Best Canned Beer for Hikers: Upgrade Your Hiking Experience with a Trail-friendly Brew

Enjoying nature while lugging a beer can be one of the most relaxing experiences one could find outdoors. Canned beer has become more of a staple for environmentalists and depending on whom you ask, many people also believe that the canned tin will leave less of an environmental footprint than glass.

In our search for the best canned beer for hikers, we also had a look at how the brand tries to minimize their carbon footprint and help the environment.

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One of the most important advantages offered by canned beer is the portability and the fact that you will be able to squeeze it into nearly any backpack or smaller cooler bag. By adding some ice to the cooler bag, your beer will also stay cooler for much longer. Check out our best backpack cooler bag to cool your drinks while in camp.

With so many brands on the market today, it can be quite hard to choose your favorite brand and while there is not much in terms of key features when we talk about alcohol, you will need to consider one or two things to make the trip spectacular and enjoy the mixture of beer and nature to the fullest.

That being said, let’s look at some of the top beer brands to carry along on your hiking trip and keep you fully refreshed:

Ten Fidy

Ten Fidy is an imperial stout and one of the top craft beers in the US. The company who created this craft beer is Oskar Blues and they are situated in Colorado, but the beer is available all over the US in all of the 50 states. This means that everyone should have access to this imperial stout.

Oskar Blues is one of the first companies to can their beer and they are one of the only companies to can a craft beer, but Ten Fidy is definitely one of the more expensive and high-end beers to drink. At 10% ABV, the Ten Fidy beer should be one of the ideal drinks to keep you warm overnight in the cooler backpacking areas.

Perfect Day IPA

In North Carolina, you should be able to find some of the best hiking routes in the US and also some of the best beer. Asheville brewing is located near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and is one of the oldest breweries in the town.

Perfect Day IPA is one of their award winning beers and it has been packed with Citra and El Dorado hops to help improve the taste of the beer. At 6.5% ABV, this beer will be the ideal refreshment to drink on your hiking trips, while also keeping you sober for as long as possible.

With this beer, you will casually be able to enjoy the hiking routes of North Carolina with the perfect beer to cool you down when you need a little break.


Athena Berliner Weisse is one of the lightest beers you will find. The beer can be perfect for a dusty or dry throat and when it is kept cold, the beer will be extremely refreshing as well. This wheat beer might even fill you up and allow you to have more energy on your trip and at 4.5% ABV; the beer is sometimes compared to sparkling water.

The beer also includes complex notes of Grapefruit and Sauvignon Blanc and this certainly helps to make this one of the most flavorful beers you will find on the market. This beer is certainly a great choice for those tough and dusty hiking trails up in the mountains. Just be sure to keep it as cold as possible.

Brooklyn Lager

While Brooklyn Lager is a little light on the flavor wheel, it is still one of the trendsetting canned beers in the US. Brooklyn Brewery is located in the densely populated area of Williamsburg and while the area is not really the most well-known for hiking trails, the company has decided to think out of the box.

Brooklyn Breweries also has their own green team that is constantly on the search to try and makes the production of their beer as nature-friendly as possible and in 2016, the brand teamed up with the Arbor Day foundation to plant more than 375 acres worth of trees. The goal of the endeavor was to offset 1500 tons of carbon dioxide produced by the company in the Brooklyn area.

So, if you are on the lookout for something lighter and easy on the stomach, the Brooklyn Lager canned beer will be ideal for you to carry along on your way up a mountain or when camping.

Dayblazer Easygoing Ale

The New Belgium Brewing Company has always had a positive take on protecting the environment and they have invested millions of dollars into analyzing their impact on the environment and how they could make the environment a better place.

Dayblazer Easygoing Ale is one of their newer brands of beer and it is the first beer the company has made available in the larger 24-ounce cans. The beer is packed in these larger cans to ensure that you could possibly buy less and this will be great for minimalist hikers looking to save weight.

At 4.8% ABV, the beer will also ensure that you can enjoy a few on the trail and still easily make your way back without staggering or falling around.

