Best Hammock Straps: A Sag and Fall-Free Experience

Hammocks are great for relaxing after a rough afternoon, reading a good book, or getting a comfortable night’s rest after a long day of hiking through the woods.  Of course, to do any of these activities, you need to be able to hang your hammock from a couple of handy trees, posts, or other anchor points.

And after hanging, you want to be sure it will stay where it is, so you don’t have to keep rolling out and starting over again.

That’s why you need to find the best hammock straps to use with your traveling bed, so you can spend your time in your hammock instead of adjusting it.

Top Products

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Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Straps

Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Straps

Weight: 11 oz

Dimensions: Each strap is 9 ft long and 1 inch wide

Specific Features: 2 Polyfilament webbing straps with daisy chain design, included storage bag

Best Use: Hammock suspension when: at home, camping, backpacking

Description: Though extremely lightweight, these two Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Straps have 30 adjustments when used together.  They are each 9 feet long, perfect for wrapping around even the thickest of trees.

Because they are made of polyfilament webbing, they are not only perfect for use with a hammock, but they are also made of tree-friendly material that won’t damage the bark.  The daisy chain design allows for whatever customization is needed during setup, no matter where you are hanging your hammock.

Each strap is strong enough to hold up to 200 lbs, and when used together, can keep 400 lbs of weight off the ground.  The material of these straps will never stretch, even when soaking wet.  They are easy to set up, to adjust and to takedown, all in a matter of seconds.

These straps can also be attached to roof racks, rocks, boat masts, or whatever other supports you need to use them with. Though they are specifically designed to use with ENO’s hammocks, these straps can also be used with numerous other hammock brands available. The included storage bag comes in a variety of colors.

Related: ENO also has a “big brother” for these straps, the Atlas XL suspension straps.  They are the same in make and strength as the original Atlas straps, but they are 54 inches longer and have 10 extra loops.

The Atlas XL straps also weigh 16 ounces.  They are perfect for hanging on much thicker trees or rocks, but for regular use, the original shorter, lighter Atlas straps will be your best choice.

OxStraps XL Hammock Straps

OxStraps XL Hammock Straps

Weight: 10 oz

Dimensions: Each strap is 9.8 ft long and 1.5 inches wide

Specific Features: 2 Polyester straps, 2 stainless steel carabiners, free eBook, included carry pouch

Best Use: Hammock suspension when: camping, backpacking, hiking, also could be used for hanging tire or other swings

Description: These long, lightweight OxStraps XL Hammock Straps are easy to use, featuring a metal ring on one end and a sturdy stainless steel carabiner on the other.  Simply wrap the strap around the tree as many times as needed, then slip the carabiner end through the ring to hold it in place.

Attach the hammock end to the carabiner, and repeat the process on the other side for a perfectly hung hammock.  These straps have heavy duty polyester stitching, which prevents stretching, ripping and tearing, even when the straps are wet.

They have a combined weight capacity of 1200 lbs, so you and your partner can even share the hammock if needed.  Because of the easy to use ends, these straps can be used with numerous hammocks on the market and are tree-friendly, so there are no worries about your straps cutting into the bark while you’re trying to relax.

The carry pouch makes it easy to take these straps anywhere you go, and the included carabiners mean you don’t have to purchase any extra accessories. These straps come in a variety of colors, some of them bright enough to see in the dark.

Related: Though they make hammocks and barbecue accessories, these are the only hammock straps that Oxstraps has available at this time.

Freeyare XL Hammock Tree Straps

Weight: 1.2 lbs

Dimensions: Each strap is 10 ft long and 1 inch wide

Specific Features: 2 Polyester straps with daisy chain loop system, 2 90mm carabineers, included drawstring bag, eBook

Best Use: Hammock suspension when: camping, backpacking, hiking, at home

Description:  There is no hassle when trying to hang a hammock with these Freeyare XL Hammock Tree Straps, thanks to the daisy chain loop system that allows you to wrap the straps around objects of varying sizes, including trees, rocks or posts.

The included carabiner means no searching for additional accessories when ready to set up your hammock.  With its durable, non-stretching polyester reinforced with triple stitching you will never have to worry about tearing or stretching straps that leave you on the ground.

These straps can hold a combined weight of up to 1763 lbs.  Not only are these straps great for hammocks, they can also be used with swings and hanging chairs of various sizes. With 30 connection points, you will be able to adjust the height quickly and easily.

The drawstring bag makes it easy to take your straps, carabiners and instructions with you anywhere, and the handy eBook gives you numerous tips for newbie campers.

Related: Freeyare is a new company, and so far this strap set is the only product they have available for sale.

Winner Outfitters Hammock Straps Set

Winner Outfitters Hammock Straps Set

Weight: 1 lb. bag included

Dimensions: Each strap is 10 ft long and 1 inch wide

Specific Features: 2 Polyester webbing straps, carry bag

Best Use: Hammock suspension when: camping, hiking, backpacking, backyard use

Description: Though lightweight, these sturdy polyester Winner Outfitters Hammock Straps Set are strong enough to hold up to 700 lbs, whether used for a light nap or with a rambunctious child mistaking your hammock for a swing set.

