Best Fishing Hat: What a Great Catch!

When you are looking for the perfect hat for fishing and being outdoors you want it to have characteristics that assist you on your excursions. While the majority of outdoor hats are affordable, you want to get one that meets all your needs and requirements as well.

Before you go out in the world looking for just any hat to protect your head and keep your eyes shaded, we have a bit of advice for you. Continue reading for more information on finding the best fishing hat for you.

Fishing Hats Reviewed

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Niuniu® Bluecell Tactical Head Wear/ Boonie Hat Cap

Niuniu Bluecell Tactical Hat Cap

Weight: .35 lbs.

Dimensions: 1.5 x 3.3 x 7.9 in.

Product features: comes with two snap buttons to change the style of the hat and four ventilation holes for breathability.

Best Use: protecting the head from hot sun and sand in hot activities like fishing

The Niuniu Bluecell Boonie Hat is made as one size fits all and comes in all black. Many complain that the hat is too large, but others say it fits fine. The versatile and lightweight hat works great to keep your head blocked from any sun exposure.

The hat has been known to keep its shape in any condition and works as a sports boonie hat or pinned up for casual wear. Customers love that it is so cheap and reliable. The basic style is great for any environment. You can adjust the strap under your chin if the wind is strong and you can take it off and hang it around your neck for security.

This hat is sweet and simple for every day activities. If you are looking for a cheap and reliable hat for fishing and outdoor activities, this is the hat for you.

Related products: The Generic Bluecell Tactical Hat is very similar to the Niuniu hat. They both have the same ventilation holes, 2 snaps for different styles, and protects against sun and san. However, the Generic Bluecell is cheaper and comes in an olive color instead of black.

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Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hats

Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora Booney

Weight: .25 lbs.

Dimensions: .9 x 5.3 x 13.6 in.

Product features: Comes with a100% nylon material and an omni-wick sweatband and mesh to protect against moisture. The hat also comes with an adjustable chinstrap.

Best Use: Camping and hiking in hot environments

The Bora Bora Booney II Sun Hat comes with UPF 50 to block against 98% of harmful UVA and UVB Rays when you are out in the sun. The extra protection from the hat can protect you from skin cancer. The omni-wick sweatband is there to keep you cool and stop the sweat from dripping in your eyes.

The mesh is made with quick dry properties so that even if your hat is wet, it will dry quickly. An adjustable chinstrap keeps the hat securely around your chin or neck. The hat can fold, breathe, and stay on your head securely. The brim is soft enough so you can easily fit the hat in your gym bag or pocket.

The soft material makes it comfortable and an easy and adjustable hat. This is a great hat for travelers and those who participate in activities in hot environments. Your face, neck, and ears will all be shaded from the sun.

Related products: The Outdoor Research Lightstorm Bucket Hat easily dries after it is wet and is light and breathable like the Bora Bora Booney II. Both hats are adjustable and are priced similarly. The Lightweight Bucket Hat comes in different sizes unlike the Bora Bora Booney II.

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Rapiddominance Boonies

Rapiddominance Boonies Camou

Weight: .30 lbs.

Dimensions: Depends in the size of the hat

Product features: Features a lightweight and crushable flat top and floppy brims for convenience and comfort. The material is 45% polyester and 55% cotton. Comes with a chinstrap to keep it securely on your head.

Best Use: hunting and fishing in hot weather.

Hat comes in many different colors and sizes for your convenience. However, many buyers advise that you buy a size too small because they tend to run a size bigger. The durable material hold up in extreme warmth and keeps you comfortable and cool.

Many users like the style of the Rapiddominance Boonies because it comes with a vintage wash for an authentic look and loops for leaves and branches when hunting. The hat also comes with 2 holes for ventilation so your head has access to a consistent breeze. This hat is great for anyone who is looking for comfort and style in a fishing hat.

Related products: The Rothco Boonie Hat is similar to the Rapid Dominance Hat because they both are made for withstand maximum durability while also being comfortable on your head. Both choices are affordable and come in many sizes and colors.  However, the Rothco is not as lightweight as the Rapid Dominance.

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Under Armour Men’s Tactical Bucket Hat

Under Armour Mens Tactical Hat

Weight: .40 lbs.

