Best Fishing Rods in The Market: What to Look for

The type of fishing rod you use has a huge impact on your performance when you are fishing. Theoretically, it is possible to catch a fish with the use of just about any rod. However, having the right fishing rod increases the probability of bringing home the catch of the day and decreases the chances of your rod breaking when fighting with a large fish.

Not all quality rods are expensive. If you know where to look and what to look for, you can get great deals on the best fishing rods in the market.

Fishing has evolved from a means of livelihood to a sports and recreational activity. As more and more people became interested in the activity, the demand for fishing rods with optimal performance increased.

Rod manufacturers are now using the latest technology to develop good quality fishing rods of varying sizes, strength and performance.

Choosing The Best Fishing Rods from The Rack

There are many good quality fishing rods in the market, in fact there are so many that it can be quite confusing to purchase one. There are many factors that need to be considered when purchasing rod, luckily, price does not need to be one of them. Here are our top 7 picks from the best fishing rod brands:

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Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Rod and Reel Combo

Length: 7 feet

Action: Medium

Rod Material: 24-ton Graphite

Construction: 2 piece

Line Guides: Stainless Steel

Why we recommend this: The Mitchell 300Pro Spinning Rod and Reel Combo is one of the most inexpensive rods that come highly recommended. This two-piece gear has never disappointed a demanding angler. The rod can cater both left handed and right handed fishers and can be used in freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Described as a medium action rod, the Mitchell 300Pro spinning rod and reel combo is very sensitive and well balanced. The balance of this rod is so good that some reviews say it is comparable to a customized fishing rod.

The guides are made of stainless steel frames with stainless steel inserts, thereby reducing weight. The grip is made of foam for additional comfort. The reel has a satin finish and is made of water resistant polymeric material that functions smoothly.

It is also equipped with a smooth hybrid carbon drag and anti-reverse system, for smooth casting and efficient transfer of vibration from line to handle during reeling. It is relatively heavy at 9.9 oz but it makes up for the weight by accommodating a huge spool. The reel has 10 bearings with anti-reverse feature. The gear ratio is 5:8:1 which translates into 33 inches per turn.

This combo is an evolution in prefabricated rods. It is well constructed and durable with a slick design. Fish with finesse using this rod and reel combo!

Abu Garcia Veracity Casting Rod

Abu Garcia Veracity Casting Rod

Length: 6 1/2 feet

Action: Medium to Fast

Rod Material: 35-ton Graphite

Construction: 1 piece

Line Guides: Titanium Alloy micro guides

Why we recommend this: The Abu Garcia Veracity Casting Rod is a one piece rod made from 36–ton graphite with NanoTechnology.  The material allows for a lightweight rod with high resistance to impact. Nanotechnology helps prevent nicks on the rod blank. The rod is exceptionally sensitive for a medium – fast action rod.

The titanium micro- alloy guides with titanium inserts results to a lightweight guide with optimum performance.

The guides also help in enhancing the balance of the rod. One of the most sought after feature of this rod is its Texas rig hook keeper. This type of hook keeper allows versatility for baits. The rod can be used with a line weight of 12 to 20 lbs and a lure weight of ¼ oz to 1 oz.

This rod is specially made for serious anglers. It has been used in recreational fishing and in professional fishing competitions. This is a great start up rod for a beginner angler who wishes to be a professional angler.

Fenwick HMG Spinning Rods

Fenwick HMG Spinning Rods

Length: 6 feet to 7 ½ feet

Action: Moderate – Moderate Fast

Rod Material: Graphite

Construction: 2 piece

Line Guides: Titanium

Why we recommend this: The Fenwick HMG Spinning Rods pride themselves in making the world’s first graphite rod. This rod is designed as a classic but much lighter and more comfortable.

The blanks are constructed from graphite. The rod is carbon bound resulting to a strong base with precise action. The carbon thread that spirals the blanks provides more backbone for the rod for additional control when fighting with a fish. The rod is lightweight but it can handle the weight of huge fishes as well.

The line guides are deep set and made with titanium. Known for great precision, Fenwick fishing rods typically have 8 or 9 line guides depending on the rod length. Handles can be customized with EVA and TAC for greater comfort.  TAC handle is more durable than cork.

