Best Waterproof Lighter: The Right Way to Pick Your Choice

best waterproof lighter
Mark Foster
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Are you having a hard time finding a good lighter for outdoor use? Or are you looking for something waterproof or even windproof. We can help you with that by suggesting to check out the best waterproof lighter the market has to offer.

The use of fire tools has been an age long activity that started from the days of the cavemen that roamed the early Earth. Fire-lighters have only been modified to suit several purposes over the years, which also includes serving the Wilderness Experts in very unique ways.

Choosing your best waterproof lighter is not a matter of a product name or product cost. It is actually lined up in some of the very useful knowledge that this article will attempt to place at your fingertips, if you read it all the way through. In this article, you will learn about the features of the best waterproof lighters as well a get a complete review of several lighters that can work in your favor.

Our Top Picks

Product NameWeightDimensionsSustainabilitySpecific FeaturesPrice
Scorch Torch Ambassador4.2 oz.1.17 x 0.67 x 3 inButane refillWorks in all weatherCheck price on Amazon
UST Windmill Delta2 oz.1 x 2 x 2.6 inElectricStorm proof, 30k ignitionsCheck price on Amazon
UST Stormproof0.8 oz.2.6 x 1.6 x 0.6 inButane refillRugged, impact resistantCheck price on Amazon
Coleman Windproof6.4 oz.1.8 x 0.2 x 2.8 inButane refillProtective casing, waterproofCheck price on Amazon
Mega Pocket Torch4.8 oz.1.8 x 0.2 x 2.8 inButane refill2,500 degree flame, windproofCheck price on Amazon
Scorch Torch Orion3.4 oz.1.41 x 0.53 x 2.42 inButane refillSafety cap, adjustable flameCheck price on Amazon
Ronson Jetlite3 oz.1.4 x 0.2 x 2.5 inButane refillLight, child resistantCheck price on Amazon

Features to Consider Before Buying

Unless you just want a disposable lighter for a temporary use, it is only advisable to go for the best waterproof lighter. If you are that person of style or supreme quality who desires value for your money, you should also look out for some these top qualities that an ideal lighter should have, in order to inform your choice.


It should be waterproof and, if affordable, windproof too. A lighter of this nature can fall into a ditch and not disappoint you when you need it the most. They are usually designed to have a protective seal that keeps fluids from getting in, as well as keeping the fuel in the lighter. If they are windproof too, then they can save the day during terrible storms.

UST waterproof lighter

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Regarding waterproofness, a lighter should be able to work correctly after being submerged in water. High quality lighters are going to have a protective sealant at key points in order to keep out air and liquids, while keeping the fuel in. Finding a lighter that floats is also an excellent alternative, so that you won’t have to worry about losing your lighter at the bottom of the lake or river.


Common lighters may not be able to withstand some harsh weather conditions. In such instances, the lighters with direct flames that are waterproof are the best choices. They are usually built to last and will survive almost any scenario, they might get into. Therefore, if the waterproofness isn’t that important to you, but the overall durability of the lighter is, we recommend checking out the waterproof models.

A good quality lighter should handle being dropped, stepped on, and tossed around during your trip and still be able to provide a good flame at the end of the day. Look for rust proof models to further the life of your lighter.


Everyone needs to be discrete to some level and many desire to travel as light as possible. So, capsule lighters are most suitable for wilderness trips, and survival situations as they are extremely small and lightweight.

Capsule lighter

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Furthermore, their covers also serve as protective caps as they ensure that the lighters do not start accidental fires. And you have to agree that having a lighter that won’t go on its own is an important feature.


The ability to refill a lighter is not a must have feature. However, we discussing top qualities, and this is necessary for an ideal lighter because they will allow you to refuel your lighters in very dare situations. They also come with better designs and elegant styles.


Modern versions of popular lighters now have this ‘blazing continuity’ called ‘hands-free lighting’, where the lighter has the settings to continue blazing while your hands are off the starters.

In some challenging wilderness situations, they can make tasks easier for you as you leave them to blaze and heat-up the surrounding, melt plastic or metal, or cut a material while you do something else.

