Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: Don’t Let a Bit of Water Ruin Your Music

Do you love swimming, listening to music when you’re showering or having some good tunes in the background when you’re kayaking? Or do you simply want to be able to spill a few drops from your drink without worrying about ruining your speaker? Do you want to listen to loud music, but your phone can’t reach the right volume for you? The answer is simple: you should get the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

These speakers are great when you want a device with a high water resistance, so you can listen to your tracks even when you’re surrounded by water.

The Bluetooth pairing system is also great, allowing you the chance to use tracks from your phone or your mp3 player, without actually connecting the speakers with a cable to them. That way, you can keep your gadgets in a safe, dry place, and leave just your speakers exposed. But where can you find such a great tool? Well… we are here to help with that.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the most important features that you should consider when buying, and we’ll give you some quality advice on how to choose the right speaker for you, after which we’ll review 8 amazing items. So read on, the perfect speaker awaits.

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Our Top Picks

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Best Products in Today’s Market

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the products below.

Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker

Weight: 1.46 pounds

Dimensions: 3.24 x 3.24 x 5.97 inches

Specific features: IPX4, 360-degree sound, aluminum body, 12 hours battery life, lithium-ion battery, Bluetooth pairing

Best use: Studying, meditation

Description: The Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker is the best speaker to have if you want something that’s going to help you study better or if you want to meditate on the beach. With its IPX4 waterproof rating, this device will be safe and sound, protected from accidental splashes, but you can’t shower with it. You can also use the Revolve for watching videos on your tablet, but that sometimes triggers a high-pitched sound, which can be a little irksome.

But the top thing about it is its portability. It’s a very compact and light speaker, so you can carry it with ease anywhere in a shoulder bag, a backpack or even in your hands. That’s thanks to the aluminum body, which isn’t just sturdy, but also light enough.

The battery is another plus since lithium-ion batteries are considered top of their class. They’re also rechargeable, which is particularly convenient, and they last for a very long time, 12 hours in this case when you’re using the 360-degree sound. Because, yes, you’ve got that option too, right alongside the bold sound mode which can be used for 8 hours straight.

The Bluetooth pairing with Siri and Google are additional advantages, especially when you take the voice prompts into account. And you can even pair two such speakers for stereo or for the party mode.  However, the Bluetooth range isn’t that long.


  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Long battery life
  • Built-in mic for voice calls


  • Waterproof rating could be bigger
  • Irksome high-pitched sound when pairing it with a tablet
  • Bluetooth range isn’t that long
  • No actual stereo sound

Related: You can also pair this speaker with the Bose SoundLink Revolve Charging Cradle that keeps your speaker at full battery all the time. That’s really convenient because you can actually play your tunes while the speaker is charging. And check out its shape, it’s great in terms of stability, which is why we’re recommending it in the first place.

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Sony XB40 Portable Wireless Speaker

Weight: 4.18 pounds

Dimensions: 12.4 x 5.3 x 7.5 inches

Specific features: IPX5, loud bass, flashing lights, Bluetooth or NFC pairing, Wireless Party Chain, 24 hours battery life

Best use: Loud parties

Description: The Sony XB40 Portable Wireless Speaker is our top suggestion for loud dorm parties or even outdoor parties for that matter. That’s thanks to its really, really loud bass that can make your heart throb with the music. This speaker can even be used when it’s raining, thanks to its IPX5 rating, which makes it rather more resistant than the Bose Revolve so the party can keep going.

And if you want to really set the party mood, you can use the flashing lights that look great in a dark room, making it feel like you’re in a club. You’ll also love how easy it is to connect it via Bluetooth or NFC so you can play music from your phone. Besides, if you have more of these speakers, you can pair all of them to create a Wireless Party Chain.

That can really be amazing, particularly considering you’ll need at least one extra speaker for creating the stereo sound, though the second speaker will always be a bit slower. Don’t forget you can keep the party going for a whole day since the battery life is 24 hours. However, this speaker is quite heavy, so it loses some portability points.


  • Great bass
  • Rainproof
  • Flashing Strobe
  • Wireless Party Chain available
  • Long battery life


  • The second speaker is slower
  • No stereo sound by itself
  • Heavy

Related: The Hermitshell Hard EVA Travel Case was specifically designed for the Sony XB40, so you know it will fit it, which is really important for storage purposes as well as for carrying it from one place to the other. But we really love this case because it’s manufactured from a tough EVA, meaning it can withstand all sorts of impacts and scratches.

