Best Bike Gloves: Keeping your Hands Warm and Protected
Jerry Mueller
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Bicycle riders will know that your cycling kit is not complete without a pair of gloves. The best bike gloves have been designed to meet most of you needs and to give you a quality cycling experience on and off road. Especially in the winter conditions, the hands will take quite a pounding from the elements and when you lose control of the steering, it could lead to a fatal accident.

The top cycling gloves are completely different from normal gloves, they are a little more expensive, but they offer a ton of value and the grip used in these gloves have been designed to withstand the elements of nature and ensure that you remain in control of your bike.

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We have set out to find the best gloves so you don’t have to and to make the choosing process much easier for you. But, before we look at the top cycling gloves, there are a few things you need to know about choosing these gloves and how you could get the most value for your money.

Top Features to Take Note Off in Cycling Gloves

You’d think that any cycling glove will do the trick, but not all cycling gloves are designed equally. The top gloves are really strong and they also have a few features that will set them apart from your average glove. We believe that these features will be key in improving your cycling experience.


Cycling gloves can be made from different materials and the functionality of these materials will vary greatly.

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Lighter materials like polyester will be much more aerodynamic and also have better ventilation, but leather gloves could ensure that your hands are protected from falls and that they are kept warmer in the winter.


The elasticity of the materials in the glove will directly relate to the comfort that it provides.

Men Wearing Light Cycling Gloves

A more elastic glove will take the shape of your hand, thus it will be much more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.


Sweat does build up quite fast in our hands and this could become extremely irritating to a few of the riders.

Ion Gloves

Having adequate ventilation will ensure that your hands dry up faster, but the ventilation might also make holes for water to come through in rainy conditions.


Nothing is as bad as a soaking wet glove which constantly sticks to everything.

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Having materials which will dry quickly could help reduce the build-up of water and when there is no build-up of water, you gloves will be extremely effective in the rain as well.

Shock absorption

Mountain bike riders will especially need to have a look at having features to aid in reducing the shock.

Best Bike Gloves: Keeping your Hands Warm and Protected

Most commonly gel is used to not only provide comfort, but the liquid also acts as springs to reduce the shock on your hands.


The gripping feature might be seen as one of the most important features when it comes to cycling. When you have good grip, your hands will never slip and should you accidentally lose balance or swerve out, you will still be capable of maintaining total control over the bike.

Best Bike Gloves

By investing in a glove with these features, you can be sure that you are investing in quality. These features might not be in all of the gloves, but we do recommend looking for them in your next pair of gloves to ensure that you get real value for your money and to help keep you safe on the road by ensuring that you have total control over the bike.

With that being said, let’s look at the top rated bike gloves at the market.

Our Top Picks

Andyshi Winter Outdoor Cycling Glove

Andyshi Winter Outdoor Cycling Glove

Weight: 3.5 ounces.

Materials: 100% nylon talson fabric.

Special Fatures: Windproof, waterproof, fashionable design added cuff for better support, anti-slip palm patches, stretchable.

The Andyshi winter outdoor cycling glove has been designed with style in mind. These full-fingered gloves will not only keep your hand insulated in the winter, but it also features a mesh overlay to make the breath-ability more apparent and to allow optimal ventilation. Water will not be able to seep through the ventilation holes and you should enjoy a stress-free ride in the elements of nature.

The gloves are extremely elastic and lightweight, thus improving the fit it provides. When you add the cuff link, this slip-on glove should really provide maximum comfort and will easily mold to the shape of your hands and reduce the strain on your hands.

Furthermore, the gloves feature an extensive non-slip palm to make the grip better on the glove, thus allowing you to maintain total control over the bike wherever you ride. The gloves are also windproof and this should be beneficial to you in the winter to ensure that your hands are not bashed by the cold temperatures.

These gloves should be perfect for riders all year long and with the strong nylon fabric used in the construction, you can be sure that they will last longer than most other cycling gloves.

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Louis Garneau Creek Gloves

Louis Garneau Creek GlovesWeight: 7.8 ounces.

Materials: Lycra with added spandex.

Special Features: Provides great elasticity, Perforated 10mm padded Amara palm, available in multiple colors, patented ergo air zone for stabilization, pre-curved fingers to improve the fit, added microfiber to absorb the sweat.

If you need an extremely elastic glove, the Louis Garneau Creek gloves should be exactly what you are looking for. The glove has been made predominantly from Lycra and even though the material is already extremely elastic, the added spandex will add to the elasticity. Furthermore, the pre-curved fingers should combine with this elasticity to provide an extremely comfortable fit.