There are several rods in the Fenwick line. Length and action can be customized for almost any type of fishing. Light, smooth and effortless to cast, added with the classic design, this rod is a pleasure to use. Reviews from seasoned anglers say that the Fenwick is low cost with the best quality available in the racks.

Duckett Fishing Ghost Cast Medium/Heavy Rod

Duckett Fishing Ghost Cast Medium Heavy Rod with Fast Action

Length: 6 3/4 to 7 1/2 feet

Action: Fast

Rod Material: Composite Fibers

Construction: 1 piece

Line Guides: Stainless Steel

Why we recommend this: The Duckett Fishing ghosting casting rod is a one piece rod that can support line weights of 10 lbs to 17 pounds with a recommended lure weight of 1/4 to 1 ½ oz. A medium/heavy fast action Duckett Fishing rod can vary in length from 6 ¾ feet to 7 ½ feet.

Ghost casting rods from Duckett are made from multi modulus, pre – impregnated composite fibers. This produces a lightweight blank with increased durability and strength. Halo-sanding of the blank allows greater sensitivity of the rod without diminishing the rod strength.

Line guides are made of stainless steel frames coupled with industrial grade chrome for inserts. The inserts provide better casting and minimizes tear of the line during reeling in. The handle is comprised of an EVA split grip with split reel seat providing comfort and efficient transfer of vibrations from the line to the grip.

Abu Garcia Max Low Profile Medium/Heavy Baitcast Combo

Abu Garcia Max Low Profile Medium Heavy Baitcast Combo

Length: 7 feet

Action: Moderate to Fast

Rod Material: 24-ton Graphite

Construction: 1 piece

Line Guides: Stainless Steel

Why we recommend this: The Abu Garcia Max Low Profile Medium/Heavy Baitcast Combo is a one piece 7-foot gear that is recommended for its low profile and lightweight. The rod is specifically engineered for optimum performance in a compact form.

The rod has a 24-ton graphite blank for a light weight yet balanced rod. This rod is a medium/heavy rod with a moderate/fast action. The maximum line weight capacity is 15lbs and the maximum lure weight capacity is 5/8 oz.

The handle is made of EVA for a comfortable fit.  It has 7 line guides (tiptop included) that are comprised of stainless steel frames with titanium inserts.

It has 5 bearings: 4 stainless steel ball bearing and 1 roller bearing for smooth casting. The reel is low profile and is recommended for right handed anglers. The aluminum spool that comes with this combo adds strength without adding extra weight. This is also equipped with a MagTrax brakes system that provides consistent break pressure and minimizes backlash.

Low profile, lightweight, solid feels, smooth casting and retrievals plus its sleek and smooth design, this rod and reel combo is a perfect fit for baitcasting!

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rods

Penn Prevail Surf Spinning Rods

Length: 8 feet to 12 feet

Action: Moderate

Rod Material: Graphite Composite

Construction: 2 piece

Line Guides: Stainless Steel

Why we recommend this: The Penn Prevail Surf Spinning rod is a 2 piece rod beautifully engineered for high-end surf fishing minus the expensive tag. The rod is made of high performance graphite composites for durability.

The length of the rod provides additional casting distance and additional lure options. There are a minimum of 6 line guides for the shorter rods and 7 for the longer ones. The guides are made of stainless steel frames with aluminium oxide inserts: light weight, durable and a good combination for fishing using a mono or braid.

It is equipped with a long lasting graphite reel seat and a rubber shrink tube handle that provides an enhanced grip whether wet or dry. This is a top performing surf spinning rod that comes in less than half the price of its counterparts!

Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit

Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit

Length: 6 feet

Action: Slow

Rod Material: Graphite Composite

Construction: 5 piece

Line Guides: Ceramic Guides

Why we recommend this: The Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit is the perfect gear for travelling. This 5-piece, 6-foot, graphite composite rod comes with spinning ball bearing reel and aluminium spool.

The blank is sensitive despite of its construction and the reel casts easily. The aluminium spool is light weight and durable because it is not prone to corrosion. All these features can be packed in a space saving case.

A Guide on Buying The Best Fishing Rod

Finding the right fishing rod is a great ordeal and requires a lot of research and thinking. Many factors have to be considered when purchasing a rod.


The fishing location and the type of fishing you wish to do would determine the length of your rod. But there are other features that need to be considered in order to find a fishing rod that best suits your needs.