Best Products on Today’s Market

Now you have some qualities you should expect in a top-notch lighter. However, in order to drive your choice and enable you to easily make a good decision with clearer motives, we would mildly explore some reliable products and display their unique qualities, pointing out some outstanding features.

Scorch Torch Ambassador Jet Flame LighterScorch Torch Ambassador

Price: Approx. $35

Weight: 4.2 oz.

Dimensions: 1.17 x 0.67 x 3 in

Specific features: Butane refill, easy to use, stylish

Best use: Near water, outdoor use

Description: The Scorch Torch Ambassador Jet Flame Lighter is a lighter with style. It is basically designed for the very style-conscious class of experts. These wilderness experts argue it is one of the easiest lighters to use. With a single, easy push, the single switch slides upwards and releases a blazing jet flame that burns fire starters quickly.

This product is going to be delivered empty of fuel, because the Scorch Torch Ambassador is one of those lighters that flames on compressible gas fuels. They are empty, mainly because of security reasons, and because the laws in many countries do not permit the importation of lighters with combustible fuels in them. Or in fact, any product whatsoever that has gas fuels in them.

However, the fuels can be found. Some domestic companies are also feeling the gap by producing pocket size gas canisters that could be purchased as refill gears. One major thing to also place in your mind as a wilderness explorer with style is the fact that the Scorch Torch Ambassador has as automatic open safety cap that is attached at the top.

This lighter also comes with some bonus items that are usually added to the total package, such as the FREE Scorch Torch, a Velvet Gift Pouch, and 1 Year Hassle-Free Manufacturer’s Warranty.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with pouch
  • 1 year warranty


  • Made of plastic
  • Pricey

Related: When it’s time to refill your lighter, the Ronson Butane Refill could be what you use. Under $10, this two pack weighs 78 grams and come in 2.75 oz cans. They are great for camping.

Check the price on Amazon

UST Windmill Delta Stormproof LighterWindmill Delta Stormproof Lighter

Price: Approx. $35

Weight: 2 oz.

Dimensions: 1 x 2 x 2.6 in

Specific features: Built in electric ignition, easy to carry

Best use: Windy areas

Description: The UST Windmill Delta Stormproof Lighter is a lighter that drives the explorer into the wild with some confidence of being able to produce heat at will.

The producers claim that it has unbelievable impact resistance together with all the other qualities that you would expect. The Delta, in order to stay waterproof even when dropped, features a stainless steel wire closure.

It is also argued by reviewers to be much more frugal with fuel, when compared with other waterproof lighters. In order for it to burn through an entire tank, it is also said that it will take quite a while due to its frugal design.

The Stormproof is waterproof due to its O-Ring emplacement, and it also has an Elastomer Armour for an outer covering that enhances its rugged resistance to impact. Even on a speed of 70-80 miles per hour, the product designers claim it can still stay ignited.

Some experts have actually tried to test the durability and impact rigor of the Stormproof, and say that it is a tough one. We are convinced that it is made with a “take a beating” type of construction resistance, and that moreover, the quality of its electronic ignition is on point. This product is a high quality survival gear that produces very reliable flames.


  • Stormproof
  • Rugged
  • Great flame


  • Breaks easily
  • Can work once and quit
  • Pricey

Related: While camping, you should be able to see, no matter where you go. Having the BYB Lantern Flashlight will help you see so that you don’t have to use your lighter at night time and waste fuel. It’s affordable, has 3 modes and can zoom.

Check the price on Amazon

UST Stormproof Floating LighterUST Stormproof Floating Lighter

Price: Approx. $18

Weight: 0.8 oz.

Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.6 x 0.6 in

Specific features: Burns clean, rugged, impact resistance

Best use: Harsh conditions

Description: The UST Stormproof Floating Lighter has a great packaging that requires some technique, in order to adequately get the best from it, because of its high quality design.

This Stormproof is inserted into a waterproof casing, for maximum protection. So, if you want to fill and refill the UST Stormproof, you do not have to panic or get irritated with the protective covering all you need to do, is pull it off and top-it-up.