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Anker SoundCore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Weight: 0.75 pounds

Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.1 x 1.8 inches

Specific features: 2 6-watt drivers, IPX5, dustproof, BassUp technology, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 24 hours battery life, 66 feet Bluetooth range

Best use: Beach parties, travels

Description: The Anker SoundCore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a really performant, yet low-priced speaker with its 2 6-watt drivers. It also has a rectangular shape for extra stability, and you can purchase it in three distinct colors: black, blue or red.

Its deep, strong bass is one of its strong points especially if you’re planning to throw a party. And the best thing is that thanks to its high IPX5 waterproof rating, this speaker is rainproof as well as dustproof. So you can basically use it everywhere, even out on the beach or when you’re hiking, but the sound isn’t that great outdoors if you’re bumping up the volume.

The BassUp technology is something we really love, not just because of the deep lows it delivers, but also because it has a very wide sound range. And just like the Bose Revolve, the SoundCore 2 uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery too, but this one has a longer battery life of up to 24 hours. The 66 feet Bluetooth range is pretty wide too, and we also love how compact and lightweight this speaker is.


  • Inexpensive
  • Performing
  • Low bass
  • Dustproof
  • Wide Bluetooth range
  • Long battery life
  • Portable


  • Low sound quality outdoors
  • Not great for high volumes

Related: If you love listening to music even when you’re by yourself, the Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones are a great way not to disturb the neighbors. Their slim fit and ergonomic design aren’t their best qualities though. The best thing about them is that they’re sweatproof, so you can use them at the gym too or when you’re doing other strenuous activities.

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Polk Audio BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker

Weight: 9.6 ounces

Dimensions: 3.1 x 3.8 x 5.5 inches

Specific features: IPX7, 7 days battery life, completely sealed, built-in tail, suction cup

Best use: Showering, swimming

Description: The Polk Audio BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker is cylindrical in shape too, so you might feel that’s lacking in stability. However, that’s not necessarily true, especially if you’re using the included suction cup. With this valuable extra, you can stick the speaker on any flat surface, like a high desk or a window sill, and it won’t fall off.

And don’t forget about its tail. We love this great addition because it shows that this device can be placed anywhere, hanging from a tree branch or from your shower. Because yes, you’ve read that right, you can shower with it too thanks to its high IPX7 rating.

What’s more, you can even use it when you’re swimming. You’ll simply have to roll its tail around your wrist, and you’re good to go in water of up to 3 feet for 30 minutes tops. Still, that’s way better than nothing considering its low retail price, as well as the fact that you can get directional sound.

But we’re really excited about this small, light and versatile speaker because you can use it even when you’re biking or hiking. It’s dustproof and shockproof, so you won’t have to worry about its resistance.

That said, what can possibly be the downsides to such an amazing product? Well, it’s pretty difficult to turn it on/ off or to skip a track, seeing as you have to push and hold the needed buttons for what seems like a really long time. You also don’t have a battery indicator, and it can’t handle multiple devices, so you’ll have to repair it each time you’re using a different phone.


  • Stable
  • Versatile
  • Great sound quality
  • Resistant
  • Portable
  • Long battery life


  • Difficult to turn on/off
  • Difficult to skip a track
  • No low battery indicator
  • Needs constant repairing

Related: If you’re looking to make your home smarter, the iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum is the perfect addition. It can schedule and customize cleaning your home, which it does by itself, so that’s really an amazing help after a wild party.

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JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Weight: 0.4 pounds

Dimensions: 1.65 x 3.7 x 5.55 inches

Specific features: Bluetooth Wireless, IPX7, included 3.5 mm audio cable, built-in mic, pairs with another Clip 2 speaker, 2 lithium polymer batteries needed, 8 hours playtime

Best use: Hiking

Description: The JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great addition to any hiking trip thanks to its built-in carabineer. With this convenient hook, you can simply attach it to your backpack and listen to your favorite tunes, particularly considering that it weighs about 6 ounces and that it has compact dimensions. And don’t forget that it’s a rugged device, so you can use it outdoors with no problems.