  • Rod length and construction- The length of a rod is determined by the distance between the tip and the butt of its handle. When choosing a rod length, the greatest consideration is given to your fishing location. Fishing from the shoreline or from the deck of a large boat requires the use of longer rods for casting farther, whereas fishing in narrow rivers would entail the use of a short rod.
    The length of current rods on the market ranges from 4 feet to as much as 14 feet. For ease of transport, long rods can be broken down into several pieces. A single piece rod (a rod that cannot be broken down to several pieces) has greater sensitivity compared to multi-piece rods.
  • Power value or rod weight- The weight of a rod can be determined in two different ways: the maximum weight capacity the rod can withstand or the weight of the lure the reel can release. Determine the maximum weight of the rod and make sure never to exceed it to prevent snapping or breaking.
  • Action – This refers to the flexibility of the rod, how far it can bend when the strain of weight is applied. The rod’s action is an important feature because it determines the type of bait and reel you should use.
    The action of a rod is generally categorized into three types: fast action, slow action and moderate action. A fast action rod can bend about a third of its length. A moderate action rod can bend halfway through its length.
    A slow action rod can bend all the way up to more than two-thirds of its length. Some slow action rods can bend until the tip levels with the butt of the rod. Rods with this feature are known as parabolic rods, as the shape of the curve resembles a parabola. Hooking of baits is easier in fast action rods. Slow action rods are more commonly used for lightweight fishing.
  • Material – Fishing rods are made of materials such as fiberglass, graphite or a combination of these materials. For beginners, a fiberglass rod is recommended. Rods made of fiberglass are durable. They have greater weight capacity and flexibility compared to graphite rods. They are also relatively cheaper. Most rods found in the racks at stores are made of graphite.
    Graphite undergoes two major processes when it is being prepared for use in a rod. The first process develops the rigidity or the strength of the rod and the second one determines its modulus. Graphite rods are light weight and more sensitive compared to fiberglass rods. They are also more expensive. In order to obtain maximum performance, a combination of graphite and fiberglass or other materials such as carbon are known as composites.
    Composites are also utilized as rod materials. This allows for the manipulation of shape while maintaining good action, power, strength and durability. Natural materials such as bamboo poles are also used for rods but they require a lot of maintenance. Natural materials are also not as durable as synthetic materials.
  • Line Guide – These are the rings found mounted on top of the rod. These are also manufactured in a variety of materials; metal and plastic line guides are used on inexpensive rods. Materials such as alconite, silicon carbide and hialoy are also available but they come at a higher price.
    It is also recommended to purchase a line guide that reduces heat and friction when reeling in your line, as heat increases the chances of your line tearing. Line guides help in better casting and in dispersion of tension along the fishing rod. Generally, the more guides on a pole the more accurate it will be. However, it adds to the weight and the overall price of the rod.

What Rod Should You Buy?

There are plenty of great rods in the market. A high quality, top performing rod does not need to cost you a fortune. Take into consideration the type of fishing you will do and your fishing location. Consider important features such as durability, flexibility and sensitivity. With just a click of a button you can purchase your ideal fishing rod.

Listen to seasoned anglers and read the product reviews for the rods you want.  Do not zero in on only one rod, look for options and choose the one that will give you the best value for your money.

4 thoughts on “Best Fishing Rods in The Market: What to Look for”

  1. I love my Ugly Stik and Shimano combo. The pair compliment each other very nicely in my opinion. Perfect strength, weight, and feel. My uncle used to take me fishing as a kid and has caught more fish than I can count. They will all last a lifetime as long as you treat them right.

  2. It’s time you take a look at the new Abu Garcia Rods. They’re extra strong and sensitive. Most serious fishing enthusiasts go for the Abu. Ugly sticks are heavy, I should know – been fishing for more than 10 years!

  3. The Duckett never disappointed me. It is the first quality rod I owned. We’ve been using it during camping and it holds up excellently with different fish. Lightweight and comfortable yet very strong. It is very price effective. I would recommend it and I’m also willing to try other Duckett fishing products.

    • Glad you’re pleased with the Duckett. Finding the right fishing rod takes a lot of patience and have a lot to do with what kind of fishing you’d like to do and where. All the products mentioned above is top-notch by the way and made by reputable brands.


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