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Best Biker Trailer
Mark Foster
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During the festive season, we like to stay indoors instead of having some fun outside. Outdoor family fun is not that important when we only think of the weather or if we are caught up with finding the perfect gifts.

But finding the best biker trailer may provide you with the opportunity to have some outdoor fun this holiday season

Biker trailers are easy to use for transporting not only your children, but also any extra baggage across the designated riding area.

Children also find these trailers to be great fun and they will have to learn to ride in them, but once they are used to them, you will find them continuously nagging for more and more time in them.

Key Features to Lookout for

When looking at different trailers, there are a few features you need to consider, and these include safety, compatibility, pricing, function, and purpose.

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These components should be at the top of your list when considering a trailer that can not only withstand a bit of punishment, but also protect your children from the elements as well. Here are the important considerations to take into account:

  • Safety: The number one concern among people when using the road is safety. If something does not feel or look safe enough, you shouldn’t consider investing in that particular product.
    All these biker trailers have proven safety capabilities and they are great for resisting every day wear and tear. The children carriers will also keep your children safe, should bad weather quickly arise.
  • Compatibility: If it doesn’t fit, it won’t work and forcing it can result in the product breaking or creating an unsafe riding condition. When looking to buy a new trailer, get the details for all the aspects of the bike.
    This will save you time and even extra money. You could even take the bike with you to get it fitted, the same way you would fit a trailer for your car.
    But compatibility does not only entail how compatible the trailer will be to your bike.
    Compatibility will also include the type of terrain you are planning to ride on, so it’s important to decide if you are going to ride off-road or just stroll through the park on a simple Sunday afternoon. Both these aspects need to be taken into consideration once you decide to buy the perfect trailer.
  • Pricing: The thing consumers all love to do, but actually don’t. No one actually likes parting with their cash, but people usually enter a shop, already with the mind set of spending. Unfortunately, many people have a budget that they adhere to and won’t exceed it.
    However, if you want to get quality, you have to be spending a little more than your price range. You cannot put a number on safety or even on the perfect family outing.
  • Multi-Function or Single Function: When deciding on the type of bike trailer you want to buy, you should look at the functionality. If you only intend to use it for trailer purposes, then you are better off sticking with a single function carrier.
    Most of the best carriers come with multi-functionality and this means that they could be used as a stroller or trailer. Naturally the multi-functional trailers are also more expensive.
  • Purpose: It is also a really important to define your purpose before buying a trailer, you will need to decide if you are mainly looking to use the trailer as a fitness mechanism for bringing your children along, or if you would like to use the trailer as a means of transportation.

These factors are extremely important and we will look at how each of these factors will fit in when we have a look at the best biker trailers.

Biker Trailer features

All these trailers are top of the line and they adhere to these qualities, providing you ultimate comfort and perfect luxury all in one. So let’s take a look at some of the top rated products on the market.

Top Products for 2017

Thule Cougar Two-Child Carrier

Thule Cougar Two-Child Carrier

Weight: 28lbs

Dimensions: 42 x 31.5 x 46.5 inches

Special features: Aerodynamic design for multiple sports purposes, Adjustable suspension to give a smooth ride on all surfaces, Easy to access partial window vending for temperature control, Crossbar accessory to mount all your accessories

Description: The Thule Two-Child carrier is one of the most luxurious and easy-to-use carriers. It has a multitude of functionality and it is easy to use in multiple areas.

First off the Cougar Two-Child carrier offers a 5-point padded buckling system to keep your child safe and also give them the added comfort of not having to deal with straps that may hurt or bruise them.

The added benefit of another seat will unfortunately keep children from sitting in the center, but by taking this away, children are given more leg room and thus a bigger child could be placed in the carrier without forcing them in and increasing the longevity of the product.

The sun shaped feature has proven to work with children better than having to close the entire front end in the scorching heat. The roof will act as a shield over them and protect them from heat and even the rain.

The design is made for all terrains including snow and rocky areas. The easy-to-adjust arm is great for switching between different bike types, thus making it more durable.

Finally the carrier is extremely easy to fold and unfold. The stroller is still quite large once it is folded up, but it will fit into most trunks.

The lightweight frame means that you do not have to be a bodybuilder to carry it around either and it is easy to use even for woman.