With the added perforated 10mm padding to these gloves, they should also be great for riding off-road, thus making them great for mountain biking to help absorb some of the bumps and jumps. The patented ergo air zone has been added to improve the overall ventilation of the glove and even though it will also keep the glove stable, it will help to evacuate some of the moisture from the palm.

Microfiber has also been added to the thumb area and this will help to remove the excess seat in those are that does not have ventilation.

Finally, the glove has been stylishly designed and it is also available in multiple colors to help you get the perfect one you need. These gloves are highly recommended for mountain bikers as well as stunt riders to reduce the fatigue and strain on the hands.

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Giro Bravo Gloves

Giro Bravo Gloves

Weight: 7.2 ounces.

Materials: Synthetic leather.

Special Features: Great moisture wicking, 4-way stretch-ability, breathable mesh cover for added ventilation, highly absorbent microfiber wiping surface, tailored three-panel palm for an improved fit, low profile Velcro strap.

The Giro Bravo Gloves have been designed for summer riders and it provides great ventilation for riders in the summer months. The gloves will be great for mountain biking and the three-panel design makes the gloves fit better than other one panel designs. The three-panel design also helps add three different layers of padding to help reduce any shock on your hands.

The gloves also have breathable mesh to go with the cut-off fingers, thus allowing maximum breath-ability and giving you perfect ventilation. To help reduce the build-up of moisture, the added microfibers will ensure that sweat is evacuated swiftly and thus your hands will never slip from the handles.

Finally, a Velcro strap has been added to fasten the gloves and this can be adjusted to give you that perfect fit. The low profile design will ensure that you have comfort and that your arms are open to improve the overall ventilation.

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Sugoi RSE SubZero Gloves

Sugoi RSE SubZero GlovesWeight: 14 ounces.

Materials: polyester, spandex, and polyurethane.

Special Features: Extremely stretchable, windproof protection, thermal protection, waterproof, full finger format for a better fit, 110G Thinsulate liner for better insulation.

The RSE SubZero glove has been designed primarily for the winter conditions. It features multiple points of insulation and the 100G Thinsulate liner will ensure that you have maximum protection from the colder temperatures. The unique combination of materials in the construction will add to the protection against the elements, while the added spandex will help improve the fit of the glove.

The glove is extremely durable with the polyurethane and polyester materials, these materials will also keep the water out of your gloves, but it might cause some build-up of sweat in the glove. This could be a little uncomfortable.

Furthermore, the gloves feature a full-finger format to ensure that your hands are protected. The gloves are also extremely stylish, but they are only available in a standard black color. We highly recommend these gloves for cold winter conditions and to ensure that your hands are kept insulated in coldest of conditions.

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Oceantree Cycling Gloves

Oceantree Cycling Gloves half-fingeredWeight: 6 ounces.

Materials: Lycra.

Special Features: Extremely elastic, added silica gel for shock absorption, non-slip palm, ultra-breathable, protective fillers in finger joints for added protection.

The Oceantree Cycling glove half-fingered are some of the best designed gloves on the market today. The gloves have been created from the stretchable, but still breathable Lycra material. The half-fingered design will also add to the breathability and the ventilation to ensure that there are no moisture build up present.

The gloves feature a 3mm layer of silica gel to help with shock absorption and to ensure that your hands do not have to take any unnecessary bumps on the road. These gloves are great for road bike riders, but mountain bike riders will also enjoy the comfort of the fit and the shock absorption materials.

Furthermore, a non-slip palm grip has been added and this gripping feature also has the capabilities of withstanding sweat build up on the handle, to make sure that you are always kept in control of the bike handle. Unfortunately, these gloves will not offer the best protection for the cold weather and they are mainly designed for riding in the summer months.

Finally, the low profile Velcro strap will ensure a tight fit and ensure that the gloves never move on the go, thus adding to your safety as well.

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Fox Dirtpaw Race Gloves

Fox Dirtpaw Race GlovesWeight: 4lbs.

Materials: Blend of multiple materials.

Special Features: Designed for mountain biking and off-road riders, added silicone gripper on the fingers, lightly padded clarino pal, TPR hook and wrist closure, stretchable.

Fox has been known for their off-road motorcycle equipment, but the Dirtpaw Race glove will bring all the safety and the motorcycle quality features to you for your bicycle. The gloves are a little expensive, but the blend of multiple high-quality materials will make the glove as safe as you could possibly find.

