Best Windproof Lighter: Don’t Let Nature Get You Down

Whether you are starting a campfire or lighting your cigarette, when the wind is blowing, you’re going to have a hard time. So how do you combat mother nature? You purchase a windproof lighter and smile with victory as the fire ignites.

When it comes to purchasing the best windproof lighter, there are a few things to consider to help with the final decision. Let’s take a look at what factors make a lighter resistant to harsh winds.

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Top Lightproof Lighters at the Moment

Currently on the market is a vast range of windproof and wind resistant lighters that are electric and fuel powered. The prices vary, but remain very affordable for purchasing.

Kivors USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

Fuel: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Features: Windproof; Flameless; Rechargeable; Dual Arc; No butane, no fluid and no fuel needed; Weighs 3.5 oz.

The Kivors USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter uses a lithium ion battery for power instead of gas or fuel. A full charge can take as little as one hour and it will last for three days with frequent lighting.

The dual arcs meet in the middle and create an X, that pulses at a high temperature. It can easily light candles, cigarettes and dry twigs or leaves. The lighters gives off a low voltage electric arc or it can be adjusted to a higher voltage which is about 15 kHz. It is not suggested to keep this electrical lighter on for more than ten seconds and will start to make a noise if left on too long for safety reasons.

This new style of lighters is environment friendly since it does not produce any harmful gasses and low-carbon. Available in different colors and styles so that you can choose which one fits your personality.

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Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter

Fuel: Rechargeable Battery

Features: No flame; USB rechargeable; Safe and reliable; Customer care and quality assurance.

The Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter is a great way to beat Mother Nature and impress your friends all at once. The no flame technology is made by creating an electric arc. This electrical power releases an odorless flame and has been proven to decrease the risk of accidental burns and fires.

The simple to use electric lighter is safe, reliable, flameless and tested to be windproof. To use you flip the lid open and press a single button. Included is a USB cable to recharge the battery, so that you can plug it in at home or on the go. One charge will last up to a week or for 100-300 uses.

Built in is a safety lid that ensures the lighter will not ignite unless fully opened. This lighter comes with a one year manufacturers warranty.

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Single Jet Flame Torch Lighter

Fuel: Butane

Features: Single Flame; Angle torch lighter; Refillable; Waterproof; Flame adjustable.

Small but powerful, the Single Jet Flame Torch Lighter packs a hard punch against the elements. This tilted angle lighter uses butane lighter fluid to power the single torch-like flame.

With the open flame design, it is great for using to light cigarettes, cigars, dried brush or even melting objects. For the best flame be sure to use all of the fuel before refilling, this keeps the flame strong against the wind and other elements.

This lighter comes in a five pack assortment of colors to cater to any preference or style. The body is partially see through, so you can keep an eye on the fuel levels to see when it is time for a refill. The lighters are shipped without fuel, so you will need to purchase it separately in order to use them.

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Pard Relief Dragon Cross Arc Lighter

Fuel: Rechargeable Battery

Features: Windproof; No gas and fluid required; Ignite by touch; USB charging port; Environmental friendly.

The Pard Dragon Cross Arc Lighter is classy and effective against the wind. This flameless and energy saving lighter is easy to use, just open the top and ignite by pressing a button. The dual arcs are created by a strong electric currant, which makes this a hard resistance against the wind.

This lighter is powered by a rechargeable battery, this way you don’t have to mess with lighter fluid or other harmful fuels. The battery, when it is fully charged can power up for three hundred uses. Charging takes about two to three hours and a usb charger is included.

The opening to the dual arcs is slim, so you would not be able to light thicker items such as a cigar or a thick piece of wood. The lighter must be fully opened to ignite, so it is safe to carry in your pocket or bag.

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Kivors Flameless Double Arc Lighter

Fuel: Rechargeable Battery

Features: Double electric arc; Easy to use; USB rechargeable; Windproof; 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Kivors Flameless Double Arc Lighter offer double the ignition power, so you can set things ablaze in less time. This easy to use lighter comes to life with the click of a button and can ignite cigarettes five times faster than single arc competitors. This lighter is windproof and fully electric powered.

A built in safety feature ensures that this lighter cannot ignite unless the lid is opened all the way. Included is a USB cable, for a full charge it takes two hours. When it is fully charged you can use to light about three or four packs of cigarettes.

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy with this purchase then they will offer a replacement or a full refund. This double arc lighter is available in multiple colors and designs to fit most any style or personality.

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Z-Plus 2.0 Extreme Torch Flame Lighter

Fuel: Butane

Features: Dual flame torch lighter; No odor or mess; Wind resistant; Refillable; Interchangeable.

Use it as a single unit or put the Z-Plus 2.0 Torch Flame Lighter inside your favorite zippo shell. The dual flames in torch form create a strong flame that is wind resistant and can light the thinnest or thickest items that you desire.

The lighter uses butane fuel for refills and the refill can last anywhere from three cigars to fifteen, depending on how long and frequently you use it. Without a case, you will be able to see and monitor the fuel levels through the clear see through body.

This torch flame lighter has two settings, a low flame and a harsher high flame version. You can adjust these setting by turning a knob. However, the lighter is sensitive and it doesn’t take much of a turn to set the flame higher.

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Zippo Color Ice Lighters

Fuel: Lighter Fluid

Features: Windproof; Distinctive Zippo click; All metal construction; Refillable; Lifetime guarantee.

The well known, made in the USA, Zippo brand has been cranking out lighters for over eighty years and has found it’s specialty niche with the Color Ice Lighters product. These lighters were created to add color for those who are seeking a personalized lighter.

