Best Bikes for Men: For Whatever Terrain One Wants to Conquer

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Jerry Mueller
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The best bikes for men are not necessarily defined by price, although this is an important factor in your buying decision. Although style is also an important feature for you to think about when looking to buy the best bike for your cycling needs, when it comes right down to it, you want a bike built to handle the kind of rides you like taking on the terrain you love to conquer. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to men’s bikes in terms of design and functionality, so let’s boil it all down right now so you know exactly what to expect and demand as you shop.

Bike Types and Capabilities

Before you even explore the bikes available, whether you are hitting the local bike shop, the sports store, department store or you plan to shop online, you need to know where you’re going to ride your bike, the potential length of the rides you will take, and the condition of the roads and paths you want to challenge. Please note, the list of bike types here is not all inclusive but covers the most common and popular and diverse bikes for men.

Bikes in a bike store

What type of terrain do you find yourself on the most or where do you plan to ride? Answering this question is critical as it will help determine if you would be better off with a cruiser, mountain bike, hybrid, or some other cycle option. Not every bike handles equally well on every terrain; knowing the surfaces where you will ride will narrow down your bike buying options considerably. When it comes to choosing cycles based on the terrain they can handle, you have the following options:

City Bike

This can be any kind of bike that would work well in a city or urban area so urban and commuter bikes fall under this category. Some city bikes have extras like a rear wheel skirt guard, chain guard, or fenders.

Many city bikes


Much like the hybrid options, cruisers are made for leisure so they are made with comfort in mind. Bigger padded seating, upright riding options, balloon tires for shock absorption and road grip, handlebar grips for ergonomic handling, and sometimes featuring swept back handle bars – this is what you can expect from a cruiser design.

Cruiser bikes on the beach

These cycles are best for short rides, running errands, and paved roads or surfaces that are flat. Some of these bikes fall into a subcategory of flat foot comfort cycles: These bikes have a longer frame and a lower seat position so you can put your feet on the ground flat and even when not in motion.

Fixed Gear Bikes or Track Bikes

These are specialty bikes meant for track riding, but there are some people who use them as a commuter too. The down side is these cycles have a single gear which does not allow the cycle to coast.

Red fixed-gear bike


These bikes are a mixture of the best features in mountain and road bikes: This is so they are great for long distance riding and all-terrain. The handlebars are typically padded for good ergonomic handling and the seat is padded for comfort.

Best Bikes for Men: For Whatever Terrain One Wants to Conquer

Some come with a fork suspension, and they are sold with a range of speeds including single-speed, three-speed, seven-speed, and 21-speed selections. The only terrain the hybrids do not excel in rough mountainous regions, but are capable of handling paved road along with the off road, unpaved bicycle trails.

Mountain Bikes

Bikes suitable for rough trails and mountainous, difficult terrain. The bikes come equipped with gear ranges that are low so it is easier to pedal them while on a steep incline. These bikes are exceptional on all-terrain, as they come equipped with things like a suspension, shock absorbers, and sometimes front and/or rear suspension.

A mountain bike in the woods

Whether you opt for a hardtail option with only one suspension or the full-suspension options (sometimes called duallies), or even a rigid mountain bike absent of a suspension, you’ll find that you can tweak the features of these bikes to make them ideal for touring, commuting, and long distance leisure riding or short jaunts.

Performance Hybrid/Fitness or Flat-Bar Road Bikes

Have narrow tires, light frames, and are exceptional when riding on smooth pavement. An upright handlebar can help prevent back strain during long rides, but a flat handlebar is also available for short urban jaunts. This bike is excellent for commuting to and from work or short rides, but if you want longer riding options you will want to add on wider tires for greater shock absorption over rougher terrain.

Boardman Team Carbon Flat Bar Road Bike

Reviews of the Top 8 Bikes for Men

To make your shopping task a bit easier, we have taken the eight leading men’s bikes on the market and reviewed them here. Each review assesses the construct of the bike, pricing, and some of the features that will benefit you as you ride. Included in each assessment is a brief mention of the best uses of the bike, and we’ve includes some honorable mentions in the related products area as well.

Schwinn Network 3.0 700C Wheel Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Men's Network 3.0 700C Wheel Hybrid Bike

Dimensions: 43” x 25.5” x 70 inches

Weight: 46 pounds

Wheel Size: 18”

Speeds: 21

Frame: Aluminum

Specifications: Features mechanical rim style brakes, an aluminum hybrid framework, 70-inch wheels, and a Schwinn suspension fork. Saddle seat, suspension seat post, and linear pull brakes controls. Fitted with 21 gears, the Shimano 21-speed rear derailleur and the EZ Fire Shifter; alloy wheels. This road bike also features linear pull brakes.