In fact, this carabineer is a real blessing because it’s not an otherwise stable device since it has a round shape. The high IPX7 rating is another point in its favor, though, you can definitely have it out in heavy rain or when you’re showering. You can play songs via Bluetooth from your phone, or you can use the included 3.5 mm audio cable to plug it into your device if the Bluetooth isn’t working.

The battery life is stated at a maximum of 8 hours, but prepare for less when you’re on the field with it. The sound isn’t that loud either, but you can definitely enhance it if you pair the Clip 2 with another speaker. And we really appreciate the speakerphone; it’s great to have a built-in mic for taking phone calls.


  • Light
  • Rugged
  • Completely waterproof
  • Clear speaker
  • Built-in carabineer


  • Short battery life
  • Not particularly stable
  • Not that loud

Related: The FitSand Portable Travel Carry Case is a hard EVA case that was specially manufactured for the Clip 2 Speaker, so you can transport it worry-free when you’re traveling, and most importantly, scratch free too.

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Skullcandy Air Raid Portable Speaker

Weight: 1.12 pounds

Dimensions: 5.8 x 3.4 x 8.9 inches

Specific features: IPX4, loud, weatherproof, Bluetooth pairing, rechargeable battery, 10 hours battery life

Best use: Rough outdoor parties

Description: The Skullcandy Air Raid Portable Speaker is just the thing for rough, outdoor parties thanks to its sturdy construction. The bass sound is really deep, and the whole sounds are impressively clear as well, especially if hard rock is your music of choice.

You’ll find that this is a small, light speaker, so it’s portable enough to take it anywhere. And you can play it anywhere too, considering that it has a weatherproof design, that’s also dustproof. So it can withstand basically any sort of weather and terrain, playing as loud and as clear as ever, even if there’s not a true stereo sound.

You can also pair it with your phone via the built-in Bluetooth so you can listen to all your tunes. The 10-hour long battery life is quite enough for a party that lasts through the night, and you can easily recharge the battery with the included charger. However, the cord and the plug aren’t separate. This sounds like nit-picking, but it also means you can’t charge it for your car.


  • Loud
  • Rugged
  • Clear sound
  • Inexpensive
  • Long battery life


  • The cord is attached to the plug
  • Not a true stereo sound

Related: The Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds are just what you need for those quiet times when you don’t want to throw a party, but rather listen to your relaxation music or audio books alone. They’re well fitted and ergonomic, so these wireless buds are really great for high-impact activities too, like cycling.

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NYNE Aqua Bluetooth Speaker

Weight: 1.3 pounds

Dimensions: 9.7 x 5.2 x 2 inches

Specific features: IPX7, 2 drivers, 2 passive radiators, 4 preset EQ settings, Bluetooth 3.0, 3.5 mm aux input, built-in waterproof mic, rechargeable battery, 10 hours playtime, 3-year warranty

Best use: Swimming

Description: The NYNE Aqua Bluetooth Speaker is another great device for swimming or for when you’re relaxing in the hot tub. It has a wave-like design that might not be as stable on your desk, but it’s certainly an asset when you’re in the pool or in the tub, helping this speaker to float right alongside you.

With a high IPX7 rating, this device isn’t just submersible in a maximum of 3 feet of water, but it’s also resistant to shocks and dust, so you can take it hiking too. However, it’s not the lightest on the market, so backpacking isn’t its main purpose.

The stereo sound it boasts is great though, thanks to its included drivers, radiators and EQ settings. You can easily pair it with your phone with the built-in Bluetooth 3.0 so you can listen wireless to your tracks. However, the speaker might lose connection if it’s constantly bobbing around in the pool, which seems quite irksome.

Don’t forget the 3.5 mm aux input that can be paired with your smartphone or mp3 player for enhanced volume. There’s also a waterproof mic so you can pick up your phone calls, which is a real help. The battery resists for up to 10 hours, and you can easily recharge it via a USB cable included in the package.


  • Floatable design
  • Resistant
  • Amazing stereo sound
  • Waterproof mic


  • Heavy
  • Can lose Bluetooth connection when it’s floating

Related: Even if the battery is included and rechargeable, you can always use a brand new one in case you don’t have time to waste recharging your speaker. So the Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Size Batteries are great for the job. You’ll get a pack of 20, which can be used for your other devices, so it doesn’t hurt to have a supply ready.