The Thule Two-Child carrier is designed for anyone looking for a multitude of functionality. The trailer can easily be adjusted to serve as a stroller and can be used to walk with instead of cycling.

Burley D’Lite Child Bike Trailer

Burley D’Lite Child Bike Trailer

Weight: 28.4lbs

Dimensions: 38.25 x 31.25 x 33.25 inches

Special features: Adjustable suspension for a smooth ride, padded spring integrated technology will prevent tangled straps and make it easier to get someone in and out, water resistant zippers to help keep water out, and easy adjustable sunshade

Description: The Burley D’Lite Child Bike Trailer is primarily designed with comfort in mind and it reaches that goal perfectly. The adjustable suspension gives children the benefit of exploring the world in style and with a big area for one child; it is easy to fit in extra baggage.

The carrier includes a biker kit with an easy to adjust trailer arm and a flag for added safety.

The window protection unit is rated UPF 30 and it blocks out almost 98% of all UV rays omitted. This will give your child the added benefit of going out on that hot summer’s day.

The whole trailer has been tested in almost all weather and the 600 D polyester lining will prevent any water leaks from occurring, thus allowing the added benefit of storing some valuable luggage in the trailer.

The Burley D’Lite is perfect for anyone with transportation in mind, the trailer has a lot of extra storage space and could be used for carrying almost any cargo.

InStep Take 2 double bicycle Trailer

InStep Take 2 double bicycle Trailer

Weight: 25.55lbs

Dimensions: 5.2 x 27 x 32 inches

Special Features: Easy folding system that allows for easy transportation, the coupler attachment can be attached to almost any bicycle, 16 inch pneumatic air tire with molded rims to provide comfort

Description: The InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer provides some of the best value for the low price that it demands. The trailer is able to fit to almost any bicycle and the product is especially designed for the family oriented and recreational cyclist.

The two-in-one canopy is made to offer protection from the sun, but an added bug screen will make this the perfect trailer for a late evening cycle in the park.

The added advantage certainly is the fact that you could have two children in the trailer, but if you do not have a second child, you could easily just strap your young one in the center of the trailer.

The trailer is perfectly balanced out and the wheels automatically shape to the environment. This will provide comfort and your child could even take a little nap on the go.

The InStep take 2 trailer is for someone only with a trailer in mind and especially anyone driving on solid road surfaces. The price makes it extremely affordable for most people to afford and easy for even female bikers to carry and assemble.

Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

Weight: 26.05lbs

Dimensions: 7.3 x 26.5 x 31.5 inches

Special Features: Lightweight steel construction frame, Foot guard tube to protect children’s feet, Carry 2 children with a maximum of 100lbs, folding design with quick release wheel s for easy storage

Description: The Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer is the ultimate sports trailer for the fitness enthusiasts.

The trailer is designed for two children to sit comfortably and enjoy a relaxing and smooth ride. One of the added benefits of this trailer is that no tools are required when setting up the trailer.

The trailer is easily attached to almost any bike and all the accessories are included in the package. The lightweight steel frame is extremely durable and the cyclist won’t even feel the added weight with the 16” inflated rear wheels designed for almost any terrain.

If you feel a little risky, the trailer is able to reach great speeds in most terrains and the added sunscreen will keep the sun from penetrating your young ones.

With the durable frame, the trailer is able to carry more than children and you could add up to 100lbs of baggage in the trailer for safe keeping from the worst rain conditions.

This trailer is great for single functionality buyers and families with two children. It is easy to assemble and the design is made to be easily folded up and packed away. Again this trailer will be great for the single mom to use.

Schwinn Trailblazer Single Bike Trailer

Schwinn Trailblazer Single Bike Trailer

Weight: 27.65lbs

Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 20 inches

Special Features: Quick release wheels for easy storage, 16 inch air inflated wheels to give the perfect smooth ride, versatile coupler that will attach to almost all bicycles, 2-in-1 canopy to serve as weather shield and bug screen

Description: The Schwinn TrailBlazer Single Bike Trailer Is an effective lightweight trailer that is easy to fold and store in nearly any location. The folded product will fit in the trunk of most vehicles and the quick release feature will save you time and make the process seem effortless.