Best Uses: Leisure riding, bike path cycling; an excellent men’s road bike.

The Network 3.0 700c Wheel Bike by Schwinn is a popular and coveted cycle with its sleek, aerodynamic design and because of the comfortable ride it delivers. The bike costs between $300.00 ad $320.00. This cycle features 21-speeds, making any terrain easy to cover, and when riding, it is less of an impact on the knees and back.

The bike comes with a Shimano 21-speed rear derailleur and the EZ Fire shifters from the same manufacturer, both of which allow you to switch up gears with unparalleled efficiency. The bike’s rims are a metal alloy construct. You get maximized comfort from the upright, swept-back, perfectly positioned handle bar: A feature sure to prevent back strain. The wide, padded saddle seat and suspension seat post absorb impact.

Related: If you are looking for a more affordable alternative, you can consider the newer model Capital 700c Hybrid Bike by Schwinn, which costs between $185.00 and $265.00; the bike has a medium-sized hybrid frame, a suspension fork for comfort while riding, and the Shimano 21-speed EZ Fire shifter coupled with the rear derailleur thereby allowing for absolute precision when shifting gears.

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Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Edgewood Hybrid Cycle

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Edgewood Hybrid Cycle

Dimensions:  8.5” x 29” x 55.5 inches (packaging height)

Weight: 42 pounds (shipping weight)

Wheel Size: 19”

Speeds: 21-speeds

Frame: Aluminum

Specifications: Frame made of formed tubes and aluminum alloy; fork suspension, saddle seat, handlebar grips, linear brakes, two wheels, 700 x 40c Kenda Cross tires; steel construct handlebars, platform pedals, padded saddle seat for full comfort when you ride.

Best Uses: Leisure riding, pavement, and backroad cycling.

Diamondback’s 2015 Edgewood is a complete hybrid bike for men. At this point consumers are waiting for this cycle to return to a status of availability; being a highly coveted bike the unit is sold out and unavailable now. The Edgewood features a hybrid frame with formed tubes and an aluminum alloy construct. The bike has a 63 mm fork suspension to ensure comfort while riding.

It also comes with Kenda Cross 700x40c tires for excellent shock absorption and a smooth ride. The handlebar riser is a steel construct for added durability and rubberized grips on each handlebar ensure you have a solid grip as you ride. The brakes on this bike are exceptional, and the platform pedals promise total comfort even when riding on steep inclines or enjoying smooth sailing on declines.

The suspension and the smooth, black, padded saddle seat promise hours of cycling comfort and enjoyment. The brakes prove dependable and if traveling with the bike the frame is light enough to make it easy to load onto a bike rack. You plenty of gears for use on a variety of terrain, and an ultra-smooth ride thanks to the inclusion of the 700C road wheels.

Related: Diamondback Bicycles also offers the Insight 1, a 2016 model in metallic gray, is also a complete hybrid bicycle. The bike costs between $380.00 and $390.00. The bike is available in several sizes, including the 18” and 20” versions. It features the alloy framework, 21 gears for smooth riding uphill or down, 700c road wheels by DB Equation, and fork and frame outlets for ease of rack mounting for transport.

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Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike-700c

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike-700c

Dimensions: 8” x 29” x 52 inches

Weight: 26.05 pounds

Wheel Size: Small, Medium, and Large

Speeds: 16

Frame: 6061 Aluminum Frame

Specifications: 6061 Aluminum framework, black saddle seat, 32 spoke alloy rims featuring high profile quick release; 1 1/8 thread-less stem, dual mounts for water bottles, and a 16-speed STI drivetrain by Shimano. 16-speed STI shifters and derailleurs. Aerodynamic design. Durable handles.

Best Uses: Road riding and leisure cycling. Also, great for mountain biking.

The Libero 1.6 Road Bike by Giordano with 700c tires is available in three sizes. The bike costs anywhere from $359.00 and $460.00, depending on the size you buy. This handcrafted hybrid bike is light because of its aluminum framework, which also makes it extremely aerodynamic when you are going downhill; this is why you will absolutely love the free, near euphoric feeling you get every time you get a chance to cruise down a steep decline.

The 16-speed STI shifters along with the derailleurs matched to a 50-34 compact crank allow you to go uphill with just as much ease as you get with downhill riding. The bike features 700c wheel with aluminum spokes, and it comes with reflectors as well as a kickstand. You will enjoy plenty of hydration as well, thanks to the dual water bottle mounts.

Related: The Giordano Libero Acciao is another choice if you are looking for an exceptional road bike. The cycle costs between $300.00 and $310.00, and is available in small, medium, and large sizes, with the smallest cycle fitting a male rider of 5’1” to 5’8” with an inseam of 28” to 30”.

