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Best dropper seatpost
Daniel Carraway
Written by Daniel Carraway

Here is a guide on choosing the best dropper seatpost for your bicycle. Remember back in the days when there were no dropper seatposts and that many people were forced to stop to lower the saddle?

One way to revolutionize your outdoor adventure while riding on your bicycle is to get a good dropper post! It represents innovation, and is a great tool to improve stability for the bicycle while you’re riding on it.

Of course, there may be some people who would prefer to ride their bike without a dropper seatpost, but do keep in mind that not all of them are the same, and that there is some competition in the market.

Which is why you need to find out which one is the best for your bike! A little research and study online would definitely help!

Tip for Choosing The Best Dropper Post

As much fun as it is to go mountain-biking, riding on it with these dropper posts is not just the only thing you need to do to test the component.

Dropper seatpost

As a tip, you should focus on the landing especially when you’re riding on a rocky terrain, you should be able to test its smoothness at which the dropper post actuates.

In reviewing these products, we advise that you test the dropper post to see if you can ride with it comfortably and to test its performance. Here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  • On a mountain bicycle, dropping the seat for a specialized downhill area permits you to return your weight over the back wheel rather than perilously over the handlebars.
  • A lower focus of gravity enhances security on the bicycle by keeping your mass where it’ll move the slightest. Besides that, with your seat off the beaten path, you’ll have more space to assimilate the effect as you land.
  • To get the most out of your post, change the handlebar-mounted remote trigger so that it’s easy to reach with your thumb. To do this, extricate the trigger cinch and move it into the position that permits you to flip it without expelling or unwrapping your hand from the bar.
  • You ought to have the capacity to drop your seat with about an indistinguishable exertion from it takes to change gears.

Types of Dropper Posts

Instead of just focusing on looking for a cheap and reliable dropper post, do not forget how a seatpost affects one’s riding qualities.

Types of Dropper Posts

If you’re looking for comfort, consider the different materials that may affect the comfort of riding the bicycle. Seatposts can be made of:

  • Carbon: This type of seatpost is more expensive but they are lighter in weight and offers great quality for riding.
  • Aluminum: This is the most common type of seatpost. They’re cheaper, lighter in weight and are reliable.
  • Titanium: This is usually used along with titanium frames for aesthetic purposes.

An Infinitely Adjustable Dropper Post vs A Multi-Position Dropper Posts

Dropper posts are available in either infinitely adjustable and multi-position. So what’s the difference?

  • Infinitely adjustable dropper post: allow riders to adjust the height of the seat to their comfort. Generally, the rider will be able to choose from between 0-125mm and utilize their weight to manage where the seat arrives by releasing the remote lever when that desired height is reached.
  • Multi-position dropper post: As for multi-position dropper posts, riders will have the choice to choose from different positions: fully dropped position, middle position or the fully extended.
    The middle position is usually fixed and cannot be changed so some people may prefer this type of dropper post because then they will know the position of the seat and easily get an idea of where it will land every time.

Other Features to Consider

In light of the main features discussed above, there are additional considerations to take into account that will promote a more comfortable ride and ensure that you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Travel: You will be able to find dropper posts that are available in different drops, from 100mm to 200mm. Usually, it’s very easy to find drop posts that range from 120mm to 150mm as manufacturers think that it is most suitable for most riders. Riders who are taller may need to look for longer dropper posts.
  • Adjustable return speed: Great dropper posts may let you modify the speed of the post, moving from slow, moderate to incredibly fast!
  • Weight: Riders have a choice to choose between light and heavy dropper posts. Lighter dropper posts may be easier for you to adjust as they’re lighter and easier to handle.
  • Sizes: The sizes of the dropper posts are important as it affects the performance. Shorter seat tubes may bring about travel limitations for some bikes so it is best to consult the your local store when choosing from these dropper posts.
    Dropper posts are available in many different shapes and sizes. To help you narrow down your options, you can generally find just any dropper post at 30.9mm anywhere. There are 3 things that you’ll have to look out for to find out which one works better with your bicycle:

    • The length of the seat tube: This refers to the measurement from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of where the seat tube and top tube connect. Some of the designs have a built-in shorter seat tube some may be longer and may not fit properly for your bike.
      To save the trouble, be sure to measure the length of your seat tube before purchasing the dropper post.
    • The circumference of the seat tube: It is usually 26.8 or 27.2. You may be able to find that most seatposts are stamped with the size and the sizes indicated represent the diameter, which is the metric measurement.
      This is important to ensure whether it fits you’re the frame of your bike perfectly. This is important because if it does not fit well, it affects the quality of the riding and the rider may find it uncomfortable while riding the bike.
    • The amount of travel: This refers to the point where you can stop along its travel. Many people prefer the type of dropper post with travel adjustment so that they can adjust it according to their height depending on the circumstances.
      Dropper posts are usually available in 100mm, 125mm and 150mm. The length of the dropper increases when the length of the travel increases. For people who are taller, with long legs, they may require a dropper post that has a higher amount of travel rather than a low one.
  • Durability and serviceability: As a buying tip, if you’re looking for good quality dropper posts, make sure you check whether the dropper post comes with a warranty card so if it does not perform well, you can send it back for service or repair. You should be able to tell from the service intervals on how durable the dropper posts are.