The all metal construction case offers a distinct shaped with rounded corners and a top with a flat bottom. This and the sturdy flame offer a windproof experience when you need fire. Zippo created the fan test a few years ago, that requested consumers open the flame in front of a small fan to prove its windproof design.

Available in more than ten colors and designs, you can find the right one to fit your style. This lighter is refillable with Zippo brand recommended lighter fluid. You can also replace the flint and wicks as needed over time. This Zippo lighter comes with a lifetime guarantee, that “It works or we fix it for free.”

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Techno Butane Triple Torch Lighter

Fuel: Butane

Features: Premium quality; Easy and safe; Great design; Powerful triple torch; Ideal for daily use.

The Techno Butane Triple Torch Lighter is a small force of big power. This black and silver handheld lighter gives off a three point torch for quick igniting and strong resistance to wind. It is great for daily use, from lighting cigarettes to using while your in the great outdoors.

The open torch design doesn’t limit you to only lighting small things, so you can easily use it for cigars and larger items. This is also a great option for lighting fires while camping, fishing and hunting.

This lighter is made from high quality materials to give you a leak free and long lasting life. It is easy to refill with butane fuel and has an adjustable flame control knob. The handle is coated with high grade metal and textured for a non slip hold.

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Should you carry a lighter?

It is a common misconception that only people who smoke need to carry a lighter. There are many non smoking uses for a lighter, especially if you find yourself out in nature camping, hiking or fishing.

Of course there is the obvious reason for lighting a campfire, but you can also use one to burn the ends of a fraying rope, to keep it from raveling. If you are in need of quick stitches due to a bad injury, if you are out of other sterilizing products, you can heat the tip of a needle in the flame for sterilization.

If you are lost in the woods or a large area, lighting certain leaves can help you give off a lot of smoke for a signal. There are many other uses you can find for having a lighter handy when you go out in nature.


While it is simpler to pick up a cheap lighter in the convenience store, this isn’t an ideal purchase for something that you need to rely on when you are out in nature. Let’s look at a few key features that you should look at.


Most of the windproof lighters out there are made with decent and durable metal and materials. You will want to avoid plastic body lighters, these are not as strong and can crack under pressure or if dropped.

A lighter with a top that closes and covers the igniter is good because it protects this mechanism from being bent or broken if dropped. Also a stainless steel lighter will not rust as easily if you are in more humid conditions.

Waterproof/Weather Resistant

Some of the more advanced survival lighters will have a waterproof body that seals to keep water from harming the inside. Most of the wind resistant lighters have a level of weather resistance, but it’s not much outside of getting a little rain on it.

Electric lighters are more susceptible to longterm damage. The Zippo brand lighters are known for still working after drenched and left out to dry.


This refers to the flame and if it will stay lit after you press the button and release it. Most of the lighters on the market require you to hold down a button to keep fuel flowing to the flame, keeping it on. Zippo lighters and similar makes will hold the flame without you needing to press anything else.

Hands free flames aren’t necessary, but they can be helpful if you need extended time trying to burn or melt something. On fuel lighters the button is located close the the flame and can be too warm to handle for long periods. Electrical lighters can only be kept on for short periods of time, due to the arcs getting overheated.

Flame size

Almost all fuel powered lighters will give you the option to adjust the flame higher or lower depending on what you need. A few electric lighters will allow a similar option that allows you to turn up the frequency. This offers a more powerful electric arc for quicker igniting.

Fuel vs Electric

This is a touch choice to make, each option has its pros and cons. So let’s take a closer look into each to help you make the best informed decision.


An electric lighter means that you don’t have to mess with any fuel or tricky refills. Simply find an outlet or travel charging base and plug it in. Most electric lighters take about 2-3 hours to fully charge and can last for about 100+ lights.

The electrical pulsing arcs are very windproof and give a steady, constant way to ignite things. These lighters are also environmental friendly since they do not burn any fuel.While this sounds great, it uses the same type of fuel that we give our phones, tablets, and other electronics. If you will be roughing it outdoors for over a week, then electricity is difficult to keep on hand if you are not next to an unlimited supply plug in.

Also electric lighters have a smaller opening between the arcs, making it difficult to light anything larger than a standard cigarette or small dried twigs and brush. Electric lighters are not weatherproof and can sustain damage if soaked.


Fuel powered lighters have been a constant for the longest time. They have evolved and improved to becomes wind resistant and wind proof. They need to be refilled with sometimes specialized lighter fluid. If you don’t mind the refill then this is a great option for you.

Fuel-powered lighters are excellent to keep in your bag for emergencies, since you don’t need to worry about keeping a charge. Just make sure you have some extra fuel or butane on hand to refill when needed.
A problem with Zippo and similar style lighters is that over time, the fluid can evaporate and in dry climates it can rapidly diminish.

Butane Torch

A strong flame option that is available is butane torch lighters, which give off a strong double or triple arc flame.

The torch like lighters offer an open flame that is placed at an angle, giving you no limits to the size of items you put in front of it. These are ideal for cigars and larger sticks and brush.

Most butane lighters offer a locking feature that will allow you to keep the flame lite without having to hold down a button for a prolonged period of time. You can also adjust the flame from low to high. It is best to adjust this before use and not during to avoid any hazards or injury.

The butane torch lighters are not great to use in colder climates, because they need to be warmed up in order to operate correctly. Also, they do not perform well at high altitudes.

Light ‘Em Up!

Lighters come in all shape, colors and sizes. You can chose electric or fuel based or both. They aren’t overly expensive, so you can pick which one sounds like it would cater to your needs best, and if it fails you can try another one. The choice is up to you. What’s most important is that you have one on you when you need it the most.

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