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Sixthreezero Explore Your Range 7-Speed

sixthreezero Explore Your Range Men's 7-Speed

Dimensions: 8” x 30.75 x 55 inches (packaging weight)

Weight: 40.35 pounds (shipping weight)

Wheel Size: 20”

Speeds: 7

Frame: Aluminum alloy

Specifications: 700 x 38x wheels, aluminum frame, Shimano 7-speed eternal derailleur, padded saddle seat with synthetic leather, handle grips, upright handlebars, rear and front handbrake, classic stitching, requires 15 percent assembly upon arrival. A sleek design and style coupled with an aerodynamic ride.

Best Uses: City streets and paved roads riding, but also leisure long distance riding.

The Explore Your Range is a 7-speed, 20-inch bike with a matte black frame and 700c wheels. This commuter cycle features a frame made of super light aluminum so it is portable, but also durable enough to deal with the hardened city streets and paved roadways. The Explore Your Range is so named because the bike offers a smooth enough ride exploration is, not only encouraged, but desirable, and as such, the rider is comfortable taking leisure rides for much longer distances.

The rear and front handbrakes make for simple stopping. This cycle has a rear rack if you want to attach a basket for carrying personal items, and an upright, heads-up handlebar design. Double-walled rims on the 700 x 38c wheels support smooth riding. The saddle seat has a smooth synthetic leather surface as do the handlebar grips.

Related: An alternative hybrid Cruiser cycle is available in the EVRYjourney 7-Speed Sport, 26-inch cycle with a matte black aluminum frame. The bicycle costs between $390.00 to $410.00. It features a city frame ideal for urban commutes, and Shimano 7-speed Internal hub coupled with rear and front hand brakes for easy cycle control and a smooth ride.

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Northwoods Pomona Cruiser Bike

Northwoods Pomona Men's Cruiser Bike

Dimensions: 42” x 24” x 68 inches

Weight: 44 pounds

Wheel Size: 26”

Speeds: Single-speed

Frame: Aluminum

Specifications: Aluminum frame, light body, single-speed, hand controlled brakes, 26-inch wheel measurement, 36 spoke wheels, upright handlebars, twist shifters, coaster brakes, large seat, synthetic leather-like covering on the seat, wide balloon tires, low profile frame.

Best Uses: Running errands, flat pavement riding, and short distance commutes.

The Pomona Cruiser is between $140.00 and $160.00, so it is one of the least expensive hybrid bikes on the market, thereby making it an ideal choice if affordability factors are a foremost concern. The Men’s Cruiser has a Shimano Rear Derailleur, a cruiser seat for superior comfort and ergonomically styled to handlebar along with along twist shifters.

The frame is a 26-inch wheel measurement, 36 spoke wheels and cruiser tires hosting a custom design. The bike has coaster brakes for ease of brake control. The cruiser has a sporty look and proves an aerodynamic ride. A large seat ensures comfort during short casual rides, and the balloon, wide tires offer superior grip on the pavement and greater shock absorption and distribution.

Related: The same manufacturer makes an equally affordable hybrid bike if you want a bike with several speed options versus the single-speed of the Pomona model; The Springdale 21-Speed hybrid bike hosts 700c wheels and a price tag between $160.00 and $210.00 so you still remain the affordability factor if you choose the hybrid over the cruiser.

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Firmstrong Urban Beach Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bike

Dimensions: 9.1” x 27.2” x 53 inches (shipping weight)

Weight: 43 pounds

Wheel Size: 24” (also available in 26” sizes)

Speeds: Single-speed (Some sizes are also available with 3-speed and 7-speed)

Frame: N/A

Specifications: 19-inch aluminum frame, single-speed cruiser, balloon tires, wide seat, 13 color choices, classic cruiser frame construct, back pedaling coaster brakes, no cables lead to a super clean design and simple ride. Color-matched fender is an optional add-on. Bike arrives 80% assembled.

Best Uses: Paved paths, along the beachside, urban environments, casual rides, and short distances.

The Beach Cruiser Bike by Firmstrong costs between $230.00 and $250.00, and it is available in different sizes and with various speeds. Here the 26” single-speed bike is reviewed, but there is also a 24” single-speed, 26” 3-speed, and a 26” 7-speed option. Personalizing your choice is even easier since it comes in as many as 13 colors.

This is a sleek looking cruiser suitable for leisure riding along the beach or around the neighborhood and it will fit adult males measuring 5’ 5” in height or greater. The cruiser framework is the classic construct with wide balloon tires and a dual-spring, oversized saddle for lasting comfort. Coaster brakes allow you to slow and stop the cycle by pedaling backward and the lack of cables makes the bike a simplistic ride with easy controls. The bike supports upright riding to prevent back strain.