Also, the lighter part is removable, so before you top-it-up, you would have to remove the lighter part. The lighter uses butane gas as its fuel, and that’s easy to find in the market place.

The piezoelectric ignition feature of this lighter, is also an outstanding feature of the product. Moreover, the lighter works flawlessly, as it comes up at one strike of the ignition each time it is switched on. Also, it locks tightly when closed, but blazes with good, strong flame when opened.


  • Words in high winds
  • High quality materials
  • Locks when closed


  • Can fail to light
  • Has plastic parts that aren’t durable

Related: At night, you can use a lantern to light up your tent once you are done with your campfire. The Etekcity 2 Pack Portable LED Lantern is a 2 pack that is under $20 and are great for all outdoor use.

Check the price on Amazon

Coleman Windproof Lighter for OutdoorsColeman Refillable Windproof Butane Lighter

Price: Approx. $35

Weight: 6.4 oz.

Dimensions: 1.8 x 0.2 x 2.8 in

Specific features: Easy to use and maintain, water resistant

Best use: Wet weather

Description: The Coleman Windproof Lighter for Outdoors is coated with gun steel and is very suitable for camping, hiking, and all outdoor use. It is also recommended for boating, since it is windproof and water resistant. Although the product is very light, it is said to represent a great step forward in gas lighter technology.

It is well-protected, made to be windproof, and waterproof when locked. So, if it accidentally drops from your pocket into a lake, it will work when you pick it up. It also has a metal protective casing.

The Coleman Refillable Windproof Butane Lighter for Outdoors has a very hot flame which blazes on single jet fire. It lights at first click and stays blue. Because this lighter has a window to show the lighter’s level of fuel at every particular time, it creates a lot of ease in understanding the fuel management of your touch.

This lighter has Quantum System and can light-up fire starters and other objects that are as close as about 1 inch away from the flame. The quantum ignition system helps in the conservation of the fuel that is the butane gas, and gives you more time before you refill.


  • Windproof
  • Great in wet weather
  • Strong flame


  • Knob is too easily adjusted
  • May not light each time
  • May not light after refilling

Related: If you are camping in the rain, you can use a rain tarp like the Yuedge Rain Tarp which is under $30. Waterproof and portable, it will shed water and keep you dry!

Check the price on Amazon

Mega Pocket Torch LighterMega Pocket Torch Lighter

Price: Approx. $7

Weight: 4.8 oz.

Dimensions: 1.8 x 0.2 x 2.8 in

Specific features: Many colors, angled nozzle, windproof

Best use: High wind, wet weather

Description: The Mega Pocket Torch Lighter is an amazing product. It is a windproof and waterproof gear that suits all weather. The 45-degree angle head is a perfect design.

It makes it look good and unique, however, it is also a scientific design that gives the lighter an edge over others, because it can be easily pointed at a target and touch it with some ease. This product makes a great use for lighting fireworks, as it blazes with a crisp blue torch flame. It produces a 2500-degree flame.

It is well protected and designed to be both waterproof and windproof. Even at very high altitudes of about over 11,000 ft, reviewers claimed that it worked well.

The lighter works well in all weather, be it in the rain, sun, or snow. Also, as we already mentioned, it windproof and waterproof so it is suitable for all kinds of wilderness adventures. It uses an adjustable knob that allows you to control the flame nicely.

It also has a +/- twiddle button at the bottom of the cylinder which is also an adjustable feature that should be used to keep the components well in place.


  • Great for high altitude
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Nice colors, affordable


  • Handle can come off
  • Can stop working
  • Cheap parts

Related: While camping, be sure to have a first aid kit that you can use. The Trip Worthy Compact First Aid Kit is great to take with you, has a carrying handle and includes quality products you can use for emergency use.

Check the price on Amazon

Scorch Torch Orion Double Torch LighterScorch Torch Double Jet Flame

Price: Approx. $30

Weight: 3.4 oz.