The long straps each have 16 loops, so you won’t have any trouble hanging your hammock at the proper height, no matter the distance between your trees.  There are no included carabiners or S-hooks, so if your hammock doesn’t come with any, you will need to purchase them separately.

Whether used with trees, posts or even car luggage racks, these straps will work perfectly, keeping you at the proper height all day and night, with easy height adjustment if you find it too low.

The straps will never stretch, even if it is pouring rain, and they won’t slip or damage the trees.  Best of all, these straps are compatible with all hammocks on the market.  When it’s time to pack up, just roll up your straps and put them in their handy travel bag.

Related: Though they have a variety of hammocks for sale, these are the only straps available from Winner Outfitters.

Fnova Widened Hammock Straps

Fnova Widened Hammock Straps

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Dimensions: Each strap is 10 ft long and 2 inches wide

Specific Features: 2 Polyester straps with triple stitched seams and daisy chain loop system, 2 carabiners, drawstring bag

Best Use: Hammock suspension when: backpacking, camping, backyard use, hiking, fishing

Description: This pair of Fnova Widened Hammock Straps is made of heavy-duty polyester, which keeps it firmly in place no matter what you hang it on, including trees, posts, boat masts or anything else in range.  It will never stretch, no matter the weather.

They can hold up to a combined weight of 1320 lbs, or 660 lbs each.  With the two included carabiners, you will be able to hang you hammock in less than a minute.

If you find the hammock isn’t at the right height, there is no need to start over, thanks to the daisy chain system that allows you to unclip the hammock and adjust the height without removing the straps from the trees.

With 10 feet of strap on each side, you can hang your hammock on supports over 20 feet apart, giving you many more options than with shorter straps.  Since the width of the straps is 2 inches, they are more tree-friendly than thinner straps or ropes would be, because these ones will cause less damage or strain on the tree bark.

Related: Fnova manufactures numerous camping or outdoor accessories, but this is the only type of hammock strap available from this company.

Nimbus Hammock Tree Strap

Nimbus Hammock Tree Strap

Weight: 11 oz

Dimensions: Each strap is 10 ft long and 0.75 inches wide

Specific Features: 2 Polyester webbing straps with high-tensile stitching, integrated woven reflectors and daisy chain loop system

Best Use: Hammock suspension when: backpacking, camping, hiking.

Description: With 18 adjustment points on each of these super-light Nimbus Hammock Tree Strap, you have a total of 36 attachment options to use when hanging your hammock, keeping it as simple as possible.  Tested up to 1000 lbs, these straps will hold the weight of 3 or 4 people, though you’ll need a rather large hammock to accommodate that many.

The slimmer design of the straps means they will be about 25% lighter than other competing straps, but they are not necessarily as tree-friendly as a wider strap would be.  The non-stretch polyester webbing is reinforced with high-tensile stitching, so they won’t stretch or break, no matter the weather.

They also have reflectors woven right into them, keeping them visible when you’re trying to find you hammock at night when you’re ready for bed.  The only issue with these straps is that they do not include any carabiners, so these will need to be purchased separately in order to hang your hammock.

Whether setting up using trees, cars, posts or other anchor posts, these straps will work perfectly, and when it’s time to move on, they roll up to an ultra-compact size that will take up very little room in a backpack.

Related: Nimbus also sells a set of Hammock Tree Slings.  These are 9 ft long, 5mm thick ropes with 2 ft tree guards.  They are also durable and heavy duty, with high-tensile stitching on the guards, and can fit around any 2 anchor points in the area.

Though they are still easy to set up, they do require knotting to attach to the hammock, and are not as easy to adjust if the height is wrong.  Though some might prefer this type of rope, especially if leaving their hammock up for longer times, the easy adjustment of the tree straps makes them more convenient on-the-go.

HangTime Superstrap 16

HangTime Superstrap 16

Weight: 1.1 lbs

Dimensions: Each strap is 10 ft long and .75 inches wide

Specific Features: 2 polyester straps with integrated reflective strips and daisy chain design, 2 aluminum carabiners, storage bag with clipable loop, HangTime sticker

Best Use: Hammock suspension when: camping, backpacking, backyard use, hiking

Description: The lightweight and long length of these HangTime Superstrap 16  make them as easy to use as they are to transport wherever you need them.  The 16 loops on each of the straps gives you 32 different attachment points to use when hanging your hammock and make adjustments simple if you find it isn’t the proper height for you.

Each strap has a weight capacity of 400 lbs, so together, they will hold you and your loved one, if sharing a hammock is what you like to do.  Though a bit thinner than other straps, they are still tree-friendly, causing little damage to the bark beneath them.

The polyester is non-stretch, so these straps will stay where they are all day or night, no matter how long you lay in your hammock or how wet the weather is.  The included carabiners make setup a breeze.

You will always know where your hammock is, even with the smallest flashlight to light the area, thanks to the integrated reflective strips in each strap.  The carry bag means you always have your straps and carabiners together, no matter where you go.

