Best Spork: The Best Eating Utensil for Your Camping Adventures

Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers bring a spork with them because it combines the function of both spoon and fork. It means there’s one fewer thing to worry about and keep track of. And as with all other travel gear and tools, people also choose the best spork.

Whoever came up with the idea of spork is a brilliant person. It’s an indispensable and convenient utensil especially for campers and outdoor adventurers. Beginners still often bring a spoon and a fork with them. But once they discover there is such a thing as spork, they never go back.

Experienced campers already know the value of spork. In outdoor adventures, the mantra is bring less and bring light. It even approaches minimalism because the fewer items you carry, the better.

With the combined function of spoon and fork, a spork is what you need if you truly want to embrace the camper’s lifestyle. There are many different types and makes of sporks. You can readily purchase from a store nearby or through online, especially with the help of our spork reviews.

So how do you choose the best camping spork? In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn what specific features to look for. You’ll also read about the different features of sporks out in the market. After reading this article, you’ll know how to choose the best or the one that is most suitable for your needs and preferences.

Spork Reviews: Different features for different users

Now that you’ve learned what features to look for, next is you should be familiar with the different sporks available in the market. This way you’ll be better equipped to choose the best one when you start buying a spork (or a set of sporks).

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Light My Fire Original BPA-Free Tritan Spork

Light My Fire Tritan Spork

Material: Plastic called Tritan

Specific Features: BPA-free, with serrated edge on side of fork, heat resistant, dishwasher safe

Tritan Spork is one of the most popular sporks out there because of its good price and superior quality. It covers the basics because it’s heat resistant and it fulfills its function: to be a reliable spork that people can use.

Even though it’s made from plastic, this spork is free from BPA. You will have fewer worries about the safety of this spork even if you use it for taking in hot soup or when you’re washing it in the dishwasher.

This spork has a serrated edge. It’s sharp enough to cut your meat and veggies. Well, some people worry about the sharpness and the possible injury to the side of the mouth while eating. Thankfully, it’s designed to prevent injury and stay safe while you’re eating your food.

This spork is available in different sizes. You can find one for your child or for yourself. You can also find a large spork that is useful for stirring and serving.

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Snow Peak Titanium Spork

Snow Peak Titanium Spork

Material: Titanium

Specific Features: Curved side can be used to cut soft food, lightweight, sturdy

This one’s made from titanium. You’re sure it’s durable and will last for your whole lifetime (and may exceed yours and your descendants).

Titanium is a strong material usually utilized for industrial applications. Its properties make titanium ideal for many things that require durability and strength.

Many customers find Snow Peak Titanium Spork the ideal one because it does the job. Both the look and the feel signal quality and perfection. Whether you’re scooping up the soup or piercing through meat, this spork will complete your camping experience.

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Sea to Summit Alpha Light Utensils

Sea to Summit Spork

Material: Ultra-light and strong 7075-T6 aluminum alloy

Specific Features: Smooth matte finish, lightweight, durable, easy to clean

Sea to Summit Alpha Light Spork is also strong and durable. The difference is that it’s made from a lightweight aluminum alloy.

It’s designed for lifetime use. You can bring and use this for your many camping trips. Unless you lost it, this spork is one that can be your reliable companion.

You might be thinking “it’s just a spork and its weight won’t make any difference.” However, when you start using it, you will immediately feel the difference. It’s one of the things that when you get started, it’s hard or almost impossible to go back.

It’s also one of the popular sporks out there because of its material and design. It has a smooth matte finish that many design-conscious campers like. It also has the perfect length and thickness. It’s like it’s specifically designed with the camper in mind.

Aside from camping, many people also use the spork for picnics and day to day activities (in work and school). Even after months and years of use, you will find this is still as good as new.

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TOAKS Titanium Spork SLV-01


Material: Titanium, no coating

Specific Features: Polished bowl gives smooth touch, matte finish handle provides firm holding, ultralight, easy to carry

TOAKS Titanium Spork SLV-01 is one of the most popular titanium sporks because of its durability and great design. Many people find it convenient to use this spork for outdoor cooking, barbecues, and camping.

It’s almost impossible to break this one, as it’s made from strong titanium. Many experienced campers prefer this over the plastic sporks because of the titanium’s durability and reliability. If you’re conscious about texture, the polished bowl gives a smooth touch. In addition, the matte finish handle will feel great in your hands,

The price is also at reasonable range. Overall, it’s a good deal because you will be using this for a lifetime. In addition, its overlook and design will make you appreciate more the quality and durability.

