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Best Gravity Water Filter
Jerry Mueller
Written by Jerry Mueller

The modern world is quickly becoming more and more crowded. Everyday people flock to the cities and suburbs to get closer to the action of modern life. Whether it is for a job, for a person, or just for the fun of living in the city, you may end up finding yourself in the middle of it before long.

While the cities are flourishing, people seem to be taking more time to escape the modern world and enjoy nature in all of its beauty. The good thing about living in the United States is there are a plethora of different National Parks that can be visited any day of the week, and for quite extended stays.

If you find yourself wanting to get away and take an extended camping trip, whether at a National Park or in a secluded location no one knows about, you want to make sure that you are prepared!

One of the most important pieces of equipment you can bring with you is a water filtration system, and today we will go over some of the best gravity water filters on the market today. Finding the best filter may seem like a challenge, but by the time you are finished reading this you will be a professional!

Big Gravity Water Filter

With the proper water filtration system, you and your family can go anywhere you desire and always have clean filtered water to drink. When it comes to outdoors survival, water is by far the most important thing for you to be aware of.

While a human being can survive for weeks without food, it only takes three days without water to find yourself in an extremely dangerous situation. Many water filtration systems take a lot of effort, or cost obscene amounts of money, but gravity water filtration systems have managed to bridge the gap between price and usability for campers everywhere.

Gravity water filtration systems are not only for campers and outdoorsmen. While the cities are flooded with people, many of us still live on the outskirts of society on farms, ranches, and other out of the way locations.

If your water is not satisfactory to your needs, a gravity water filtration system can provide your home with massive amounts of fresh water daily.

No matter the situation, if you are in need of a water filtration systems, gravity is the way to go! The only problem with this is that there are hundreds of these devices on the market, and figuring out the best product for you can be a real headache.

Gravity Water Filter in action

That is why we will go over the top five gravity water filtration systems you can purchase on the market today. But before we get into the product let’s go over the things you need to know about gravity water filters.

How Do They Work?

Water filtration systems work in many different ways, but there are five methods of water filtration that are most commonly used, distillation, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, ceramic, and catalytic conversion.

  • Distillation: By heating up the water to extremely high temperatures, and then collects the steam that results from evaporation and filters that into drinkable water. While this is an extremely effective method, it is difficult to set up in any consumer application unless you are quickly putting something together in an emergency setting.
  • Ultraviolet: Ultraviolet purification is one of the most effective forms of purification, killing an enormously high percent of germs and bacteria with UV rays. These devices tend to be extremely expensive and are therefore not practical for every person.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic filtration involves a form of osmosis which pulls the water through pores that filter out bacteria and germs. This is the oldest known method of water filtration, and is still quite effective at removing most impurities from water. These forms of filters are common in gravity water filters.
  • Catalytic Converter: Catalytic convertors work by neutralizing the harmful elements of your water for a short period of time. The issue with these systems is that the water needs to be drunken immediately otherwise the water will again become impure.
  • Reverse Osmosis: This method of filtration uses pressure to push water through a membrane that remove impurities and minerals from the water. The water can then be stored and remains usable for an extremely long period of time. This is the typical method that is used by gravity water filters.

Most gravity water filters use the reverse osmosis method to clean water, and they are quite efficient at it. When using a gravity water filter, water is poured into the tank and then the weight of the water pushes it down through the filters.

The secondary tank is then used to store the filtered water for future use. Typical water filtration systems need to use a power source in order to pump the water through the system, but gravity water filters do not rely on power.

Instead they rely on the natural force of gravity to push the water down through the tanks and right into your canteen.

Most Important Features

When it comes to searching for the gravity water filter for you, there are a few features you should keep an eye out for.

Gravity Water Filter features

Depending on how you plan on using the water filter, some of the products in this list may not be for you.

  • Size: Gravity water filters come in many different sizes, and can range from a light weight 5 lbs. to more substantial 10-15 lbs. If you plan on leaving the water filter on your counter, than size will not be a very big issue for you, but if you plan on camping or taking the system on long trips, you should consider how large you want the product to be.
    The best way to do this is figure out your typical camping setup and determine how much room you can afford in your standard gear.
  • Tank Size & Filtration Time: Typically most gravity filter tanks will be over 2 gallons, but there are smaller ones that you can find as well. If you are needing to store a large amount of water at a time or are trying to provide water for multiple people you need to take into account just how much water the gravity filter can hold.
    Also take into account just how fast the water can filter through the system. Depending on the type of filter the system is using, the filtration times can be drastically different.
  • Material: Stainless steel tanks are the ideal material used to construct gravity water filters, but many other filters use plastic and other materials for the water tank.
    If you plan on traveling with the system you want to make sure that you get a stainless steel tank, whereas if you are going to keep the system in one place any of the other materials will work perfectly fine.
  • Filter Type: Decide on what type of filter you would prefer, and what level purity you are looking for from your water filter. Make sure you read our section above on the different benefits with the filter types.