You can get the Beach Cruiser in a three-speed design which proves best for flat terrain and casual rides. Or, if you want a cycle that will get you up hills with ease and cover long distance terrain without difficult, you can opt for the Beach Cruiser with a 7-speed option. You can achieve up to 20 miles an hour with the 3-speed and 30 miles an hour with a 7-speed.

Related: As an alternative to the Beach Cruiser then look to Firmstrong’s Urban Alloy Beach Cruiser: It is a 26-inch single-speed bike with a price between $240.00 and $275.00. The Urban Man offers a smooth relaxed ride, and features a 19-inch rust resistant light aluminum frame, coaster brakes, shock-absorbing balloon tires, oversized dual springs, and leather-like hand grips.

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Kent Thruster T-29 Mountain Bike

Kent Thruster T-29 Men's Mountain Bike

Dimensions: 8.6” x 28.7” x 58 inches

Weight: 41 pounds

Wheel Size: 29”

Speeds: Single

Frame: 6061 Aluminum

Specifications: Front suspension; dual rim, linear pull brakes; single-speed; TZ31 Derailleurs; Shimano RS25 Shifters, 180mm crank set with multiple tooth rings (28, 38, and 48); 29-inch rims fitted to the 6061 Aluminum framework. Arrives with 85% of the assembly complete.

Best Uses: All-terrain wheels all use on all-terrains.

The Kent Thruster T-29 is a mountain bike for men with a price between $190.00 and $250.00. The bike has a 29-inch wheel size and a frame made of 6061 aluminum. It features the TZ31 Derailleurs and the Shimano RS25 Shifters for amazing control of the bike thanks to the superior drivetrain. The 29-inch rims offer a reduced rotational weight when directly compared to rims made of steel so the bike feels light and agile when in use.

The tires are all-terrain allowing for great grip no matter where you ride. The 180mm crank set on this bike features 28, 38, and 48 tooth rings made from superior rust resistant steel, thereby lending strength and durability to the framework. The bike has dual rim linear pull breaks and a front suspension as part of its construct.

Related: The Kent Thruster KZ2600 is an exceptional alternative to the T9 and it features a dual-suspension for a more dynamic and smooth ride. The bike sports a price tag between $195.00 and $300.00; it comes equipped full suspension on an MTB aluminum frame, a 65mm travel suspension fork, disc brakes with linear pull, alloy rims, a rear tourney derailleur, and a Shimano 21-Speed shifter.

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Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Men's Malus Fat Tire Bike

Dimensions: 10”x 31.4” x 61 inches

Weight: 53.25 pounds

Wheel Size: 26”

Speeds: 7-speed

Frame: Steel

Specifications: 4” tires, steel frame, 7-speeds, twist shifters, Shimano rear derailleur, rear disc brakes, front disc brakes, cruiser framework geometry, Supersized beach cruiser design, 26” X 4″ knobby tires, and alloy wheels.

Best Uses: Flat surfaces, short commutes, errands, and urban areas.

The Malus Fat Tire Bike by Mongoose is another exceptional bike for men. The silver framework of this bike shines and stands out from other cycles, giving it a sporty sleek unparalleled by other cruisers. The framework is a steel construct, and the tires are a full 4” wide for super grip and turf coverage which contributes to better weight distribution and shock absorption.

The bike features 7-speeds, twist shifters, a Shimano rear derailleur, rear disc brakes, matching front brakes, both of which contribute to excellent stopping power on wet and dusty or dirty roads. The bike also has a thread-less headset allowing for full adjustment.

Related: The Mongoose Dolomite is another exceptional fat tire bike with a 26-inch wheel measurement. It hosts a price tag between $210.00 and $225.00. It comes with the all-terrain knobby tires measuring 26” x 4”, the alloy extra wide wheels, disc brakes, a three-piece crank, and seven-speeds.

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There is a Bike for Every Terrain

Whether you are looking for a solid and dependable commuter bike, something you can ride around in the city, or something you can enjoy while you conquer the rough mountainous trails outdoors, there is a bike that is suitable for every terrain you can imagine.

After finding the terrain, you plan to ride on, the only thing left to do is to explore the brands available and to review the features and bike designs suited for the type of terrain you want to conquer. Even on a budget, and affordable, powerful, and well-designed bike for men awaits!

Riding a bike on the road

If you have tried some of the bikes mentioned above or you know of an excellent bike for men and you want to share your recommendation, we invite you to share your thoughts with us below.  We look forward to your feedback and insights!


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