Dimensions: One size fits all

Product features: The hat is made with 100% polyester and lightweight “HeatGear” fabric and sweatband wicks for comfort. The poly-woven material is durable for extreme wear and the draw cord is featured for a secure fit.

Best Use: Fishing and camping in extreme conditions.

The comfortable Under Armour Men’s Tactical Bucket Hat is made with a “HeatGear” sweatband to stop sweat from dripping down your face and quickly absorbs wetness. The lightweight hat is great in warm temperatures. However, you cannot expose the hat to extreme heat or open flames because the polyester material can cause an injury if melted.

To secure a comfortable fit, a draw cord is featured for convenience. Customers like the hat because the bungee fit that can fit snugly on anyone’s head. The hat comes in two colors and is very enjoyable to those who are active outside and want a simple and classic appearance.

Related products: The Under Armour Men’s UA Fish Hook Bucket Hat comes in a one size fits all just like the Under Armour Tactical Bucket Hat. They both come with Built In HeatGear sweatbands for comfort. However, the Fish Hook Bucket comes with one hook on the head but the Tactical Bucket Hat Comes with many.

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Cosmos® Tactical Jungle Hat

Cosmos Tactical Jungle Hat

Weight: .20 lbs.

Dimensions: 1.8 x 2.6 x 6.1 in.

Product features: comes with adjustable chinstraps, a foldable brim for convenience. A wide brim and side vents are featured to keep you shaded in intense sun.

Best Use: Fishing and camping in hot environments

The Cosmos® Tactical Jungle Hat is perfect for those who need a lot of protection from the sun when outdoors. Whether fishing or camping, the COSMOS Cap is comfortable with ventilation holes and adjustable chinstraps for convenience. You can make sure the hat fits you perfectly and your head will not be too hot under the hat.

Even when you are not wearing it, you can fit it in your bag or pocket with ease. The brim will fold and you can take anywhere with you even if you aren’t wearing it. The material is nylon and is water-resistant as well so you can wear it in any environment. Customers recommend it because it fits nicely and protects your head, ears, and neck efficiently.

This hat is a go-to for anyone who is active in the strong sun. And they are so cheap you can buy multiple and store them wherever you may need it.

Related products: The Elife Men’s Military Tactical Boonie is similar to the Cosmo’s Tactical Hat because they both offer plenty of ventilation and a nice fit. Both hats are lightweight and fold easily into your pocket. However, the Elife Tactical Hat comes with snaps for different styles.

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The Go-To Boonie Hat for Outdoor Activities

The Go-To Boonie Hat

Weight: .30 lbs.

Dimensions: One size fits most

Product features: Made with 55% cotton and 45% Poly. Offers a completely compactible package for easy traveling. The hat offers ventilation holes for increased breathability.

Best Use: Fishing, hunting, going to the beach, hiking, and more.

The Go-To Boonie is truly a hat you can grab and go. There are many different color options to choose from. Whether you want vivid and solid colors or natural and camouflage patterns, they are available. These hats are also more stylish than your dad’s old fishing boonie.

However, they come with all the great accessories you will need when you are participating in your outdoor activities. With a wide string and a chin cord, your hat will fit comfortably on your head with and is great for traveling because the foldable brim. Though there are not a lot of sizes, the hat is made to fit most so you are guaranteed a snug fit.

The material it is made of is durable and strong but is not waterproof. Many customers rave about the hat because its cheap price, nice fit, and great colors. Others say they like it because it is a great mix between a bucket hat and a traditional boonie. This hat is great for the individuals who are constantly outside and need protection from the overbearing sunrays.

Related products: The MG Men’s Washed Cotton Twill Hat is similar to the Go-To Boonie because it works for an array of outdoor activities. Both have reasonable prices, chinstraps, side snaps, and eyelets for breathability. However, the MG has two sizes available while the Go-To only has one.

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Protect Yourself

The number one tip we are going to give you is like a live worm on a hook. Make sure that you are looking for a hat with a brim with full circumference. These hats are normally called “boonies” or “bucket hats”. Investing in one of these hats is the best choice you will ever make when you are out in the sun, especially if you sun burn easily.

The extra brim around your face and neck will protect you from burning while also keeping you cool. You may not realize the benefit these brims are until after you have made the mistake of wearing a baseball cap on a fishing trip.

The difference between a boonie and a bucket hat is simple. Depending on how much shade you want can help you make the decision.