Picking out a gravity water filter can be extremely stressful, but we will give you five of the best gravity water filters on the market to give you a head start on finding the perfect system for you.

Top Gravity water filters for 2017

Doulton W9361122 Stainless Steel Gravity Filter System

Doulton W9361122 Stainless Steel Gravity Filter System

Weight: 5.5 pounds

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 14 inches

Tank Size: 2.2 gallons

Special Features: Stainless Steel Tank, Double Filtration, Lightweight & Small

Description: The Doulton Gravity Water Filter is the most lightweight of all of the filtration systems on this list and is also the smallest dimensions.

The sleek design of the stainless steel gives the Doulton an excellent look that can fit everywhere from your counter to a log in the middle of the Adirondack. The Doulton comes standard with two ceramic filters that will remove most all impurities from any source.

While the tank only holds 2.2 gallons, the small size and overall portability of this filtration system more than makes up for the smaller tank size.

If you are looking for a lightweight water filtration system that can be taken with you on long camping trips or kept for emergency situations, this is the gravity water filter for you.

British Berkefeld® Gravity Water Filter

British Berkefeld® Gravity Water Filter

Weight: 7.3 pounds

Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 19.2 inches

Tank Size: 2.1 gallons

Special Features: Stainless Steel Tank, Quad Filtration, Self-Sterilizing & recleanable filters, Filters up to 30 gallons of water a day

Description: The British Berkefeld is a monster of a portable gravity water filter. With 4 filters working inside of the tank, the British Berkefeld is a total powerhouse when it comes to filtering large amounts of water.

The Berkefeld can filter up to 30 gallons of water per day, and is ideal in situations with a large amount of people. A human needs to have at least a half a gallon of water a day, and that is the minimum.

If you are hiking, hunting, fishing, or performing normal camping duties, you will find yourself drinking even more water than that!

It is ideal for large camping trips, or long extended stays at sites. The tank can hold a maximum of 2.25 gallons of water at a time. This gravity water filter is also quite good for larger rural families who are looking for a more pure form of water.

A big advantage with the Berkefeld is the cleanable filters. Instead of needing to replace filters constantly, the consumer can rinse out and gently scrub the filters for a practically new filter. This will save you so much money in the long run, the savings on filters will pay for the Berkefeld by themselves.

Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

Big Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

Weight: 9 pounds

Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 19.2 inches

Tank Size: 2.25 gallon

Special Features: Stainless Steel Tank, 2 Black Berkey Filters & 2 Fluoride Filters combine for a Quad Filtration system, 2.25 Gallon Tank, Filters last up to 6,000 hours of filtration

Description: When it comes to the purest water filtration, no other Gravity Filter system can claim the purity that a Big Berkey BK4X2 can give you. The Big Berkey comes with four filters, two traditional ceramic filters, and two specially designed PF2 Fluoride filters.

The Big Berkey has the capability of making any water source drinkable, and has been proven to remove viruses, chemical compounds, and even passes test for removing arsenic, uranium and other life threatening elements.

Because of the impurity removal system, the Big Berkey is ideal for campers that will be traveling in areas without much fresh water and for emergency preparedness.

If you are wanting to make sure that you and your family have drinkable water no matter what happens in the world around you, no other gravity water filter could do the amazing job that the Big Berkey does. For anyone looking to get the best in pure water, look no further than the Big Berkey BK4X2.

Propur Big with 2 ProOneG2.0 7” Filter Elements

Propur Big with 2 ProOneG2.0 7” Filter Elements

Weight: 1 pound

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 12 inches

Tank Size: 2.75 gallons

Special Features: Provides enough water for 2 to 4 people, Dual Filter (can hold up to 3), Stainless Steel

Description: The Propur Big is one of the best water filters on the market for anyone looking to get themselves a state of the art water filter that can hold up against any elements. The tough high polish stainless steel tank provides ample protection from the elements outside.

On top of the rugged exterior, the Propur Big provides you with up to 3 filters into a tank that can hold up to 2.75 gallons of fresh and clean water.

If you are a heavy outdoorsmen that enjoys their time in the more rugged elements, this is the perfect gravity water filter for you. For those of you that are looking for a perfect gravity water filter for emergency situations, there is no better than the Propur Big.

Word of caution though, be prepared to spend a bit of money on this system, but it is without a doubt worth it for this power house of a gravity filter.

Aqua Rain Gravity Water Filter

Aqua Rain Gravity Water Filter

Weight: 10 pounds

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 22 inches

Tank Size: 3 gallon

Special Features: 3 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank, Lasts for 1,000 of gallons, Quad Filters

Description: The Aqua Rain is considered to be one of the best gravity water filters on the market today, and the price tag will reflect this.

While the high price tag may be a turn off for some people, there are few gravity filters on the market that can even compare the Aqua Rains power and filtration system (Big Berkey being one of the only models).