The glove features near perfect ventilation as well as protection from the elements. The full-fingered design will also help with the insulation to keep your hands warm in the colder winter months. Unfortunately, the gloves are a little heavier than most other gloves on the list and this could really affect the aerodynamic requirements for road cyclists.

Silicone has been added to the glove to help absorb any shock from tough bumps and this will be essential for BMX racing or mountain biking. The added TPR hook and wrist closure will also provide more comfort when it comes to the fit and the added rubber injected logos will assert another level of style.

We highly recommend these gloves for off-road riders, but we also like the multi functional use it provides. Not only are these great for cycling, but the protective features will also be great for riding motorcycles.

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Elite Cycling Project Road Racer Fingerless Cycling Gloves

Elite Cycling Project Road Racer GlovesWeight: 6 ounces.

Materials: Lycra and synthetic leather.

Special Features: Added palm padding with gel for shock absorption, improved elasticity, leather palm for better grip, half fingered design for improved ventilation, machine washable.

The Elite cycling project road racer gloves will be the perfect fit for anyone looking to improve the ventilation of their current glove. This half-fingered design will make the ventilation process much better and you will be able to reduce the amount of moisture build up in the gloves as well.

Silicone gel has been added to the palm area of the glove. This should help with the absorption of shock on those bumpy roads and also provide you a much better grip. The synthetic leather might add a little to the weight, but your grip will be greatly improved.

Unfortunately, these gloves will not be great for colder weather, but they should be great for racing on the road. The elasticity of the Lycra material will help the glove shape to you hand and this will provide a more comfortable fit. We highly recommend these gloves for road racing and improved ventilation while riding.

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Troy Lee Designs Air BMX Gloves

Troy Lee Designs Air Men's Bike Racing BMX GlovesWeight: 2.6 ounces.

Materials: Lycra and synthetic leather.

Special Features: Great elasticity, sonic-welder TPR graphics to improve style, breathable mesh body, breathable airprene cuff, available in multiple colors.

The Troy Lee Designs Air BMX Gloves are some of the more durable gloves on the list. The full-fingered design will definitely keep your hands insulated and ensure that they stay warm in the winter, but the ultra-thick padding are great for BMX riders to have more protection against falls and bumps.

The gloves feature multiple air holes covered by mesh to improve the breath-ability of the glove. The airprene cuff has also been designed to improve the breath-ability and to allow maximum airflow throughout the glove. The sonic-welded TPR graphics are added for improved style and you will also be able to choose from a wider array of color to match your style.

Furthermore, the gloves have been constructed from the durable, yet extremely elastic Lycra material to make the gloves much more stretchable. This should provide you with a much better fit and also exert much more comfort. The palm is protected by a durable layer of synthetic leather to help ensure that your hands are protected from falls and bumps.

Even though these gloves have been designed for BMX riders, we highly recommend them for any type of mountain biking as well. The full-fingered design should also give you multi functional use and allow you to ride your road bike in the winter.

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Louis Garneau 12c Air Gel Cycling Gloves

Louis Garneau 12c Air Gel Cycling GlovesWeight: 16 ounces.

Materials: Polyester.

Special Features: Multi-layered silicone palm for better grip, absorbs vibrations to reduce hand fatigue, patented Ergo air concept to evacuate moisture, low profile cuff make the glove easy to slip on.

These Louis Garneau 12c Air Gel Cycling Gloves have been carefully designed and they not only exert perfect style, but they also allow the user to ride without any hand fatigue setting in from multiple bumps. The gloves feature a multi-layered palm with added silicone gel to help reduce the shock on the hands and it also promotes better grip.

The patented Ergo air concept has been included to allow maximum evacuation of moisture, thus improving the breath-ability of the glove when you combine it with the already half fingered design. Furthermore, a low profile cuff has been added to make the glove easier to slip on and the Lycra base material will improve the fit and stretch-ability of the glove.

These gloves might be expensive, but with all the added features, they will provide you with great value for your money. The glove is designed for comfort and it is extremely aerodynamic, thus making it great for road racers and cyclist looking for a replacement for their current gloves.

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Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you have a better understanding of cycling gloves and that you are now more capable of making the right choice to meet your needs. We believe and stand by all of these gloves and believe that they will provide you with great quality and value.

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We would like to encourage you to let us know if you think we might have missed any of your favorites and to tell us how you think they have improved your cycling experience.


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