Gear Up IPA

Gear Up IPA does not only feature a stunningly designed can that will make you think about nature, but the Hopworks Urban Brewery also features a bicycle themed brewery in the Pacific Northwest. The beer is crafted using only local and organic ingredients and the hidden images of outdoor gear on the can will definitely show you that beer and hiking trails can go together perfectly.

This small canned beer is definitely one of the most enjoyable and refreshing beers that you can buy on the market today.

Long Trail Ale

If live in or near the state of Vermont, you should probably know about the long trail that runs the entire length of the state. The Long Trail Brewery took its name from the trail and also created its flagship beer with the same name.

The canned the beer is packed in also features a stunning nature like resemblance and will immediately put you in a sense of enjoying the outdoors.

At 5% ABV, this German style beer has won numerous awards at the American Beer festival and definitely ranks high in terms of proving a great refreshing taste.

Trail Head Pale Ale

Fat Head’s Brewery took home five medals with the crafting of this beer and the reason the decided to take on the crafting of it was to get beer lovers of the couch and outdoors to see nature a little more.

The Cleveland Metroparks Trails fund is one of the top beneficiaries of this beer and many of the proceedings does go to the fund to help maintain more than 270 miles of trails in the state of Cleveland.

This beer has also been brewed with four high-quality types and this will even get the laziest of beer lover of their couch and hit a few hiking trails

Considerations when taking beer on a hiking adventure

It may seem simple to pick up any beer you find and throw it into your cooler, but there are some very important considerations to keep in mind in order to further improve your camping experience:


Since we are primarily talking about canned beer, it should come as no surprise that we do recommend the canned beer over the bottled beer. Canned beer is not only more flexible in terms of fitting into smaller spaces, but many environmentalists might also argue for the sake of it being better for the environment than glass.

On the other hand, glass is less likely to get crushed and explode in your container, so it’s really a matter of personal preference which you choose. Packaging size should also be taken into account and it will not be worth it to buy the bigger cans if they are available when they might not fit in your bag.

Keeping the beer cold

How are you going to keep the beer cold while on your trip? Let’s face it, hot beer is not the most refreshing or tasty on a hot summer’s day outdoors. You will need to take into account how you will be keeping the beer cold.

A portable refrigerator will need power or gas, but a simple cooler bag with some added ice might be the perfect addition to your hiking pack to keep your beer cold.

Amount to carry along

When we buy alcohol for parties, we sometimes buy too much and the reason for this is the fear of not having enough, but when you are out hiking, the goal of the beer changes to refreshing you instead of making you inebriated. We could also stress the amount of alcohol as important and that light beer might be a better option, but when it comes to the amount, it is important to know that you will need to carry that extra weight and this could make the trip harder.


Finally, the taste of the beer is equally important, but most of us already know which beers we like and which we don’t. Much like when it comes to smoking, everyone will have a taste and having your favorite cold tasting beer will just make the beer even more refreshing on those hot summer days when you need to take a little break.

These four things need to be considered, but in the end, the beer you choose will all come down to personal preference and having your favorite beer is definitely one of the best and refreshing ways to enjoy the outdoors. Just remember to stay sober and not to lose control as you will probably need to hike back before the sun sets.

Get off the couch with a few beers and enjoy a hiking trail

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we do hope that you are now in the mood to crack open a few beers and head out to find a few hiking trails. All of the brands we have discussed in the article are certainly at the top of their game when it comes to trying to protect the environment and also limiting their carbon footprint.

Before you go, check out our must-read article on camping safety to keep you protected in the outdoors.

We would also like you to weight in your opinion on these beers and let us know if you think we might have missed any of your favorite brands. Please also share how they help to limit carbon emission and help to protect the environment.

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  1. I have tried Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Brooklyn Lager and both are really fantastic, though I have always preferred the latter. You are so right that Brooklyn Lager is light and easy on the stomach so my friends and I always bring a couple of cans whenever we go camping.

  2. Thank you for your canned beer suggestions. We will be going on a hiking trip very soon so I will definitely take note of the brands you have suggested. I am just wondering what is your top pick on your list? I am really curious about Trail Head Pale Ale.


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