Some of the dropper posts may require maintenance which can be performed by yourself or at your local store.

Dropper seatpost

However, some of the dropper posts may only let their own service center repair it and this may be restricted to some countries only, so it is important to check on this as well.

Top Product Reviews

Here are the six different types of dropper seatposts that we think may be good for you to consider in terms of choosing the best one for your bike.

We personally think that these have received good reviews however, it is still your decision to decide which works best with your bicycle.

Thomson Elite Covert Dropper 125mm

Thomson Elite Covert Dropper 125mm

Weight: 592 grams

Dimensions: 30.9 x 400mm w/ 125mm travel (overall length: 400mm), available in 30.9 and 31.6 diameter

Product Features: ergonomic lever and short throw for height changes, 4 inches/100mm, 5 inches/125mm, or 6 inches/150mm of infinite travel, remote lever, housing and cable, return speed is 15mm of upward travel and has 5mm setback, handlebar mounted remote.

Description: The Thomson Elite Covert Dropper is available in a black lower tube and gold tone upper. The dropper has a fixed speed at 3m per second.

It cannot be converted to external cable models, but if you want to increase the control of the dropper, this Thomson Elite Covert Dropper is here to make it happen! Durable and easy to install, it comes with all the components needed.

It is usually fast and affordable in terms of maintenance or repair if needed. It’s a good post for your bike, and comes with a bar mount remote. It has proven to be much easier to use with the handy post, and improved the ability to drop when stopping.

The initial fitting should not take more than 5 minutes and with no fuss. You can expect the post to work perfectly with the bike, delivering great quality and performance.

RockShox Reverb 125mm Adjustable Seatpost with Right-Hand Remote

RockShox Reverb 125mm Adjustable Seatpost with Right-Hand Remote

Weight: 3 pounds

Dimensions: 31.6 x 420 – mm, 125- mm travel

Product Features: left and right handed remote options, diameter options: 30.9mm and 31.6mm, travel options: 100mm and 125mm, length options: 355mm and 420mm for the 100mm travel version, 380mm and 420mm for the 125mm travel version,  infinite seat height adjustment and remote adjustable return speed included.

Description: The RockShox Reverb Seatpost is reasonably easy to install. For all-mountain and downhill riding, it includes travel limiter clamp, Reverb bleed kit, and the MMX clamp/ MMX shifter mount is compatible with MMX brakes or non MMX brakes.

It’s a great seat post for mountain bike-riding as it features adjustable and comfortable components. It performs flawlessly with a custom sealing system that gives it a plush and consistent feel of the seat post.

Whether you’ll be traveling on a rocky terrain or downhill, Rockshox Reverb seatpost is built with high performance suspension products.

The height of the seat is adjustable and allows the rider to get better geometry in the saddle. The saddle clamping is simple and very easy to adjust for those seeking saddle angle perfection.

Everything about the seatpost works well as promised, and the rider can easily move it up or down in small amounts to any position desired. This product is recommended for mountain-biking and downhill riding.

Kind shock tige de selle lev integra 30.9 x 335mm – 100mm

Kind shock tige de selle lev integra 30.9 x 335mm – 100mm

Weight: 1.92 pounds

Dimensions: 3x 5.75 x 13.5 inches

Product Features: Adjustable air sprung hydraulic cartridge and a KG alloy remote. Comes with LEV Integra’s internally routed cable, a black anodized mast and head with hard anodized stanchion.

Description: The discreet, reliable and efficient model, Kind Shock Tige de Selle Lev Integra features a modern design with an adjustable air suspension cartridge that is highly effective. It also has a built-in CNC internal system for ultimate precision.

The operation is very ergonomic, and the outbreak of the seatpost is quite fast even if some friction can be noted in the beginning. After one or two outputs the movement of the plunger stem saddle can be really fast and you can easily adjust the height of the seat to suit your comfort.

The carriage of the seatpost has no side, so you may need to tighten the two screws that will hold the seat rails.

The incredible feature that is also included is the LEV Integra’s internally routed cable that significantly cleans up the look of your bike. The KG alloy remote can replace an inner ODI lock-on clamp. It can also be mounted as a stand-alone.

KS LEV DX Dropper Seatpost

KS LEV DX Dropper Seatpost

Weight: 2 pounds

Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 4 inches

Product Features: Durable aluminum body, fixed position cables, remote handlebar and compatible with a 30.9mm diameter seatpost.

Description: Recommended for mountain biking, it is made of aluminum material and measures at 30.9mm. The KS LEV DX Dropper Seatpost is the most cost effective option in this list, making it perfect for those who are shopping on a budget.