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FUGOO Style Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker

Weight: 1 pound

Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.6 x 2.1 inches

Specific features: IP67, weatherproof, sand proof, full-duplex speakerphone, six drivers, 95 decibels SPL-A volume, 40 hours battery life

Best use: Pool parties

Description: The FUGOO Style Bluetooth Surround Sound Speaker is another great speaker for pool parties, seeing as it looks really elegant. With a stylish and stable pyramid shape, you can easily mistake this speaker for a women’s purse. On the other hand, it doesn’t float so you can’t actually take it in the pool with you unless you place it on an inflatable mat or something similar.

But this little thing can definitely go the extra mile and show its ruggedness in every condition. It can withstand sand, mud, snow, and water, it can even be submerged into 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes thanks to its IP67 design. However, since it weighs about 1 pound, it’s not the most portable speaker out there.

You can also use its built-in mic as a full-duplex speakerphone, so it’s great that you can actually pick up calls. Don’t forget about using this mic to activate Siri or to use Google Now, which is really making online searches or other chores easy.

There are six drivers incorporated into this speaker, so you’ll get a surround sound that’s very clear. The 95 decibels worth of volume is another point in its favor, particularly if you’re swimming. But if you’re using the speaker at half of its max volume, you can use it for 40 hours straight.


  • Stylish
  • Stable
  • Rugged
  • Versatile
  • Built-in microphone
  • 360-degree sound
  • Loud
  • Long battery life


  • Heavyish
  • It doesn’t float

Related: If you love this speaker, wait till you see the FUGOO Mount Pack. With the items included here, you can easily mount you’re the Fugoo Speaker on stuff like your bike, your shower curtain or your backpack, so you can use it anywhere.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

When getting the right speaker, you should know what you’ll be using it for. That way you can make the right decision, by weighing the actual importance of the factors below.


The speaker’s shape is really important because it will show you how stable it is. A rectangular shape is best, though a pyramid shape offers enough of a base for good stability, though it’s more compact.

The less stable shapes are those that feature round sides since you can always knock them over. However, these speakers might have a hanging system of sorts, which can be extremely valuable. And if you’re getting a floatable speaker to use in your swimming pool, a wavy shape is the best.

Waterproof Rating

If you want a speaker that’s perfect for an indoor party or to keep on your desk, a lower IPX4 waterproof rating is ok. That means you can expose it to small splashes or some water drops and it will survive.

But if you want to use this speaker outside when it’s raining, consider a higher, IPX5 or IPX6 rating that’s great for all-around splashes. An IPX7 rating is the best, considering that you can shower or swim with such a device.

Bluetooth and Sound Range

Make sure you get a speaker that has enough of a Bluetooth range for your needs, especially if you’re going to be far enough from your phone. That usually happens when you’re outside and your phone is inside your home.

The sound range should also be powerful enough, particularly if you’re organizing an outdoor party. Sometimes, you want your speaker very loud, but that decreases the sound quality. So make sure that doesn’t happen if you want to play your speaker at max volume.

Built-in Mic

This is a great addition to people who are always busy and want to stay connected. A built-in mic allows you to answer phone calls, but make sure the sound quality is acceptable particularly if you’re far from your speaker or if you’re swimming.

You can also use this mic for connecting to Google Now or with Siri, so those are further advantages. However, if you’re getting a speaker to use while showering or swimming, make sure the built-in microphone is waterproof too.

Battery Life

There’s nothing worse than a battery that dies on you right in the middle of your party. So if you need to use this speaker for the whole night, whether you’re organizing a party or you want to put on some sleep music, you need a long battery life.

Otherwise, you can sacrifice the battery life for other benefits. For instance, you can have your speaker at full volume, but that means you’ll have to recharge it faster or keep a spare battery at hand.

Wrap Up

We’ve taken you through a series of advice on how to choose the right waterproof speaker for you, so you can take the time of going through them now too since you’re done reading our reviews. We’ve selected the top devices in this category, but it doesn’t hurt going through the most important choosing factors to make the right decision.

So what will it be? Will you get a speaker with a high waterproof rating that you can use in the pool, or does a wide range of the Bluetooth weigh more when making the choice? Do you want a versatile, portable speaker, or is sound quality more important? Which one of the products above will you get? Leave us a comment below.

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