  • Boonie hats have a larger and bigger brim that extends further to protect you more. Some options of boonie hats even feature snaps on either side for a different style and function. You can protect your face and neck without blocking your preferral vision.
  • Bucket hats on the other side have a shorter brim and can be warn for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and camping. However, you can also wear these hats as casual wear when you are on the beach or at a ball game without looking extremely out of place.

Both hats are great options for outdoor activities and also come in different colors and patterns depending on your style.

Stay Cool

Though you are protecting your head from the sun, you are still exposed to the heat. The warmth from the sun mixed with your own body heat can create a mini sauna in that hat if there isn’t an exit window. Also, keep in mind, your head releases all the heat from your body, so wearing a hat can make it feel hotter than it really is. A well-made fishing hat will feature eyelets or ventilation holes to allow your head to breathe.

Though hat hair may be unavoidable, you wont have to suffer from heat that emits from your head and the sun. The small holes are not the most noticeable, and some people may not even know their purpose.

However, if you are out in the heat for long hours, you will surely be able to feel the difference between a fishing hat that offers them, compared to one without them. Normally a hat will feature 2 or 4 holes for ventilation, but it should be noted, the more the merrier!

Secure Your Hat, Even When it’s Not on Your Head

When you go on a fishing trip, stay prepared and keep your hat with you at all times. Unlike other hats, boonies and bucket hats feature chin straps and ties that can keep your hat secured around your neck throughout the day. You can always have access to your hat regardless of the weather. If the wind is strong, it won’t blow away. If the clouds pass, you can easily shade yourself from the sun.

If it rains, you can use it to keep your head warm, or remove it depending on the material (some hats are made with waterproof material for individuals who aren’t afraid to get wet). These chin straps also can help keep your hat on your head snugly. Tightening the straps under your chin will give you a secure fit that no other hat can. 

Take The Hat Everywhere You Go

As you already know, you can hang your hat around your neck. However, a great hat will also fold for easy travel. Most hats offer brims that are strong and durable. However, fishing hats are made with lightweight material, even through the brim. This allows for easy manipulation without ruining the look of your hat after it has been packed away.

Whether you want to keep a hat in your pocket, glove box, or tackle box, a great fishing hat is capable to fit in them all. Another great thing about fishing hats is that they are extremely affordable! This means you can keep one in your pocket, glove box, tackle box, or even lend them out!

The Final Verdict

Now that we have taken you through the many options of fishing hats that are built for comfort, breathability, convenience, and functionality, we hope you have a better idea of what you want moving forward. Investing in a perfect fishing hat can last you through seasons is a key to a successful fishing trip.

If you keep falling victim to miserable sun burns when you are on your fishing trips or you are having a hard time finding an every day hat, it is time to consider trying other options. You will know when you have chosen the best out of the best. Once you have, make sure you buy them in bulk so you never have to go without them!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding finding the perfect fishing hat for outdoor activities, please comment below. We understand it may be hard finding the perfect fishing hat, but we are here to help! Not to mention, we enjoy and appreciate the feedback!

4 thoughts on “Best Fishing Hat: What a Great Catch!”

  1. I have the Columbia booney and my wife just loves to make fun of me. I’ll admit, they’re not the most attractive hats but I don’t need something attractive I tell her, I just want my face to not burn! She likes nice sun hats that are cute and cover her face. I could care less about cute I just want function! Eh, we’ll never agree!

  2. If my husband asks me to wear a boonie one more time! I get it, they’re really comfortable and keep the sun off your face but some of them are just not attractive. On me anyway. I’m sure there are people who can pull it off but I certainly can’t. My husband says any of the brands you mentioned would be good and affordable but he prefers the Outdoor Research. If I ever wear one, I will let you know what I prefer.

  3. Boonies are great! I love it! Women love wider brimmed hats that are fashionable and attractive. Besides, these boonie hats are very affordable and keeps the sun out. Oh, well even if you don’t agree, you’ve got to realized, both of you are hat lovers! ? Women loves a different kind of hat – and that’s ok, too! 🙂

  4. Hi Josephine! You should choose what you prefer because you’re the one who’s going to use it, anyway. As long as you have a hat that protects you from the heat of the sun or a light drizzle, as well.
    For men, I love the Under Armour brand – they’re thick and the workmanship is great!


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