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Bambu Veneerware Sporks

Bambu Sporks

Material: Bamboo

Specific Features: Lightweight and stronger than wood, anti-microbial, certified organic, not recommended for microwave or dishwasher, stain-resistant

Bambu Veneerware Sporks is the clear choice if you’re looking for the perfect eco-friendly utensil for your next camping trip. During camping, it’s a common occurrence that some people accidentally leave behind utensils and other items. If your items are made from plastic and they get left behind, the environment won’t like it. They’re non-biodegradable and even interfere with the environment’s natural processes.

That’s why many campers prefer using sporks made from bamboo. Aside from their natural design, they are also environment-friendly. It’s just responsible to use eco-friendly utensils especially if you want to connect with nature.

Aside from the material itself, how the spork is made also follows environmentally sound practices. From the planting and harvesting of bamboo up to the manufacturing, every step supports the environment. Manufacturers use water-based adhesives and apply sustainable harvesting practices.

Let’s go back to the features of this bamboo spork. It’s lightweight and stronger than wood. Bamboo also has anti-microbial properties. Aside from helping the environment, you also are certain about the cleanliness and safety of these bamboo sporks.

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Cooks Drawer 4 Pack Camping Flatware

Cooks Drawer Sporks

Material: Eco-friendly durable plastic

Specific Features: Heat resistant, dishwasher safe, easy to clean

This covers the basics. In addition, you will be able to use this at the office or at school. Campers and hikers find great use with this set of sporks. That’s because these plastic sporks are durable enough and the design are just good for almost any occasion.

That’s why many people choose Cooks Drawer Camping Flatware. They can bring these to different locations and for various occasions. These sporks are functional because they also have a serrated edge which is good enough for cutting soft food.

A set contains different colors to guarantee that one spork belongs to someone and avoid getting them mixed up. This is a minor thing but many customers find this very useful.

You also don’t have to worry about getting it melted even if you dip it in boiling water. You can enjoy hot meals and soups with this spork which is good for both outdoor and indoor use.

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Light My Fire Titanium Spork

Light my fire spork

Material: Titanium

Specific Features: Melting point 2,372 F, serrated edge on side of fork, non-corrosive, hypoallergenic, dishwasher safe

This is made from 100% titanium. Because of its durability and strength, you don’t have to worry about the heat and corrosion. You can use this for a lifetime and not worry about it losing its shape or appearance.

Aside from durability, one of its best features is it’s being hypoallergenic. It’s biocompatible with the human skin which means you don’t have to worry much about your skin’s sensitivity.

Another good thing about the Light My Fire Titanium Spork is it’s easy to pack. You can easily fit it into your backpack, lunch box, and carry-on bag. It also combines the functionalities of spoon, fork, and knife.

Ergonomics is a trend these days. That’s why this spork has a slightly textured center that provides a firm grip. From its look up to the actual use, many campers and hikers prefer this over other sporks.

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Titanium Spork

Titanium Spork

Material: 100% Titanium

Specific Features: Resistance to corrosion and high temperature, dishwasher safe, perfect for both travel and everyday use

Titanium sporks are good for almost any occasion. You can use them even if you’re eating a very hot soup. You can also pierce tough meat and some veggies with it. These titanium sporks are functional and very reliable.

Whether you’re at the office or outside camping, these sporks are what you need. They’re strong enough to handle any eating challenge (if there’s such a thing). You won’t have to worry about the sporks getting deformed.

Students also use these titanium sporks at school. They’re reliable utensils that they can bring. It’s a good thing students now also practice the mantra of campers and outdoor enthusiasts. They now bring fewer items and use these sporks for their meals.

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Tapirus 4 Blue Spork To Go Set

Tapirus Spork

Material: Plastic (BPA-free Tritan)

Specific Features: Serrated edge, ergonomic construction, safe for adults and children

Many people have already received this as a gift or bought a set for themselves. That’s because Tapirus To Go Set covers the basics and even satisfies the ergonomic needs of students, employees, and adventurers.

You can use the spork for enjoying ice cream, homemade soups, salads, marshmallows, and other food. Whether you’re at the office or camping, these sporks reliable.

Their ergonomic design makes them the perfect utensils for both children and adults. The shape and the overall design are made based on how people use utensils while eating. Truly, these sporks satisfy both the design and functional needs of different people.