The Aqua Rain features four filters that can be taken out and washed / scrubbed for cleaning. So while the price tag may be high, but the washable filters will help to cut the costs over the filters lifetime.

The Aqua Rain will find its home with anyone who is looking for a top of the line gravity water filter, the light weight and high quality stainless steel tank will make sure that this filter lasts you for a long long time.

This filter is ideal for camping, long hunting trips, or just for keeping in your home to give yourself a high quality of purified water from home.

This is another gravity filter that is excellent in emergency preparedness. If you are looking for a top of the line gravity water filter, do not let the price tag hold you back, the Aqua Rain is truly one of the best systems on the market!

Zen Water Countertop Water Filter

Zen Water Countertop Water Filter

Weight: 6.5 pounds

Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 22 inches

Tank Size: 4, 6, or 8 gallons

Special Features: 4 / 6 / 8 Gallon Options Available, 5 Mineral Filtration System, Low Cost

Description: The Zen Water Countertop system is one of the most interesting gravity water filters on this list, and the low price tag makes this product extremely attractive for families looking for a cheap home water purification solution.

The Zen Water System uses a patented 5 mineral filtration system that alkalizes and mineralizes the water by the time it gets into your glass.

There have been multiple scientific studies that show alkaline infused water has many health benefits including reducing acid reflux, and helping to neutralize acids in your bloodstream which can lead to higher energy due to increased oxygen in your blood.

On top of alkalizing the water, the added minerals help to reinforce you with extra vitamins and minerals that often missing from standard filtered water. The Zen Water system’s five levels of mineral filtration are: Granulated Activated Carbon, Ionic Exchange Resin, Far Infrared Ceramic, Silica Sand, and mineral stones.

The Zen Water system is the ideal system for families looking for a clean water system that will help to improve their daily life. While the filtration may not be as fine as the other gravity filters on this list, the added health benefits can provide your family with a great service, especially at such a low price tag.

Final Words

At this point, you should have most of the knowledge and understating of gravity water filters to figure out what you are looking for. When it comes to our health, there is nothing more important to our existence than pure and clean water.

If your current water system does not provide you with the best in water purity, then it should be time to get that problem fixed.

For those of us that enjoy the outdoors to an extreme amount, lugging around an ice chest full of water bottles can be really difficult to do, especially if you plan on traveling anywhere further than a few minutes from the parking lot. The solution to this problem will be one of the gravity water filters from this list.

Choose your Gravity Water Filter

No matter the problem you are looking to solve, a gravity water filter will be an incredible and surprisingly affordable addition to your life. Just use the information we have given you to find that perfect gravity water filter for you.

Even though this is the end of the list, more gravity water filters come out constantly and it is difficult to keep up with advances in technology.

We would also love to hear from you on any gravity water filters, or any other filters you had previously used. If we missed a product that you feel should be on this list, let us know in the comments below!

Jerry Mueller
Jerry Mueller

Jerry ‘Boy Scout’ Mueller spends 99% of his time camping or teaching others how to live in the wild. He became an Eagle Scout which is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting division when he was 17 and after that he still lives the scout life. Jerry always plans neatly every trip, takes leadership very seriously and if you listen to his tips and stories, you can learn tons of useful things.

  • Stefan Sanga

    Finally I can drink my tap water! (well, once it’s filtered through the British Berkefeld anyway…) Always steered clear of tap water and instead was spending a small fortune on bottled water. Did consider buying a filter water bottle but there weren’t any that were big enough to meet my needs. Each night I top up the Berkefeld and then I’ll refill it as and when I need to throughout the day. Easy for the whole family to use and is – thankfully – a lot quieter than the fridge door water dispenser!

  • Jerry Mueller

    Think how you’ve saved the planet by also ending the consumption of plastic bottled water. You’ll get goosebumps once you’ve seen the amount of plastics we use – and can’t even recycle! Having filtered water at home is a step in the right direction of protecting what’s left of Mother Earth.

  • Jake Bryan

    In trying to raise the pH of the water I was drinking at home, I finally settled on the Zen Water Filter. Quite a few of the reviews spoke about the water being tasteless, which it’s not, however the water does taste incredibly crisp. Does take a while to setup to begin with, but you must let it run through the process. The mineral stones need to be boiled whilst the water needs to run through the filter until clear. It takes time, yes, but it is so worth it when it’s done! The pH is rising slowly but surely!

    • Jerry Mueller

      The Zen Water Filter is an excellent drinking companion. It produces clean and potable water for the least price. I don’t know how someone can say that the water is tasteless, probably they meant it has no peculiar taste like that of rust. With water filters, it is important that you let it finish the process for your water to be safe.

  • hether

    I have an AquaRain 4 filter and love it, but want to start filtering out fluoride. Are the filters for the other brands compatible?

  • Jerry Mueller

    Hi Hether! Based on the Amazon page of AquaRain, they wrote that the Berkey Flouride filter MIGHT work. They also informed users that they are coming up with their own version of their flouride filter sometime in May.