The trailer comes with a versatile coupler, which makes it easy to switch between different bike models. The price is fairly cheap and affordable to the average American.

Your children will also be protected from the sun and bad weather with the perfectly designed canopy to keep the UV rays to a minimum and the added bug shield gives you some of the best value, making it easy to venture into the park for a late night stroll amongst the woods.

The Schwinn Bike trailer is made with multi-functionality and safety in mind, the safety brake will work perfectly in stroller mode and the price is extremely affordable for a multi-functional carrier.

The versatile coupler is perfect for almost any bike and should save you a lot of extra money.

Huffy Bicycle Company Disney Cars Aluminum Bike Trailer Carrier

Huffy Bicycle Company Disney Cars Aluminum Bike Trailer Carrier

Weight: 25lbs

Dimensions: 35 x 29 x 31 inches

Special Features: Universal bicycle mount for the 20 inch alloy frame, all-weather 600D polyester outer shell, 5 point harness with 2 inner pockets, Structures seat with back and bottom

Description: The Huffy Bicycle Company Disney Cars Aluminum Bike Trailer is one of the newest toys on the block and it comes in different colors for every child’s specific preference.

The 20 inch alloy frame is extremely durable and capable of withstanding harsh and bouncy terrain, without showing any sign of discomfort to the child.

The trailer is designed to withstand all types of weather and the 600D polyester outer shell will keep the sun and rain out, giving the child the added enjoyment of sleeping through a rain storm.

Of course safety is crucial when putting our kids in trailers, so the Huffy Company has added a 5 point harness with added inner pockets for the child to keep his toys safe as well.

The maximum load for the trailer is a staggering 100lbs and this doesn’t even show on the durable frame. The trailer is perfect for the odd couple carrying their groceries as well and the trailer has proved to be extremely versatile in all terrains.

The Huffy Bicycle trailer is one of the more expensive, but durable single function trailers, unfortunately it cannot convert into a stroller and older parents might find this to be perfect for them. The price is quite reasonable for the quality you will get and you will always know you child is safe.

Aosom 2 in 1 Child Bike Trailer and Stroller

Aosom 2 in 1 Child Bike Trailer and Stroller

Weight: 41lbs

Dimensions: 8 x 29 x 36 inches

Special Features: Strong lightweight aluminum frame, 2 in 1 weather protection canopy, Easy to fold up and fits in almost all vehicles, priced lower than most competitive brands

Description:The Aosom 2 in1 Child Bike Trailer and Stroller is an extremely versatile trailer with a simple to access stroller feature. The trailer is great for sporting enthusiasts and can be used as a jogging stroller as well as a trailer for the cyclists.

The strong aluminum frame may be a little heavier than the average trailer, but aluminum has been proven to be the most durable of almost any product.

The extra cushioning in the seat will give a more comfortable ride and with an added padding layer for the foot bed, you can be sure the trailer won’t easily tear.

The 2 in 1 canopy is the perfect fit for all weather conditions, this will make sure you are able to get outside this winter and have some quality family time on the road. The trailer is reasonably priced for all the features and it is lower than most of the competing brands, making it an easy choice.

The Aosom Trailer is a little heavier, but extremely reasonably priced for anyone looking for multi-functional trailers. The trailer is easily converted into a stroller and the heavier frame will give an extra sense of safety and you could be sure the wind will never move your trailer. Perfect for the paranoid parents

Final Thoughts

With the holiday season fast approaching, many of these trailers are perfect gifts for friends with children or you could buy them for yourself.

These bike trailers are very versatile and don’t be put off if you do not have a child, the bike trailer is perfect for carrying around baggage and even the odd shopping bag.

If you want the best carrier, we recommend buying a multi-functional carrier. These carriers will save you some money if you quickly need a stroller in areas not suitable for cycling.

Choose your Biker Trailer

They may be a little more expensive, but the durability in such carriers offer a lot of value that will put a smile on any child’s face.

We look forward to hearing what you think of the bike trailer as a gift and we hope to see more and more people get out with their young ones this festive season.

If you’ve had a good experience with any of the products mentioned or with any other bike trailer you’ve purchased, please feel free to leave a comment down below. We’d love to hear from you.


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