It features a fixed cable box at the lower collar and the best part of it is that it helps the cyclist achieve a fixed cable position. It’s a solid and durable product, with static friction after a few minutes of inactivity but it’s easy to free it up while riding.

It is engineered with a great thumb switch, excellent cable routing option for those riders who don’t have the internal routing and do not want the cable bouncing about under the seat when dropped.

The dropper may help improve one’s riding experience, an ultimate upgrade for all bikes. The design for the KS LEV DX Dropper Seatpost allows more customization of the cable placement and it is topped with a zero-offset head to allow for minute saddle adjustments for the perfect ride.

RockShox Reverb 30.9mm x 340mm Dropper Post

RockShox Reverb 30.9mm x 340mm Dropper Post

Weight: 3 pounds

Dimensions: 3.25 x 7.5 x 27.25inches

Product Features: Adjustable return speed at the handlebar and includes a bleed kit and matchmaker X mount. Comes with a hose that measures at 1650mm.

Description: The brand-new RockShox Reverb 30.9mm x 340mm Dropper Post is engineered for an incredible biking experience. Its seal has been reengineered, using brilliant SKF seals at basic areas. It comes with a hose that makes setting up easy, fast and convenient.

Besides that, it has expanded bushing covers for enhanced post execution and solidness. This is the fresh out of the plastic new Reverb, designed for the cutting edge mountain biker.

It also has a new dedicated post length per travel length. It includes a bleed kit and matchmaker X mount. Not to forget its ‘Connectamajig’ coupling hose, which makes the initial set-up of hydraulic systems easy, fast and convenient.

It measures at 34.9 for the diameter and maximum height at 340. Enjoy infinite adjustment and the hydraulic remote actuation included.

Race Face Turbine Dropper Seatpost

Race Face Turbine Dropper Seatpost

Weight: 1.7 pounds

Dimensions: 4 x 3.5 x 19inches

Product Features: Utilizes standard shifter cable and housing. Has built-in internal cable routing and Race Face Hunter Head two-bolt design.

Description: The Race Face Turbine Dropper Seatpost features a hybrid design that combines mechanical and hydraulic locking technology. It supports the weight of the rider well with solid connection and operates faultlessly.

It features an actuation cable easily and tool-free disconnected with Quick Connector. Do expect the Race Face Turbine Dropper Seatpost to deliver optimum performance with its actuation mechanism that allows control and provides great reliability.

It also features infinite adjustment functionality, with left or right mount universal thumb lever remote included. The patented hybrid design offers unrivaled performance and the turbine allows it to function in below-freezing temperature.

Race Face is a renowned brand for its manufacturing and distribution of quality cycling components, which we think may be a great choice as an upgrade for your bike!


After reading this article, we hope it helps you decide which is the best and most suitable dropper seat post for your bike.

Choose your dropper seatpost

This article may give you a little guidance and help narrow your options, but if you would like more in-depth information about these dropper posts, we recommend doing researching about the specific product that you like online.

You can even try them out for yourself at your local bike shop to see which one is most comfortable.

Got any questions or ideas that you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below!

Daniel Carraway
Daniel Carraway

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  • Debra Davis

    My KS LEV DX was a bit of a trick to install, but there is a well done video that explains the process. However, I would highly recommend this seat post! It has a great thumb switch, excellent cable routing option for those of us who don’t have internal routing, and don’t want the cable bouncing under the seat when dropped. 🙂

  • Daniel Carraway

    In choosing the best dropper seatpost, after service is also necessary. Make sure they have great customer service so if you have any problems with the seatpost, you can easily reach them for repairs or replacements.

  • Lee Williamson

    The RockShox Reverb is definitely well worth the price! I’ve noticed a big difference in my riding from using this. Allows me to be more technical whilst, at the same time, forcing me to ride more aggressively too. Smoothly alternates between the lower position – when going downhill and/or riding sections of technical difficulty – and higher position, which I use for riding uphill. A perfectly reliable dropper post!

  • Daniel Carraway

    My brother swears by this dropper seatpost since he’s left handed and the RockShox Reverb have left and right handed remote options. The adjustable components work seamlessly and you get excellent value for that price.

  • Louis Stiltner

    I purchased KS LEV DX Dropper Seatpost a couple of months ago and so far, I am really liking it. I cannot compare it to other brand because it’s my first, but I do not regret getting it. Without a doubt, it helped improve my riding experience. Two thumbs up for me.

    • Daniel Carraway

      That is awesome! Thanks for commenting!

  • Harry Tomlinson

    Thanks for this article Daniel. Just wondering what you think is better between Race Face Turbine Dropper Seatpost and RockShox Reverb Seatpost? I am really having a hard time choosing what to get because both seems to be good. I really want one that is easy to install.

  • Daniel Carraway

    I would probably go with the Race Face, but it really comes down to preference.