Related: The Superstrap 16 is the only set of straps made by HangTime at this time.

Features to Look for in A Set of Hammock Straps

When you are browsing for your next set of hammock straps, there a few details to look for, so you know you are getting a quality set of straps that will last as long as your hammock will.

  • Durability: When you buy a set of hammock straps, you want to make sure they are strong enough to last through many days and nights of use, and that they won’t tear or stretch.
    Polyester webbing is best, because it is strong and will never stretch, no matter how much weight is placed on it, or in the wettest weather.  The stitching is also important, so look for one that has double or triple-stitched seams, to be sure they won’t unravel or tear during use.
  • Versatility: If you plan on hanging your hammock in your backyard and leaving it up for the entire summer, this won’t be as much of an issue. But if you plan to travel with it on camping or backpacking trips where your hammock will be put up and taken down repeatedly throughout your trip, this is extremely important.
    You want to make sure your strap will be useable regardless of the anchor point, whether on a tree, a car rack, a rock, or anywhere else suitable at your selected campsite.
    Hammock straps that also fall under the tree strap category are your best bet for this type of versatility.
  • Weight: This is actually two features in one. The first is the weight of the straps themselves.  If traveling by car, this isn’t so important, but if backpacking or hiking, you want to have as little extra weight on your back as possible.
    Most straps are lightweight, and many can roll up into a handy carry bag that can take up little space in your bag.  Weight also refers to the amount of weight the straps can handle.
    Straps that can hold 300 lbs or more are great, because this means they have a capacity of at least 600 lbs when used together.
    That’s the minimum you should look for, especially if you are sleeping two to a hammock, so you won’t have to worry about overburdening the straps and snapping them in the middle of the night.
  • Length: You may think you only need a few feet of strap to hang a hammock, but you never know where the trees or other anchor points will be located.
    It is best to buy straps that are around 10 feet in length, so you know that you will have more than enough length to hang your hammock comfortably.
  • Tree-Friendly: The thicker the strap, the less strain there will be on the tree you hang it from. Make sure your straps are around 1 inch thick, and thicker if you can find it.
    This will cause less damage to the bark, and won’t cut into the tree as a rope or other thinner cord would.

How to Properly Hang A Hammock Using Straps

When you’ve bought your hammock and straps, and are ready to hang it up and start relaxing.

There are only a few things you need to do to finish the job, which are surprisingly quick and easy.  But it all depends on the kind of strap you have purchased.

  • Some have a loop or ring on one end, and a carabiner on the other. For these, you just wrap the strap around the tree as many times as needed, slip the carabiner end through the loop or ring, and pull it tight.
    Then attach the carabiner to the end of the hammock and repeat the process on the other side.
  • The other type of strap has a series of loops along the length of the strap. You only need to wrap the end of the strap around the tree once, because you can choose the size you want by slipping the other end through whichever loop is the right size for the tree or anchor point you’ve chosen.
    Then use the carabiner to hang the hammock.  Again, the carabiner can be used with any of the loops to hang your hammock at the proper height, and can be adjusted easily if you feel it is needed.  Repeat on the other side.
  • Hop in your hammock and start relaxing!

Final Words

Having a hammock is like having a lounger and a bed wherever you go, but they only allow you to relax if hung properly at the right height, and with the proper straps that will stay where they are placed and never add more stress when they are supposed to help you rest.

That’s why durable, versatile straps that will never stretch or break are so important for use with a hammock, so you will always wake up at the same height you feel asleep.  Of course, everyone has their preference, so if you think there are better straps out there, please feel free to comment below.

4 thoughts on “Best Hammock Straps: A Sag and Fall-Free Experience”

  1. XL Hammock Tree Straps are surprisingly lightweight, but so durable! Easy to set up and take down without the hassle of the traditional straps. Strong and durable, hold well on the tree without having to notch the tree to keep it from slipping and no need to “twist” the hammock a million times to get a snug fit to prevent slipping! 🙂

    • Don’t you just love these straps? I know of a couple of my friends who made a terrible mistake in buying another type of straps and they kept on slipping! It was hilarious but at the same time, it made me realize that investing in good gears and equipment is a wise move. So, with the XL Hammock tree straps – you made a great buy!

  2. The hammock I decided on only came with ropes – slight oversight on my part. After researching into straps, I finally decided on the Fnova straps and I’m glad I did! This was my first time putting up a hammock so I was a little concerned as to how I was going to get on. Needless to say, I was very surprised when I had the hammock up and swinging my son in it within 5 minutes! The straps are quite heavy, so maybe not the best option for camping, but for putting hammocks up in a yard these work great!

  3. I wouldn’t mind having these straps in my backpack, that’s for sure. These are so sturdy and I’ve been using these for a long time. What I do appreciate about the Fnova is that don’t have to unstrap anything when I made a mistake in placing the hammock. The daisy chain system is the best, and when you’re pressed for time in the outdoors and would just want to rest, then product wins hands-down for me. 🙂


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