It’s made from plastic but it’s still durable and safe. It’s free from BPA so you don’t have to worry about using the spork in getting hot food or putting the spork into the dishwasher.

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Spork Features to Look For

Experienced campers want their gear to be of the highest quality and of best use to them. That’s why even in a small item such as spork, they also take the time to choose the best one. Here are the features they usually look for and use in comparing different sporks:


Imagine you’re in a camping trip and it’s getting late at night. Fire is set and the food is about to be ready. If you want to fully enjoy the eating experience, you will need a durable spork you can use in spearing the meat, veggies, and other foods. It’s the case especially when you’ll be eating a lot of meat.

That’s why many sporks now are made from titanium.If the spork is made from plastic or wood or bamboo, it might break. It can ruin your whole camping experience. That’s why it’s safe to go with sporks made from titanium. You’ll never go wrong and you’re sure you have a reliable spork with you.

Experienced campers also worry about the bending of sporks. Titanium sporks are not prone to that. Even if you applied a bit of force while eating, the sporks will stay in the right form. You will be more focused on eating instead of worrying about the durability of your spork.

Resistance to heat

During the cold nights of camping, it’s nice to have a bowl full of hot soup. But if your spork gets deformed or somehow gets out of its natural appearance, you will never fully enjoy the hot soup and the warmth it provides. Many sporks now are heat resistant. They can withstand the heat even if you’re repeatedly using them for the consumption of hot soup. You can even use the large sporks for stirring the soup for long.


Sporks come in different sizes depending on the intended user and what the sporks will be used for. If kids are coming with you, they will need smaller sporks. There are also the larger ones that are used for stirring and serving. You can use the larger sporks for stirring and serving the soup while hot. They can go deeper into the cooking pot and handle more quantities of food to be served.


Some campers prefer bringing plastic sporks with them because these are durable and lightweight. However, many people are now aware of the chemicals present in plastic utensils and other products. One of those chemicals is BPA which is used to make certain plastics. It’s now a concern because of its possible effects to the brain, behavior, and overall health. This is especially the case when the plastics are exposed to heat, where the plastics may break down and the BPA might leach into the food.

What should you do then? One of the best things to do is to check if the plastic utensils are free from BPA. The manufacturer must state that upfront so customers won’t be worrying about it. When you’re browsing for plastic sporks, look for the acronym BPA and see if the manufacturers are saying something about it.


People go outdoors and do camping because they want to experience nature. They want to unplug and enjoy the natural scenes while not causing any harm to the environment. That’s why many of them choose and use eco-friendly tools and materials as much as possible.

First, what does it mean when you say something is eco-friendly? The item should not have any substance that can harm the bodies of water and the living organisms in the environment.

It’s likely you will wash the spork before and after the meal. The water will run through the spork and flow into the soil or nearby river. If there are harmful substances in the spork, the environment will suffer. Good news is many sporks now are eco-friendly. If you prioritize applying environmentally sound practices, look for sporks which specify eco-friendliness. This way you’re confident that what you’re using won’t harm the environment.

Extra features

Both beginners and experienced campers have evolving needs during their outdoor adventures. They want more function without adding more weight.

That’s why many manufacturers now have added extra features to help those campers. For example, many sporks now have a serrated edge that can serve as a knife. This makes it easy for campers to cut their food without bringing another item with them.

Some sporks also have a slightly textured middle so you can have a stronger grip on the spork and prevent slipping. Some sporks also have a bottle opener at the other end.

Sporks are truly convenient and functional because you get different use and features from just one item. It embraces the ideal lifestyle of campers and adventurers which is to bring less.

Sporks for travel and everyday use

It’s good to buy a set of sporks you can use for your camping and daily activities. The important thing here is to choose the ones that are safe and durable. This way you will be using them for years without worrying about any harm.

Which sporks do you think are better based on what you’ve read from this guide? What are other features you think are important? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I think the most important thing is that you choose a spork that is BPA-free. A lot of people tend to forget just how dangerous it is to be exposed with that chemical. It is usually my top consideration when buying things, especially those that I will use for eating or drinking.

  2. I just purchased Light My Fire and so far so good. I like that it is light and tough at the same time. I recommend this if you love going on camping trips and backpacking. The size is great too, not too big and not too small. Lastly, it seems durable and will last for a long time.

  3. We are glad you love your new spork! Size is definitely an issue when it comes to taking utensils, and the one you chose is great for fitting into small spaces!


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