Dimensions: 1.41 x 0.53 x 2.42 in

Specific features: Nice flame, adjustable, elegant

Best use: Windy and wet weather

Description: Using the Scorch Torch Orion Double Torch Lighter in the wild is one satisfactory step towards a good wilderness experience. The gun lighter with double jet flame is the bomb. It is in the class of elegance referred to as the selected premium line of Scorch Torch Lighters. It elegantly features parameters of robust internal and external design.

The Scorch Double Jets are well protected and designed to be both waterproof when locked, and is also windproof. Whether it is kept vertical or horizontal, it burns erect and fierce.  Even at very high speed of about over 70 mph, it stays ablaze. It is very durable, reliable, and can withstand very harsh conditions.

The Double Jet Lighter works perfectly and appears very stylish, so it is very presentable. It blazes fast and hugely, so you do not have to wait that long to achieve the burn that you expect of a standard gas torch.

Basically, with the low flame, you can light-up your fire starters while on camp, or light-up yours or a friend’s cigar in an event, but in other circumstances, to impress, you may just want to activate your full blaze and attract some attention from other people of style around you.

With all its amazing features, the gun metallic, Scorch Torch Orion Double Jet Lighters comes with a free Scorch Torch Velvet Gift Pouch, and 1 Year Hassle-Free Manufacturer’s Warranty.


  • 1 year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Safe


  • Spring can become weak
  • Leaks over time
  • Can stop working

Related: If you want to bring your own fire pit, the Outland Firebowl Premium Portable Propane Fire Pit is portable and has an auto ignition feature. It has a 10 ft hose and under $130.

Check the price on Amazon

Ronson Jetlite Butane LighterRonson Jetlite Butane Torch Lighter

Price: Approx. $10

Weight: 3 oz.

Dimensions: 1.4 x 0.2 x 2.5 in

Specific features: Easy to maintain, light, refills with butane

Best use: Outdoor use

Description: The Ronson Jetlite Butane Lighter is gas lighter that prides in one of its superior features of being child resistant. It is great to for seniors, because the product description says it is excellent for pipes and cigars.

So although this product is fantastic for outdoor experts, it is also suitable for garden puff-relaxations and for other social and recreational events such as sailing or golfing.

It is well-coated and designed to be waterproof when locked, but are very resistant to weather as they are windproof. It can be so reliable that you can get to melt a penny. It burns with such clean, blue torch flame that is dependable in and out.

Outdoor expeditions require easy to use and affordable gears, and that is where this lighter stands tall with its salient features. It is refillable with most butane gas canisters, but burns neatly without alterations when refilled with the Ronson Refill fuel.

In order to refill the Jetlite properly, you may have to take off the flask from the case, unscrewing the gear from the bottom and then refill it without leaks. In fact, if there is an emergency, you can light-up the Jetlite while outside the casing.


  • Simple to refill
  • Affordable
  • Windproof


  • Cheap quality
  • May not hold a flame over time
  • Some never even work at all

Related: If you want to build your own fire, using your new lighter, you can do so with the Coghlan’s Fire Sticks. It comes in a pack of 12 sticks that are 12 x 5 inches.

Check the price on Amazon

Wrap Up

We have reached the end of our article. The only thing left to say is that whether you are reading our reviews before your trip, or while you’re planning for one, is a fantastic way to get your best waterproof lighters in order to be adequately prepared. Consider the features we suggested and decide for yourself which ones are the most important to you.

In conclusion, in order to make your choice, you now have a good range of information that can help you go for the best waterproof lighter. The quality of information you have found in this publication is particularly premeditated to facilitate you in making an informed decision, not necessarily to do the job for you.

So just have to brave up and make the choice that best fits your need. You are not likely to make any mistakes. If you feel we have missed anything, please leave a comment down below!


Mark Foster

Mark Foster

Mark Foster loves to push his limits when it comes to survival in the wilderness. He might go for a 30-days adventure without any food or equipment except for a survival kit and a knife. We should mention that his survival kit has 122 items in it, so he know what he is doing. Mark is working on his book to share with the world all his experience gained during those brave adventures.