. The exterior band is a definite improvement when compared to the previous Sharkk wallet because now you’re sure to hold more cash inside. However, you’ll still have to fold the bills, and you can only get up to 7 credit cards, but this is a pretty sleek, compact wallet.

Even if it has a rigid construction, you can still wear it in your back pocket without feeling a thing, and we love that in terms of design. However, we’re not that thrilled about the snap clasp closure which comes undone fairly easily. Luckily, you have that exterior band.


  • Outer elastic band
  • Rugged
  • RFID-blocking technology


  • Need to fold the cash
  • Flimsy snap clasp closure

Related: The Streamlight 66121 Stylus Pro PenLight is an amazing flashlight, it’s easy to use, it looks stylish and it’s 65-lumen bright. So you can easily place it in the outer elastic band of this wallet, and rest easy with a small flashlight for emergency purposes.

Check the price on Amazon

Roomi Travel Wallet Roomi Travel Wallet

Price: Approx. $10

Weight: 4 ounces

Dimensions: 8.8 x 5.3 x 1.1 inches

Specific features: Multiple pockets, zippered inside pockets, family-friendly, fabric manufacturing, foam in the exterior walls, detachable wrist strap, storage dust bag

Best use: Traveling

Description: The Roomi Travel Wallet is great for traveling thanks to its multiple pockets where you can fit in all the stuff you need for traveling in terms of money, credit cards, tickets, and documents. You can even squeeze in your passport, and still, enjoy the perfect organization of your dreams. The front pocket is great for your phone, too.

We love the zippered inside pockets as much as the rest of them, which are large enough to fit both money and cards. These zippered pockets can store coins or other things you don’t want to lose. And it’s a family-friendly model, so you can get up to three passports inside this, but that adds to the total bulk.

Besides, there’s some kind of foam in the exterior walls, which is great for support but bad for the size. And even if it’s a big wallet, it’s still not big enough to fit an 8.5 x 11 inches page that’s folded in thirds, like any hotel or plane ticket confirmation.

This wallet is manufactured from fabric, so it’s not completely waterproof, but it can withstand its fair share of rain. However, we love the detachable wrist strap for extra portability and the included dust bag for storage.


  • Multi-functional
  • Great for organizing stuff
  • Easy to open/ close


  • Bulky
  • Documents need to be folded really well

Related: If you’re frequently traveling and need something great to organize your electronic gadgets, first aid kit, and other such things, the BUBM Electronic Organizer is great. It’s water-resistant and easy maintenance, it doesn’t weigh much and it has multiple pockets for amazing organization.

Check the price on Amazon

MECO Business Wallet Holder MECO Business Wallet Holder

Price: Approx. $3

Weight: 2 ounces

Dimensions: 3.9 x 8.9 x 2.5 inches

Specific features: Silver color, six expandable pockets, ABS plastic interior, PVC plastic divider, aluminum exterior, RFID-blocking

Best use: Business dinners

Description: The MECO Business Wallet Holder is the least expensive wallet in our reviews so far, but it still looks far sleeker and more elegant than some of its pricier competitors. That’s because it’s actually an aluminum case with an appealing silver color.

This case is great for storing any business cards, credit cards or your personal ID thanks to its six expandable pockets which makes it another Doctor Who-friendly equipment. We also love the ABS plastic interior that’s fairly rugged and resistant, just like the PVC plastic divider. However, those look quite cheap and contrast dramatically with the stylish exterior.

We also love that this helps mess with the RFID scanning, making sure hacking is the least of your problems. But this wallet can fit money too, and the click button is quite secure at first, helping you open and close this sweet thing very quickly.

However, this button won’t last for more than a couple of months of constant use. That’s why we recommend you use this wallet for business dinners and not on a frequent basis.


  • Inexpensive
  • Accommodating
  • Elegant
  • RFID-blocking


  • Cheap-looking interior
  • Click button doesn’t last

Related: The MECO USB Flash Drive is great for all your business meetings. This is a 10-pack of such USBs, so you can save different info and sort them by color. And at least one of these USBs can be placed inside the MECO wallet so you can carry it to your business dinner safely.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrap Up

Now that you’re here, we hope that our starting buying guide and the wallet reviews really helped you out. You can also go back to the beginning of this article and look at our comparison table if you need to contrast the main features of each product.

That said, we’re curious what you’re going with. Do you need a wallet for diving, like the OverBoard Pro-Sport Arm Pack Wallet, or would you rather get one for safe travels like the FLYMEI Multifunctional Travel Wallet? Is the RFID-blocking technology essential for you, or would you rather base your choice on size? We’re curious to hear your input, so leave us a comment below.

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